Title: Physics Department and Open Access in 2010
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Title: Physics Department and Open Access in 2010
Physical Description: Presentation
Language: English
Creator: Haas, Stephanie C.
Mann, Jay
Gonzalez, Sara R.
Publisher: Jay Mann
Sara R. Gonzalez
Staphanie C. Haas
Publication Date: February, 2010
Abstract: This presentation to the UF physics faculty covered open access journals and repositories in physics, impact of federal mandates on grant funding received by physics PIs, and open access options on the UF campus.
Funding: Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Stephanie Haas.
Publication Status: Unpublished
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Source Institution: University of Florida Institutional Repository
Holding Location: Marston Science Library
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Physics Department

F and Open Access in


Compiled by:
Jay Mann, Sara Gonzalez, and Stephanie Haas,
Marston Science Library,
February 2010
Physics arXiv Jay
Open Access Physics Journals Sara
Federal & Campus Open Access Initiatives -

(, http://arxiv,org/help/support2009_usage

Help Table of Contents I Search arXiv Help

2009 Institutional arXiv Usage Data

The following table is a compilation of arXiv downloads for calendar year 2009 for the 200 heaviest user institutions. See also arXiv Support.
Caveats: While we have taken considerable effortto extract reliable download data representing unique full-text downloads by real users, there are many factors which affect
accuracy. These factors include: 1) the data is from the main arXiv site and the most highly used mirrors, other mirrors account for few percent of total usage, 2) we have counted only
one download per article and host per month to avoid misleading figures from repeat downloads of the same article (may lead to undercounting with shared machines and for users
behind caches and proxies), 3) we have attempted to identify and remove robot or automated downloads from the count (false positives lead to undercounting, failing to identify
robots leads to overcounting), and 4) we include here only downloads that appearto be from an institution based on the DNS name of the client for patterns that we recognize
(clients with host names that don't resolve or off-campus accesses will lead to undercounting, failure to recognize institutional domain names will exclude those institutions and
undercountthe total institutional downloads). We have identified 7.8 million downloads from institutional domain names out of a total of 30 million downloads in 2009.

Rank Domain or Institution(*) Percentage otal Number of article downloads
institutional downloads
1 maxplancrl- 3 10% 241621
- ccrn.ch 1.83% 1142770

1 72%


- __ _ _ _ _ _ _

1 53%
'I ,A,

II .I ui


UF is 99 in number of

20 35:-

1 53%

What are your options for publishing

American Physical Society (116 pubs)
o Free to Read $975 Physical Review A-E, $1300
Physical Review Letters allows anyone to read the article
Reviews of Moder Physics because of format
determined on case by case basis.

o Separate from author publication charges

o Can be purchased retroactively by anyone (author
permission not required)

What are your options for publishing

Institute of Physics (IOP) (14 pubs)

o OA journal: New Journal of Physics, author pays
o Other journals (Journal of Physics) articles free
online for 30 days from date of publication as
service to authors
o For any article/journal, can post accepted
manuscript to any website

What are your options for publishing

Wiley/Blackwell (11)

o OnlineOpen: $3000
o Can post the final published PDF on the web,
institutional repository, or any other free public
o International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
o Physica Status Solidi (Rapid Research Letters,

What are your options for publishing

American Institute of Physics (8 pubs)

o Author Select: Any post-publication article can be put on
author's or employer's website. Preprint on free e-print
o Applied Physics Letters: $1800
o Journal of Chemical Physics: $1500
o Journal of Mathematical Physics: $1500

Federal Legislation

2008 NIH initiative mandates all funded
investigators to submit an electronic
version of their final, peer-reviewed
manuscripts upon acceptance for
publication no later than 12 months after
the official date of publication.
Applicable to:

Hagen, S.J. Microfluidic devices for studying genetic
compentence in streptococcus
(Articles resulting from this grant will be submitted
to PubMed Central repository)

Federal Research Public Access Act
(FRPAA) introduced in 2009

Requires 11 U.S. government agencies with research expenditures
over $100 million to make manuscripts of journal articles
resulting from that research publicly and freely available via the
Internet within 6 months of commercial publication.
Agencies: Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense,
Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland
Security, Transportation, EPA, NASA, and NSF.

Potential impact on Physics PIs: Avery, Biswas, Buchler, Chen,
Dorsey, Dufty, Field, Furic, Hebard, Hershfield, Hirschfeld,
Konigsberg, Matcheva, Meisel, Mitselmakher, Muller, Ramond,
Rinzler, Saab, Stanton, Stewart, Tanner, Whiting, Woodward

2008-09 Physics Grants by Funding Agency
Agencies headed for Mandates


- H


- m




o~c ,s



o Most of these agencies will allow such charges
IF it is necessary and pertinent to the grant.
o You should request this within your budget when
submitting your proposal.


Can you ask for publications
the grant?

On Campus

o Open Access policy mandates being
considered by some units
o Open Access Publishing Fund being
o IR@UF, our institutional repository, has a
self-submittal interface

Open Data: data sets released
from Executive Agencies

o Mandated to release 3 high-value data sets by
January 30, 2010.
o Available online at
o Additional deadlines are set.

m Introduced by President Barack Obama

* Modeled on open access model
* Goal: to promote transparency,
participation, and collaboration.

* By increase
data from


of NIH

public access to articles and

federally funded research, Office

of Science and Technology

Policy believes

America's return on its research investment

will be enhanced, promoting

advances in


science and technology.

Research transitioning to a "public good."

Open Government Directive
December 8, 2009

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