dLOC Training Aggregation/Collection

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This collection will be used for training dLOC partners on the systems utilized by dLOC.

Different versions of this training may include:

  1. Metadata
    • Theory
    • Entering a new item within dLOC
    • Editing an existing item within dLOC
    • Serials and adding a new volume to an existing title
    • Anything else we want to talk about 
  2. Imaging
  3. Structural Metadata Creation and Quality Control Tool
    • Theory
    • Quality Control Tool
    • Adding pages to an existing item
  4. Batch Processing for dLOC
    • Metadata
      • Spreadsheets
      • MARC records
    • Documents
      • Image Processing (METS Editor)
      • FTP
      • Hard drives
    • Upcoming changes
  5. Archiving and Preservation