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Title: That first sunrise was spiritual
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Title: That first sunrise was spiritual
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: January 6, 2000
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20 Thursday, January 6, 2000. The Daily News Op BiOn

That first sunrise was spiritual

Olaser Davis, an ecologist. is a
Daily News contributing columnist.
lie lives on S. Croix.

It was 4a.nt. on Jan. I, 2000. the
St. Croix Hiking Association and
friends hiked Jack Bay and Goat
Hill in the dark with flashlights to
see the first sunrise ofthe 21st con-
Goat Hill is 672 feet above sea
level, a halfa mile or a mile west of
Point Udall, It was here on this hill
looking down cast on Point Udall
that the big-orange-ball sun lit up
the heaven on the eastern pan of St.
Croix. As we looked at the sun ris-
ing from the surface of the ocean, it
seemed, we all filled our cups with
apple cider and toasted the new cen-
The millennium means many
things to many people. I look at the
millennium from a creation perspec-
tive. In the book of Genesis, it spoke
about the creation of the world from
the Judeo-Christian point of view.
As we hiked through the darkness
to reach Goat Hill. I thought of how
it must have been to live in a world
without light. But God in his wis-
dom saw it fit when lie said. "let
there he light." Thus the day became
light and the darkness became night.
This brings us to the first day of cre-
ation. Here God divided the firma-
ment from the firmament. The
waters were divided which were
under the firmament.
The firmament we know as heav-
cn which is above the earth. The
third day of creation God created
land. sea. and plant life appears.
According to Genesis. God gathered
the water under the firmament
together into one place. This was
called sea. The dry land was called
Earth. Then, the earth environment
brings forth all kinds of vegetation
after its kind yielding seed. and the
herbs and fruit trees yielding fruit

after its kind.
Thus the earth
with a bio-diva
species of plants.
of creation, sun.
became visible. G
light in the firman
which divided th
night. Both sun ar
ated for signs and
and years. That's
from heaven, the
and the moon give
The days and y
by the Earth rotati
So spring, winter.
gives us our scaso
years. The stars
dunng the fourth
On the fifth day
said let the ocea
abundance of mar
and streams were
God with the ah
water organisms,a.
During the fifth
God also created
after its kind. Befo
creation came to a
the marine and bit
and multiply the s
On the sixth da:
earth brought ford
ture after its kin
creeping thing I
lizards. If you real
of Genesis carefi
notice that everyth
ated was good. An
the eco-systems w
he said it and it wa
ing of itself create

In other words, God spoke the exis-
tence of all life on earth.
Also. on the sixth day of creation,
IS10s1 God created man giving him domin-
S ion over all the creations of the
With the creation of mankind.
God blessed them, and said be fruit-
- ful and populate the earth with your
kind. And so the earth was populat-
was propagated ued with the human species subduing
was propvaru all other living creatures under his

moon and sta God went a step further and said,
od said let there be let every herb bearing seed which is
eont of the haven upon the face of the earth and every
we day from the tree bearing seed. it shall be for
d moon were cre- food. It seemed like God reinforced
for seasons. days to man when he said, to every fowl
why the rain falls ofthe air. to every beast ofthe earth,
sun sets and rises, and to every creeping thing upon the
s it light at night. face of the earth therein. I have
Wars are controlled given you every green herb for food.
ng around the sun. It is seen from creation. man was a
summer and fall vegetarian until the earth was
ins throughout the destroyed by the Great Flood that
were also created Genesis. chapters 7 and 8. talked
day of creation. about
of creation. God Ar the close of earth creation. God
n bring forth the saw that everything that he made
ne life. The rivers was good. In fact. God said it was
also created by very good. "And on the seventh day
mndance of fresh God ended his work which he had
made: and he rested on the seventh
* day of creation. day from all his work which he had
he fowl of the air made. And God blessed the seventh
ire the fifth day of day, and sanctified it. because that
close. God said to in it he had rested from all his work
d life. be fruitful which God created and made."
a and earth. Genesis 2:3.
y of creation, the I believe God can make the whole
the living crea. earth creation before we can blink
d cattle, and our eyes. God didn't need to rest
Ike insects and from his creation. But you see.
d the first chapter everything in life is done in such a
ully, you would way that we human beings will be
ing that God cre- able to understand the purpose of
d as God created living.
ith living things. Remember, the millennium is just
as so. Thus noth- an extension of God's creation to
itself, but of God. mankind.

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