Title: Everglades: Environmental Education
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Title: Everglades: Environmental Education
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Environmental Education____
-_0I 1 L

Why We're Here

ThC future f thc South Flnrida Ec.c"-tcm and its rTctnratinn is in the hands of the next
general in n. FvergkladcN National Park-, t hnltrgh our L'duc nation pTograrr1, is preparing that
very guincrAt it in o take uvvr the respimnsIhi ity of prcsvcrivng and protcvaing th i frigilc
wetland. The parlk offers; a vricty% of ranrger- lad curriculitsm- hahcd programs InSh Ty
Cfin l I pre- ,pc',t- and tpnsire hands- on ac:ivitfes- The Florida Sunshine State Standards
are iicorpirated intro all prxizjnr ming. And thu-v're fr:' Teachuis must attend a pre-
ctrl rCicatiit workshop prior to autrividing th~e prograrn. Join us in an adventure in

Teacher WorkshopS In order for teachers to participate with their workshop teachers will receive program materials
students, 1hey must attend a workshop. The day for the site iher will be vsitiing. an information
program workshops arc scheduled on teacher folder and an Activity Guide for teachers. This one-
workdays and are aprcimrnaqcly 7 hours in length, time certification is good foCever, provided the
Camping workshops are about i6 hours in length teacher confinure to participate in the program
over a two d.w wevkecnd All pro.rim worhlhops ire every two years,
conducdd in the eurly fall and winter, Al the

Iinwu: 30*0 cv
C. routi1 !Sie: 59 4n11d 1t$1.41. li ill Inuirn 25 St l.f!!et
and adults
Tratn lrtktion: PffA'Lk by b 'l.iilii..! L[1IoLI rrr le
County Public Schools.

Shark Valley 4i&Grade
Sflhdentr board an opea- air tram for a 5- mile
round trip witlh a ranger. Alo)ng the. way teacher
p site prcp heps the Iudent,5 re:inforc the
-Cln-;l:el.. O Watcr foW, food chLirtsj, native oi Itures
i1ira; and fauria. H;LI].wIn. there ia a %1op at a 06 rFxIt
Ob4-wrvajlio rulker. where studeno. have hindi1 and
thun trek up to the plaIiuriE LC gLve out (o I h4
]rangv! wilderness east of the Nhtimmkippi. TIecher
are asked to conduct post- sicate ivit iJes With theti

Roy Pal m/Long Pine Key Grdes 5 and 6"
Rangers guidi students on a v.alin ; lour of the
Anhinga Trail boardwalk. Teachers teamn tach with
the rangers to help students kcarn about the park's
frrai le habitats. Students will visit 3 habitats on this
visit, After their first stop they proceed to the Long
Pine Key picnic aira for lunch. Then it is off to visit
the wnnderS of a Iropical hardwood hammock,
sawRr-.s. pr;dri. and the pirnlnds, Students learn
concepts of water nlw, flo d webs, habitats, Ira
and faurnIUan. 3. liU II1pLl..h ll firV;e.


Day Programs

Three-Day Camping
Program ms

Davy: Monday- Wednesdy or Wed ne-,day -Friday'
(im4p sjif: 6 26tudcnua i Badults Miniimium
kwderlil awduts
N'r;uiyjxir1;iti in ot F'r'VidCd

Hidiien Lake
A Ranger gtgt te group x et Etirnet rI Co
Visitor Cttirir and procatI to het very hidden
canflhp%1c. After an ini)iar pric ai inlrcwluclinI-,
sudenlsL will, over Ih e ht" da-, P;irricipraie in a
variety of Activiuiks that MW hwhidu dry and wet
hikms. evening prograrn. star KAnn. caricluing.
archeoloff &rael. journ~aling and ~d~artlitte lxprc%-4L111
Thwpe parcipants sleep in tents and have atcets t
potable water, re roms, witduo grills, a large
shelter for me-tals and a Wazilpfiy ring, Hiabiats
travrseTd might inlUde: SawgrA0S pfirire pinehadsu,

Scheduling a Program

'I'uhErcan rmgler (Ir any program by going to
our web site at uv-ww.np` % 9v"LvL'VVT!4 Simplv dick
on T.LIMUL %rILi% X'V1h A Ranr- arnd fill out tie
tL1iim;IILJIL fori lOT Ifor the prnii you wish to
arrrcid. TransportakLon may he provided to
qualifying schoubh. RL*gr;a11mucm Nvpici;il VOpen
during the firm week -of cho1 fhillcming Summer
break. Reseradonu aare nu ai..c.pcd Via Jp)Iurnb. faX
or mail- It you need futrhcr asistsance you can
con-tact the Lducairion Office Monday Friday Ko:o
-4:00 at 0lo) 242- 7753.

Read to Succeed Miccosukee Traveling Trunk
This comprehensive trunk provides 4' 5* teachers
with the opportunity to teach about our local
Macc(uklcc Indian Tribe. The trunk contains a
teacher's activity guide, 37 books (one for each
lirunt', costumes, canoe, stick ball sticks,
miitnure flag, doll, rattle and a small sweet- grass
basket. The trunk can be checked- mut for 3 wces,
TIhe trunk can be picked up Mud returned at Shark
Valley during i' ular bs Cinev hours. The trunk
must be reserved in advance hf calling the
Education Office ai (Vjk) a24- 775t

Everglades Media Library
Teachers may request one of our Ivcrladre, Miedia
Libraries for use in the clarSOom. I'-Ich library
includes a variety of Imdia thai ailm to famiilirie
students with Everglades Nainaal Park and its
many resources. The media ibrawy Is wsi to you
with a postage-paid envelope for its return. To
request one of our media librari-!. call 3 241-
77c. VidioeS are only available in DVD format.
SLIpplirs are limilcd, and are available on a first-
c.rnnL, iirsi serve bis,


tropical hardwood hanmmok. .;jc ypr dcme nd a
reclamation site,

Loop Road
Rnnger greet the group ai the Loop RcKid
Education Center. After an initial series of
introductions students will, over the three days,
participate in a variety of actti vit that might
include dry and wet hikel, evening program, star
g~uin% canoeing, archeology Miccosuket Indian
'11 1d, jnurnalin and artistic expression, water
dcleW, tad La Iram rip. The participants sleep in
rentI and h-ve access to pouable water, restrooms.
outdoor grill., a Large Aselter for meals and a
campfire ring. H;ihia% 1aMversed include: sawgrass
prairie, pinelands, rpicmpal hArdwQo0 hammock and
a cylpeSs slougdh.

Traveling Materials

II Il ~re

~ ......~

la~r ~ ~ Il

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