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Title: God's protecting providence, man's surest help and defence,
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Title: God's protecting providence, man's surest help and defence,
Series Title: God's protecting providence, man's surest help and defence,
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4 .1c I *A







awct .Gee S w-Ston



-;. Y:





Prote&ing Providence,

M- A N's

SIn Times of

Evidenced in the remarkable Deliverance of ROBERT
BARROW, with divers other, Perfons, .from the
devouring Waves of the Sea, amongft which they
suffered Shipwreck; and alfo from the cruel
devouring Jaws of the inhuman Cannibals of
Faithfully related by 'one of the PeriSon concerned
therCin, Jo1 ATHA I C l ENSO N.

The Lord on' High is mightier than the Noife of many Waters
yea, than the mighty Waves of the Sea," Pfalm xcliii4.
4 The dark Places of the Earth are full of tbh Habitations of
Cruelty." Pfalm lxxiv. zo.


Printed and Sold by J aME P2 I r LLr in GWogec
Yard, Lombard-Street.

, .; *; *'

P R E F A C E.

NGRATITUDE towards men, after final
favours received, is, amongft all civilized
ople, looked upon with a juft deteftation;
i uch that the moral Gentiles, 'i ages
SB'thought they could give noeworfe cha-
Iof a perfon, than to:call him ungrat.e
ciio* much more then are Chrnfihnsr
'ially in a time of fuclh light as now
tth).-engaged to fhun this fin of ingra-
i to~ds their God, whom they fenfibly.
i ot the fountain of all their metcits
Ilaxt to the infinite mercy ltewed
ift's fake, in caring the day--
i on high to vifit their fouls,: re-
ard deliverances ought, in 4
wlyremarkabli manner, to
if their gratitude to their great
mtnufl: conffs(, th ffgiving
opr mortals can return,
t avef we daily receive from
M i $iwiiCthe heart e and a5 ori
iafthl b4aiiw i the heart the mouth
fatatth,'" twrf tofe -who are truly
thakful inA rst buSt* raend the calves of
" thcir'lip/, in telling to their friends and
S 90 15 A 2 acquaint.

( iv )
acquaintance, how great things God hath .
-* done for them!' Nay, they are fo affeCed
with fuch eminent appearances of the protect-
ing hand of Providence for their help, pre-
fervation, and deliverance, that they are not
willing to confine it to them only, but to pub-
lith it to the world, that the fame of their
God may be spread from fe to fea, and from
oIe gnd of the earth to the other.

: The following relation being large, I hall
eeaoeabor. to be Alort only, fome of the
things which feem to me molt remarkable, I
would. more particularly recommend to the
reader's Qbfervation.
,i. The hearts of all men are in the hands
fGod,",ieoah turn them as he pleafes:.When
thefe men.-eaters fury was at height, their
knives in one hand, and the poor thipwreekcd
peoples heads in the other, their knees upon
their fhoilders, and their looks difmal; on a
fudden, the favtges were truck dumb, and
their countenances changed, that they looked
like anoer people ; the Caffekey (or king)
becoming eas a safeguard to the diflreffed,
069m the injuries of his own men: yea, fufa'
confidence put he in them, that he would
truth them to remove the money he had taken
from themselves, before he would truft his
own people. When they were got from thefr
to another place, where they expected moer

Itfe ves disappointed,
tig. ehemfetves as dif-
n GoAd prevented any fur-
the stripping them of
o ters had left them, and
whkh by that time were
o them, and were looked
nipns: the Caffeky's wife
rurent for their delivery,
t ; having something of
In them, though among

r deliverance,
Sbfeired: once an
S*arrwly efcaped them;
B g to foot arrows ac
own company caught
qatt* yea, though
-1her arr6ow miffed.
c~a dangers they
hiM fufpicion of their
More anon. And
r fuifrers be in cohni-
"f'lnce about a twelve-
Sof Dutchmai, who had
ireck, had been killed
moreovere, of/the many
fton 4a th- coat, thefe
thiia re known to have
Ifiwoewderful, that they
f Sngtrs, fince they are un-
A 3 natural

i-( .

( vi )
natural to their own aged people; they ha--
ing no more cogipaffion on them, than to
make them flaves to the younger. Yet are
thefe men-eaters as cowardly as cruel, when
the Spaniards came up, the fight of a rufty
mufket presented towards them, would make
several of them fly.

3. The dangers they were delivered from,
arofl not only from men, but the elements
alfo, which God permitted to threaten and
affla them. One time, rowing in their boat,
the fea fwelled fo, that it was dangerous con-
tinuing there all night, and as dangerous to
endeavour for the Ihore; yet Providence fail-
ed them not, but conducted them fate thither,
as though there had been a lane made through
the breakers. Another time, by reason of, a
great flood, they were forced to remove their
lodgings several times, and for divers days
were in a continual apprehension of being
drowned; at length they were preserved on an
oyfier-hill. Not to mention the frequent
dangers they were in, by reason of the ex-
treme cold, too tedious to touch on here ;
wherein this, however is remarkable, that God
can both administer firength in the midft of
weaknefs, and alfo take away strength, and
caufe weaknefs to feize, whenever he pleafes:
Here was an old man, a woman with a fucking
child, and another with child, perfons feem-
ingly very unlikely to encounter fuch hard-

,yet diisra negroes,
periKk -...
L&ll fiI y little any
ine how hard it was
Cup,. to lie oon.afoor
I of many forts of
fioneA4 by the throwing
K the floor, and letting all
t dlihere, which bred
perhaps might be ac-
tn comparison of ihe
of:rlaty atCrwards,
Slcak blafts of

Wofty, the beft of it
.ahink) the meaneft
lw with his lips;
o.fit picked off
tcraps the Indians
i t sCthey boiled their
dhecently handled.
*4(o great, and their
O- they, could not eat;
fwo uncouth, they could
tuniliat length, hunger
dover them, that they
.Wptsit e the Palmetto-
le fwas once irkfome,
,im,.breach, yea, 1b
bffoAithat the getting of
A 4 about

( viii .
abour a bushel accidentally, was looked on
as a great prit.- .

6. Their being forced tomafk themselves
under the natrt of Spaniards, though few of
them-could fpea any Spanifh, was another
hardship; monfly btcaufe the natives often
ffpe&ted them w. be Englilh, and thereby
they were continually in danger of their lives.
Whether their cruelty againstt the Englif
proceeds from their being under no appre-
henrion of danger from them, and fo may
think themselves lawlefs in what they do
against our nation; or whether it proceeds
from any particular difgult offered them by
fome Englih, I hall not determine. However,
it would d *ell, for thofe that are not under
their power, to avoid giving them any jut .
caufe of offence, left their neighbours fuffer
for their faults. One of thefe favages could
complain, That, fome years paf-, he had been
taken off by fome of our Englilh loops,
from whom he eflaped by fwimmtng and
was therewith difgufted, infomuch, that could
he by his lifting have found out that they
were Englifh, it might have proved of ill
confequence to them.

7. The courtesy of the governor of Auguf-
tine, who clothed thefe naked people, fed
their hungry ftomachs, and caused them to be
conduwted -faely to Carolina,. is not to be

"notice; especially be-
n action, as well as of a
What is more, of fuch
teach its votaries fo much
thoie they count here-
,me forget the governor of
trfroity completed what
g1tine had begun, in
g there outr affliaed
iko f with which I hall
fi E to treat rtore parti-
t-faithful fervant of the
whsb was one of this

whofe habitation was in
ties of England, was
i effed truth of God,
Aled ,Quakers, and
p tionn of the gofpel
S"He lived, in his native
iang his neighbours, for
Sand honoured in the
an elder, who had abode
ony, both in preaching
for the fame, and be-
able thereunto. And
Vik Spirit-of God (from
bSmmifflon) requiring
iWinothefe parts, to preach
4 40*1 wds not difobedi-
Sheavenly call," but gave up to
A S do

do the will of God, though in a erofs to
own, as appeared by an exprefflon of his
fore he left England, which was to this effed
That he had rather immediately have lai
down his natural life there, if by fo doing b
could have kept his peace with God, than q
have croffed the feas to America. Well, hithb
he came; and after he had thoroughly vifit.
there parts, he took Ihip for the Weft-Ind
iflands; and at length, was returning fror
Jamaica to this town of Philadelphia, whe
thefe calamities, mentioned in the enfuin
Journal, befel him: how he behaved himfe
under them is therein expreffed, with wht
patience he was carried through them, wit
what faith he overcame even the very wor
of men; fo that it may be laid, He wa
" more than a conqueror" over thofe blood
thirty Cannibals, looking to him who wi
" invifible," and by his grace feeing beyond
them and their cruelty, by prayer wreftlin
with God for a bleffing, even the blefing q
being delivered out of their barbarous hand!
and laying his bones amongft faithful friends
and fo effe6tual were his fervent prayers, thl
they prevailed with God, and fo gracious we
his God to him, that he sealed an affuranc
upon his spirit, That his prayers were hear
and should in due time be answered, befoq
he was yet off his knees. And doubtlfs, 1
was made a ftrength and a comfort to his con

ipanions in affli&ion, whofe remembrance wil
Snot be easily blotted out of their minds.
-:Ohe remarkable paffage I cannot.wellomit,
which demonstrates he had well learned of him
w who is a God of truth, to fpeak the truth upon
Small occallons, though with the hazard of hit
V life. For, as the reader may obferve in the
serieses of this following relation, there poor
People, for the safeguard of their lives, had
S.ffummed the name of Spaniards; fome on that
Account, affecting what was wrong, others
concealing the truth; yet this honeft-hearted
man, being directly alked the queflion,
Nickaleer, Nickaleer? (their word forEngliflh.
Smen) could do neither; but in simplicity
answered, Yes: Being afked to concerning
another, he again answered, Yes. Yet, though
for his plain dealing, he was ftript of his
clothes, which till then he had faved, God
suffered not thefe favages to touch his life,
or the lives of any of his company.

SThus he palfed through this affliding trial,
and at length arrived at this place on the ift
day of the second month, 1697, though in
much weaknefs, having been taken very ill
of the belly-ach and flux at Auguftint, of
which he never recovered, but fill grew
worfe and worfe to his dying day. It.was
sahout the 8th hour in the evening when the
itrkentine, he was palenger in, arrived-at
'tbi place, and divers friends went on board,
r. A6 in

C xii )
in order to get him afhore; but he being in
a very weak condition, they told not re-
move him at $hat time: He declared his
great farisfadfion that the Lord had granted
his request, that he tight lay down his bones
in this place that hit heart was strong, and
he hoped he might firft fee friends again at
the meeting. He made mention of the
goodaefs of God to him, and that his presence
had attended him in all his exercifes.
The next morning, being the id of the
second month,, divers friends went on board,
to help the veffel up to a wharf, in order to
get him on fAorte in which time he (pake as
before related, God's power attending him.
About the 7th hour, divers friends carried
him in a hammock (being wrapped up in' a
blanket, and clothes to keep him warm) to
the houfe of Samuel Carpenter, where he de-
clared the g6odaefof God to him, and that
his heartwas yet strong, and his memory and
Inderftanditg* godt Aftei with he was Ihift-
ed, and then flept b confid'erabl time.
On the fame day, fome friends coming into
the room to viit him, at the fight of them
he ftemed to rejoice, and putting forth his
hand,!was ready to embrace them in much
oic; nd .in a very render frame of spirit;
The *imeds expreffed their gladnefs to fft
him i Ibt Aid, They were fory to fee hint

j ( xiii )
fo very weak: To which he replied, Al-
Sthough my body be weak, my mind is found,
and memory good. And further faid, The
Lord hath been very good to me, all along
to this very day, and this morning hath
fweetly refreshed me. And further added,
The Lord hath anfwered my defire, for I de-
'fired content, and that I might come to this
place to lay my bones amongft you. And
afterwards faid, It is a good thing to have a
confidence void of offence, both towards God
and towards men.

On the 4th day of the second month, being
Sthe firft day of the week, about the fifth hour
in the morning, he defied a friend to write
for him to his dear wife. To remember his
dear love to her; and to let her know of his'
travels, and being here; and that the Lord
was with him; that his outward affairs were
fettled, and that fhe had wherewithal to
live on. He further faid, divers friends be-
in*,prdefnt,, That the Lord was with him;
Sand all things were well; and that he had
nothing to do but to die: and accordingly
on this day he departed; and on the third day
Following, being the 6th day of the second
month, was buried in friends burying-ground,
in this town of Philadelphia.

SAnd now, having brought my relation,
4 tdamti think good nan, to the laft period

( xiv )
of his life, I might very well have put a
period to my preface: but that I forefee,
fome persons may be ready to fay, Here is an
account of very ftrange paffages, but of what
credit -is the relator ? .may we depend upon
his authority, without danger of being im-
poled upon ? To fuch I anfwer, He is a man
well known in this town, of good credit and
repute; on whofe fidelity.and veracity, rhofe
who have any knowledge of him, will readily
rely, without fufpe&ing fallacy. But, that
in the mouth of two or three wicneffes every
thing may be eftablifhed, besides him and his
wife, a person, whofe residence (when at
home) is in this town, Jofeph Kirle, the
master of the Barkentine, in whichthey fuf-
fered shipwreck, a man of an honest charac-
ter amongft his neighbours, had the perufal
of it before it went to the prefs, and ap-
proved it. 'With which I fall conclude,
wishing my reader much fatisfa&ion in the
leading of it, but never the unhappinefs of
experiencinga in proper perfon,.the truth
of it.


B "^'A IMUIMsWa. R



TRAVELs and SUFFERINGS of federal
Perfons, who were shipwrecked in
the Gulph of Florida.

T HE perfons on board, were Jofeph Kirle,
commander of the Barkentlhe Refor-
mation; Richard Limpeny, mate; Solomon
Creffon, Jofeph Buckley, Thomas Fownes,
Thomas Jemmet, Nathaniel Randal, John
Hilliard the master's boy, and Ben the master's
Snegro, mariners; Jonathan Dickenfon, Mary
.)Dickenfon, Jonathan Dickenfon, a fucking
child of fix months old; Robert Barrow, and
Benjamin Allen, paffengers; with Peter,
London, Jack, Crefar, negro men; Cajoe, a
,:hild; Hagar, Sarah, Bella, Sufanna, Quenfa,
I, pegro women, and Venus, an Indian girl, all
belonging to Jonathan Dickenfon.
The 23d day of the fixth month, called
Auguft, 1696, being incompany with twelve
, or thirteen fail of merchant-men; under con-

16 )
voy of the Hampliire frigate, Captain
Fletchei commander, we failed from Port-
Royal, in Jamaica, being bound for Penn-
The 24th day. About noon came a floop
from Port-Royal, meeting us off Portland,
and gave an account of the French fleet be-
ing at Cape Antonio.
In the evening we lay by, off Black-River
Mouth, in order to go the next morning to
.lewfields; but it being calm for many days
following, the current drove to the westward
of the ifland.
The 3gft day. This evening we loft fight
of the Hampfhire frigate, and then beat to
windward again.
The ift day of the seventh month, called
September, we anchored to the weftward of
Savannah la Mar, and loft our anchor.
The 2d day. This day we got into Blew-
fields road to water.
The 4th day. This morning we failed
fromBlewfields, intendingour paffage through
the Gulph.
The 14th day. About noon 'we were
abreast with Cape Antonio, and about a
league to the eaftward of the Cape was a
fire making a great fmoke; at length fome
people appeared on the bay, making figns
for us to put on fhore, but having a frelh
gale, and not knowing who they were, our
mater woald not.

ihe -fade day we made the Tableiland of
Hatwmna, and in the evening food over
far iea Fl6rida; but about eight or nine.
tigfir we faw two lights about a mile from
si'ad we fearing we were got amongft the
tnch fleet, tacked and flood for the haven,
,v: The i8th day. This morning no fail ap-
s6"Aing, and being moft of the day calm,
r'..lay.about four leagues off the Havanna,
where we designed to go and enquire con-
iertiing the French fleet; but in the after,
eoon came a turnado from the land, and
-w maftrr being on the quarter-deck, out
boom jibbing knocked him down and broke
*is.Ceg which accident was grievous to him
and us; but having things lfitable, with a.
little experience, we fet it again. At this rime
I had four of my family very fick, oS
a*hereof was an Indian girl, who, juft as I
tad bound up the matter's leg, was take*
/iith fits, which continued fame hours, and
|hen fhe died. In the evening we food over
Jfr Cape Florida, having the wind north-
SThe 19th day. This morning the wind
t being fair, we flood up for Cuba, and
out fun-rifing efpied thofe fails that we
before, they ftanding as we food; there-
fore we fuppofed them to be fome of our
tmpany: we wronged them in failing, and
iyloon loft fight of them. About four in
e afternoon we efpied another lhip to the
K' eaft-

( Is )
eafitward.of us (we being about four leagues
off fhore, and about fifteen leagues to the
eastward of the Havanna) and fuppofing her
to be a Frenchman, we flood in for the
thore, but the gained on us: then a turnado
sprang up, and-a great fhower of rain fol-
lowed, which hid us.. Hereupon we tacked
and food over for Florida, and when night
came on, we faw no more of that fail, having
the wind fair.
The aoth day. This morning we were in
the gulph, having a fairwind, and faw again
the two Ihips following-us, which we believ-
ed to be of our company.
The 2ift day. This morning the wind at
caft, and shifting northerly.
The 22d day. This day the form began
at the north-ealt.
The 23d day. About one o'clock in the
morning we felt our veffel ftrike fume few
frokes, and then The floated again for five or
ix minutes, before, fhe ran faif aground,
where the beat vehemently at firft: the wind
was violent, and it'was fo very dark, that our
mariners could fee no land, and the feas
broke over us, fo that we were in a quarter
of an hour floating in the cabin : we then
endeavoured to get a candle lighted, which
in a little time was accompliihe.
, By this time we felt the veffel not to (trike
fo often; but several of her timbers were
broken, and fome plank started, and the feas

S19 )
continued breaking over us, and no land to
be fcen. We concluded to keep in the veffel
as long as The would hold together, and
about the third hour in the morning, we fup-
pofed we faw land at fome considerable
distance at which time we found the water
began to run out of her, and at day-light
perceived we were upon the fhore, on a beach
lying on the breach of the fea, which, at
S times, as the furges revered, was dry. In
taking a view of our veffel, we found that
the violence of the weather had forced many
.forts of fea birds on board of her, fome of
which were, by force of the wind, blown
into and under our hen-coops, and many
remained alive. Our hogs and iheep were
walked away, and fwam on fhore,, except
one of the hogs, which remained in the
We rejoiced at this our preservation from
the raging feas, but at the fame infant feared
the fad consequences that followed; yet,
-having hopes itill, we got our fick and
lame on Jhore, alfo our provisions, with
fpars and fails to make a tent. I went with
one negro to view the land, and feek the
moRt cofivenient place for that purpose; but
,the wildernefs country looked very dismal,
having no trees, but only fand-hills covered
with thrubby palmetto, the talks of which
,were prickly, fo that there was no walking
ainongft them: I at laft efpied a place, al-

( zo )
moft a furlong within the beach, being a
bottom, to which I with my negro, foon cut
a paffage, but the form and rain continued.
Thither 1 got my wife and fick child, who
was but fix months and twelve days old;
alfo Robert Barrow, an aged man, who had
been tick about five or fix months; our
maetr, -who-fome days before had broke his
leg, and my kinsman, Benjamin Allen, who
had been very ill with a violent fever for
moft part of the voyage: there, with others,
we got to the place, under the shelter of
fome few bushes, which broke off the wind,'
but kept none of the rain from them, but I
got a fire made; and the reft of our people
were getting the provisions afhore; but our
chefts, trunks, and clothing, were all very
wet and cold.
About the eighth or ninth hour came two
Indian men (being naked, except a fmall
piece of plaited work of ftraws, which juft
hid their private parts, and faitned behind
like a horfe tail in likenefs, made of a fort
of filk-grafs) from the fouthward running
fiercely, and foaming at the mouth, having
no weapons but their knives, and forthwith,
not making any flop, violently seizedd the
two firft of our men they met with, who
were carrying corn from the veffel to the top
of the bank, where I flood to receive it, and
put it into a calk; they did not ufe them
ill, as the men rcfifted not, but taking them

.( n )
iUtnd the arm, brought theat towards me.
rTheir countenances were very furious and
blixloy; they had their hair tied in a roll
barn in which ftuck two bones shaped,
Sone ike a broad arrow, the other a fpear-
,ed -, and the reft of our men coming from
thbe vcffel, adked me, I What they should do?
whether they should get their guns to kill
Shefe two P But I perfutded them other.
i ie, and desired them to be quiet, fheuiing
SAeir inability to defend us from what would
follow, :bin to put our truth in the Lord, who
wa able to defend to the uttrmoft.
.,L fiher walked towards the place where
or Ack and lame were, (the two Indian
uen following me) and I told them the 'n-
Sdisas were come, and coming upon us; and
-.whilft the two Indians flood with a wild;
;furious countenance, looking upon us, -I
thmight within myfelf to give them fome
tobacco and pipes, which they greedily
fIamtched from mie, and making a fnuffing
t ittfe, like a wild beat, turned their backs
Sqn us, and ran away.
..We communed together, and considered
tlar condition, being among a bcabarous
,people, fuoh as -were generaly'.ccdartted
i en eaters, and believed thefe two were
bgone to alarm their peopl&C' We fat our-

Oeat,:ceept it would piqfcrthe Almighty
o ed mD wark wonderftily f our deivcrance,
[, .' I In

( 22 )
In this deep c6ncernment, fome of .us were
not left without hopes ; bleffed be the name
of the Lord, in whom we trufted.
As we were under a deep exercise and
concernment, a motion arofe from one of
us, that if we Ihould put ourselves under the
denomination of Spaniards (it being known
that that nation had fome influence on them)
and ohe of us, named Solomon Creffon, fpeak-
ing the Spanilh language well, it was hoped
this might be a means for our delivery; to
which, moft of the company affected.
Within two or three hours after the de-
parture of the two Indians, fome of our
people being near the breach or strand, re-
turned and faid, The Indians were coming
Sin a very great number, all running and
Stbouting.' About this time the form was
much abated, the rain ceafed, and the fun
appeared, which had been hid from us several
days; and molt of the Indians went to the
veffel, casting forth whatever they could la)
hold on, except rum, fugar, molaffes, beef
and pork but their Caffekey, (for fo they
call their king) with about thirty more, came
down to us in a furious manner, having a
dismal afpe&, and foaming at the mouth
their weapons were large Spanifh knives,
except their Cafekey's, who had a bayonet
that belonged to the master of our veffel;
they rushed in upon us, and cried Nickaleer,
Nickalcer We understood them not at firft,

I( 3 )
they repeating it to us often, at laft they
:Efpania, or Spaniard. By which we
dczftood them, that at the firft they meat
i lh but they were anfwered to the
ter in Spanilh, Yea; to which they re-
ad, No Efpania, no; but all cried, Nick-
ter Nickaleer: we, fitting on our chefs,
taes, and trunks, and fome on the ground,
e Indians surrounded us, but we ftirred nor
poved not, but fat all, or moft of us, very
fm and ftill, and fome of us in a good
cime of spirit, being freely given up to the
dl of.God. U -. .
Whilft we. were thus fitting as a people
lmoAt unconcerned, there bloody-minded
rtBatures placed themselves each behind one,
ki.king and throwing away the bufhes that
arseigh, or under their feet; the Caffekey
Splaced.himfelf behind me, landing on
cheft which I fat upon, and they all had
r arms, extended, with their knives in
rir hands, ready to execute their bloody
i, ome taking hold of us by the heads,
their knees fet againfl our fhouldcrs
in this pofture they seemed to wait for
CGatkey to begin: thiy were;highk in
,, which, we understood not; btiucion a
n,it plaUi&the Lord to work ioader-
fWage men wereftruck ddmbr and'like
mazed, for the pace of a quarter of an
4,wlaioh. time. their bbuntenance fell,

( 24 )
ad ,they looked like another people. T
then quitted their place. they had taken be-
hind us, and came in amongft us, requiring
to have saltlow.chefit, trunks, and boxes
unlocked, which. being ,dane, thbyfdivided
aU-tiht was in them, Our money theCaffekey
took to himself, privately hiding it in ther
lu&Ch t dhen they went to pulling off out
clothes, leaving each of us only a pair of
breeches, or an old coat, except my wife,
and child, Robert Barrow, and our mafteri
from whom they toakbut:lictethiat day:
having thus done, they afked us again, Nick-
aler, Nickaleer But we anfwered, by lay-
iig, Penfilvania.
, We then began to enquire after St. Auguf-
tine, alfo we would talk of St. Lucia, which
was a town that lay about a degree. w the
northward; but they cunningly would ifce
to persuade us, that they both lay to the
fouthward: ,we ifignified to them, that they
lay to the northward; and:we talked of thi
Harana, that lay to che. ouchward. Theft
places they had heard of, and knew which
iaythbey dy. -
At lrbgsthteCaffekeyold'us, hw'long.i
wat to St.Lucia by, days travel, but.oarei
not to hear us mention St. Augufinte.
*iould fignify by figns, we should go to'i
foiohward. We answered, that we muft
to, the northward for Auguftine., When she
fouaddrty could not otkdrwif. :prfuade,1

cy gfrni d, e that we houli.:go-4o the
fek*w d for the Havanna, and &at ,it wa
*tA little ,way.
SW gave them to underfiand, that w
ame that way, and were for the northward;
i,1 which took place with them. We per-
frived that the Caffrkey's heart was tendered
' awards us, for he kept mostly with us, a04
Sjid th remaining part of that day keep off
thepetty robbers, who would have had our
ew iags from us. Some time before night
,o had a shower of rain, wn which thp
4 sffeky made figns for us to. build fome
Ather.; whereupon we got oar tent up, and
me leaves to lie upon.
SAbout this time our veffel lay dry on
*ore, and the.Indians gathered themfelvLe
togetherr, men and women, fome hundreds
fa9 number, and having got ,1 the .goods
ait of her, and covered thqbay for a-large
dJltAaIse., they opened the ftuffT and linen,
and fpread them to dry. They wpuld touch
o fort of rfrong drink, fugar, nor molaffes,.
t left it in the vetel. They hlouted and
ade great noifes in the time qf plunder;
ut night coming on, the Caffekey;ppt thofe
Rfts and trunks, which he bad prfqiyed
thinmelf, into our tent,; whiqh plcgd uq,
gave us an expeataionof ihis.cwtpany,
r he was now become a deffncer of us
.the rage of others. The,C*aff.eymnt
a ts.the water-fide amonft his popl,.
B and

( t6 )

1.ri rr. h.: he eu,, h ...e -

O ir 1t s or,,r i l- i .r -.; r . I l ,,,,-,
or te, ad ld orofl s doio ia g

o, ur c r T : ,, I' i.- i Cn l I

midnight we heard a company of Indians
com..,o fr i IIe 'rTe towards us, making
terry le Ih:.."o VA, t .:,. :... l, up t..
-the tent; but tl : CiT m. . r i them,
which caufed them to Rand. It seemed they
I Ih.t :.i. i ,! ,. 1I. r .C
(< ITeko ,, ,., I I I ,r l
Solomon Creffon, by our defire, answered
him, That we ufed not to eat at that time
a of the night,' whereupon they threw the
hog down before the tent, and the Caffekey
feat T i,- .: .t. ...,r.-., ,T-
fea-oft- h- I I e t-14COI
of t or e' oM0llo .-,.... I-.. .oo

The oSth of the Seventh Month, being the
Sixth Day of the Week.

St t. ... t r ... T

"Luc t (rb c ..rh. r i ,-,r r I ui.r
I r l, .. :'- ,

t u4ooql, a 7 .1 t., r Ir i El. E 1. i.hlI.~

J, H-f l.

hil -.)Q L

L.s )
artchUc, .nd pleag oj f aat., a. che
ln Lrni m isd dd'for 1T 'iie riEu
1l m. jhl u be uken, brai her. Abau.
mon, hr InAis t.lag rcnmrva.j lhe
plader off A r, And Ia ay dt mLn
i g -S l tral'del, arm J iiul
0 an d Uiula, wl ,aLn t. er, I.r -
wadied r im.Irci., and j tiiJChder. ; .i.acj for
wtAtcrc Mo cM, rhA :zci aIp -. uct
n*mel inrhO b i 'tbkz C thu LtbikC
Slcrtg b h. rcgro B'r., aind m| ... k
fato d t io twry li. o t ci, t nI ln..
v -f ( us'to ,se Ie. mr a, an' cl ...
OffIcr.J 1 du-,'. ob& burj... z' ,-v-t
r d o L Tli I r we
r hat scdlr b itnah ra .,.tl d e. e
Wha.g ftdoor nel m alwaTi. q.-
S, r ,, ar I .- c r, mt mi,
O r ,, bo, ,, 1C ru ,nt. ,, Ih ,.
(tam lmeitc r. c m.rt r ncr-d Lin
p rora CL aLi ran l r., .r a. i.r.e .
c ld s to Wor Ll..: aulic c D i ac
( Sr o re- : And r,, ,h r I r ,

h.fl I qut .u r I,'to OW n I rnr,

u 4 .r I Ao

f cm Va t 4 wAc IJa. iO B.1 c-.1c pt e
t~tc-'.'." pc-t t~nnlc-nnhtddr

L and W~c.V.. of Il.'m It -a
FQ-11r' 1. "..T, L I h~ t jj-.L
6 1,h: 1 C .i ,- -I 1. 'eno
1C fm.. 1--l Al.lu I lr e :lcm
P, "l Irl~~ .. ~l ll
KOM~ A I-- hl,,~l .lr ~rL .91d

Al"Ir 4c bad~1 r I~r i:r it ,-t 14 k
the hm r j .. tew hla lii mber
ma h l t I f 1.7,C 11 "k-11 -1 C~, Iktr

skup. 01 Im'IA I-Vel h; epie we,

;I~l. .nl ~., j~i lbl mf IAC . AIclr
i8e"C I I ig

C 30 )

to go into it, .!,.e c .e rj but juf wide
enough for us I it eo'.'r., and over we
were carried, and being landed, the man
made signs for t, r. ". .
whichwce did; ,r ... I,,,r ,',': -
ed to be frighten I 1.
.etre e,.', -" which afterwards
we t-.v.. 1. I o affekey's; it was
about a man's height to the top, and herein
ws the Caffekey's wife, and rome old women
fitting on a cabin made of Ricks, about
A foot high, covered with a mat; and they

to- e Ch,di It.- -; Z3 ,r 0-', 0 , ,

which r m u:mre -t, loth to suffer, yet
ahe -..".I jc t. l. but tObk our cilod
,r.[, Ikl.r, r 51l :, orcaft, viewing and
feeling it from top to toe, and at length re-
turned it tomy wife.
By this time another parcel of our people
C.. w,- -. : e i. J r i fr d -. i,

us, making tigns for us to eat but our ex-
rcife was too great for us to have any in-
clination to receive food: at length all otr

010 tr 1.T 11-

jT.1. 1 III It~l I, u LI e

J I ,

'k., a T-1 I r 1 fra- A b I 11' ~e~~

Ind I.l~ ; ,: l~r I ;~~

5les, LL ..:, ,, ..~ ..

I'. C t-15 ~ri Ile r l~

$'''i e~ e*~c~~e~ul L

The Ah of ~h Sevehb teRMinu, to,- r~e
S.reft"hrh.DI dfl f'Ae
Tn >rfrrff rheMCffelkv llfl .*-
wll.a 1 rnIdM if o fIF h, t" ...I0I h-4
trik p a, rto 1 e i r, Rr "' i I .;.
*Mel*tse 'jt fr'T' I. *t I L": r Je ,.r I
All ACwr -t i' ;ll. I iwn with him, and
fltfusr -. 1.-. cf.- earnotefly *hen he
frrew hs. P"fti frtm h, n we cootd not fe a
MA n th-h I.* r e . F, and broogt it to
lte fi tife end of his ftff. Sometimeo ha
-r1 d rlm' ,, I- h... a .T i aah r,-r-

fitl* he got as many fifth as would ferve
rtmlyv m-n There were others afo filing
t the rl I.m I,. o0sr ANh ..a, pl. ry I
m ihs ic f i; co ur te.odwion ,s d oae
Shoev, ;r rT.'; f foe sme asoang, ud
htlo.6.r. r,, vY-s.it feed us to feed thRte -
.Tfht'Cffeeywent w i;s. m....:.y owards
our veffi, but in I11 tl-*et' r other
Indians looked f~lff untowdidly 'poia us,
3, j ... r mrla . i rlcIa.fr , ,'

tn the ,,-,o's le 0 o f- t 'or e ,b,
thle place i ror vO to .' -. d
that h ou vet fl and out boat were btournt
Whrpofr p we re a lmoft confirtcs, that
tn t" 1 r i,."- .. But ihart fet
tlent tO n, tCry -,eK o horne, and, we

( 33 )
Speaking to him, he answered us, and feetn,
hed very affable, which we liked well. Night
, , e flh ting noeflt
S ,. j ..... and added
t ,-,,.. t. *. I, I off, whioh
i, I '. Ir. on the land.
A . r ,. I-..-. L L i -l h ,.ne a parcel
'. O :. le: J, Leing armed
: ...: and coming near our
prried them, whereupon
'.,, ;i,."'*I .*r.; -, this feCem ed a frelh
d we awakened thofe
I e. I',ll,- aflcep, and bid them
repare, for things feemed dangerous, we

C a. ,,-, I-, lt .

SL .-.. I, i .i r e Iw Ir7 t,.h,

: le fil l ie A Ei hlle i
1-. I r t I I,, 11W %Nd i nm
pa -. . ... 1:. 0Cr le. 1% A ..

dth L. .., I .t al.rc t .r I T i 1dard
t., a .t.C-It a it1bar a. I I.r -
.4 I:' t i a D10 1-1

t 3+ )
' he would preserve and deliver us from

Slay his body ar t i-.1..I ,,"
And at thclofe of his prayer, he seemed to
a ,n ilr-, I- r ,-., would be

ingly refrelised and flr..-,. ..

The 27th of the Seventh Month, being the
Firit Day of the Week.

-was, 'We should be all kil.. Is-.
we prevailed, and he faid, I., ..., .
we should go.' Hereupon he took three
negro men (one of Joleph Kirle's, and two
of mine) and with a canoc went up the
This day the Indians were bufy with what
they had taken out of our veflel, and would
have employed all of us to do, fome one
thing, fome another for them but we not
knowing the consequence, endeavoured to
thun it, and would deny their demands-:
but foae ofeour r -.
in making andb T .. ..--r

amirs they would t o,.-.t:t If)
mend, till'wCwhom ll ilult.t .. to
I heard

." I 1 '- ,, r L, 1 T I N i, .

I,.. .I i t n. t.. .. .1 i. . l

lS b'.- u.i i i i .... ...i.lI i i
t r- iI in.

S",.Slr ,,.,, 1S, ,, S Il i,. .... ., j- .
j B 6... .., i, l,.' ,-rots
at. .. .; 1 .1 -.

l r I, II ,, e r 1. t- ,

Th I: 1~;,+11 i+ jll,;` LIIIl h I ,0,,1r L.

ih 1 '1 '"r 1 b .I NC~ l ill ba ,
ft 110 A ., a t ,e .r

trgroes told "s, They went up the Sound
Switch the Cafltkey, and landed near the
' place where br tent had been,' His chief
buinefs was to tetiOVe the rhtoey from one
place to anothet, and bury it. This old
foit Woiuld tltk our people, but' not his
own. After that was done, they went to the
pitt6 whre our veffel was burnt; they
launched our boat, in which the'old Cafekey
put hit theits, Wherein was our linen, and
rx ,-.' or jrii ri 1 s 1 r, i g, ...r j

n 6trieafCtha w i ,. t ,- t r ,, -,.
t of the Wreck, t . .. I
t th.e ,. BA y this time came tp the Chfle-
ley, ao. he tild ua, On the' mbrow 'we
* thobld g6 ohih etr boat;' Which Woa cheek-
ful lews to us: arid fome Indians having
been out, and bought home forme oyfters

. i vie carm e rd k h., -ri

C'.tAt ar. .. e e. ... .e~r .l tt...e
t h at:., t lnk he., t. the er o ...gh


( 10 )

050Im of to. ii-.tl M nt,. king li.
lioio- or, ..l,,o .o Ir.,-V, o Ik 0

tillio ..j., li..o r o .. i ^*, ..r.,td ao ,

.t -.lr, .- i r, .o hieh i0 0 a le d h M
i. ,.i.i ,h . ,r ai* i, a n .l l i.slr i
I fu ., t o, r1.e Ile C e.i. -e, .j J lU

t.oU l" InL. r t ,1 r l wt' o It r bl I
-Mbna Gasr urto hnf. flamw MAs
.tiF. to tr N! %,0 reoblh d.M- aM

fl iir f", ut t cri ,to tio It a i'

l kly, -0ib It,) M, u r.r hr. ,ts, I A t i' ea
who, r 0. ro 0l00 Sarootouootto. buo
-4 cc .. 0 tMe .uu o.jat j0.0 Pcoe
Sluuncl ou ld --rr -od 1a1-lu
lt1ml nori'll.l'c t ,lar LI,: aid! .r, hrt.ng
vi knIt 1,JVe t.. t--2 C-21< "i gvd- m
lpthe.- t r.G r cl .ta 1.4i metnC a rax o

fl: eu ppeple rOwt rdosr, 44 s c rat mr-
lft 0Bg teL.rr, 0p, 04 r b&0L0 b r n leai ,
f& th n p-rff %hAK emi.cl enMuth 6D
'ta out tIoe wH r.
*'* ^JoG

Jolt before we left the Indian town, several
Indians were fi>r taking the little clothes and

r ..J ll h l..., '.e

A 1 r0n L r 1 '.e I I . r I ',
,, 5. .. .... '''' : '.,. "J .1

" .L '.h ,..... left our wreck
lef h1 .-.'e w. e I I e t ree ldtr e...h. e

in the btar, the reft travellg on thoree and

the water, .:.. J- ... 11, 1
fwore foe r .lt 1 11 ll. .. .
Ci i, .i 'C i ,. ,I fase they could
. i- ,I o I fnlore r.,,-
freth ourselves, and take fienall refpite 11,
to take my kinfan Benjamin Allen icto our
boat, for this afternoon, in his travel, he was
taken with a fever and ague, and we had
much t trouble to get him eo g e having
benh tick nigh unto death (being firft taken

C CIA bennIe ki- B r ;I. l Vl J, 1.11

*I. ii b. w. -s'.
r~n h. elt 1: C ~~l~l

I.~ .r... ~i ur.,~ I Cie:t*,I

1..,~, 11-6 1 [1 "Al;... I -)W rr- t ".
-T i... A @-A fI,loi~r I je.~i

11.1 .-1 E. c...1 1 - I


ene uigto tak from thes) wh~r

( 40 )
on Thore, and would hale us, but our people
would have uskeep off were .w -.r..
a parcel of breakers, r. 1 i tad nui. a :
to get out to fea.

Th.c lh .-*r Ir, r-. ueth Month, being the
SI,iro D, .1' the Week.
T hal -,v I:. ,r i 1 ,. I .,.
( rr the la.,J.a .j I Fk-I I I', :.V-, ..

rf- hle ffdl i ...... and at length we

.re le l rn rr t i.. .. t i

This day, about noon, Jofeph Kirle having
his quadrant and cakndar, took an obflerva-

'ple, who, when they aw them, at .fir they
n.ede a halt, and afterwads retreated, at
withus, the Indians let fly an arrow, which
rdetowly efeaped ont of them, whereupon
Ihty t uld Io i i- i:t-, s looked b trangely
*Ian h,.n, b e. tjl flet f orwars, a nd
nin, who, them, till they came to the

..m Indian

bmnwn- t f., -'ur pmocr mm Ike
INdtm i iOroiV.M CIF cwff VIM

I.I --U LM. c fttr1-tu tIh
Ll VOT, Lr.C irln l .41' W, Mill. ion
r ir rt:r. l~iNIG WirtC.

iur rr 61~hrh p ~ne~

ob -i. Ut.,
ad 'J LkC ZT .. AGJpO A L .1 Ic 1

XL""a , lb idt I-, -w P-', n ibaoc.
C H'i Kr. ""-'..-.i .t O-K4IN
v 'wft2r. -e d mI Y uicl. Ad
in A.If v-r P-Cr. DCUP, M~l CIM~ln

I" I h- rI-I rr h* "Wed

HIRar rl-rr~ 16"1 Vii. V -16,

.Ir. oe ilo- 5.,, -ne eil Aid, 1, ",
I T ftwor hnr I IlllOt Oill
i.. L-, ~ Elf lltr I,. I ~
ellil a I.. e -.p YA 411 e.1 Mi f l(

lr. 'he wrt. cur ppr. b.-wlhttv nrra.l i.#

cg r p. d r, I cale s 0 ace I4 l lot. L.

I-hould-not fae our lines : bot I gained fo
:r.U t.e, ,eTr, { ,d were ,got within
Al m,LI i ,. ,'., whether irea came

a cap'f it before it broke: there was then
ra F l,.ad;r.'L r. to go further, therefore
e tlu l on, ie.'l lefignd toaccep off all

i~h ; Incd ur -., r I" A .' ,-,k, r a.

u Though u culd to L.-, anrd ae L I r. -
creafed, whereupon I b-par. -, -i I1 l~r -
oade trC em. c, gr r I i c, a,] .- e.

o ri te o in h p .r. l.r ti A. .,jl',i
Gqd, 4 .1 I r Io 1 .-: 1 .1 r-
1,- .s o.3 r i..ftl, D ',i ,* 0 lfigned it.
,,, A i.., J' . ,r fo, that we
ii. i, --: had been a
Iane made through the breakers, and wer
ar .. Ir O. f .,,- I... -.

" Ihe t.mr. -... ,z ." ,.,
.h,,Ch J.1 , -"I , ,
se ou ., ol ,IThe

( 43 )

J ffrrld bC L 1 [31t MI d~. t% btWC

v. h, m hmi. ,. . r
Fl: I h ri If t re.

I h ~

0, 1 t. Cm I f
6bu- 6.r, 11ir 1,0 . I~l

( 4' )
Ihc.ie in the lnd, per tearwt ere in1. .3

Aiar1 .-r. ipr.lr ar I r.r .r* I"l r ',* e.

-.M1F rid 1cm1, f d rs, id ftcI.

ITlre o h oper.i Ie.- r1. oi. tn, e i t
Tic Ard l rining y akd ,ra.bcar wne ilw,
A're amrona Ihinit . .m
Whkeld .e or I j i -re for ,r- b- r,
e f dm.. 1...e I. .- cr C3 -. i.rt
their h# *et, a ie.p, n 1 nr for i- I.tt

nwctuld ome, feeing fires, and wei flul
Uond* what to fay to them, but they did not.
Here we lay watching, for no reft could be

This morning, by break of day, we faw a
fnal canoe from the other fide put off Ihore,
wjth two Indians in her, going up the river
(or Sound) a fishing: we haled them in
Spanith, and as foon as they heard and faw
ss, they made to the thore with all fpeed,
and away to their town they run. We per-
ceiving they were ihy of us, began to doubt

i raI).1 whic we had fo muoh dk -
Rdj., *-.j....n ,d a .s.as l.,a ,,. .ape -

siq n. I .. r , .i l ..l c bL 1 -,-
Il,,i i and armrws, to the inlet,

thr.- ,,,any as thofe canoes could
j. r,, took the water, and fwam
ir u, ., i.,e they came in the greatei:
l.a.r .f,'-l .......A ... ... I-....

z .t, L' +n e I,.z (,r11 aI a sh~I.-I,
Jt lap 'r r, h ;,, E 'W 1 4l ILrT, 1.

a u..... ... tI:. .. ',k r,
IX\ rn j, 2 J ieak unto thefi could not be
1- t rushed violently on us, rend-
.i'.! i thoafe few clothes we hadi

Ai, r rhey had taken all frm us but our
,_,, ty beganto talk anet another,


M.N I iI. .. ... I ". .
r e t k i ', ,

. ..... . ,I ,r i I I -. r.. I i, -,-w ., r, r4

b,:.e IP. .-.n 1,-,a ,i-.4 -,., ,I, ,. I
Fh ih .1. ,~nl f oI', ,f I i. :-,, ,,

child, were ordered to go into a canoe, to
S..... r e i, 1 ,',r ,, L : J," ii ,,,let V A,-+

canoe to paddle: whenwe came to the
other lide, within a n oe's length or two

to,,:,, o l lo leo.- I-l
water fobme to their knees, ifrb ]p,
having their bows and arrows di ,, r ,
'',. ;,

( 47 )

ria I. I .l .. o'i f a t xr ..
V. 1 I,, .I ,, :. ,. b, T"h AJ re

er the hearts of fome of them towards rts
Ihe t "'C ,[,.'L ; I .- I J I e,, i { ....

I ... . .Id watch ...e hat

,-i .,. t ,c ,fe Fthe

b, I fthtcwc.d

.a,..' .'r.- ,.. *,f r .... ,but th, e'lhit ere
,,o,,r , .' .. .I- or .. 1... 1 Hi t, -, F I

i r ,- ,i h l l ,. t. J I1. ,i--

b, i il I I, c .cc.arm. It wal ft


ldre~d .lt ,l ne nr, h al i hld
t1 iome Wa a I -. he f 1.. -1 C'Jr liri.CC.ird
ato ncn ta l .oer rea,:aed n.er.d
ibDws, ad an. Indian came and took hold of
.bar Idir, ard na pnngan ar.r I. ., La
f, a.V, 'a , V', ,nI t., I;D,,+
lna ,,zrhh .ae 1- 1! ai aa .i ,r. ,...1,1, C +
.iaala n_ '. n,.aiI ,,, ao do ,.t,.,l -

-ful of fea-fand, and filled our poor a(ial .
By this time the Caffekey's wife came to
my -Ji., l. je, i .- l P. It 1r, I Ij.llj he
nta on Cn ,an n mtha, JI p p L,
:my wife -till we got to the Cafekey's houfe,
S L.J, a I.,. I I ..., a'..j twuenty-
rv . ,, .,,1 .. ~ n .n leaves,
both tap and fides. There was a range of
cabins, or a barbecue, on one fide and two
ends; at the entering on one fide of the
iaoufe, a paffage awas made of benches on
each fide, leading to the cabinsIn on thefe
benches fat the chief Indians, and at the
upper end of the cabin was the Caffekey

anon and Ibme others were called to tihe
Cafikey, and were feared on the cabin,
where Ach Caffckey talked to Solomon in the

in li-i .t could not holda dif-
irf rii itri time fome raw deer-
[Ibb; I;. ,-..r r., and given to mvwife
Ad -,r .. nd to us nc.c., I' l
e I rt ing a piece of plait-
I k I ... divers colours,
n r.,-. with a belt of
ur r the fame, ., .
, r, about tie .I, ,
he angle of the other having a thing to it,
atr.- between the legs, and things to the
nt the belt, all three meeting together,
n .i l 1 let I t- -.t 1. lh a f.ir.i, .,

reri ngth the men wear, and thus they
l:othed us.

rr ll. ii--, I c I"1 r .. I.Ili...hr

med with abundance of manyorlt" s of

.'-" 1', % Ipder,
rr l'.C.

C The


i ii

C o :)
The Indians were feated as afirefaid, the
Caffekey at the upper end of them, and the
range of cabha wu filled with men, women,
and children, beholding us: at length we
mc o,: In, tJlr i ,n [ ,-1 ..... e.
which I to be the Caffekey's wife, which
occafioned fome of us to think, that fome-
thing extraordinary was to be done to us; we
alfo heard a ftrange fort of a noife, wh;,h -a
not like the noie made by a man,::; ..r i
could not understand what, nowhere it was,
for fametimesitfounded to be in one part of
the houfe, sometimes in another, to which we
had an ear: and indeed our ears and eyes

P -N,!,.: L., r.j, r.',.: J l.:- j -1 1. .. .-. I.- 1 .
us: the occasion of it was thus:
In one part of this houfe, where the fire
wt kept, was an Idian moan, having a pot
on the fire, wherein -- &- h;.X 16.-
of the leaves of a lth --, (a,. .., I.- .
food afterwards by the Spaniard, is called
Caffeena) boiling the faid leaves, after they
had parched them in a pot; then with a
gourd,.having a long neck, and at the top
of, it a fall hole, which the top of one's
finger could cover, and at the fide of it a
round hole of two inches diameter; they
take the liquor ot of the pot, and put it
into a deep round bowl, 1 fl.l. t,,.f .1c .

i I II IM I1I 11 H

I( s )
I dL ror.rt..eth igh there gktloansj with
th. lr. o Ihey brew the liquor, and make
ii ifr,', .'., much; it looketh of a deep
. b- ;.-i .1jr In the brewing of this liquor
' rl.;s noife made, which we thought
ma e a l e anter: .e rt. ".r I .en
I -, .. l, b. : I.: ei i.r the little hole
..- .- I and accord-
ing to the rime, and motion given, would
be various. This drink, when made and cool
1 i.- . in. P il; l fi,.fe ti i it t.) h: -
SCil t ,h,,, -e Fort l ,r)n 0 .e r.)Lun
iF o.e eii he e e o p, n..j rlen .~r,.]
make a loud hem; and afterwards the cup

II.c 1. .,h a n t t il 1 o

S"on fial palmetto leaves, being boiled with
fcales, heads, and gills, and nothing taken
f ,, .. L .0,- bar o-n' tioub.i
id oe, :-. enm lu:l., tlI'rr ae: rvo not* r

I rc eL.'P A C hS Tt g ld. .. tE.: F l:W e
1d, ill B~e i- Lan mde i arm aoi ar~n,

brr.Tj Ihrds lmk.Bursithe r nnh
,I- BA ,II,, .
L wrr IUttEFu.

t fick, E..J ii9nz a ctople oo rirllIt -.
of a fmaoe s P. a" "1-. 1 1.r il...
flones in .r .ha, .E t. h" bt's i. 'L ..'k.
tmoot hideous howling, very irofome to us,
.ii.j G--e Ii l 04:i,, .i'

went to sleep.

-1r ,, i P l .l'll c',, J J. .'I e,,I

,. I ,.. ewing
: f..r l., ,,,, II ,,, ,. 1 eat them .
. I: ,,, ., ., Ii-, ,-,,, ,, ,

gone, I, C C
child, .... .1 I i r - .1. ,. I io
the time of its birth, until we were caft away,
began now to be cheerful, and have an ap-

. i de 1 -,.... I1-- h,0 l h tI -,
or woollen to put on it.
About the tenth hour we observed the
Indians to be on a sudden motion, and moot
of the principal of them betook themfolves

Alc rcta ,b u C. I I. tl, i11 1.
sit +" ' be .,

.,lhadfr Ifi, I- I

F Cnikke, 1 -ie, whih h1dd hee c gh n

4h,44d the L'e
hI.-. i 1 111: 1 1 I 1 L 1. 1 L

Hlfee I 71 1I Jfp Lee

pbyeentee e fe ffew bnc cheoteg
tleytnmade the drink ot, and another h.erb

Lu, "'he-clu, 'n'ity given us was not muchrmore
than each lil we 6t the
Caffkey ,jo fI; ,,I-. oeph K~irle,

but not one artwongft us could, fuffer hem-to
Rtay i n our mo u tbs, f r u cij. I.; i.

( S4 )
tate of them to nothing dfe but rotten
cheefe steeped in tobacco juice. Some time
after we had eaten, te Indians aiked us, If
Were Spaniards ?' Solomon anetered them,
SYes." Then fome of them would point to
thofe whofe hair was black, orofa deep brown,
and fay, fuch a one was a Spaniard of the
Hoaannah, and fuch of Auguftine but thofe
whole hair was of a light colour, they were
doubtful of; fome would fay they were no
About the third hour in the afternoon the
ieranger went away, and fome fmall time
after, they having fatisfied themselves that
amt of us were Spaniards, told us, That
C hh ,i,i i ,f ..sA I'. I r, F 1 ]
S ,ad t, bh 1 '. a N.eal r "
v t ,i l -JerrH E..1I^ ,t r ,c ...I eriv :.l)

ing and dancing.
before the ofnging and dancing was ended

~h- l 0.ll t'il iLi' ,-. t -...'r 00e...0g4
alfo told s, that a meffenger wouldcome
1 t ,..,t [. ,a e t .* r ,. ,, ,
ee ,' -.. -

About the tenth or twelfth hour in the night,
before the singing and dancing was ended,

h00, ..lh, 1l .1 .

We eal I agha iria -h1p

t.) ]cc 1, ie A- ~ .I,i ~lr. Jl

pegL.te all left us, except two, and our
bwe mixed Solomon C Theion, and
J., Kifle's bnv. and em-ro Ben, which

lem ..j -1 In ItP. a:l l lairn

utric fw- rr r -.Ce F 1 7 AIr t,,r Mmdlr

iwr to rc I i'd Ni; I 1 3 MO, IIC 11- Mt

6.,r 1., IN.,! hdandmi, he

'truncheorn whichthey ad, ad fai, the

C4 Tht

( 56 )

The 2a .-.r r,,c E .pf N r,,I ..... ,. |

After fn-rifig we came up with the
wreck of the vefel that we heard was caft
away, arid thewas Rflaved .li v:. t-., for
her keelfon was driven on it. faw

more from ence we cameto an inlet, and

tl,. e. q i, i- , I K .1: l
Barrow, Jofeph Kirle, me, my wife and child
-over firit; and at length the whole company,

them, but there was none to be had i he got
ftome feafide grapes, which, with renting, re-
frefhed the weak and lame.

commander of the northern part of this coat:
he was an ancient man, his beard and hair grey,

.I v l I I r I I.' ..

a'vs kept behind. This old Caifekey seemed
juhav' compIifon on us, and kid, That

I I..

*1 .-'. 2 .. ...-.. j ,- C .,.
1. J

8'" ~ ;; .In-~r p,11 a.

I IWO J.-C Ji. Ih
R. tj-t rE. "
~o ~ldLl~.l.r d I

Robert Barrows feet and my wife's; after
whIoh hh h t Come f no f= n o- -onoer-

amongi us; Jofeph Kirle had a coat given
him, which they had taken from the people of

feet had holes in them, that one might have
put the top of one's thumb in; butr we were
direfed to lie down on a cabin.
The other ve el's company that was caR
away, were John Smith, mater of the Natt-
wich, a barqu, o ', I. .. IB. .
ctme out o J.. ... '. l .-,
and one woman, viz Andrew Murray, mer-

two boys, with a woman pafirnger, named
Penelope. We took an opportunity to dif-
ourfe with trhm, and they told os, trheoy it
,, o. . ,, lh T ,,


; U I .- .I K '.. ..-.. .

11' XPI.J-
S.:. .. 0

. J l -,r It .11 rl I e.

e C C W 1alIt'IL b I-
hxl r i I r hcl i o~'c. I- r~''

6 I I Ales ll~l 'a JItiq p J .'r
'JI ,j .'I.a,.`,C I. , J 1 V

C l ei'

hotfe, and the woman named Pen lope; the

them,, They mut turn out, and mkeerooe,
' for the Spaniards;' but Smith and Murray
would not go, and the Indians did not force
In fome time after we had been in the houfe,
came in Indian women, loaded with bafkets
of berries, mostly of the palm, fome fea-fide
becoa plums, and fea-fide grapes: of the two
latter we could ear, but of the palm berries

I m. .-1 : ind the old Cafrlekey told Jofeph
Kwe could not bear thofe taere in our mouths pi:d,

'tdtbid blo letfeeebo drefttheme;' he
alfe ordered us a pot. They were foon dreffed,
we the them; and nerves on igthein, one, the
old Caffekey enquired after our loffes j which
we, as well as we could, gave him to under-
Rand, That in our veffel was a great deal of
c clothing and money, which the Indians at

( 61 )
- ,> i l .. I. , H r, Idir. i

po ,. Mi: .Il 1 -I.. r IJ e k. L

, ..i .. .

would; which caufld him to resolve on the
v ., and togo
... e ...,1 .. I, .,:, have part
.;. ~ i4 I I-, ~. t., o mon to
:.- .r . efofed.
S .. .-.- ernin, hit

the negro and the boy were fleep in

,I..,,.h . .... I. r. , ,
'j. J ,. .._.., .. .... 1 . 0 ., ,

Some Iot I ... I. r r r

panards, a. ,, Ir ,: r,.l II..I l,,
ut Solomon denied it.

'he 3d of the L 1. NI Iing the
Seventh D .ii .,: i 1-I

S .. .... i ,

1 l-e -i te.. b .O

a hill of oyfter hells, and in this hou we.
remained the .whole day. .. -11 : II ii rl'
aL oore .ft very Aolee, .. Ut. 44
tiadat h go to pa tbeaaday bo1tt rn
b.,J' .lr i. ... .i i .. II i,, ,, .i, I '

the Indians began to put their dry berries into
their canoes, and toek which way to re
them. Several Indians betook thelcfelves t
their boats, and carried what they had to
a io. T,,r e ve. aio ,en ,, .. ... ,

Lat+...g .. e.. .. ... +
, and th e Indians were to turning us ot,
fogh forrom and the i ,iawer l for tuni o,

( 63 )
I l -. . 1 11 f A I ;. r this canoe
Ir... 1 ',,r, :r ourfdejvr,
! ..I the Indians
Signs for us to be gone divers times,

c .. . 1 1 i 1 r r.. A.

l nd ain continued jfil violent. I then
an houfe on another oyfRer-hill, that the

DO- r.l Therchef

Ir i .Ir tI 'r hi4

kn.-, be rl-, J

barrr", ,1 :h e endeavoured to eat, brte
- ." r ,.r rat. e was fo irkfome, and
he l re, re. ,.r breath from us whenwe

( 64
but we etpe& rim,
Sed longer, we 1.
need fo water yet neverthelr s,

The 5th of the Eighth Month, being l..
Second Day of the Week.
T .i. n ..1 t

The 7th of the Eighth Month, being tihe
Fourth Day of the Week.
By this day noon the Wter fell many feet,

S , .i. .J.. I

ri T, -. 11 1, 1h, .j. I. I.,1 j 1, I rI ,

no t a We r, the

cmc 1i ..i -*i 1. i .. o.d. idome..

0. . .. 1 t

Ihe 9th of the Eighth Month being the
Sixth Day of the Week.
This d., .1-e ., ; C r1 ,' r,,.rr.., ro
hou e. ,rl. ,;, ,.,1 -r,, iilaB' .

le o i F:-,_ 1' -,1, b being the

. ,r h t i..e I.l

i 1 i, w .,

TO I=-,:.. r, ', ,"T : ,"F ;

caIs(.len-e;*Itt .,c~;~u cr...I c it'
car-o, I--] -.vh r-1l. *r *- 1rh

wew wit1hT-.. Iptlt
XM With olfs, f4 I I,., Iil- ilil
the fhoru: on if" L
-de l:ke4,very ftttly it us.
He be 1 ;, Ct ,plt gre
homtwg, f]eiic ,o -iv thei
Cullom is) [I. tuuu-LIl. Lit.it.l.-hit
ck-rd IU II tl~ie I 1 C' [I' Is

J., C-1-1 .. I (rii I.: otc .r, a
jupp ", il i tl --d 6.11 11. II I C .l ll hic-
114 11 1 L" A - - --" '. r. N !~

~ltl ltt.eit Lt e I t nice

L-o .. v 'C t.

kill a --j 1

a, I Ic he pa~frmeI

i at, n r, on, avr s toeaaaa
llanna o

A eCst we mutftdraw the
gitt difta.-i' he
meioaed how yaaaiy towns there were

wol. tice L-CalatIC, tat 1111.ilY 3 INAaIaa
lei-1CqC ~ I.-, old a Thai ,. Hae-
IA s v1-r.,CJ. LJ .3E w e &'Ould uiv~we
'11iiEI,.i *ll ...,. i ve '- ,.i a, Laiaaa

:%j our hopes in the duff, andnw

se .... Wet E' .1 '.j -~

ke aI.'s

b.. 'T'bhkos' Thia put ms o'

-.1 -.5 11 tCiAC. tat a AJi j


U II. II, l Ii I lr


Ih FB- r

rhe FiIF t I r. I I I.L

TI. I., C-- l~ l IIII l LI I


( 51

l ~11 1, Ile i~~.. ~ I
1 1 ;. 1..

or*.***II- tE..t ''I '- .. 0o ~o

...rFk... : .: ,m, 1
I I I-n ~i,i ~


; e, .Ad jw

LJey I.:L, tVL 1QMQCI L Id p .11II

-I 1,1
I, Ihfl- .'. I I. 'I'l

6*.,., C.f A I J ad
I e l m d Fr. l im. km I r LI- n L~

htrd -, i.- l i.l. l .! I)


ij 3

'If m -r I fa I C rr I~1 ,

I ..r . r E.: ri .1 .1 1-.r
A.- I "' 'ir .j '' '.1% '"riF

i-- I' ' rvv a"'fIa'Ai n"
bw 10. c f-r.: m 1. a -*

C ,' )
6il, they tauild k Lind toewirk U-1
Idelircrance. U.- I a.-I ("W. F RWN
'r.. -- .I -.. than my OIWhcr
Pall .~:b .; rhi ""I I.i r, hrpprIA


amer in an old man, nd took a (taff abeirt

. ta. j..., .c br----- J- '-I J1 .1rl

phi .' "I~~l~~~,.r"*

I .:.-~.~.- 1~.. %--1 Fli~ L

o 0:i 1 r L:Ll aj-flr~hr~

ow, -r.r

( 74 3
ropes, havingteir fib oh. of t,,. -r

k i IL e'.r L ia I.. ;- E i r 1 k:i I h :c: le

ii. flie I.. II
!,' I h .

S. I l~r LI, I lh I r I : l: I I

,.14 1-..... ..* .,


( 7;
oirr nrl di, i ab.u chee unh iMc, ithe
11. J.,..:c ji |I.r dly bWurrr^ dWLde
Si, v- t -t.,l I-e dai. L. dIoAlM
S. r.,:li i .. m clr i. ~ Indr h or

TE .j. t. d lL .0 JC elh, 'oeU
Thig .s ..sV: od o o Ulr Of

Ti. had a. r., sii h' cir cto r ~ nl he
irle us two d oys.
the 25 ors rI.- ;:t Mtlossi, bhesg she
l o i a Da b of tae iebd.

rhe 26 ..' It, E.,l2 PNl-.n being the
*,.,::r,, 0,. o d' oh s V.ccr. r d

I i-, , ., pm -rlr -,rt ma b ,r ,-
i te .,-,, I-, .,.i,, i c M .nh, w 'r ,.),l-is
1 "l C ,T l.l .rj lup. ., lJ ,Lj l
P h i I 'I" b e'," I .j :

rhe :M'h t' ,'". th l .. th, bemg jh,,
,Tl ,l 6 ri.,, ..,t a b,.:- of cn.rr Ihe
alg' ;r ) Q. uo u t~bj, whulb Pecr
h t'.u .r ilri;: ..; .j t rhene fiuted as
D many,

2,1 C.
mar.f, lJ.e itt: 22.i..id.1.C 21.f.el F &

022e,2 pott citL ol SbC !e I., e,1 the gf
uLdr Ird'un. 2. ili M-t. .-I cJI-W

" .COMPAIL.- Iil II-C j I ". I r.4Ii
people, -hen it." *rCte it El-a I .. .
T.Cn.lht 00 *I(1i 2.- 1. 1.- .1. 1 . -.J'
kidr I .. c. t. Lr [I,! f: -ii

f~t .it-.. e. .
2.10.1 -1r.. I I'.211I

lignurn vitxi kveral tools and knives; r.-.-
mlore particularly a razor, on the haft i

T A-ZIN I A4 i C-' I LK. e 1.1 11- -ic 11

Hrr .iimili. b~ iir i~r LL
'--I t.-'r- LA t, I r.- II. I

61A CVT .1 1 t., I i I 7-C".. L

t.ipV. UA 1 1 r r- ., I., C Ab, -r.rjr
W, II,.Iml,, I A uLhwe 5oc .n i-

G e
...... l .-.. r.cFr ,i
.." r The

i i. v, n.... t. -... . .i

liJ ,., h sr,4e, ulS lnr1n, r r d I'che

.irrr..rrr. HL.. .,.ih
iu il I] r. ,, lr.,rc, Il'i r.,n|: ,I r I ll rful "-
|t i,.r.i. if the kt 1.,3 (a" ,.i

mhr.lariY C thi (.Uiaer.1 e .mld cFhe
l n. t hi r Frl gl;l r c lv A the.m pl.r, 1.r
I., ,. i .of t I p I i,, r

SIr.' r ,. .,. Lu e,-

I t". d1- 1 -, 1 r- ; )l l.rh th ,
u. C d, to ik
cl '. Irc pm us
p. .< wia.tO l aS 'IlWrmarnhid
Lt.] .C so.r,4 IMMOn mn nd
4 jl .1' r got r fh c>:u, eh to tra e Us

it :. I I i.', rh M h, llledNoCemljr,'
,r ,,-,; r.l, ", ,:.'r, ql I l d',, l vlL e' ..

r.e't I ,' n. ,h. j h r, 1i.s ,rd .it
D, L i te

( I )
thr tw~oerd e .mel d. whom ,, urnde
i"t 1 Il" CUlle .q J L lih iia Icr.[.:Cgl
.-,Mtl..g dc tuIb oC fl Sol.,r n
t. lenC ut beui nfAr lend u, ee r
, At l~t 'th ni a C UM C nib il t-ad
pflg wo ratie ib~k mn, etl c.r j..

me .tkl. d. ,
.a~mr .m .cel, We lo"ed oUL, und Lr- p
,f, te;r pe. r :.e .ere tw lght. *. .
,1 rrri. e, e, h: node ni

n:n t ,r i, r ll l.. g, l Jit

a ;, T .h .t ] i h ':l l t

eh b IIr'. : I'.
rk qu. thLet a-, a te'r o. p ,
hir ttked u_ Co. t ,a e t ..jt .. hii ,
,T,- Fr c ,, ,r( i(e. e h-n.li r e' ',..'d

'ette t bet. VI..., ', e t.t. t..:.'O ,,I

L1 t

me, abm i l ,,rlr ou i -.%p~t'
I or.'tdt, -.iC .l
We r *"C -r Ceyc p Ar.. -c..Ccam

-tC m 'A M. A .)I I C I'FA

jhi .-6 jActe we4 neoa t
pm -t,.t ovi-- !w A.d m-t d r Irh.
. Fh-v. I.-..It. I C, -:r,
Lr **dm~.:.l~v r* ~c f.rl.~

,I, v., Lw leei t, ArrFi Io
Iet b t Mkr v wt m re f aremnr.
raieIlfree ..r C Ir Ibrctl te io
b~ht'p.i ~nI~C -er.,t'..,.iiLrd..,tec

Pl~r tI~r~r Tra 'Cc hr LIV .rIe..e In~
Ithe ledeiin, for they frhed their hoifets,
r,.~~ I. bl i 11--.1 n~. r r .Ir 'out

1, 6 -id x ff, fI rf,

e it.. ly. .: en e ~ h~r ;h r cc.'.r
VI .,, r

"cr'. -.I t i.e
-ii~, a, mr~v--wr the~


lhe allcir.-I olrk ma allru1 w-rT E-i holm
c. c Cit. .CIb" .. CCl C Itf I .....l.'II

.CL.4l It~n dd(L.MCC C,418.-CP hl
r1 ;cC. L. cC I.8r. b

CenllJ inic e~ liCC..; J it d lC CC
-t. IAC I he
men iS.CC F.I C ,

tIC I m
t c 1, d I L ITCI I I J r11h

L I rr Lu e I he I r. I :0, m l f 1"

I,.cc Pie 1, tl t Il 'F ". ., 'hi'''

.... N. ."1, 1'. lb - .,.d .1,. fir-r

I i dr A ;~ I C 'r. j' awd .., -. I III,.Pi

1 tJ

S r India&, J.
h.rl ...; ..... ;r[t ul T. r t. d .,

I.:.., I .. K.I. r T B I n k,

I e'' -': ..-. T.f. I7 l:.i- dr

It '1 j1. t 1-1 CC I.ele ,
1 ( t ,, r, *. ,',r ', .... -. .-.I lr. .1- r. ,lr I .-
.b.u ,ur e l e J e.t L, -e Irt e ,.
( l i...e f r.I.h la.n c., r .laSt
oer to be got ie.dy, aeifl Ii p.rd'.,

.lrre re, begifr oe th the oild o Cae Y.
L i+ I. -o I,. .r( j I.: r, l nll'.e, rl ,Y ,
l0 Cr wr A. r i e.,, b.t .,

, 1 1 ,,, r o f A n dr le
,, I ,i-, d b., ,-,1 bP. 1 ,-,, 1 ,-J.

Kide's negro Ben had been abfent.ever mce
the day after Solomon Creffon went from
.hence, being gone with the old Cafekey's
wife, but we knew, not whither. The cap-
tain made inquiry of the Indians, whither
S , .r 1i,..e I. r H r.r l.

D 4 The

( ,., )
"T i-r i',-,,'rd -ere c.'.h '.- r. .r.'.
rr -"u. ,ret

t A... t..... A i... a.. ....d.. ,P- ,Il",'
11J ril df t a, Ir. m u at d e..l. n
[I ry i.. L, r ,G .a e, I|Jf ,,,. ,l~r '
Wt. l, rtl m qI l I ,

S o, IA..e.. .. .. , ,i

Z.., tte, ..t I ,.,iaA i h** ,.
A ar tooOl lrr
ar1 Sptitor arAte

r brIC rhLo .)rd Il nkr n- ,,'=-

I I, le :1 ,tC t T r.
about five pounds weight.

Thee4th of the Ninth Month, beg the
Fourth Day of the Week.
Ti.: A e rre r e fi i*', boar,
of Jr,..., d Ad cr. ,-'k
hogfleads, which were ,t i
where the drift of Smit ..T -,- .
totre. [I. ; -. i ,, 1- C I I.'I"
key's rt J ..11, ,
and Jofeph Kirle's boat, .
seats e t ,o ti .1 r "rr . rkh-
cl kn -. '. r ,h, I ..I f..r .
interoing to go away as I.. : .I
complete this job.

I 'Spai rd ha.] brattS Iq Oici
it, h.:.":,, "", rl heyt ;- 0 -~jbu
me I 1. ", n. i h.24 il mw I'm
PiJ1Ill lS1~ )~d.~
.j I I -fcN- p.. CA f#

"l b.:1 lh1 r '' 1 1 i ,,l, J-.1, A dr- i

.AT- r.bCad ah ren hOftr s IL I o
IT% 11A ll~r~ ~ lh r 1. a Utz, hli

Idd c .[ ,f-Z 6
de er Iceill I. lcl u id aC

--m ain, lout pine us ac berim%
r c- ev-Ie ml ied AMn olnvranFin

C bI tl be.
Iroe, C. 1; 'r ..1tJ,C raoGbJ

mnga three
lz dprtifon hswn fjm

ri-ol die, ~a 10l61 a,, k,~ IC

3Clop.tle ROI, D... I h.

*ha f of 0, ULil? l-, lli, HL
ll l kjhtt s x .' Ijj
Chito II*r.~I~IIII ~ll.II I:I

0. tell

C-ciir l-, T. I.

I : X

iI. e ei I II


,I; jeIe

' ...ui. .. .-,,n- h. t.rnr I..r .'n t*

r. thN t Mo.thE b ingUthe
Ifr. y I, .e ',,l.rf n -lir' r r rhtlee

rl..l, ,,T I-,e ,-,d ~l L. ,, i,. h. ,. d
L. .. N i d

S ro n hM., fi." K t-.ng
, , rl, ,. .. .' ole

, . .. .. i..-, t i '.l

" r ,, which one of the Indian s, ,
b...ut an Ihour or w af r wl ol ,w-. r. o,

S D 6 ,I. , ing
f h -J.1
D 6 !Dg

nwai rteo i-,, wthma C:" ""11 1.1 l. ~
o.11 I-lum W~vq, what Pat &arv rl1-:
t.. hial'butwizel -dl,:DI~~
ww- c rltiokph~vr u rie 1l, p.

NIS! il-0 1 1 11',, i~i~ r i h I hr l
vur b=n. I:-er WJ~, -'elr ..; i1

b-d ANl Iht t n-l Iji., ItrTiLm

m" ttel 'r wfhv W,41 E.-. 1.-

-'. 1 .1n~ .1 -i~i I IN i~ i ~...r
j Z rid n S..". I - l ll

ri. I Irlrui~, -e Il~*,IR

-,Lj I -Ta 1.l II II I 1 1 '11I
aai'," ti- j-e got to the 11- 1., I i
-rc tohaul our boats over land, being about
a quarter of a mile from Sound to Sound, at
.hkch plnce the ka -a half fwl-log ftorn
us. he

C' 85 ) ,
Wi r,fAk m, a p.ece of A nraf.9A ftega,
). -r..Ln.-, h.m rM Ce ,Ia-t. ll.,Ap.lmI"
.J -... Ci.Lcy. .ii all -. able neh oa
.i,-re .,i. h o.i ~~I or kn
L,. ..E to-t ..i.. ond hd lm1" GcM
l11.t rk a r ilnt t(r1. Thr fg1-th
captain g. ,i: .ii.L a leaf or two of
tobacco f. t. ,'.'I ..j dicharged them

t.1 --C.. A e br d ar prast it.
I, c r .., u.le i- P.lj F ilpL- Aih6,I ~I, dy

4 little beforernight thee fprang up a

1ii ,I ,. C- A lh. 1. +,Al.l ." AR DJ A1* 1,

the wind fo very cold, that we thought we
fihguld notlive till.the next day. We had no
wood to make witih. rid har to do iwe
could not t I L I.
.get rome, 1, J.- -r. imm-e mt

dml-ll- + I I -.J I ~ rl, D, W.ld -C.
-,,1, Lr ,.-_h .,1 ,- tr.-tiza- to be bd -,,,
L.. .111- i.sj, Lrb bf.-rlm. ,,- d ,..
i,, 1 r. I ir dIc 1. [ tuJ slum b '. -
a. . i. I ," .h1mur, ,'lk r '.d .,
lard, for they had uw Idel ema'i. fcic
ihelter with mats. Ve ..rc a i I i, m

( 86 )
exercife patience, and with n.,i f.,r r. ier
%J a de.l ."nc . i, r....i

r.1 at plesl, '. 1 C ..1 ., .-,
' lrab.le nli ghr, beir- : i : ..- r.r, .n, not-
. hl)r in J.r.. IP.e ,CO1. M l

The 8th of the Ninth Month, being the
Firt Day of the Week.
Tt .. '.2we fier forward, but the
i,. t ..od o .. that we were forced to

a little ahead of us, in the channel we were
int and our Spaniards presently anrfwered
them with the like, and in a little time we
met. This was a perre-augoe to join with
0- ,., r .. 1. E ,

but ohe turned back with us, for there was
no place to go on Ihore j and in an hour or
two's time we got into the other Sound,
where the land was not to be feen from fide
to fide in fome places: the like was in that
we came through.
About an hour before ftn-fet we got to
an Indian plantation (this was the firit place
we faw any thing planted) being full of

:( s r .)

r..n.. ..1..... l o W,,-,,-j_. ... T. .1 i

,J-1.~ ,, t;: r .I n ,hi IN, th.,r A J,,r-l

1,, ,l., E i ,,, i L Ii

. ..I ,, le f,.. , Tr rre.

perceivd h, h'-i d iin specially akainft
ne c- .. .t t. him hor, that
re n....d m y, ., .- -. ,, r 4 i ,: er.
nor of Augt- I I .1'J ., .at ,ul
fign no wri- 1 % a.
boiled pomp I.., or't .
put to them. t-. -,, ciii s 1itA -
fatoryi bu" th,. i re ,e
:t .n (.- Il,, r, .l f i a1 .. .. ,

and we lying ... a .. El.J. 1..
shelter, one 1i,1,. ol cc O~l i I., It ide

( iS )
the otb.nr w2. isfenp. On r r gro, %mr inu
H, tI. I.rl- i .b3v, arin dCa,-.. ,e, I 4l,
S I c v.1 Ia fo rim i .A rtv. o I 1. r

a ei i 1jr.[ OCC1f7, w

.1 hMr .i . ,i-i .r fl -,. J.. I- .. 1 ,, :I

. v, fwn ze d I A g
/ lrb, d + ,,, r t, ,


TPr l.o 1 e Ic+J ii r I; , i.c

Ir.1, h E ,, .-:d i- I ,','

fimetimes we should b- .l -,l:r.
,tgru,,I'u ,,, ..
could not carry us all, therefore we ad the
Sputaniards reat rre-aut to carry one ,
fdb l rn iuru ', I u u ,,,,h u b. n ,where

ud, but met with an intricate patage; For

ui... u i it a three in the aftinoon

w er

,had been Ga lidijant-wa we went
and fowmd`foThs*i% bvic Sjh the
-ir ubs, which vke I ife.
till fuch time as a, f of=m 3
began to come upon us,'and i-night
'hand; whereupon we all got togect
fidering whatire thold do, fince tfiei"
no ,ffisility.of getting Tholer here.
SIndiad guidcftid, we-i gt geto i
about tw"o cagpes oflitri-frtn
Shearb for it rained hard fto we,. wit
guide, fLt forward, and walked over a
of Cragy, irubby hills, -to the fa,
fInbra .aw, ^fact ,:" t vccp"klB^
for" Vur'^pcr.- It rai ane i
birds morning.
roth of the Ninth Month, bcingt
Third Day of tthaVWak'E-4* 1\,
thisl t geI asnd er* n il a yI
3 4s4ie w iSy6Bor guibo
to depart, which we did, and 4
many young Indian men followed us
miles along the bay, and offcrd *-o'
to Robert Barrow, and fome others,
they were easily topped, by fAji:#
iaruit mufk presented t a~ds.
Sfo tey leftus. We had an l t
e from the fea-fthbre, ardwal thetand,
the Indian town, the ground b~id~et anpy,
d fcraggy hills, whijh to ogiftre feet was


I t', mtrm ew.but when we came
' 'a large town, ad here was
I aIb town about nite diftat, in fight
wh ch part of our cmtpanbtas fent to
quartered: ~s-Ahis t6wn, about a tie -
mionth befo r4 1w of Dutchmen toe
killd-rhefi wivrg been caftrsay on
'BbiyM eaSo ,A they, in a flat which t
U M bed hither, and were devourdb
-'Tet cann s of ias -we understood by
m*rets4wbontaro uaupeople fa-

to- towns till next mornia g. The nldiith
if( the town I-was at, were not to kiano4
' e*f l at the other towe', had been. SomecF
IL ret tw l geth t -t was Ae
Sof, tke, two eitremes,- tb defend
ift the cold, for every day grew-colder
- a n the other, and we feared, thatwIf Awe;
'Man longer expofed to it, weithoufll
t out. -
cThe ilotE mt-he intk Mbon, beig- the
Futrth D#stofd c Weat.
-This- morning vie embrked in our -two
.boats, and thote of our people that were at
ihe other town, were to have a large canoe
a. wry them from-thence, and were toneet
tMithe Soundc we rowed fevtal leagues,
-hoiid nokt meet them, it being then aboot

o'dock, to reSp $PA4aa u jld go on
apd trvel bahk 4hflSit t after
s andwt being fe1.W
ih was a mile over, the Oit
to g:on tsb other fide. "a m fox
j which weA.ido r many
dhis place we jll ant ppo.the fea
fe ifn ,thing w4 to*J., had for the be
Tfome n- tho jd. Before io, th--water: the
SyicdiQc.Inothing, but;ijahkua .
at a fort of l eU-filh, called watIrfeldie
hich we eat. At length the canoe with pqr
-phol ;cajsahe Spaoiard ot being vi

She cas had each two Indians to feth
a ong, and we had one Indian for our gpuil
! wa v-4 ?to tiis. OWi
E-cr wiu. ow Cjii,, awd -the two
rcaoa, and rowe- till eight being nigh-a
place of thicketty wood, which we mnwi
choice of to lodge at.4do inigtiutk
was wood enough, and we made large res,
wprf,;plcafed with the place adl44lay a
-Abovt .idalght I hada gmt. t4Alwh itg
a quart of barrie hole,: and.a ap~swhpand-
cd. o mixkih water, w fe~d4 L Qbild with,
Sthe-Afir being diturbed, theitj which we

_ ~I

t .aE-r iawarp burnt, and li W"
4 iehin was to be had tillke to
4trfhe Spaniards, whic f Ai two days A
efarft. Abtt an aRa .iits he
de. at norte4 sa Molib torai"n
havio I Jllon-- lil h grew ... 0
Jo ei'rl t- to work and de
lir4aaithrildkeeptcn oreorn e-oKC
weather: we had no sooner coaW.
t foik, it-Mit mined hard. In tla
F-^ fe l as t "W.666

Stahet wpon which Wen air dA
amteride, wh we found the twa ca u
ae And noww e were hra gwe ar fite

A ew- Muray, Oornelius Tokens
~Iirklea boy John Hilliard, nd Penejbpt
i -t ,ia namedPer,Peter, Jak
B Sninna, andQyen-ni
Satdmdinh Wan-Aian
dw 'ir t over aid If : Btfl, atbn
directing keakeepthi.Ai'e iloftgt&the
northward; after which they returned to us,
ApA we with 'our two boats rowed aft day,
*itheut ceafing, till -tn-&et, and wheniwte
ivta*j fhore, the place was an old Indian
fs!";p a high bleak hilft where had been
a large

lag hndiiewthot* tutle- Wb tumble
A iv.of the. ruino* IhoibSB r iemlade a
teter against the norea t -tdA which
gai s blow very bleak,- mdbt4 p ard
waur thelsA ftae which was 1iw4w*ile1
f, to te if our people had pa&d, aduhei4
mWara he faid, "Tieyqwem gone by.' W a .
di- Mi-s hy wviotleld tl.a any hkoe, or Im.
Sdimn owsif-t -gha Folt o.F smw fuppofed,
Soud theytewithomut fir thisgMBlg they
Scsld not live' he faid, They muft travel
-,all night.' Night came on, we had fire
" divood enough, and had gathered a g -

*jdildeva Wt ovr itioln Er ha fr t ici
Slamenaable condition, not being able to
sefti-for ae welay or ftood'clofe-o the fire
thatiggtid 4rchi us, ahefulerawltin im
tltwai o.ddfodi us hlfiUAdfiram ld im
* -to ana itm &Ilumay fa-t
.40 0)g ^a l shougkt werlnd never
ficttfl A : --the Spaniard that was clothed,
was as bad, to bear it as we that were sakedc
At length day appeared, and we mta geP -

T ,he th of the Ninth Month, being ahe
Sifh.Dqy of(th Week ,: -
This .rioeinglwe were loth tpltrvwith
cur fires, but o-ay-here it could iot-bej fo
wtwcnt to r boats wading.inrthwater till
SwwAs :sadvy -beamwn: ditaW put for-


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