Influencing Patient Provider Communication and Patient Self-advocacy in a University Based Internal Medical Clinic NN/LM...
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Title: Influencing Patient Provider Communication and Patient Self-advocacy in a University Based Internal Medical Clinic NN/LM (National Network of Libraries of Medicine) grant proposal
Physical Description: Grant Proposal
Creator: Butson, Linda
Publisher: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, FL
Publication Date: October 3, 2011
Abstract: The project will assess the feasibility and benefits of embedding a medical librarian into an outpatient clinic to capture the 'teachable moment' with an undeserved and transient patient population. The librarian will provide consumer health information and pre-physician encounter coaching for patients at a weekly hour volunteer resident's clinic based at the University of Florida's Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties (IMMS) clinic.
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http://nnI.hshsl.umaryland.eduiSEAlFundinglReviewExpPlanAndAsm... About SE/A I Contact SE/A I Feedback I Site Map I HelpNN/LM Home a SHARE 11 1:S'l ... National Network. of Ubraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region; IHomeIFunding IMember Services IOutreach I Resource Sharing and Document Delivery I Training and Educational Opportunities Please review express planning and assessment award application below before you submit. 1. Name of Network Member Institution: Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida 2. Network Member L1BID: FLUFLO 3. Project Manager: Linda Butson 4. Position/Title of Project Manager: Consumer Health and Community Outreach Librarian 5. Department: Biomedical and Health Information Services 6. Mailing Address: Street 1: UF DMsion of Sponsored Research Street 2: 219 Grinter Hall City: Gainesville State: FL Zip Code: 32611 ,J 7. Email Address (e.g., maryc@project.org): ButsonL@ufl.edu 8. Telephone Number [e.g., (222) 222-2222 or 555-555-5555]: 352-273-8399 9. Fax Number [e.g., (222) 222-2222 or 555-555-5555]: 352-846-2271 10. Award funding is a maximum of $6,000.00 please supply a brief budget. Meal per diems are the only allowable food expenditure. No indirect costs are allowed. $3,509.00 ;[ ;--='---........... II Communication I i..mmmp ....m I :!Other: laptop, mobile printer, rolling carrying case! $1,700.00 : I Total [ $5,209.00 11. How will you spend the award? (Provide a cost break down and justification for each budget line.) 10f5 8/30/20 II 2:08 PM


http://rmLhshsl.umaryland.eduiSEAlFundinglReviewExpPlanAndAsm.. The award will be used for personnel and equipment. Personnel: This will cover the principal investigator's time for 4% of annual salary (84 hrs), divided as follows: 20 hours of planning and material development 4 hours meeting with clinic staff to promote and plan project 4 hours/week for 12 weeks in the clinic seeing patients (48 hrs) 1 hour/week for 12 weeks for pre-clinic preparation and post-clinic data recording (12 hrs) Equipment Purchase: Other: Laptop computer: $1300.00 Mobile printer: $300 ROiling carrying case: $100.00 Mobile computer equipment will allow the librarian to meet with the patients and clinic staff at their convenience, throughout the clinic. The librarian will be visiting with patients both in the waiting room and in the exam rooms while the patient is waiting for the physician; once the physician is available to see the patient. the librarian must be able to move quickly to the next patient. Also, the project team will be developing educational materials on the most frequent diagnoses seen specifically in this clinic at a range of literacy levels and storing those on this laptop for rapid printing and dissemination. Therefore, specifically assigned and mobile equipment is vital to the success of the project. 12. Award should be made payable to what institution (Le., Southeastern Regional Medical Center)? University of Florida 13. Federal Tax Id Number (FEIN): 59-6002052 14. Congressional District 6th 15. DUNS Number 969663814 16. Proposed start date for project ending April 30. 2012 (format: "mmJddlyyyy" e.g. 07/01/2006): 10/03/2011 17. Project Title: Influencing Patient Provider CommunicationlAdvocac 18. List your projects objectives. This pilot project will assess the feasibility and benefits of embedding a librarian into an outpatient clinic to capture the 'teachable moment' with an underserved and transient patient population. Specifically, the librarian will provide consumer health information and pre-physician-encounter coaching for patients at a weekly -hour volunteer resident's clinic based at the University of Florida's Intemal Medicine and Medical Specialties (IMMS) clinic. Objectives: Provide consumer health information to an underserved patient population Assist patients in identifying and clarifying questions to ask the doctor before their visit' Offer post-visit assistance in understanding physician-provided information Gain a better understanding of the literacy levels and learning styles of this patient population' Identify the most common medical problems seen in this population Develop information resources for those specific conditions at varying literacy levels and learning styles, as appropriate for this population' Assess the logistical, social, and other challenges of providing information support to this patient population in this environment 19. Describe target population or audience. Example: Senior Citizens, Public Health Nurses, Health Educators Adult patients (82% 18-64 yrs; 18%

http://nnl.hshsl.mnaryland.edulSENFundingiReviewExpPlanAndAsm ... An interdisciplinary team of librarians and healthcare professionals will collaborate to fulfill the project objectives. There will be three stages: I. Planning and Materials Development October -December, 2011. Prior to beginning the pilot intervention, IRB permissions will be sought and consent forms developed. The literature and web resources will be examined to identify short, easy-to-use assessments for literacy levels, patient and provider satisfaction, and adult learning styles. Consumer health materials at varying literacy levels and in differing formats will be adapted and developed for common primary care medical conditions. These materials will be revised throughout the project as data on the specific patient population is gathered and assessed. Equipment will be purchased and tested. Logistics of placement and activity within the clinic workflow will be planned. Meetings with clinic personnel to promote the project and engage collaboration will be held. II. Pilot Intervention January-March, 2012 During the pilot project time frame (January-March 2012), a librarian will attend the Thursday afternoon residents' primary care clinic in the Internal medicine and Medical Specialties Clinic for 8 weeks. The librarian will meet with patients in the clinic waiting room and/or in exam rooms while they are waiting for the phySician. During those meetings, the librarian will inquire if the patient desires assistance, assess the literacy level of information and the format appropriate for the patient, and coach the patient in developing a set of questions that the patient would like to ask the physician during the examination. The project team will track the patient responses and the specific content and formats of information provided. If the patient is willing, the librarian will inquire about the patient's satisfaction and assist in clarifying the physician-provided information. Finally, we will inquire whether the residents conclude that the intervention has affected their patient-provider relations. III. Data Analysis April 2012 Results will be analyzed and plans for future projects based on the results of this pilot will be proposed. 21. List project personnel, their role in this project and experience relevant to this project. Linda Butson, MLn, MPH, AHIP, CoPrincipal Investigator, Consumer Health and Community Outreach Librarian, Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32610-0206, 352-273-8399, 352-846-2271 (fax), ButsonL@ufI.edu. Butson is a highly-experienced medical librarian with a specialty in consumer health. As principal investigator, she will be the librarian who will attend the Clinic and work directly with the patients and providers. Jennifer Lyon, MS, MUS, AHIP, CoPrincipal Investigator, Clinical Research Librarian Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32610-0206, 352-273-8441, 352-846-2271 (fax), jalyon@ufl.edu Lyon has experience in clinical rounding and in studying information literacy in an Emergency Department setting and will leverage that experience as CO-investigator on the project. She will assist with planning, material development, and results analysis. Kathleen Moeller, FMLA, MLS, AHIP, Director, Borland Health Sciences Library, University of Florida, 653-1 West 8th St., JackSOnville, FL 32209, 904-244-3240, 904-244-31919(fax), kmoeller@ufl,edu Moeller has experience with community outreach projects that involve assessing health literacy levels. Most recently, she provided consumer health information to a members of a church congregation in Jacksonville FL. She will assist with planning, material development, and results analysiS. Michele R. Tennant, PhD, MLlS, Assistant Director, and Health Information Services, Health Science Center Libraries and Bioinformatics Librarian, UF Genetics Institute, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32610-0206, 352-273-8426, 352-846-2271 (fax), tennantm@ufl.edu Tennant has extensive experience in conducting and supervising research projects in all aspects of biomedical librarianship. She will provide gl1idance and support for the project. Cecilia Botero IAssociate Dean of the George A. Smathers Libraries and Director of the Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida, PO Box 100206 Gainesville, Fla. 32610-0206, 352-273-8400, 352-392-2565(fax), cecbote@ufl.edu Botero is the director of the Health Science Center Libraries and will provide guidance and support for the project. Rebecca R. Pauly, MD FACP, Associate Vice President for Health Affairs, Equity and Diversity, University of Florida, Room H-101, PO Box 100014, Gainesville, FL 32610, 352-273-5310, 352-392-9395(fax), rrpauly@ufI.edu Pauly is a faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine, has clinical duties in the Internal Medicine Attending Clinic, and is responsible for leading health diversity efforts throughout the UF Health Sciences Center. She will be an advisor to the project. Folakemi T. Odedina, PhD Professor, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, College of Pharmacy Director, Community Outreach & Minority Affairs, Prostate Disease Center, Department of Urology Member, Shands Cancer Center, UniverSity of Florida, 9200 113th Street North Seminole, FL 33772, 727-394-6089, 727-394-6014(fax), fodedina@cop.ufl.edu, folakemi.odedina@urology.ufI.edu Odedina has an extensive interest in delivery of services to health disparity populations. She will be an advisor to the project. Nancy S. Hardt, M.D., Director, Health Disparities and Service Learning Program; Professor, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pathology College of Medicine, PO Box 100215, Gainesville, FL 32610-0215, 352-273-5460, hardt@ufI.edu Hardt has an extensive interest in delivery of services to health disparity populations and oversees the services of the College of Medicine's mobile clinic, a service which may benefit from the lessons learned in the pilot project. She will be an advisor to the project. 22. List any institutional support that will be provided. Members of the project team will utilize research time to participate in planning and executing the project as described. Expenses related to overhead and supplies will be contributed to the project. 23. The Network member will work with the follOwing organization(s}. 30f5 8/30/2011 2:08 PM


http://rml.hshsl.umaryland.eduiSEAlFlHldingiReviewExpPlanAndAsm... (Check all that apply) Community or Faith Organization Local Department of Health Public Library Health Professional Group Other Organizations, please specify below 24. Name, address, website (if any) and description of partner organization(s) involved in the follow-up activities. Example. Mary Jones, Nurse Supervisor South Neighborhood Clinic 101 South Street Anywhere, MD 21220 http://www.southclinic,go Non-profit clinic providing outpatient services to primarily Native American population. Health Professionals on staff total 10, including phYSicians, nurses and health educators. Pat Meek, Clinic Coordinator Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties Clinic Medical Plaza 3rd Floor 2000 SW Archer Road Gainesville FL 32610 352-395-0725 The Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties (IMMS) Clinic at the UF & Shands Medical Plaza provides a Thursday afternoon (1-5pm) residents clinic that offers outpatient services on a walk-in basis to patients from Alachua County and small towns in counties immediately adjacent to Alachua County which do not have primary care providers, It is staffed on a volunteer basis by 5-7 resident physicians per weekly session. The clinic sees between 50 and 70 patients each Thursday afternoon, 25. What are the expected outcomes or next steps of this project? The project team will analyze the aggregated patient encounter data, including their willingness to partiCipate, the types of information requested (format, literacy level, and content), the sets of questions created, and feedback received from patients and/or providers, Additionally, the team will discern and document logistical and practical barriers that occur during the project in order to make future projects more effective. Further, we will identify opportunities to inform providers about consumer health information, its availability and delivery, Project materials will be shared with the providers for their continued use. Finally, project data will be utilized to develop further consumer health interventions at this clinic and other healthcare sites that serve marginalized populations, 26. How will you evaluate your project's effect? Appropriate tools and assessments will be identified and/or created to assess patient and provider satisfaction, patient literacy levels, and preferred formats for information delivery, Additionally, there will be a Significant formative component to the assessment of this project, based on verbal feedback from patients and providers and the librarian's recorded experience of interactions. Patient literacy levels and preferred learning formats will be used to examine and revise consumer health materials throughout the pilot project and will inform future outreach efforts. The team anticipates receiving 75% positive feedback in patient satisfaction, combined summative and formative. If this percentage is achieved, the project will be considered to indicate sufficient feasibility for continuation and expansion of the pilot project in similar form, If the percentage is lower than anticipated, this information will be utilized to discuss and develop alternative methodologies for consumer health outreach in this setting, PhYSician/provider feedback will be utilized to illuminate instructional and collaborative opportunities and identify workflow issues Logistical barriers reported by patients, prOviders, and the librarian will be discussed and potential solutions proposed, 27. Comments Edit Submit to the SEiA office for review Disclaimer Policy on Linking AccessibilitV Freedom of Information Act Contact us at: Department of Health 8< Human ServicesNN/LM SE/A Region National Institutes of HealthUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore National Library of MedicineHealth Sciences and Human Services Library National Network of Libraries of Medicine601 W. Lombard Street 4of5 8/30/2011 2:08 PM


http://rml.hshs J rnnaryJand.eduiS EA/FlIDdingiReviewExpPlanAndAsm. __ Baltimore, MD 2.1201. Phone: 1-800-338-7657 or41D-706-2855 Last updated on Tuesday, 03 May, 2011 Funded by the National Library of Medicine under contract NO 1-LM-6-3502 with the Health Scierw;:es and Human Services Library of the University of Maryland Baltimore ) 50f5 8/30/2011 2:08 PM