Branching corals on reef


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Branching corals on reef
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Osenberg, Craig
Shima, Jeff ( Collaborator )
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Coral reef ecology
Coral reef study
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Genera and sizes of branching corals on reefs

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University of Florida. Department of Biology.
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University of Florida
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Metadata 1) Title : Long Term Reef Branching Coral 2) Abstract : Branching coral surveys were conducted from 2003 200 7, 2009 and again in 2012. These surveys were conducted at each of the 192 reefs, and in 2012 on 198 reefs at the 12 sites that are sampled every year to every few years These reefs are characterized in the reef morphology section. In 2005, 2007 and 2009 percent live coral were recorded sporadically; in 2012 it was recorded for almost every colony unit From 2005 to 2009, Po cillopora colonies that were experimentally placed on the reefs were measured (Poc X), in 2012, they were not observed. Branching coral surveys are meant to characterize live coral on the reefs We ultimately hope to use the data to show another way in whi ch habitats can support Thalassoma populations For more information on protocols, see Branching coral protocol. 3) Site : VOW, VIW, VOM, VIM, VOE, VIE, MOE, MIE, TOW, TIW, TOE, TIE 4) Experiment : Branching coral on marked patch reefs 5) Personnel Lead Investigator: Craig Osenberg, Jeff Shima Principal Contact: Jeff Shima, Craig Osenberg 6) Protocol filename : Branching coral 7) Keywords : 8) Variates


9) Species filename 10) Ongoing or completed? i.e., will you be submitting more data in the future? Ongoing Abbreviation Coral genus ACR Acropora POC Pocillopora POC X Pocillopora experiment IRR Porites irregularis UNK unknown Variate Description SI Units Tag N umber Identification number Date date of data observation Observ name of observer CWO, JSW, JS, Snout, Gil, CmCd Site Name of site Reef Number corresponding to reef ID 1 198 Coral Abbreviation of coral POC, ACR, IRR, POC X, Length Length of branching coral colony cm Width Perpendicular width of coral colony cm Height Max height of coral colony cm


Updated 5/2/12 9:19 AM UF Moorea Data Branching Coral Protocol Title: Branching Coral Surveys on Long Term Monitored Reefs Overview: The goal of these surveys is to q uantify the volume of living branching coral, and t o facilitate the evaluation of habitat quality for fishes. General Procedure: A snorkeler approaches a reef and measures any Pocillopora Acropora Porites irregularis (branching corals ). Corals are measured with a lower size limit usually around 1 x 1 x 1 cm. Coral colonies are identified to genus and the length, perpendicular width and maximum height of the whole colony are measured. For some reefs coral colonies are difficult to distinguish especially if there are areas of the colony that are dead a nd other parts are living Some of these corals are measured as an aggregate (especially Pocillopora ) including both the live and dead parts in estimates of live coral For o ther colonies that are similarly difficult to distinguish only the portions that were alive are measured P colony or aggregate, are based on visual estimates. Materials: Slate with a ruler attached to it or transect tape Solutions/Reagents (if applicab le): NA Procedure: NA Calculations: NA Author: Primary Author : Craig Osenb erg dictated, Anya Brown wrote December 12, 2012