Mbadi-o, Dem Dei-o

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Mbadi-o, Dem Dei-o
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Field Log
Field Log
Bristol, Charles ( Performer )
Joseph, Newton ( Performer )
Joseph, Sidney ( Performer )
Allert, Sonnel ( Performer )
Joseph, Gorine ( Performer )
Alexander, Willie ( Performer )
Caliste, Canute ( Performer )
George, Lenus ( Performer )
Joseph, Matteson ( Performer )
Sylvester, Avoide ( Performer )
Joseph, Conrad ( Performer )
Anjou, Clyde ( Performer )
Joseph, Kingston ( Performer )
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wake game/story-song
Spatial Coverage:
Grenada -- None -- Carriacou -- L'Esterre


General Note:
Grenadines, Carriacou, Afro-Caribbean
General Note:
A wake
General Note:
L'Esterre 7/62
General Note:
General Note:
Caribbean 1962
General Note:
The performances on this session are part of a wake. They include chanteys (sailor songs) cantiques, and quadrilles. In his field log, Alan Lomax names a number of individuals who participated in this session, and unless otherwise specified they are all listed as "possible" performers. Many of the recordings can be heard on Caribbean Voyage: Saraca (R0ounder 11661-1726-2) and Caribbean Voyage: Carriacou Calaloo (R0ounder 11661-1722-2).
General Note:
Alan Lomax`s field log lists the age and profession of the performers as follows: Charlie Charles Bristol – 57, seaman Newton Joseph – 51, laborer Sidney Joseph – 37, sailor Sonnel Allert – 32, seaman Gorine Joseph – 51, laborer Willie Alexander – 80, sailor Canute Harris – 34, shipwright Lenus George – 16, student Matteson Joseph – 42, shipwright Avoide Sylvester – 32, laborer Conrad Joseph – 43, fisherman Clyde Anjou – 50, laborer Kingston Joseph – 39, sailor
General Note:
Call-and-response between the lead singer and chorus. This performance includes trumping or doption (i.e., rhythmic inhaling sometimes used to induce trance) and is part of a Nancy story (wake song/story).
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Wake Group

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