The French Revolutionary Drama and French Revolutionary Pamphlets Collection at the University of Florida is drawn largely from the collections housed in the Department of Special and Area Studies Collections of the University of Florida's George A. Smathers Libraries.

The French Revolutionary Pamphlets include 2,800 pamphlets representing governmental correspondence, decrees, and other documents. The collection, including both the documents of the revolutionary government and handbills circulated among its citizens, makes evident the power of the people to influence government and of the press to manipulate the people.  The collection's popular drama illustrates attitudes toward everyday life, politics, and government. French Revolutionary Drama and French Revolutionary Pamphlets Collection was originally prototyped for grant project development. Active growth is intermittent.

Complementary collections within the State of Florida's university system include the "Napoleon and the French Revolution Collection" at the Florida State University Libraries' Special Collections.  The Florida Atlantic University Library's Special Collections also houses newly acquired related materials. Outside Florida, one of the best complementary collections of digitized French Revolution resources in "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity : Exploring the French Revolution." And, the best resource is available from Gallica the digital library of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Other complimentary materials related to French Caribbean territories during the Monarchy, Revolution and Empire periods are represented in the Digital Library of the Caribbean. Saint Domingue, current day Haiti, and its own revolutionary leaders, Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines among them, support broader research on the impact of France's revolutionary ideals.

Publishers for the French Revolutionary Pamphlets are listed below and complete available details for the French Revolutionary pamplets are listed in French Revolutionary Pamphlets at the University of Florida, and in these two spreadsheets: spreadsheet one and spreadsheet two.

Publisher Alterante Publisher
Ant. H. Jouve Imprimerie de Ant. H. Jouve
Auguste Mossy Imprimerie nationale Auguste Mossy
Bailly Chez Bailly
Baudouin Chez Baudouin
Bibliothèque du Roi Imprimerie de la Bibliothèque du Roi
Bonnes-gens Imprimerie des Bonnes-gens
Cailleau Imprimerie Cailleau
Caillot & Crevée Imprimerie de Caillot & Crevée
Carole Imprimerie de Carole
Charpentier Imprimerie de Charpentier
Curtet Chez Curtet
Dido l'ainé Imprimerie de Dido l'ainé
Dominque G. Quenin Dominque G. Quenin
F. M. Boileau Imprimerie de F. M. Boileau
Fournier Fournier
G. LeRoy Imprimerie G. LeRoy
Garnery & Vollant Garnery & Vollant
Gibelin-David Imprimeries de Gibelin-David
Gibelin-David & Emeric David Imprimerie de Gibelin-David & Emeric David
Gouffroy Imprimerie de Gouffroy
Guerbart Imprimerie de Guerbart
Guerin Imprimerie Guerin
Guilhemat Chez Guilhemat
Imprimerie de Homme sans peur Imprimerie de l'Homme sans peur
Imprimerie de la République Imprimerie de la République
Imprimerie de l'Assemblée nationale Imprimerie de l'Assemblée nationale
Imprimerie des 86 départements Imprimerie des 86 départements
Imprimerie des Administrations nationales Imprimerie des Administrations nationales
Imprimerie des Régies nationales Imprimerie des Régies nationales
Imprimerie nationale Imprimerie nationale
Imprimerie nationale du Louvre Imprimerie nationale du Louvre
Imprimerie nationale exécutive du Louvre Imprimerie nationale exécutive du Louvre
J. B. Collignon Imprimerie J. B. Collignon
J. Burelle J. Burelle
Jean F. le Roux Imprimerie de Jean F. le Roux
Jean François Picot Jean François Picot
Johann Franz le Roux Joh. Franz le Roux
L. Jorry Imprimerie de L. Jorry
L. Potier de Lille Imprimerie de L. Potier de Lille
Laillet & Garnery Imprimerie de Laillet & Garnery
Lefèvre Lefèvre
Louis-H. Goyffon Chez Louis-H. Goyffon
Maradan Chez Maradan
Marchands des nouveautés Chez les Marchands des nouveautés
Michelin Imprimerie Michelin
N. M. Dumaha Imprimeries de N. M. Dumaha
Nicola P. Varar Nicola P. Varar
Nyon Nyon
P. Seyer Imprimerie de P. Seyer
Patriotes française Imprimerie des Patriotes française
Philipon Imprimerie de Philipon
Philippe Denys Pierres Imprimerie Philippe Denys Pierres
Philippe Jacques DannBach Imprimerie de Ph. Jacques DannBach
Pierre-Joseph Calmen Imprimerie de Pierre-Joseph Calmen
Plumet Plumet
Poincot Chez Poincot
Quiber-Pallisaux Imprimerie Quiber-Pallisaux
Rochebrun et Mazet Imprimerie de Rochebrun et Mazet
Sourds-meuts Imprimerie des Sourds-meuts
Veuve d'Houry & Debure Veuve d'Houry & Debure
Veuve Guillaume Chez la veuve Guillaume
Vollant Chez Vollant
Zalende Zalende