Pioneer Days in Florida: Diaries and Letters from Settling the Sunshine State, 1800-1900 ( NHPRC Grant Proposal )

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Pioneer Days in Florida: Diaries and Letters from Settling the Sunshine State, 1800-1900 ( NHPRC Grant Proposal )
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Pioneer Days in Florida: Diaries and Letters from Settling the Sunshine State, 1800-1900 ( NHPRC Grant )
Cusick, James G.
Nemmers, John
de Farber, Bess
Widmer, Lois
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Gainesville, Fla.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Grant Proposal


The George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, propose a two-year project titled “Pioneer Days in Florida” that will digitize 36,530 pages of diaries and letters describing frontier life in Florida from the end of the colonial period to the beginnings of the modern state. These first-hand accounts, comprising some of the rarest and most fragile materials in the UF Special Collections, document the experiences and conflicts of native peoples, settlers, soldiers, and travelers during the turbulent 1800s. Proposal submitted in 2012.
Grant awarded by NHPRC, start date April 2013.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Pioneer Days in Florida Page 1 PROJECT SUMMARY The George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida propose a two year project titled of diaries and letters describing frontier life in Florida from the end of the colonial period to the beginnings of the modern state. These first hand accounts, comprising some of the rarest and most fragile materials in the UF Special Collections docum ent the experiences and conflicts of native peoples, settlers, soldiers, and travelers during the turbulent 1800s The project will digitize all 19 th century materials from the Florida Miscellaneous Manu scripts Collection (14 collections of family papers, 134 volumes of diaries and memoirs representing 40 different writers and 240 folders of additional letters, reports, and sketches ) Materials date between 1784 and 1912 (bulk 1800 1900) and were selected to encompass the earliest set of family papers (1 784 (18 11 181 2) and the latest run of diaries from the end of the 19 th century (1877 1912). Florida Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection (19 th Century Manuscripts) Type of Papers Extent Exclusions Pages Diaries & Jour nals 134 bound volumes, 1811 1912 (25,284 pages) 3,189 blank pages with no text or marks 22,095 Family Papers 14 collections, 19 boxes, 1784 1909 Excludes receipts/accounts 10,370 Miscellaneous Collection 240 folders comprising letters and other papers 1804 to 1901 4,065 Imaging will be completed in the Digital Library Center (DLC) a unit of the Smathers Libraries Associated METS/MODS metadata will incorporate existing descriptive data imported and repurposed from current MARC records, EAD f inding aids, and online database s The collection will have its own home page as part of a website for the P.K. Yo nge Library of Flor ida History, a UF Special Collection known to scholars of Florida and Southern history.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 2 A. Significance and Relationship to NHPRC Goals and Objectives NHPRC by creating an online digital version of rare materials documenting frontier life in Florida. Collectively, these materials trace the tensions between native peoples an d newcomers that led to the Seminole wars, tell the story of the push into central and south Florida, and record settler s changing perce ptions of Florida as it developed from the better documented Far West. C ontent also demonstrate s the role of Florida and its people in broader national history including the era of Indian Removal and the Civil War. B. Methods & Plan of Work (1) Project directors and conservator r eview mat erials, stabilize items and make note of special handling requirements. (2 ) Project technician is hired, familiarized with materials, and trained on imaging equipment (3) Directors and project technician prep material for imaging (4) Project technician a nd the Digital Library Center proceed with imaging, processing, quality control, mark up linkage to metadata etc (5) A website and education module are completed. ( 6) Processed materials receive conservation treatment as needed (7) Finding aids/catalog ent ries are updated with hyperlinks to digital products. (8 ) Project is promoted to user audiences. C. Products Project website with online version of 19th century manuscripts from the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History comprising 134 diaries and journals 14 collections of family papers and 240 folders of letters and paper s, totaling 36,530 page images. Updated c ataloging records and finding aids with hyperlinks to new digital objects. Education module with lesson plans and other information for class room use at the project homepage; project documentation and technical data at the homepage.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 3 D. Contact Information for Project Directors Project Director: James G. Cusick, Ph.D., Curator, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, Department of Special and A rea Studies Collect ions, George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611, 352 273 2778, Co Director: John R. Nemmers, Descriptive and Technical Archivist, Department of S pecial and Area Studies Collect ions, George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611 352 273 2766 Co Director: Lois Widmer, Chair Digital Services and Shared Collections George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611 352 273 2916, E. Performance Objective s (1) Digitize 22,095 diary/journal pages; 10,37 0 pages of documents fro m family papers; and 4,065 pages of letters, reports, and other papers 1 (2) website, populate it with digital images, include broad search and viewing options, and necessary metadata from existing descriptive data. (3) Update finding aids and library catalog entries to include hyperlinks to the material. (4) Create an educational module with three lesson plans and a guide to related archival collections and secondary sources (5) ne twork of connections with schools, colleges, the Florida Historical Society, and the Florida Humanities Council to promote use of these materials through conferences, teacher workshops, and other outreach (6) Maintain total proje ct costs under $159,900 ($ 79,950 NHPRC and $79,950 UF cost share) over two years. 1 Page counts for family papers were calculated by sampling boxes. All other counts are exact counts by curator.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 1 PROJECT NARRATIV E Pioneer Days in Florida: Diaries and Letters from Settli ng the Sunshine State, 1800 1900 send you a copy of a project of a treaty which was proposed by the American envoys at Madrid in 1805 to the Minister of Spain, which makes t he cession of Ea s t Florida an object of negotiation The Spanish gover n ment was willing to make the cession, but -James Monroe, Secretary of Stat e, Washington, June 22, 1812 -Joseph Van Swearingen to his sister, Ki ssimmee River, 15 December 1837 busy life, what a change has come on the spirit of its dreams. Twenty five years ago it was but a -Catherine Hart, from a diary written aboar d the steamer Hattie St. Johns River, 1869 Overview of the Project and its Materials The George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, seek to digitize and promote an array of 19 th century personal narratives from the Florida Miscell aneous Manuscripts Collection in the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History. These narratives a miscellany of di aries, journals, family papers, letters, and sketches were acquired and organized at the library by three successive curators for Florida history over a period of sixty years They provide detailed first hand impressions of American efforts to settle Florida in the 1800s. Three themes in particular Manifest Destiny and expansion, conflict with Native Americans, and transition to settle d and developed state run consistently through the thousands of pages of writing. Beyond this, writings also reflect connection to major events in national history. Two c ollections of family papers, one memoir and dozens of letters deal with the aftermath of the American Revolution and the acquisition of Florida from Spain F ive


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 2 collections of family pa pers, three sets of diaries, several memoirs and many individual letters give accounts of the Civil War. Other writings are rich in d escriptions of travel and homesteading Although white males comprise the majority of the writers project mate rials are more representative than this, and include the writings and perspective s of women, native leaders, slaves, maroons and free persons of color living on the southern frontier The Libraries request $ 79,950 to fund the s alary and benefits of a P roject T echnician for 24 months to create and process digital versions of the 36,530 pages of material. The collection will be freely accessible Institutional Mission and This Project In pursuing this project, the collection curator and the UF Digital Library Center are addressing a central mission of t he P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History Since its inception as a private library in Pensacola in 1896, and its foundation as a Special Collection at the University of Florida in 1945, the Yonge Library has been closely affiliated with r esearch about development during the colonial period and 19 th century. O ne of oldest collections of Floridiana, it houses some 40,000 books, 2,200 maps, 10,000 + brochures and pamphlets, more than 18,000 reels of early records and newspapers on microfilm, and thousands of linear f eet of original manuscripts ( ) All of its materials are accessible through the UF Library Catalog, online databases, and EAD finding aids. As part of UF Special Collections, the Yonge Library is open to the public and makes its extensive microfilm collection availa ble through InterLibrary Loan. It s upports the teaching mission of the university by providing research assistance to scholars offering for credit internships for history undergraduates, and contributing to workshops for K 12 teachers. Notably, for the past eight


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 3 years, t he Yonge Library has provided materials and expertise to the Florida Humanities annual summer worksh op for teachers and its associated website ) It was an affiliate for ) funded by NHPR C and is part of the NEH ). proposed here, opening research access to its 19 th century materials Historical Significance of the Materials This project focuses on digitizing manuscripts that document the frontier experience in Florida and the impact of American expansion in the 1800s. The 19 th century can rightly be thought of increasingly employed as a more embracing framew ork for early national history 1 As Robert Hine and John Faragher observed in their influe ntial text book The American West: A New Interpretive History, is a unifying American theme, for every part of 2 th century documentary record provides ample evidence of this. The settlers, soldiers, and travelers who wrote accounts of Florida in the 1800s met with conditions 1 in between in North American H The America n Historical Review 104:3 (June 1999):814 841, and Stephen Organization of American Historians Magazine of History 19:6 (November 2005):22 25. 2 Robert V. Hine and John Mack Faragher, The American W est: A New Interpretive History (Yale University Press, 2000):11.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 4 remarkably parallel to other frontier situations. Florida, with its semi tropical environment and its frequent descent into wars and violence, posed daunting challenges to any newcomer. As characterized by Paul Hoffman in (2002) the area stubbornly resisted efforts at permanent settle ment A succession of conflicts in the 1800s the War of 1812, the Seminole wars, and the Civil War kept sparse 3 O nly after the Civil War, with the coming of railroads, canal dredges, lumber interests and a whole scale assault on its resources did Florida finally capitulate to the forces of modernity suited to documenting this long frontier era, and are appealing as primary sources. Most are eyewitness accounts that describe what it was like to encounter the state a century before it became part of the modern Sun Belt. While letters by national figures such as James Monroe and Andrew Jacks on are represented, the greater value in the content is in the hundreds of letters and manuscripts written by otherwise historically invisible residents and travelers in Florida. These mater i als offer a wealth of information about the push into the Florida wilds They provide descriptions of the early center s of settlement Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Fernandina, Tampa, and Key West B y mid century they contain letters from small towns throughout the state, until by the 1870s they provide information on the beginnings of Miami. Write rs offer varying opinions on the taking of Indian lands the charms or hazards of Florida, and the value of its resources In overall scope encompasses 19 th century history n to broader national 3 At the time of the Civil War, the total populati on of the state was only 140,00 0. The two largest cities, Jacksonville and Key West, had populations of less than 2 Civil War, 1861 The New History of Florida edited by Michael V. Gannon (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1998):231.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 5 phenomena such as the American Revolution, Indian Removal, and the Civil War There are 14 arranged collections in the project (13 sets of family papers or letters and one set of original materials assembled for research by UF history professor James David Glunt). Of these half cover arrivals in the state in the early 1800s, efforts to establish l ivelihoods and /or confrontations with the Seminoles : ( James David Glunt Papers [1784 1845] Sanchez Family Papers [1829 1870] Dunc an Lamont Clinch Family Papers [ 1804 1904], William Davenport Papers [1835 1802], Ormond Family Papers (1784 1909], Joseph Van Swearingen Papers [1824 1839], Charles Bannerman Papers [1837 1890], and Family Papers [1840 1880] ). O ther s chronicle efforts at settlement in the 1850s, contain a wealth of material on the Civil War, and describe the growth of citie s and rail service in northern Florida during Reconstruction: ( Bellamy Family Papers [ 1825 1894 ], Boyd Family Papers [1830 1916], McLean Gillis Family Papers [ 1812 1898 ], Samuel D. McConnell Papers [1858 1876] Francis P. Fleming Family Papers [ 1863 1901 ], and Charles Seton Family Papers [1806 1873]) ( The URLs for f inding aids are provided in Appendix A ). Other materials complement and su pplement these papers. They include: Diaries, sketches, and maps from the Second and Third Seminole Wars by Joseph Rowe Smith (1834 1840), Lieut. Henry Prince (1836 1842), Maj. Reynold Kirby (1837 1838), Lieut. Col. William S. Foster (1836 1838), Capt. Joel M. Jones (1849), and Capt William Brown (1855 1856), along with accounts of Writings from the Civil War featuring both Un ion and Confederate viewpoints and the impact of the war inside and outside the state.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 6 Works by women writers such as Mary Port Macklin s memoir (1828) of her experiences as a refuge e British Loyalist in St. Augustine during the American Revolution, Carolyn Eliza Williams (1811 1812) about life on the frontier during the War of 1812 and Martha D. Allen (1874) journal of steamboat travel on the Ocklawaha River Explorations, such as the journals of twenty three year old New Yorker George Whitwell Parsons on traversing the islands and swamps of South Florida in the 1870s. Writings also include important perspectives on condition s for people of color living on the southern frontier notably observations about the role of black maroons fighting alongside the Sem inoles in the 1830s, statements of white officers who commanded black soldiers in Florid a during the Civil War letters by freed slaves to their former masters, and contracts of indenture during Reconstruction. Altogether the materials in contain w ritings relevant to ma ny subjects in American history and support studies in literary analysi s, gender studies Native American studies, biography, ethnography, and environmental history for Pioneer Days and Appendix B provide a full inventory of items and descriptive data plus sample materials ). Project Goals and Benefits of Digitization and to promote greater use of materials as teaching tool s and resource s for the study of Florida and the United States in the 1800s. A seconda ry goal is to decrease wear and tear on fragile items by providing digital surrogates (see below).


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 7 the project will make materials accessible through a wide range of search and viewing options Context and structure of materials will be maintained. Researchers will have access to the finding aids for family papers and will be able to locate materials by searches or by browsing at the folder level. All digital items will be accessible through the UF library catalog. The project webs ite will identify items arranged into groups by theme and will allow advanced searching, including searches by LC subject headings, keywords, date, and date range. To facilitate use of mate rials by K 12 audiences, where deciphering handwritten texts may po se difficulty, the website will incorporate existing electronic transcripts for those diaries and letters that have them. This will make approximately 10% of content accessible to full text searc h ing and available in easy to read print form Specific items with transcriptions will be highlighted in K 12 educational modules keyed To view materials, user s will have the option of using page views, printable views, zoomabl e example, please see 42 ). C urrent physical arrangement and description of materials are compatible with project goals. All items are fully processed and arranged and have descriptive data. Transc riptions are available for those items processed by student interns during the three credit internship HIS 4944: The Practice of History, which has run regularly in UF Special Collections during Fall and Spring semesters since 2004. The P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History is also well positioned to promote use of materials in ng standing affiliations with the Florida Humanities Council and t he Florida Historical Society. These ties provide access to teacher workshops and


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 8 opportunities to feature the project in the radio program Florida Frontiers and publications like The Florida Historical Quarterly and the Florida Forum Magazine, as well as at annual conferences and other venues. While the primary goal of this project is to enhance and incr ease use of materials, digitization also will ensure the ir continued preservation by reducing wear and tear on the originals. The collection curator has long been concerned wi th the fragility of many items. Appendix B shows some of the issues of concern, including items suffering from br ittle, water damaged, or insect damaged pages and multi page items that are unbound Most of these items would be more easily used in digital form. The project plan includes substant ial cost share time by the collection curator and the UF library conservator to review condition and stabilize items for imaging and do repair or conservation work as needed. The Project Technician, hired for this project, also will be trained in th e hand ling of fragile materials for imaging. Data on Current and Previous Usage and Research Value of Materials Materials stored in the Florida Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection are already popular with researchers R ecords of request s show steady usage. During the past three years (2009 2011) patrons in Special Collections made 45 requests for project items, with an additional 32 request s made in 2008 alone The significance of project materials is also demonstrated in p ublished research Seminole war s source materials at UF have drawn attention ever since the publication of The History of the Second Seminole War, 1835 1842 More recently, t wo Second Seminole War diaries from the Florida Miscellaneous Manuscript s C ollection have appeared in print, in whole or in part as Amidst a Storm of Bullets 1836 1842,


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 9 The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida by Frank Laumer ( University of Tampa Press, 1998) and This Miserable Pride of a Soldier : The Letters and Journals of Co l. William S. Foster in the Second Seminole War by John and Mary Lou Missall ( Tampa University Press, 2005) Civil War manuscripts including the Otis Kee ne diaries, the Jacob and Sallie Mickler Papers, and the Edward F. C. Sanchez Papers, have provided source material for Daniel L. Thunder on the River, The Civil War in Northeast Florida ( University Press of Florida, 2010) Zack C. ( University of Alabama Press, 2010) and Slavery in Florida: Territorial Days to Emancipation ( University Press of Florida, 2000) A nother set of Civil War letters was fea tured in Aaron Sheehan If It Was Not For You I Would Be Corr espondence of Michael and Sarah Florida Historical Quarterly 86:3 (Winter 2008): 390 405 More recently, researchers have begun to exploit materials to look at gender issues and environmental history. The Mary Macklin memoir is cited extensively in Debo rah L. in a strange place : The Experiences of British Women during the Colonization of Florida Historical Quarterly 89:2 (Fall 2010) :145 185 as well as in El Escribano, the Journal of the St. Augustine Historical Society Excerpts from a journal of an 1874 trip by water appear in Steve he Ocklawaha Valley in the Florida Historical Quarterly 83:1 (Summer 2004):6 23. Biographies that dra w on project materials include Rembert Aristocrat in Uniform, General Duncan L. Clinch ( Ossian Bingley Hart: s Loyalist Reconstruction Governor (Louisiana State University Press, 1997).


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 10 Other a rticles in The Florida Historical Quarterly as well as graduate student doctoral theses have drawn on project materials for half a century. Selected a rticles (not comprehensive) include Florida Historical Quarterly (25):1 (July 1946):1 43 ; Herbert J. Doherty, e Spani FHQ (34): 2 (October 1955):142 158; John K. Mahon, rs from the Second Seminole War, FHQ (36):4 (April 1958):331 352; George C. Bittle, in the Battle of Withlacoochee, FHQ (44):4 (April 1966):303 311; Edward K. Eckert FHQ (47):1 (July 1968):34 50; Richard A. Martin, Victory: Yankee Experience in Early Civil War Jacksonville FHQ (53):1 (July 1974):1 32; Chris t opher E. Linsin, FHQ (75):2 (Fall 1996):183 196; and Tracy J. Revels, s Women during the Civil War, FHQ (77):3 (Winter 1999):261 282 Recent dissertations include David Jame s Coles, Far from Fields of Glory: Military Operations in Florida During the Civil War, 1864 1865 (Ph. D. thesis, Florida State University, 1996) and Terrance M. Weik, A Historical Archaeology of Black Seminole Maroons in Florida: Ethnogenesis and Culture Contact at Pilakl ikaha (Ph. D. thesis, University of Florida, 2002 ) Ano ther indicator of potential future use come s from usage statistics for materials that are already available online. In 2008, funds became available to digitize 11 collections of Civil War materials from the Florida Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection totaling 3,907 page images, now online as ( ) Since August 2008, this relatively small amount of material has received 4,228 visitors representing 62,127 viewings. The digital version of one of the collections the James Patton Anderson Papers, was featured in


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 11 a 2011 episode of PBS History Detectives on smuggling during the Civil War 4 Similarly, the letters of A chille Murat, nephew of Napole on Bonaparte and Florida plantation owner were digitized with funds in memoriam to a UF professor. This French language letter collection has received 1,962 visits (8,911 view s ) since going online in 2008. Days in Florida the project proposed here, comprise s equally significant manuscripts including additional Civil War collections, and will easily draw similar attention. Should the project be funded, the new project website also will incorporate materials at these existing sites, drawing their audiences Access and Rights to Project Materials Access: Currently, manuscripts from the Florida Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection are available in the Reading Room of Special Collections during normal hours of operation. Following digitization, materials in this project will be freely available on the Internet as part of the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) ( ). A collection architecture. B ased on the open source SobekCM Digital Library and Repository System ( obekcm/ ) this site will allow multiple ways to search, view, and manipulate materials online UFDC in searching and indexing as powered by the industry and enterpris e standard Solr/Lucene, and adds enhanced display and user tool s, providing an easy to use interface while retaining architectural strength. The enhanced display includes the ability to browse, define sub collections, conduct advanced searches, and to view materials in zoom, page view and flip book formats ( ). 4 Season 9, Episode 8 smuggling doll/


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 12 Users will be able to gain access to materials through use of: 1) the project homepage available via UF Digital Collections ( ) optimized for search engine access and indexing; 2) h yperlinks from existing EAD finding aids maintained online by the Manuscripts Division and from the Florida Miscellaneous Manuscripts Col lection online database of the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History; 3) l inks from EAD finding aids contributed to Archives Florida ( ), a statewide union da tabase of EAD finding aids; 4) l inkage via 856 fields to MARC records in the online catalogs of UF, WorldCat, etc.; 5) OAI compliant metadata harvested by digital repositories; and 6) complete electronic packages that are contributed to other online collections. Rights: All materials specified for inclusion in this project were acquired by the Smathers Libraries University of Florida, through gift or purchase. Given the date span of this project (1800 1912; bulk: 1800 1900), most or all creators have been deceas ed for over seventy ye ars. Family papers in the project came by gift and the deeds transferred rights to the university. Other materials came by gift or purchase and the library has documentation of the tr ansactions The university believes itself to be the legal possessor of all rights to these materials. In cases where rights are unclear (which is not anticipated for materials in this project) UF also employs a statement modeled on UNC ( ) : of this item s Special Collections and Area Studies is made available under an assertion of fair use (17 U.S.C. 107) for noncommercial educational and research purposes only. The University of Florida Libraries respects the intellectual property rights of others and do es not claim any copyright interest in these materials.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 13 Written permission from the copyright owner and any other rights holders must be obtained for any reuse of this item that extends beyond fair use or other statutory exemptions. Furthermore, responsibi lity for the determination of the copyright status and securing permission rests with those persons wishing to reuse the materials. The Libraries would like to learn more about these materials, and welcomes individuals or organizations to contact UF Digita l Library Center ( Standards and Methods for Imaging of Materials All imaging will be performed by the UF Digital Library Center (DL C) in accordance with established professional standards. The staff of the DLC has over ten years of experience hand ling all types of formats and works in a team based format with supervi sors and trainers for imaging and quality control, implementation of metadata, and creation and testing of website functionality Besides ongoing projects for digital newspapers and the Digital L ibrary of the Caribbean, the staff experience with grant projects includes the current Unearthing St. Heri and Digitization of the Harn Museum Collection (IMLS), and creation of the virtual collection for the Baldwin Library DLC projects are regularly recognized in print a nd media ( ). Specifications for imaging (i.e., scanning, text, and metadata) are based on digitization specifications for the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) 5 that, in turn, are based on the principles and recommendations of Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging for Libraries and Archives by Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger (Research Libraries Grou p, 5 ( )


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 14 Mountain View, Calif s Digital Imaging Tutorial. 6 These specifications are optimized for digital archiving practices as outlined by the Florida Digital Archive ( http://w ) and also optimized for data exchange with or Science Digital Library ( ), the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library ), and OAIster ( ) formerly at the University of Michigan and now with OCLC. Imaging: The Production and Imaging Superviso r s will provide training to the Project T echnician on the standard techniques and best practices for scanning the selected materials. All materia pages and bound materials will be scanned on either Copibook, or Microtek flatbed scanners, as appropriate at a minimum of 300 ppi, 24 bit color. When necessary, thin materials will be backed with black or white paper to minimize bleed through or enhance the contrast of the medium. Images will be captured as uncompressed TIFF files (ITU6.0) at 100% scale. Metadata: The Digital Library Center creates Metadata Encodi ng and Transmission Standard (METS) metadata using SobekCM software as outlined at The METS files include technical and structural data about each image, as well as descriptive and administrative information. All descriptive metadata will be imported and re purposed from the UF Library Catalog, the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) find ing aids for t he collections, and D iaries and 6 See ( ) and ( )


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 15 journals will be described using the text of UF Library C atalog entries; family papers will be described using existing EAD finding aids, with the fold er as the basic unit of organization; individual letters or small letter collections will be described at their current level of description. (F or descriptive information s ee Appendix A ) Plan of Work Upon rec eipt of the grant award, the Libraries will circulate information about the project through press releases list servs, and other media. The project team consisting of archivists and digital experts, will meet to discuss scheduling and the hiring of the Project T echnician. The time schedule of the project is two years. Project Director James Cusick and Co Director John Nemmers will review all materials and update existing spreadsheets to create the master list of project materials. P re imaging review of items will be carried out i n consultation with the C onservator At the start of the grant period in January 2013 the project will hire and train a Project Technician at an annual cost i n salary and benefits of $39,975 T he t arget goal is for the Project Technician to conduct imaging and attachment of metadata on 18,265 pages of material per year, at an average cost per image o f $2.19 with other project tasks covered by UF cost share. Total average cost for digitization per page is estimated at $4.38 This cost runs higher which focused primarily o n 20 th century papers and was able to use a rotating pool of undergraduate student s as scan ning reflects concerns over the fragile condition of many project materials, which will require careful handling, and t he need to train and retain a professional imaging technician to work on these materials through the run of the project.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 16 Initial training for the Project Technician will include familiarization with equipment and procedures by the Digital Production Supe rvisor and Imaging Supervisor along with an o rientation to the project, the handling of materials, and associated descriptive data with the Project Director In February 2013 diary material will be tra nsferred to the DLC for imaging and the production schedule will be coordinated between the Project Director and Co Director Lois Widmer, Chair of Digital Services The Project Technician will work from a master spreadsheet giving the physical description of each item, its date range, and descriptive data In cases where an electronic transcription of the item exists, the content or location of content will be provided, to be imported The normal sequence of digital project activities at the DLC include: registering materials into the DLC tracking database, imaging, image processing and quality control, mark up, data transfer, and archiving (see the supplementary attachment Plan of Work and Digital Materials Preservation Plan ). From February through December 2013, the project will focus o n digitiz ation of bound diaries which are the easiest materials to handle and organize. From January 2014 to July 2014, the focus will be on the family papers The Project Director and Co Director Nemmers will orient the Project Technician to the arrangement of the family collections, emphasizing the importance of original or der, and will consult regularly to ensure that digital versions maintain the structure of the ori ginals. From August 2014 to November 2014, work will focus on the letters This material will be move d in stages to the DLC from with each item in its own folder along with identifying MS number and metadata Materials will be reviewed for conservation issues and returned to Special Collec tion s at the completion of each stag e (Diaries, Family P apers, L etters).


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 17 Website development will begin in June 2013 and will be ongoing, with testing of functionality in late 2013/early 2014. De velopment of the educational module will take place in the Summ er and Fall of 2013. Initial presentations of both the website and module to teacher audiences will take place in Fall 2013, with further input and testing from presentations in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Imaging will b e c ompleted by November 2014. The w ebsite will go public at the end of the project, and Co Director Nemmers, the descriptive and technical archivist, will complete updates to E AD finding aids and UF Library C atalog records. The Project Director and Co Director Widmer, Digital Services, will monitor all DLC activity during the project, gen erate quarterly output and cost share calculations, and prepare reports on production. Close out and final project reports will be completed within three months of the end of the grant period. Promotion of Project UF will widely disseminate information about this project. All documentation will be included on the project homepage. Project staff will communicate methodology and outcomes in journal and newsletter articles and via conferen ce presentations. UF will promote t he educational module through its connections with the Florida Historical Society and th e Florida Humanities Council, it s ongoing involvement with teacher workshops, and via traditional methods su ch as web site links, press releases, public presentations, and brochures Schedule of presentations/feedback: (Fall 2013 and 2014 ) UF classes, Gulf South History and Humanities Conference, Ft. Clarke Middle School and P.K. Yonge Developmental School, Alachua County. (Spring/Summer 2014) Florida Historical Society conference, summer teacher workshops. (Summer 2014) Florida Frontier s radio spot (Florida Historical Society), Forum Magazine feature article (Florida Humanities Cou ncil). (TBD) Florida Historical Quarterly review article.


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 18 Project Team Personnel 7 Project Directors: James Cusick Ph.D. Project Direc tor Curator of Florida History will dedicate 17 % of his time to the project. He will help train the Project Technician in archival procedures (2 %); supervise the pre imaging pr eparation of materials and descriptive data, work with the Conservator to stabilize items, and oversee creation of the education module (10%); and prov i de overall project oversight (5 %). John Nemmers, Project Co Director, Descriptive and Technical Archivist will dedicate 10% of his time to archival training, development of the website and updating of catalog, EAD, and other records with links to new digital products. L ois Widmer, Project Co Director Chair Digital Services, will contribute 5 % of her time to the project to coordinate activities between Special Collections, conservation and digitization teams track output, and generate data on Digital Library Center productivity for future use Digital Team: Randall Renner, Production Supervisor, and Traveler Wendell, Imaging Supervisor will each dedicate 5% of their time to the project, and will be r esponsible for training and supervising the Project Technician and overseeing imaging The Project Technician with responsibilities as described in the Position Announcement in the Supplementar y Material, will assist with preparation of materi als at the onset of the project and carry out all imaging and attachment of metadata. Jane Pen Quality Control Unit Head, and Matthew Mariner, Text Processing Unit Head will contribute approximately 2% of their time to the project to handle quality control of digital objects and corresponding structural metadata files as well as all text processing, archiving and data transfer processes and preservation of digital objects. 7 Descriptions of digital personnel can also be found at


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 19 Other project personnel: Laurie Taylor Ph.D. Digital Humanities Librarian, and Marilyn Ochoa Assistant Head, Education Library will each contribute approximately 2% of their time to the project and wil l work with the Director and Co Director Nemmers to design and create the educational module, develop and test the functionality of the website, and gather user input and feedback. John Freund, Conservation Unit Head will dedicate 5% of his time to the project to conduct reviews of all materials prior to imaging stabilize or carry out needed conservation work, and ensure long term preservation of materials. R eiteration of Project Outcomes Digitization of 36,530 pages of manuscript material and i ncorporation of another 4,000 pages of manuscrip t material previously digitized Access to materials other online sites, finding aids, and cataloging records Searches by keyword, subject headings, and date range. Full text search for items with existing electronic transcriptions (10% of project materials) Educational module to showcase particular items as examples of primary source material. Promotion of contents to college Florida history classes, K 12 teacher workshops, and audiences reached by the Florida Historical Society and the Florida Humanities Council. Performance Objectives (1) Digitize 22,095 diary/journal pages; 10,370 pages of documen ts from family papers; and 4,065 pages from letters and other papers (2) Maintain total project costs under $ 159, 90 0 ($79, 950 NHPRC and $79, 950 UF cost share) over two years (3)


P i oneer Days in Florida Page 20 applications of the site (4) E valuate and collect feedback on educational module s in regularly scheduled teacher workshops in 2014 ( 5 ) Feature the project on the public radio broadcast Florida Frontiers and in the journals Florida Historical Quarterly and Forum Magazine directed at public and teaching audiences Financial Management Standards UF meets federal requirements (OMB circular A 110 and OMB circular A 110) through a uniform accounting system that provides basic controls as well as accounting reports that assist in managing contracts and grants. The accounting system is under the jurisd iction of the Division of Finance and Accounting and the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Administration of the award is a team effort consisting of the Principal Investigator (PI) and his/her departmental grant/contract administrator, Office of Research, When UF accepts an award through the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) with mandatory or voluntary committed cost sharing, DSR captures the mandatory or voluntary committed cost sharing amount on the Notif ication of Award (NOA) document. commitments in the cost sharing system and provides PIs with assistance in tracking and also submits official reporting for such cost sharing to the sponsor. 8 8 Procedures and tracking are covered more fully online at and


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 1 SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL CURRICULUM VITAE FOR PROJECT PERSONNEL James G. Cusick Ph.D. (Project Director) Department of Special & Area Studies Collect ions, George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 32611 7005 352 273 2778 Work Experience Curator, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History University of Flo rida, George A. Smathers Libraries (1998 to Present ) Adjunct Professor, Anthropology and History University of North Florida (1997) Postdoctoral Fellow, A ssistant bibliographer for Latin American collections Duke University, Perkins Library (1996) Education B.S. in Journalism, Northwestern, 1981 M.A. in Anthropology, UF, 1989 Ph.D. in Anthropology, UF, 1993 Recent Peer Reviewed Publications 2012 The Florida Historical Quarterly, 90:2 (Fall 2011):133 156. 2011 in Hundred Years War: U.S. Expansion to the Gulf Coat and the Fate of the Seminoles, 1763 1858 edited by Steven Belko, pp. 41 53. University Press of Florida, Gainesville 2003 The Other War of 1812: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish Eas t Florida. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. Reissued 2006 by the University of Georgia Press. Recent Grant Activity 2012 al Endowment for the Humanities. To digitize primary source research materials at Government House. Award: $265,000 Funding dates: Oct. 2012 June 2013. Principal Investigator, Thomas Caswell, Assistant Arc h itecture and Fine Arts Librarian, UF. Co P I James Cusick, Curator, Florida History. Recent Professional Organizations and Service President (Current to 2014), Florida Historical Society, Board Member ( 2006 current ) Program Chair, Annual Meeting & Symposium, 2009 2010, 2011, 2 012; Judge, State of Florida Bo ok Awards, No n Fiction Category, 2011 2013; Board of Directors, Gulf South History and Humanities Conference, Current


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 2 John R. Nemmers (Project Co Director ) Associate University Librarian George A. Smathers Libraries, Spec ial & Area Studies Collections, Gainesville, FL 32611 352 273 2766 Work Experience: University of Florida August 2003 Present Descriptive and Technical Services Archivist, George A. Smathers Libraries, Special & Area Studies Collections, Gainesville, FL 32611 Florida State University August 1998 July 2003 Project Archivist, Claude Pepper Library, 636 W. Call St., Tallahassee, FL 32306 1123 Education: BA in History Flori da State University Date: 1996 MS in Library Studies Florida State University Date: 1998 Specialist in Education Florida State University Date: 1998 Selected Grants: Mini Grant. To collect information on extant archival records related to Florida architecture that are located in cultural heritage institutions and will aid in the future publication of the Guide to the Architecture and Design Collections of Florida Amo unt funded: $4,500. Funding dates: November 2010 October 2011. Role: Principal Investigator. 201 Treasures Program. To conserve and digitize historic architecture drawings of the Hotel Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine. Amount funded: $99,124. Funding dates: July 2010 June 2012. Role: Project Director for UF. Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). Cost effective digitization of six archival collections relating to the Everglades. Amount funded: $145,477. Funding dates: January 2009 December 2011. Role: Principal Investigator.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 3 Lois J. Widmer ( Proj ect Co Director ) Digital Library Center, PO Box 117 003, Gainesville, FL 32611 352 273 2916 Professional Experience Chair, Digital Services (Digital Library Center) & Share d Collections, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2011 present Associate Director Library & Technology Services, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 2005 2011 Manager Gerstenzang Science Library, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 2003 2005 User S ervices Librarian National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2001 2003 Director, Information Services Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University, Ral eigh, NC, 1995 2001 Education Graduate Certificate Digital Information Management, University of Arizona, 2011 Graduate Certificate Management of Projects and Programs, Rabb Graduate School of Continuing Education, Brandeis University, 2007 Harvard A CRL Leadership Institute, 2004 M.S., Library Science, with honors University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.A., Spanish, summa cum laude Elizabethtown College, PA and Universidad Central de Barcelona, Spain Professional Affiliations American Library Association, American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T), Society of American Archivists Selected Publications Using the Engineering Literature (B. Osif, Editor), New York: Routledg e, 2006.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 4 Randall Renner (Digital Production Supervisor) Digital Library Center, PO Box 11 7003, Gainesville, FL 32611 352 273 2903 Education University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Photography, 1997. Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida. Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography; cum laude Employment University of Florida Libraries, Digital Library Center. Production Manager, Library A ssociate 3 Supervision of daily operations of the Digital Library Center including bibliographic control, imaging, quality control, optical character recognition, and archiving. University of Florida, Office of Academic Technology. Photographer Resp onsible for implementation and daily operation of digital imaging services for the campus wide photographic service bureau; including equipment specification, integration, production, and quality control. Responsibilities also included photographing museum and library collections in a studio environment and on location. Other duties included traditional black and white photographic printing and processing, E 6 processing and maintenance, and other technical photographic processes. University of Florida, O ffice of Academic Technology. Center for Instructional Technology and Training. Training Specialist Responsible for conducting training seminars of software programs to faculty and staff. This included development of graphic software training programs, and development of the Instructional Computing Activities Training Program. Various seminar content included: Digital Media, Web Site Development, Photoshop, Web Graphics, Digital Video, Acrobat, and The Effective Use of Laptops. University of Florida, Department of Art and Art History. Adjunct Assistant Professor Responsible for curriculum development, instruction, and evaluation of the undergraduate digital arts class, Computer Art: Montage.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 5 Traveler Wendell (Digital Imaging Supervisor) Dig ital Library Center George A Smathers, Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 7007 (352) 273 2909 2012 to Present U NIVERSITY OF F LORIDA D IGITAL L IBRARY C ENTER : I MAGING S UPERVISOR A SSOCIATE II Supervises main imaging queue. Organization and preparation of materials for imaging including documenting and reporting. Performs preliminary quality control of scanned materials. Post capture processing of library and archival ma terials. 2005 to 2012 U NIVERSITY OF F LORIDA D IGITAL L IBRARY C ENTER : I MAGING A SSISTANT AND L IBRARY T ECH A SSISTANT Microfilming of newspapers both historic and current. Processing of microfilm. Digitization of newspapers, books, maps and museum pieces in 3 D. Processing and color correction of digitized materials. Student supervision. 2003 to 2010 A GORAPHOTO B IZ : O WNER P HOTOGRAPHER P UBLIC R ELATIONS AND G RAPHIC A RTIST Freelance p hotographer for newspapers, weddings, sporting events, portraiture, etc Graphic ads for newspaper, newsletters, business cards, greeting cards, signage. Photoshop Work for all phases of photography and graphic arts. 1994 2005 W ILLISTON P IONEER : F REELANCE R EPORTER C OLUMNIST AND P HOTOGRAPHER Wrote weekly column. Reported o n local law enforcement and city government. Photographed news events and sporting events.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 6 Jane Pen (Quality Control Unit Head) Digital Library Center, PO Box 117003, Gai nesville, FL 32611 352 273 2912 jpen@uf EDUCATION 1998 present: Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL Degree Received AS Spring/2002 GPA 3.9 Major Computer Information Systems Analysis 1979 1983: Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan Degree Bachelor of Arts Major Educational Medi a and Library Science WORK EXPERIENCE 2001 present: Quality Control unit head. Digital Library Center, University of Florida Ensure the quality of the physical units of digitization (TIFF, JPEG and other images) and their corresponding structural meta data files for digital projects excluding newspaper. Supervise student workers working in the Quality Control unit. Help streamline processes to assure highest quality and rapid throughput of digitizing products. 1997 2001: Library assistant. Alachua Coun ty Library District, Gainesville, FL Assisted patrons with information inquiry, resolved account problems and customer services functions, using SIRSI system. Duties also included office equipment maintenance. 1996 1997: Library reference assistant. Scha umburg High School, Schaumburg, IL Assisted students/classes with reference inquiry/instruction, helped media center director with material processing. Also assisted computer lab manager with equipment maintenance. CERTIFICATION AND MEMBERSHIP UF Supervi sory Challenge certificate 2006 MOUS certificate in Microsoft Excel 2000


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 7 Matthew C. Mariner (Text Processing Unit Head) 1206 NE 9 th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601 352 273 2911(work) (w ork) EDUCATION 2011 Master of Historic Preservation, University of Florida 2006 Bachelor of Arts in E nglish, University of Florida RECENT POSITIONS HELD 2007 Digital Validation, Archiving, and Preservation Coordinator Digital Library Center/Digital Services University of Florida Libraries 2006 2007 Institutional Repository Coordinator Digital Library Center University of Florida Libraries SKILLS Software : Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop, all versions; MS Office Suite; Google Earth and Picasa; various A/V software (Sony Vegas, FFmpeg); various Optical Character Recognition software (Prime, AB BYY, ReadIris); ArcGIS Web applications : YouTube, Historypin, Wordpress Hardware : field recording equipment (solid state recorders, mics, mixers); digital SLR cameras and lenses; high speed scanners, flatbeds, 35mm slide scanners, book scanners, and large format cameras; legacy a/v equipment XML; HTML; MODS; MARC21; Experienced in supervising student and volunteer labor; communicating with academic faculty and donors; and self direction. PROFFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Member, Board of Advisors, Norman Studi os Silent Film Museum, Jacksonville, FL Member, National Trust for Historic Preservation Member, Association of Moving Image Archivists


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 8 Laurie N. Taylor Ph.D. (Digital Humanities Librarian) Digital Library Center/Digital S ervices and Shared Collecti ons George A. Smathers Libraries University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 352 273 2902 WORK EXPERIENCE Digital Humanities Librarian, Digital Library Center, Smathers Libraries, UF 2011 pr esent Interim Director, Digital Library Center, Smathers Libraries, UF 2008 2011 Digital Projects Librarian, Digital Library Center, Smathers Libraries, UF 2007 2008 EDUCATION Ph.D. University of Florida, English/Digital Humanities 2006 PROFESS IONAL AFFILIATIONS Technical Director, Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library, and Florida Digital Newspaper Library Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Gaming and Computer Mediated Simulations Editorial Board Member, Archive Journal Elected Representative, Delegate Assembly of the Modern Language Association RECENT GRANTS Strengthening Caribbean Research through Technology Using the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) (FIU Technology Fee Grant; 201 1 2013) Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (TICFIA, Department of Education; 2009 2014) Ame s Swamp: the Historical Everglades (National Historic al Publ ications and Records Commission 2009 2011) PUBLICATIONS Selected Refereed Publications Forthco ming: Rebecca Jefferson, Laurie N. Taylor, and Lourdes Santamaria Wheeler. Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (2012: 24/3). Digital Repositories and the authored with Val Davis, Stephen Williams, Dina Benson, Sara Russell Gonzalez, and Mark Sullivan. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Digital Libraries 2010. Developing an Open Access, Multi Institutional, co authored with Brooke Wooldridge and Mark Sullivan. Resource Sharing & Information Networks 2009. Snow White in the City: Teaching Fables, Nursery Rhymes, a nd Revisions in Graphic in Approache s t o Teaching the Graphic Novel e d. Stephen E Tabachnick. New York: MLA, 2009.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 9 Marilyn N. Ochoa (Assistant Head, Education Library) Associate Universit y Librarian, Education Library, University of Florida Gainesville FL 32611 352 273 2627 WORK EXPERIENCE Assistant Head, Education Library, University of Florida 2007 present Reference/Digital Services Librarian, Humanities a nd Social Sciences Department, 2001 2007 Shares responsibility with the Head Librarian on staffing issues, program development, innovative service initiatives, facility management, budgetary oversight, and outreach initiatives. Supervise s interns. Provides research consultations, implement s an active library instructi on program, and build s specialized collections for the College of Education (COE) and affiliated programs. Maintain s library Evaluates digital services and resources wi th library wide implications. Serve s as the public services s on and administer s usability testing and assessment processes. Hire s and supervise s grant staff as necessary. Teache s undergraduate interdisciplinary honors research class (1 credit course Spring 2010 and 2011; 3 credit course Spring 2008, 2005 and 2004). EDUCATION BA in Political Science and English La Salle University May 1998 MLIS in Library and Information Sci ences University of Pittsburgh August 2001 SELECTED HONORS E Learn 2011: World Conference on E Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education Outstanding Paper Award, Fall 2011 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Comm Place in the Creative category for Florida Journalism History Project, Spring 2006. URL : SELECTED PUBLICATIONS, PRE SENTATIONS AND DIGITIZATION INITIATIVES Publications Ochoa, Marilyn N. and Tom Caswell. SPEC Kit 328 Collaborative Teaching & Learning Tools Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries in process. Kumar, S Centered Library Instruction: An Assessment of Online Graduate Proceedings of World Conference on E Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education (pp. 2002 2009). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Ocho centric model for technology OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspectives. 25: 4 (2009): 249 2 62. Digitization Initiatives, Grant and Usability Activities Catalog of Digital Historical Newspapers 2010, Team Member Cost Share: 5% for 4 months Hired and supervised grant assistant for marketing. URL: http :// From the Air: Florida Photography, 2010, Usability Manager Cost Share: 5%. Conducted usability testing, hired/supervised two assistants (for testing and educational tools) and consulted on user interface for usability and ease of use. URL: SELECTED MEMBERSHIP AND SERVICE Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Board of Directors, 2012 present (elected) ACRL Liaison to Society for Information Techno logy & Teacher Education, 2011 present Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, Information Literacy Education SIG, Chair, 2011 present.


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 10 John Freund (Conservation Unit Head ) Conser vation Unit, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Flor ida, Gainesville Florida 32611 352 273 2835 EDUCATION University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 1975, BA, Journalism. San Francisco State, San Francisco, California. Col lege of Design and Engineering, September, 1984, Certificate, Book Restoration and Binding. WORK EXPERIENCE Head, Conservation, October 1988 to present, University of Florida, Smathers Libraries, Gainesville, Florida 32611 7007 Circulation and Stack Manager/Reference, Jun e 1983 to September 1988 Jonsson Library of Government Documents, Stanford University, Palo Alto California. Instructor, Basic Book Binding and Restoration, 1983 1984, San Francisco State University INTERNSHIPS Sutro Library, San Francisco State Univers ity, San Francisco, CA, September March 1982 19 83 San Anselmo Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA, October December 1983 WORKSHOPS Collection Conservation Treatment, Berkeley, California 1991 Advanced Conservation Workshop, University of Iowa and Ce nter for the Book, Iowa City, Iowa 1995 Deacidification Reconsidered, National Archives, Washington, DC, March 2000 Climate Notebook Environmental Training, Atlanta Georgia, 2001 The Changing Book, Transitions in Design, Production and Preservation Unive rsity of Iowa July 2005 COLLECTIONS CONSULTED OR WORKED WITH Florida Orchid Society Archives, Jay Kislak Collect ion, Matheson Museum, Harn Museu m of Art, Florida Museum of Natural History, Majorie Kinnan Rawlings Society, Lighthouse Museum, Flagler Colleg e, State Department of Records, State of Florida, St. Augustine Historical Society, Micanopy Historical Society, Florida Historical Society, Zora Neale Hurston Museum, Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine Archives, Sisters of St. Joseph, St Augustine, Florida


Pioneer Days in Florida Page 1 Budget Narrative Funds are requested to hire one full time Project Technician at the UF Digital Library Center, dedicated to thi s project, for the project time line of two years. Costs were calculated following guidelines from the UF DLC and George A. Smathers Libraries (UF) Library Assistant 2 Midpoint hourly rate = $13.54 x 2088 = $28,271/annual Fring e for non exempt TEAMS/USPS = 41.4 % Total = $39,975 annually Total request: $79,950 over two years The Library Assistant 2 hire will be responsible fo r the handling and imaging of all materials as outlined in the Position Description He or she will be trained and supervised on the job by the Digital Production and Imaging Supervisor s. Given the fragile nature of many of the project materials, the UF DLC believes the project goals of approximately 18,265 images per year are best met by hiring and training a professional staff person who will work with the project from beginning to end. This is particularly important to ensure that materials are handl ed without sustaining damage (for examples of conditi ons of materials, see Appendix B ). For this reason, the UF DLC advised the project directors to request funds for a Project Technician rather than for a pool of student labor. At the beginning of the g rant period in January 2013, the project will hire and train the Project Technician. This staff level position will carry an annual cost i n salary and benefits of $39,975 ($79,950 over two years) T he t arget goal is for the Project Technician to conduct imaging and attachment of metadata on 18,265 pages of material per year, at an average cost per ima ge of $2.19 with other project tasks (prep work and conservation, training, quality control, optimization of images, uploading, creation of website and edu cational modules) covered by UF cos t share. Total average cost for digitization per page is estimated at $4.38 previous NHPRC project, and employed a rota ting pool of undergraduate student s as scanning technicians. The increased and a slightly longer handling and scan time for materials that are delicate


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 1 P OSITION A NNOUNCEMENT P ROJECT T ECHNICIAN FOR P IONEER D AYS IN F LORIDA L IBRARY A SSISTANT 2 Position summary: This position is a two year grant funded position responsible for coordination, preparation, and digital imaging of archival materials for the Pioneer Days in Florida C grant. The responsibilities of the position include preparation of archival materials for digitization, digitizing materials, performing online metadata enrichment and verifying that digitized materials have loaded to UFDC co rrectly. Required qualifications: Knowledge of digital reprographic practices, techniques, and software employed with archival and library materials. Experience and ability to operate a variety of computerized digital imaging devices, including planetary overhead cameras, flatbed scanners, and high speed rotary scanners, and associated software. Experience working with archival materials in an academic library. Ability to plan, organize and maintain high production levels. Ability to think creatively, lea rn quickly, and work independently. Prepares Archival and Libra ry Materials for Digitization. 2 0% 1. Collaborates with the Conservator and the Special Collections curator to assess the physical condition of project materials for any special handling or preservation needs ; 2. Benchmarks source documents for appropriate digitization specifications of resolution, file format, and color mode according to digital library b est practices. Digitization of Materials. 70 % 1. Creates and maintains a project workflow in accordance with established DLC storage area network structure, and name directories and files in accordance with DLC practice; and 2. Images source documents using a variety of Copibooks, scanners and cameras; 3. Performs image optimization individually and in batches to correct skew, cropping, preserve image fidelity, and optimization for targeted use; 4. Coordinates with the Quality Control unit to correct imaging errors ; 5. Calibrates equipment to ensure image quality and fidelity using standardized Kodak grey scale and color image targets, and other color management and resolution targets as necessary; 6. Coordinates ta sks with the Digital Production and Imag ing Supervisor s to maintain an efficient and productive workflow and ensure maximum equipment availability for all projects; 7. Performs quality and accuracy assessments of materials on pagination, image order, and i mage quality and specifications, and makes corrections as nece ssary, 8. Troubleshoots hard ware and software and submits trouble tickets as necessary; 9. Perform derivative proc essing for quality control unit. Performs Metadata Enrichment and Load Verification 10% 10. Imports metadata via the DLC spreadsheet importer, the Mets Editor, and UFDC; 11. Verifies that bibliographic packages load to UFDC correctly and makes corrections as necessary to include serial hierarchy


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 2 PL AN OF WORK Time Schedule of Activities Two Years (2013 2014) Activity Jan April 2013 May Aug. 2013 Sept. Dec 2013 Jan. April 2014 May Aug. 2014 Sept. Dec. 2014 Selection & Folder Review Ongoing but primarily at start of imaging for diaries and then of imaging for family papers and letters Conservation Review Digitization Actions Hiring and Training of Project Technician (And ongoing as needed) Record Ingest to Tracking Diaries Family Papers & Letters Imaging & Metadata Diaries Family Papers & Letters Quality Control Diaries Family Papers & Letters Package Markup/ Deployment/ Archiving Diaries Family Papers & Letters Conservation Assessment Ongoing as need arises and as materials are processed Re shelving of Materials Ongoing as materials are processed Creation of webpage and educational module and project documentation Begins in June and r uns throughout project Testing of website / promotion of resources Target c ollege classes in Florida history (2013 2014) Gulf South History Conference s ( Oct. 2013, 2014) and Florida Historica l Society Annual Meetings (May 2014) summer teacher workshops (2014) EAD finding aids and UF Catalog records updated To be done after final testing of website for functionality Pre Imaging: Selection, Preparation and Conservation R eview Award Announcement thru January 2013: James Cusick (Curator of Florida History) and John Nemmers (Archivist), co directors, will exa mine each archival container, identify potential special needs mat erials daguerreo types, photographic images, sketches, et c. and comp lete a pre imaging spreadsheet The s preadsheet will record collection i.d. number, number of volumes/folders/items, page counts, location of existing descriptive


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 3 data, w ith notes for the DLC The C onservator will undertake review of it ems as necessary and in consultation with the Project Director January February 2013. Initial meeting of project team followed by hiring and training of the Project Technician. Project Technician will assist in pre imaging preparation to become familiar with condition issues and handlin g of materials while receiving training in the DLC. Minor preparation work (flattening, unfolding of folded p age) will be carried out T he C onservator will handle issues requiring expertise, such as dis bounding, stabilization of extremely fragile pages, or relaxation of creases. Materials that are fragmentary or torn will be protected in clear mylar envelopes for imaging. Notes on handling will be recorded in the project spreadsheet and forwarded with material. All conservation supplies will be suppli ed by Special Collections Digitization Actions Feb. March 2013: Project Director and Co Director Lois Widmer (Digital Services) establish the imaging schedule and tools for monitoring output. Diaries move forward to the DLC. All items will be tracked If a patron requests use of material while it is in the DLC, it will be temporarily retrieved for use in the Special Collections reading room. The DLC will have a copy of the master spreadsheet for all items, including the hy perlinks, catalog record s, or other locational information for existing descriptions. Once a collection is received by the DLC, the descriptive data will be imported into the UF Digital Collections T racking Database to be converted to metadata. Descriptive metadata elements in the existing form s include: Collection Name/Name of Creator, Collection Dates, Physical Description, Synopsis of Contents, and Keyword or Library of


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 4 Congress Subject Heading tags from which national Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) metadata w ill be created. The basic METS files are created and enhanced automatically as materials move through the digitization chain from this point on. The UFDC Tracking database assigns a unique eight digit Bibliographic Identifier (BibID) to each digital objec t and that BibID will be used to track the item throughout the digitization process. March May 2013 and continuing: The Project Technician will commence imaging of the diaries under supervision of Traveler Wendell, Imaging Supervisor, and Randall Renner Digital Production Supervisor A ll imaging will physical format. Individual archival pages will be scanned on CopiBook or flatbed scanners at minimum of 300 dpi, 24 bit color. Diaries and journals will be scanned on CopiBooks at 300 dpi, 24 bit color. Processing includes initial image review of all pages, adjusting the image quality as necessary, including adjustment of levels, skew, and contrast. Images will be captured as uncompressed TIFF files (ITU6.0) at 100% sc ale Both flatbed and CopiBook scanners will be calibrated regularly in order to maintain color fidelity and optimum image results. April May and continuing: Me eting of project directors and digital team to review progress. Initial meeting of team for educational module to discuss design and content. Scanned images move to Quality Control and Text Processing. After initial scanning and image enhancement all aspects of image control and digital package creation are controlled by the UFDC Toolkit, also k nown as the SobekCM Toolkit or SobekCM production tools, an integrated software package that controls derivative image formation, quality control review at the package level, and deployment to the UFDC


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 5 server. This stage of processing is handled through J ane Pen, head of the Quality Co ntrol Unit using a derivative creation tool to create JPG, JP2 (or JPEG2000), and JPG thumbnail images. A second program, the Quality Control tool, displays thumbnails of each image in sequential order. These images are revi ewed. Errors are noted and returned to the imaging unit for scan/rescan of the pages. Quality Control also reviews the structural and bibliographic metadata for correctness and completeness. At this point, the initial METS file contains basic structural a nd administrative metadata, as well as the descriptive metadata re purposed from the EAD files, catalog records, and MS Access database. Once quality control has been completed, the digital package moves to the Text Processing, Digital Validation, Archive, & Preservation Unit. For t his project, Matt Mariner, the Text Processing u nit head will ensure all package level metadata conforms to the national METS, our local extension schemas, and to requirements for serving in UFDC, preservation in the Florida Dig ital Archive, and optimization for interoperability with other systems. Users can view the METS file and MARCXML for any item loaded (e.g.; ) With final package approval, this unit verifies the online files and sends the package to the local archive and the Florida Digital Archive for preservation archiving. The abo ve procedures have been used successfully to process more than 7.7 million pages into the UFDC collections, available at June August 2013: Continuation of above work on diaries, with monthly meetings of pr oject directors and digital team to review progress. Continuing d e velopment of educational module and i nitial development of webpage with trial population of items.


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 6 Sept. Nov. 2013: Continuation of above work on diaries, with monthly meetings of pr oject directors and digital team to review progress Wrap up of imaging for diaries (22,095 images) Preparation of family co llections for imaging A t est webpage and draft lesson plans for educational module will be ready for review by faculty and student feedback of Fall Semester classes, with a p resentation (October) at the Gulf South conference and input from two Alachua county schools Laurie Taylo r (DLC), James Cusick Project Director, and John Nemmers, Co Director will be responsible for creating the project home page. James Cusick, Laurie Taylor, and Marilyn Ochoa (Education Library) wi ll create the education al module. Dec. 2013 Ja n. 2014: Family collections move forward, steps above repeated. Curator and conservator assess diaries for condition, stabilize them and re shelve. Jan. May 2014: Continuation with family collections. May 2014: Presentation at Florida Historical Society Annual Meeting June July 2014 : Wrap up of family papers imaging (10,370 images) Conservation review of processed materials. Preparation of letters for imaging. Presentation and request for feedback on project products from summer teacher workshops. Aug. Oct. 2014: Imaging of the letters (4,065 images) Final testing and presentations of w ebsite and educational module Launch of radio spot ( Florida Frontiers ) and article to educators ( Forum Magazine ). P resentation s to Fall classes and Gulf South co nference. Nov. Dec 2014 : Conclusion of project. Final conservation review. John Nemmers, Co Director, completes update s of EAD finding aids and UF catalog entries to include appropriate hyperlinks. Team/project assessment and p reparation of project reports.


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 7 ays in Florida: In Summer 2013, the project team will notify various audiences of the status of the project, seeking input from teacher workshops and local K 12 classes with presentations to the Gulf South History and Humanities Conference (Octob er 2013 and 201 4 ), the annual conference of the Florida Historical Society (May 2014 ) the Florida Humanities Council, the educational unit of the Museum of Florida History, and other avenues of outreach. Classroom out reach will continue in Fall and Spring semester classes at UF (2013 2014) and in 2014 summer workshops for K 12 teachers. The project will be featured on Florida Frontiers, a PBS radio program produced by the Florida Historical Society, in t he Florida Historical Quarterly Forum Magazine and other venues. Usage of the website will be monitored as a measure of outreach. LONG TERM D IGITAL MATERIALS PRESERVATION PLAN The George A. Smathers Libraries (UF) are committed to long term digital preservation of all materials in the UF Digital Collections which contains over 200,000 digital objects with over 20 million files (as of September 2011). The Libraries create METS/MODS metadata for all materials. Citat ion information for each digital object is also automatically transformed into MARCXML and Dublin Core. These records are widely distributed through library networks and through search engine optimization to ensure broad public access to all online materia ls. In practice consistent for all digital projects an d materials supported by the Libraries, redundant copies are maintained for all online and offline files. The digital archive is maintained by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA). Complete d by the FCLA in 2005, the Florida Digital Archive (FDA) ( university libraries. The software programmed to support the FDA is modeled on t he widely


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 8 accepted Open Archival Information System. It is a dark archive and no public access functions are provided. It supports the preservation functions of format normalization, mass format migr ation and migration on request. As items are processed in to the UF Digital Collections (UFDC) for public access, a command in the METS header directs a copy of the files to the Florida Digital Archive (FDA). The process of forwarding original files to the FDA is the key and protect electronic data for the long term. If items are not directed to load for public access, they do not load online and are instead loaded directly to the FDA. For more information see the SobekCM documentation pages ( ). A P P ENDIX A : Finding Aids for the Family Papers in the Project Note: Some finding aids will incl ude links to digital material, reflecting current library policy to digitize one or two items from each collection as a visual indicator of content. With the exception of sample items, the collections below have not been digitized. See a full inventory of project materials at: A Guide to the Charles Bannerman Papers A Guide to the Bellamy Family Papers A Guide to the Boyd Family Papers A Guide to the Duncan Lamont Clinch Family Papers A Guide to the William Davenport Papers ge/Davenport.htm A Guide to the Francis P. Fleming Papers A Guide to the James David Glunt Papers A Guide to the Samuel D. McConnell Papers A Guide to the Mc Lean Gillis Family Papers A Guide to the Ormond Family Papers A Guide to the Sanchez Family Papers A Guide to the Charles Seton Papers A Guide to the Joseph Van Swearingen Papers


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 9 APPENDIX B: Examples and Condition of Representative Project Items ncrease access and lower risk for many fragile manuscripts. (Above) Two leaves of the memoir of British Loyalist Mary Port Macklin (1828) recounting her experiences in South Carolina and Florida during the American Revolution. The manuscript is severely worn and damaged and cannot sustain much handling. (Below) Example s of good and poor condition of the letters of Capt. John M a cKay military engineer who created on e of the first American topographical maps of Florida.


P ioneer Days in Florida/Appen dices Page 10 Diaries comprise a major component of project materials and will be presented online as bound materials (Above) Title page of a journal by Pennsylvanian Martha [House] Allen about a st eamboat trip on the Ocklawaha River (1874). (Below) P ages from t he diary of Lieut. Henry Prince written during the Second Seminole War (1835 1842), with a dollar bill for scale. The manuscript consists of bundles of small loose leaves covered in s minute handwriting with pen and ink sketches. This is an example of a manuscript that will benefit both from the