Title: AASU Unity Conference 2009-2010
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Title: AASU Unity Conference 2009-2010
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Unity Conference 2009-2010

I. Four Corners
1. Aware of Asian American Issues
1. Agree
i. Language department
ii. Asian Institute
2. Disagree
i. We need to find out more about other cultures
3. Strongly Agree
i. Feels aware of issues
2. I was aware of co-sponsored events between AASU and other organizations
1. Strongly Agree
i. Volleyball tournament
ii. Spa day
2. Agree
i. VISA Poker Tournament
3. Strongly Disagree
i. Events weren't advertised
4. Disagree
3. I felt that the AASU meetings this year were educational
1. Strongly agree
i. Yellow Fever
2. Agree
i. Philanthropy
ii. Learned about events
4. Sub-orgs were unified this year
1. Agree
i. There were co-sponsored events/meetings
ii. Better relations than previous years
2. Strongly Disagree
i. Conflicting events AASU should step in and make sure things like this doesn't help
1. Some things can't be controlled communication is key
ii. Still a separation between sub-orgs segregation
iii. Didn't follow through on having unity
3. Disagree
i. AASU e-board didn't enforce each sub-org having a certain # of events
ii. Some events fell through
iii. Sub-orgs didn't connect despite co-sponsored events
iv. Comments from leaders
v. Complete unity is when everyone views themselves as AASU first than the sub-org
5. FLP had an impact on Asian American community
1. Strongly Agree
i. FLP reached out the most; most productive, educational
ii. FLP educated more about Asian issues
iii. FLP developed students more as a leader whereas sub-orgs are more cultural/social
iv. FLP grew exponentially; each FLP director makes it their own and helps it grow
2. Agree
i. Still hurdles to overcome
ii. Generally made a good impact
iii. FLP members reached outside AASU community
3. Strongly disagree
i. People didn't know who was in FLP or what FLP was
ii. FLP separated from AASU and sub-orgs
iii. FLP did a lot but didn't significantly affect Asian community and the sub-orgs; didn't help with
much sub-org events
4. Disagree
i. FLP was made to create leaders on campus but FLP became social and freshmen ended up not
taking leadership positions
ii. FLP not well developed
iii. FLP didn't make leaders, people who join FLP are leaders

iv. FLP was strong at the beginning of the year but became less welcoming towards the end of the

II. Megan
1. Ideas for AASU
1. Have Fall be time when people go to each other's meetings and have Spring be time for programming
2. AASU should participate in more events that are more social and less official
3. AASU tailgating
4. Come to meeting for entertainment and interaction
i. Meetings should be more interactive with more speakers and joint meetings.
III. Alyssa Historians and Sports Coordinator
1. Each have their own project
IV. Bowie Treasurer
1. Meetings every other week with treasurers
2. $400 budget for each sub-org for summer programming
3. Treasurers want to see money go to philanthropy and AASU
4. HEAL does missions help with that?
5. Sub-orgs can't usher but can concession
1. Have HEAL and KUSA collaborate for concession
V. Office Hours have set office hours
1. Have another office/another space?
2. Need storage space
VI. Suggestion Box point out the box outside AASU box is open to suggestions and criticisms from everyone
1. Have gmail where everyone can log in and email suggestion/criticism
2. Anonymous suggestion box on website
VIII. Visit La Casita, IBC, and LGBQT Affairs more often
IX. Christine secretary
1. Google calendar
2. Weekly updates but in less detail
X. Diana IVP
1. Have more set events
XI. AASA After party
1. 50% of profit
2. AASU won't host after-party
3. Put it in external revenue that will go to whatever group needs help

UNITY CONFERENCE SUGGESTIONS (brainstorming written by officers on post it paper on wall)

XII. Ideas for co-sponsorship events with AASU and other orgs.
1. Poker tourney
2. Combining picnics HSA & AASU
3. Event in other org's events
4. Advertise with AASU & outside! (Everywhere!)
5. Sports tourney/field day
6. Involvement with other shows
7. Better communication *
8. Reciprocate!
9. Encourage AASU officers/members to go to other orgs. (good reputation)
10. Cultural food day
11. Dodge ball tournament
12. Incentives
1. Obnoxious plague in office
13. Potluck
14. Pool party
15. Point system!

16. Make multicultural friends (my best friend is black, true story)
17. Halloween party (joint)
XIII. Goals/improvements for AASU
1. To become more of an "umbrella" for the sub-orgs
2. Make meetings interesting to encourage better attendance
3. Send AASU officers to sub-org meetings rather than sending everyone to general body meetings
4. Add educational stuff
1. Such as ways for other sub-orgs + learn about other sub-orgs
5. Make more AASU e-board positions
6. Be more efficient w/committees & e-board positions (if new e-board positions are made)
7. Events & programs to eliminate stigma
1. Bring awareness to social issues
8. Acknowledge all sub-orgs equally (not just the big ones).
9. Be more enforcing of AASU constitution & bylaws
10. Joint meetings w/non-active sub-orgs "invite them back
11. Start events on time push members to come on time
12. More AASU board presence/support
13. Too many AASU meetings (one monthly)
14. AASU officers should talk to sub-orgs officers about their progress =)
15. Incorporate the other 90% of Asians not involved with AASU =)
XIV. How to make AASU more approachable to everyone
1. Don't be so "segregated"
1. Table as AASU in general rather than individual suborgs
2. Not so clique-ish
2. PR is important
3. AASA collaboration dance again with all suborgs
4. Be more welcoming ... say HI to non-asians?
1. We intimidate them
5. Buddy system
6. Encourage social
7. Co-host with other non-AASU orgs i.e. BSU, HSA ...
8. Going to non-Asian events
9. Attitude = =)
10. More community service to get our name out
XV. Increase visibility of AASU
1. Host sports tournament w/other cultural orgs (BSU, ISA, HSA)
2. Table as a group (VSO, FSA, CASA, KUSA)
3. Frequent appearance/shows on campus (Turlington plaza)
4. We can go to non-asian events/orgs
1. Promote events
5. Participate co-sponsor w/the suborg
6. Build relations and attend other meetings of different orgs. Ex. BSU, HSA, COLSA, PSA
1. Workshops to raise awareness of common issues
7. Collaborate with Greek community too?
8. Gator Times
9. Refer to as "AASU's (suborg)" "co-branding"
10. Give Phillip glasses Alan Ho
11. Utilize K-Month to our advantage, and AASU Week/Building Dreams
1. AASU (or sub-org) T-Shirt Days to promote K-month, AASU Week, or building Dreams
i. w/kick-a** design
12. Multimedia Film Festival
13. All officers should PR

14. Hang out at Turlington like everyone else
15. Promote involvement outside of AASU and strong organizations (SG)
16. Punctual PR Flyers? Plugs galore
XVI. Multicultural Institute vs. Asian American Institute
1. For Multicultural Institute
1. How can unity be achieved if houses are divided?
2. There are too many ethnicities within UF to fit all instates for everyone
3. Funding is also an issue
4. We want an Asian American Institute but it seems like it can be secondary ... reasoning
is wrong
5. Prideful
6. Receive more general support
7. More plausible/possible
8. Open up doors for other organizations
2. For Asian-American Institute
1. An Asian Am. Institute on its own is multicultural
i. I mean, how many countries are in Asia
2. With a multicultural institute, why do Blacks & Hispanics get their own institute
3. Why are we always last?
4. Multicultural is too general, WE ARE ASIAN AMERICANS
5. Why should we be different from other campuses? We should get equal representation
6. Multicultural Institute is ideal, but we should focus on something for OUR community
3. Unity is redundant so figure that out first in AASU before an MC or an AA Institute can be
4. Where will it be built?
5. How would you construct it?
XVII. Collaborate with other sub-orgs
1. Keep language workshop add other non-Asian languages
1. Split them up into workshops throughout the year
2. Keep Olympics/rice bowl/ball
1. Form randomized teams
3. More joint meetings w/suborgs
4. Joint Halloween party/meeting
5. Joint community service (HEAL-VSO Adopt a road)
6. AASA Joint after party
7. Communication and mingling between e-boards
8. Start with e-board socials to lay the groundwork
9. Handcuffs
10. Monthly meetings for presidents/other positions
11. Cultural workshops
12. Estates Pool Party: AASU Remix

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