Sizes of gastropods (vermetids) on each reef


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Sizes of gastropods (vermetids) on each reef
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Osenberg, Craig
Shima, Jeff ( Collaborator )
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Coral reef ecology
Coral reef study
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Sizes of sessile gastropods commonly called vermetids on each of the monitored reefs

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University of Florida. Department of Biology.
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University of Florida
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Metadata 1) Title : Long Term Reefs: Vermetid sizes 2) Abstract : Vermetid sizes were measured on the monitored reefs in 2008 and 2009. For each reef 20 x 20 cm quadrats were haphazardly placed on five sides of the reef (top, left and right sides, back, front) and the sizes of all the identifiable vermetids were measured. These data are meant to monitor the sizes of the vermetids present in each site and on each reef to examine spatial and temporal variation in vermetid abundances. 3) Site : MIE, TOE, TIE, VIE, VIM, VIW, VOE, VOM, VOW 4) Experiment : Vermetid sizes in quadrats 5) Personnel Lead Investigator: Craig Osenberg Jeff Shima Principal Contact: Jeff Shima, Craig Osenberg Other Investigators: 6) Protocol filename : LTR_ VermetidSizesProtocol 7) Keywords : 8) Variates (see table above) 9) Species filename N/A Variate Description SI Units DATE Date data collected Day/Mon/Year OBSERV Initials of observer CWO SITE Site name MIE, TOE, TIE, VIE, VIM, VIW, VOE, VOM, VOW REEF Reef # 1 198 Quadrat Location Placement on bommie Top, Side, Front, Back Number Count of total vermetids in the quadrat 0 230 Diameter Aperture diameter of vermetids in quadrat mm


10) Ongoing or completed? i.e., will you be submitting more data in the future? Ongoing


Updated 5/2/12 9:19 AM Vermetid Sizes Title: Long Term Reef: Vermetid sizes Overview: Monitoring vermetid sizes on experimental patch reefs General Procedure: At each of the reefs, the aperture diameter of identifiable vermetids were measured in 10 x 10cm quadrats. Quadrats were placed haphazardly on the reef, 2 on the top and 2 on the upcurrent side (the side in the direction of the current), 2 on each of the left and right of the current direction, and 2 quadrats on the downcur rent side. Vermetids were not identified, but in general, Dendropoma maximum 7 mm, Petaloconchus keenae were between 35mm, and Dendropoma of unknown species were 58mm. Materials : snorkel gear, dive slate, calipers Solutions/Reagents (if applicable): Procedure: A diver swims up to one of the patch reefs and counts all of the vermetids present on the reef and measures their aperture diameter. Calculations: NA Author: Anya Brown September 2013