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Scholarly Communications Working Group Meeting Minutes
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1 OPEN ACCESS TASK FORCE MEETING MINUTES: AGENDA FOR JULY 19, 2010 Prepared by Isabel Silver, 7 19 10 Minutes: Prepared by Michelle Leonard Attendance: Margeaux Johnson, Dina Benson, Elizabeth Outler, Isabel Silver 1. Approve Minutes Approved 2. Communications: Minutes: this meeting – Michelle OA LibGuide for staff – Stacey Ewing created a staff OA LibGuide. Please review and send suggestions for inclusion to Stacey. To obtain a staff guides account please contact Peter McKay. Michelle requested that the MSL OA Initiative be added to the staff OA guide. 3. Update on Scholarly Communications Librarian position: applications and interviews (Elizabeth) Will bring a candidate (from the Getty) for an on campus interview on August 16. 4 5 additional applicants submitted their resume prior to the July 15th closing date. The search committee will review. 4. BioMedCentral Publicity: meeting with BMC and Barbara Hood – 12 08. Isabel and Barbara met with Bob Schatz (sp?) about publicity for the OA Fund. If you have any additional ideas, please talk with Isabel. 5. OA Historical Data: Survey of BioMed Central and PLoS administered from 5 6 to 5 28 10: revise and send to Judy and OA Task Force Isabel revised the results and will send out to Judy and this committee. 6. OA Town Hall: August 2, 1:30p 2:30p Plan presentation, to include: Welcome to Town Hall and purpose of the meeting: Isabel Information on OA and trends: national and local initiatives Introduction of the OA Task Force: Isabel Will revise Judy’s ppt and send out to this task force prior to the Town Hall Introduction to OA: Isabel Will ask liaisons to add OA to their departmental visits and report back to Isabel when they do. Should Isabel prepare a separate session on OA to liaisons? She will solicit feedback. Dina stated that a training session for “meta data editing” will be offered to library staff the same week as the Town Hall (TBA) and also on Aug. 13th. She offered to also do a session at the Law Library. National initiatives and mandates: Rae (Isabel with work with Rae—use Judy’s ppt slide?) The IR @ UF: Dina (confirmed) The UFOAP and website (Isabel) The MSLstaff initiative (Michelle) OA LibGuide and resources (Isabel) OA Staff LibGuide (Stacey Ewing) Open Access Week 20 10 : October 20 Planned activities: main campus and HSC campus Charge to library liaisons during orientations and OA Week, etc. (Isabel will solicit feedback from liaisons when presenting to groups) 7. ACRL Scholarly Communications Workshop: follow up Dina (UF) and Caitlin (FCLA) offered to start a state wide group to move OA forward in Florida. Isabel asked by participants to have UF take the leadership at the top administration level Margeaux handed out the prelim results (also send doc via e mail). These results are not to be shared beyond the task force.


2 Discussion about a state wide initiative. Should it be through FACRL or CSUL? Isabel will talk to Judy on Wednesday and report back. 8. OA Week 2010: Elizabeth suggested to have 1 Law event and perhaps invite a law professor to speak in addition to showing a legal/copyright video that will be available during OA week. Still trying to determine a final schedule and agenda Publicize to faculty senate. Isabel will ask Judy to advertise when she speaks to the FS in September. Setting the date: October 20th probably, or 21s Two campuses: HSCL: Cecelia will talk to Dr. Guzick 1. Dr. Guzick: keynote speaker – WWWW? 2. Judy: available on 10 20 3. Library staff: intro presentations? Main campus: 1. Judy? (as keynote speaker) 2. UFOAP recipients 3. Copyright and Science Commons (if SC librarian is not here yet, Elizabeth (and maybe Michelle) will present. 4. Digital scholarship and repositories: IR@UF and disciplinary respoitories Moved to the HSCL campus. Report of progress Posters and poster session (Isabel has the posters in her office. Dina suggested we limit to ~10 posters for display. We can reuse the relevant posters from last year and create new ones) Prezi presentation (Margeaux & Rae will work on turning Judy’s ppt into a prezi) 3 minute pitch (Isabel) Inviting top administration and other speakers? Dina agreed to organize the poster session, and I believe this would be for both Open Access presentations and the Faculty Senate meeting. 9. Announcements: CALS Teaching Symposium: Plagiarism presentation (August 18th, Michelle will present with assistance from Melody Royster) State wide 10. Next meeting: Monday, August 9, 10 :30 a.m., LW 429, and the second Monday of every month


OA Meeting Minutes 7 6 2010, 11:00am 12:00pm Members present: Dina Benson (DB), Stacey Ewing (SE), Stephanie Haas (SH), Rae Jaesano (RJ), Margeaux Johnson(MJ), Michelle Leonard (ML), Elizabeth Outler (EO), Isabel Silver (IS) Meeting Minutes Approved (IS) Committee Business (IS) o Google Group – not working, decision = abandon it o Create Staff Guide as primary communication for committee EO will develop guide and be responsible for moderating and updating, she will get staff guide acct from Peter McKay SE & DB will assist with development of staff guide SE will send out the URL to the group when the guide is established IS will link the OA StaffGuide to the instruction committee StaffGuide o LibGuide for OA RJ will update the Health science center tab on the OA Libguide IS will add all committee members as co editors on the OA libguide o Meeting schedule IS will ask Misty to schedule another meeting in 2 weeks IS will ask Misty to find a permanent meeting time Scholarly Communications position (EO) o Not a large number of applicants o Promising phone interview with a candidate who will be brought in for an on site interview soon. o A couple new applications that may be promising UFOAP /Promoting BioMedCentral (IS) o Ist applicant to UFOAP was approved o Process established (fill out from, receive auto e mail response, IS reviews and approves applications, applicant is notified, IS sends form to financial services) o ML mentioned a policy clarification that may be necessary. Her departments wanted to use the OA fund to pay for embargoed access rather than immediate access. The stipulation for immediate access should be made in the policy. o Publicity advertizing the UFOAP and BMC subscription is up at all the libraries Barbara Hood is working on banners for Smathers websites Joe Baca Created a banner for Marston IS will follow up with the Health Science Center Library about banners for their website IS will do follow up interview features with successful applicants IS will work with BioMedCentral to utilize their advertizing to promote our new subscription


Survey Analysis of Open Access Authors at UF (IS) o Did a survey as a baseline to gauge participation in OA at UF; looks specifically at authors who have published in PLoS and BMC o IS noticed themes – authors were concerned about fees; some authors didn’t have a clear understanding of OA o SH explained that the decision was to start now and collect data going forward. It was too complicated to include all historic OA publications, but we will be able to track authors using the UFOAP ACRL Scholarly Communications Workshop (MJ) o The ACRL Workshop is this Friday, July 9 in Tallahassee o 16 librarians from UF are attending, approx 100 from the SE o MJ met with the presenters and Glora Colvin (the FSU organizer) at ALA o DB & MJ will go to FSU Thursday to meet with the speakers and assist with workshop set up o DB & MJ will be at the conference early on Friday morning for the poster presentation sessions. There are 3 posters total: UFOAP, OA Week 2009, and IR Best Practices. MJ & DB will answer questions over coffee in the am about the posters designed by SH ML DB, & MJ. Town Hall Meeting (IS) o Audience to reach = library liaisons and library staff o Potential outline (IS) Start with intro to OA/ overview IS will develop this intro SE will help Isabel condense the intro to 3 minutes MJ will make the condensed outline into a Prezi Introduce audience to taskforce The taskforce will be our local resources/ experts IS will introduce the taskforce Introduce the UFOAP IS will develop this/ redesign Judy’s powerpoint Introduce the LibGuide as a resource ? Section on perspectives SH mentioned the need for an international perspective – including FRPPA, data.gov SH mentioned the importance of including local topics like the IR, the OA libguide, the fund and mandates o ML will present on the MSL mandate ? Report on ACRL workshop Tools for librarian liaisons DB will present on the IR (and will try to make it sexy) RJ will present on the difference between public access and open access


o RJ mentioned that Michelle Tennant wants us to make a distinction between “free” and “freely available” o RJ mentioned that telecom needs to work properly IS will follow up with IT/ fill out a grover to test telecom on the day of the event o EO mentioned the need to drive up attendance/ get people interested EO said there needs to be more opportunities for interaction/ engagement o Brainstorm for the Town Hall further at the next meeting Open Access Week 2010 o IS presented several ideas – having Dr Guzick speak, having Judy speak, creative commons, authors rights o MJ mentioned that too many events made things difficult in 2009 and that narrowing the focus might be a better strategy for this year. We discussed focusing on UFOAP promotion. o If Guzick speaks, HSC lecture hall may be a better venue. o ML pointed out that we could stream video to the rest of campus and to IFAS extensions o Brainstorm for OA Week 2010 further at the next meeting