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VIVO is an open source! semantic web! application for integrating and sharing information about researchers and their activities and outputs at a single institution, while supporting discovery of related work and expertise across a distributed network of linked data proles. VIVO is fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature and enables collaboration across traditional boundaries of geography, organizational structure, and type. Through the discovery of researchers and their common interests, expertise, and achievements, VIVO enables the identication of collaborative teams to work across academic research, clinical, and applied domains. VIVO provides new opportunities for discovery. Data can reused and repurposed in a wide array of tools and settings by web pages, applications, and other consumers both within and outside the institution. Individuals may access the browse and search functionalities of VIVO anytime via the web. Researchers, scholars, students, administrators, funding agencies, donors, and members of the general public may all benet from using VIVO.VIVO provides data via the semantic web using an ontology for information representation and a standard (RDF) for data formatting. VIVO enables a new class of tools and data sharing, beneting scholars and science worldwide. VIVO WorldwideThere are diverse activities associated with the VIVO project, across federal agencies, academic institutions, professional societies, for-prot publishers, and data providers, as well as a variety of eorts with the semantic web and ontology development communities. Signicant partners include CASRAI (Consortium Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information), EuroCRIS (Current Research Information Systems) and the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) Initiative. Adopters of the VIVO platform include: the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Psychological Association and the Publish Trust Project, the Australian-based ANDS VIVO project, and a quickly growing number of universities around the world. We also have a number of eorts that have been extending VIVO in the Integrated Semantic Framework to cover research resources, ranging from datasets to spacecraft and their scientic instruments, to agriculture and cell lines. VIVO is a network in which more than 100 institutions and agencies across more than 30 countries are implementing VIVO or producing VIVO-compatible data. Scroll to the bottom of http://wiki.duraspace.org/display/VIVO/ to see some of the sites and learn more at http://vivoweb.org.Other Partnerships and collaborations of note: White House OSTP, NIH, NLM, NSF, USDA, FDP, FRPS, STAR Metrics, SciENCV, EuroCRIS, W3C, DERI, Tim Berners-Lee, Jim Hendler, ConceptWeb Alliance, OpenPHACTS (EU), Linked Data, eagle-i. http://VIVOweb.org Research DiscoveryResearch discovery is facilitated via content browsing and the structured data lends itself to a variety of applications that can make use of these data, such as faceted searching. A SPARQL query builder is part of the standard VIVO distribution and allows for end-user data requests from a VIVO implementation, enabling access to data for subsequent analysis, evaluation, and visualization of the research enterprise. What is VIVO? Searchlight (vivosearchlight.org), nds people whose work is related to the material on any web page. Find experts for collaboration, media requests, foundation relations, and more. VIVO search (vivosearch.org) nds people, papers, grants, events and so on across VIVOs and other compatible systemsVIVO is an open source, open ontology, open process platform for hosting information about the interests, activities and accomplishments of scientists and scholars. VIVO supports open development and integration of science and scholarship through simple, standard semantic web technologies. Learn more at vivoweb.org. VIVO was originally funded by Cornell University and the National Institutes of Health (U24 RR029822) and is currently a communitysupported incubator project under the DuraSpace umbrella. Contact us Would you like to learn more about VIVO and how it works? Interested in collaborating? Does your team have specifc questions about supporting VIVO at your institution? Would you like to give us feedback or schedule a demonstration? Drop us a note at http://vivoweb.org/contact. VIVO Open Source Community VIVO enjoys a robust open source, open community. The listservs and weekly phone calls oer ways of connecting with other VIVO project members and the wiki provides documentation and content that supports implementation, adoption, and development eorts around the world. For more information, visit http://vivoweb.org/contact. Moving forward! VIVO is joining DuraSpace to realize a shared mission through an established legal and nancial framework compatible with VIVOs own vision and goals. Institutions, organizations and corprations have an opportunity to participate in the process of incubation to coordinate existing eorts and prepare VIVO to provide long-term benets to a worldwide community.Deliverables: Governance structures and processes for sustainability of all activities. Continued expansion of the VIVO community, events. Continued software development Implementation support. Continued development of the ontology. Expansion Of vivosearch.org to provide an integrated search site for VIVO data. Advocacy and contribution to standards. Learn more about this eort, including vision and goals at http://vivoweb.org/prospectus or contact us at http://vivoweb.org/contact Moving forward http://twitter.com/VIVOcollab http://www.facebook.com/VIVOcollaboration Learn more 4th Annual VIVO ConferenceThe conference features presentations on topics including the integrated semantic framework, Open Science and data, research networking systems, core resource discovery, tracking and evaluation, bibliographic data, team science, visualization, system implementation, cross-site search, ORCID, and CASRAI. The conference features keynote and invited speakers, panels, talks, a poster session, exhibits, and lots of opportunities for networking!Learn more at: http://vivoweb.org/conference 4th Annual VIVO Conference