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Title: Students give recommendations to address environmental problems
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Title: Students give recommendations to address environmental problems
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Publication Date: April 2, 1999
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20 Island Life The Daly N ws. Fnda. A n 2. 1999

Students give recommendations to address environmental problems

This is the seventh column on the
south shcre research project con-
ducted by Momca Manm oand lani
Fieabel. two former studenal at
Country l)ay School now attending
college on the mainland
I pmwisCd Monica that I would
publish her research findings in my
"Our Fnvironnmen" column in dhe
Virgin Island Daily News on the
envornmental ldegradation of St
C'lois ssulh sihore, this is a prmm-
ise I must keep.
As a people. we nflel talk fnren
both side of our mouth when it
comes to aow young people. People
who know me personally know hal
I believe in doing. nm jut talking
Well. in this case. I will let the
young siteists talk.
"While each of u carries E colt
acteria with in. it potenamu dni-
ger music not be andresiemanaed It is
the sane F cotl that led so deadly
etbreaks in the past year. and
forced the recall of many prOcessed
food timqn. mint mtlMble among
them heel and chicken. Teachers in
the aIrem studied made mte of teoc
cutting outibeeks of Akin rtddiiones
Jnd enipltng so anmotng children
ho, reh larly swim at some of the
more seonisy affected hetches.
Flevaed water termpensures were
worded at several l calme. oe-.
mist among Ihem Anguilla and
Rum factory Besch. While the like.
ly ause at thee two locations is dif.
ferent. he end lesulh y well be the

came. At Aipillt the problem is
cotmpouitddy ewry high bacteria
levels. whicl will thrive i even
greater nuMns as water tempeMr
lure rise ittin limits. Above nor-
nml water ietoratures ca and will
lead to marit hahitl loss. and a
c.mequeM sa orf nrine inimlsi
from oa wats.
The a vra pH in our oceanes
vaies from I-11 4 on die surface.
and 7 4-.' at deeper depths
Ileaolhby oceal'enwlmonments have aI
nattual buffeewysm that regulates
pit mid keep within th appropri-
ate healthy nrage
Mamne lifeannot live lng oul-
ide of these i Nauralpll can
be affected y various factors.
Including nutow from breweries.
ltadrims. taking plants. unteiated
sewage. and wse cid trnm indus-
trial sounies. fo und healthy nd
consistent plliges at the western-
mo s beachesiludied pecfincally
from Good tape west to Sandy

However. Arport Reach. Rum
Factory Read ard (aton Esuary
all revealed leIsthat were far fomn
normal All uohese aforementioned
siles recoted II levels below 6.5. a
mre acidic rel in heallhy ocean
water. an onh ireveil definite
signs of palhlutn problem.
While we ard mitany opinion.
which dilffredolidely as he cairse
or water polluon amd beach degra-
dtlion along or islinamt souhweet


shore. what was more surprising still
were the varying degrees of
epretssed concern from those wihn
acknowledged hti a pollution prob-
lem exaied in the arei.
We heard from some lobster fish.
crmne. who pointed out. probably
correctly. that shdllfis thrive in the
nuilrent enriched watra "frithlired"
by ewwge runoff So long as their
catch levels remain high. three I no
The tact that lIbsters absorb con-
centrntins of bacteria through their
gills, which is in turt concentrated
in their digestive Iracts. and may be
psined on to those who consume the
contaminated shellish, was not of
significant concem
Buyer hlewre There are legiti
mate differences of opinion, ind yet
where issues of huiatn efely arem
involved, or issue of Species Owe.
vosal is at stake. we would hope duit
all of our alned people will line up
on the sde of health safely, amid Ahe
preservation of our indigenoui

At lime when our tourist
dkpendent Ibland are actively court
ing the ru at owing ceo-ourism
markets we canotl affol ts con.
lemptouly flaunl an emwi.nncen-
al diregard in our visitort faces.
There is a dollar and cent ratio-
ale for he common seine stwges=
lion that we seek to peserve what
we have. and in the degree that we
can. restore what we have Inslt
When he inhabitants of the original
Paradise were given dominion over
the earth mi animal. whn dwelled
in it. it was uderstnd to be a stcw.
ardahip rather then an ownership it.
When our own Amereano Paradise
in hlie tIo us. desitrved by our own
hind what id of Nod awaits un.
Fant of oar I'den, wailing to take m
in? It is only ihmngh increasing gen.
cal public awareness or the prhbirm
and educating people to the likely
owurs, and certain affects of pollu-
tion thai we might hope to eventual-
ly findl soltilios
Without personal and govermmen.
tll acciontabilily. and carefully con-
sidered solutions that tbrinmg 8wern.
ment. industry. and private chlirens
together in a cooperative effort, we
will nol stem the tile that leads ts
inevitably toward the k tsofoir pai-
adis. One hopes it's not t loo late.
Thin second part of this column
gives the recommendalaiis the
young scmiensts came up with Io
address the serious environmental

problems on she south shore of St.
"Tne folkowmg rcommcdalmns
arise from our observations and
interpretation of the initial data We

goingg efforts to educate
young people in the school hitting.
and adults through public wsrvice
announcements. community wiork-
dops. and locally produced ielevi-
ktan documentaries, be increased
ami intensified to develop wide.
spread awareness of the problem
Provide incentives for educe*
tonsat and peslferional development
for local individuals wishing lit pur
sue professional career as envimn-
menial scientists and ensoimmiiental
science educators.
Utilting the services of profes-
siomnal scienustt. father and publish
late relative to the concern
expressed here. ind perform a tom-.
prehensie slvury or the entire
Virgm Islands and their sum hadinh
waters. iicloont all nff-tol e f ca>y -
Next week. I will continue with
the lecommendatmsts the young Sc-
clstll gave on to address the prob.
lems on the south coast of SI ('nix.
This 0Urti, n/-liert ihe ,Ioo of
(Nwvys fIliV. Ui .ir (n14 rNitAlar,
rtivrii amid aiwre wihtohs ia omaterr
of 'imre deprev in umae muanWge
mentl amid fresirs enogs.

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