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Title: Davis continues on Beal Aerospace's land deal
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Title: Davis continues on Beal Aerospace's land deal
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 30, 1999
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The Daily News. Friday. April 30. 1999

Island life

Davis continues on Beal Aerospace's land deal

I bad no imention ofwriting noth-
r article about Bea Aerospace
Technologies bease everybody in
the Villi Islands who read the local
new pepasand listen to the radio tal
shows know where I stand on the
isses pestahning to Beall propotd
drvelopenteast of the Grea Pnd.
From a child. I was taugh by my
piuentls to be hoIMnest and tell tbe tmrh
even though children will always be
children in "ying to ge sway with
something they hWe done wrong.
However. what caused me to write
this artidc is what Wale Gaes, direc-
tor of Cooperate Affairs of Bea
Aerospace said in the April 19. 199.
Daily News. "he never seen dithe map.
ad he questioned its acurcy" This
statement referred to the discussion
Gaes. others and I had after the bike
at the Great Pond about two weeks
ago hen I presented maps to them of
the art
You see, I fimd ifetobe inuestisng
Gates never made the statesmt of he
questioned the ma" of the Great
Pond boundaries while we were as the
shoreline talking aboum how the proj-.
ect mighin itaci theor
Everybody who knows me peson-
ally knows tha am a sighft rwwd
penon and don't hold back. Believe
me. there is no misunderstanding
when I tal If I am wrong about
sonelhing. I will apologie to you

whether i is a private conversation or
a public oe. Gaes called by co-wek-
er at the Daily News office dta after
noon alter the hikernot realizing that
the person he called is my co-worke
Funbermore, he doesnu know the
adsthey advmtise indbeVirgin Islands
Daily News about the so-called fats
about Beal Arospace that the paper
was founded by ry uncle 1 Antonio
Javis and Arid Mehior Sr. in the
1930s. What I am trying to say Mr.
Gaes. one must tell the mth for we
live in a small community and news
travels fast. My roots in these islands
ae deep without even talking about
my family ae. Gaes admitted he
never saw the nups of the boundaries
ofthe Great Pond area
s, he made such satensnt, "he
questioned the maps accuracy"
though he saw them. I am not stupid
ad what said in the darkness will
come stolisgt ifnow later about the
company intation to build near the
Great Pond area. A few weeks ago, an
article appeared in the Daily News
entitled, "Davis questions Beal
Aerospace Tnue' lnctions."Today.
I still stand by ny conviction that Beal
Aerspace is lying to the people of the
Vtgin Islands.
Also, I mentioned there were
rumors about the fonner adminisra-
ion in recent article I wrote about
sone deal dithe govmnat had with

Olasee Davis

Beal Aerospace about land near the
Great Fond. Wll, I found out nrecely
that it was not rumors, but our frmer
goeroor did bme discussions with
Beal Arospace Coimpay. The fernier
Governor wrote a letter dated
December 30. 1998, to the Senate
President Lomaine Berry, about a bill
he intended to send to the Senate
regarding gSovemuent land in
"fcharwge" of land Beat Aerospce
claimed to have.
This govamement land includes the
"Cmp Arawk" property, which is
14.5 ares. The land is known as pr-
el S and 6 Estate Great Pond for the
exchange of two parcels dt Bead
apparently sqposed to have. One of
these parcels is plot no, 12 Essate
Grange Hill which sts of 5.044
nores, located at Grange Hill Nursary
ac ts the seet run Annas Hope
Adut DeleMion Ceai. The other
pated is Whimn EstaFte the south
sore between the shore and Melvin
Evans Highway was of Haens and
east of Good Hope School. This con-
sists somewhere in the neigbohood
of 10 ares give or takes a little.
I ms laugh fr most peop in the
Viginsan ads hav no idea walt is
going on with thin upposed Bea

rocket proposed plan ner the Great
Pod.t You Msee, some people win fight
you down when you salad up or the
mluh. I always say is God fa us let the
world be against us for their sin shall
soon find than ouLt.
For me, I am not afaid to stand up
fIr my people I am afaid when I
don't stand up for my people and whal
I believe tobe rh.A ot four politi.
cians don't havm te ge s to fight and
look out for the bet iiest of the
people in these islands.
Nevertheless, Beal got an appraiser.
Arkin Wheeler. Caribbean
Engineering Associates tha the value
to own was about equal to the proper-
ty of Camp Arawak. You know what
they said? Camp Arawak is worth
$432.000. This is an insul to the poo-
ple of the Virgin Islands. Camp
Arawak propeny is worth somewhere
around $1.5 to 3 million. W are talk-
ing about pristine watfroja property
with a historic site.
Here it is the people of the Virgin
Islands are being ripped off by those
high oflicials in this govanme who
are supposed to look out for our best
interest On the other hand, Beal
Aerospace is spending thousands in
ads saying they cae fix us Ths is bull
rap. Camp ArmakI land is part of
Bealtreq sistsor oning leastold
the exchange agreement of land

between Bel ad ihe goverman was
Sto the new administration.
I hope Goa.Trnbult does the right
thing by rejecting the Beat deal of
public tmst land. The whole isase of
Beat has taken up so much ofmy time
trying to educate the public about the
issueof te Grea Poand env
Some of my fends are now con-
crned tam I migh get eunt or killed
because I am going up against a large
company with millions o dollars. You
see people. God didat give me a spir-
it of fear. For what m might do to
me physically. they cannot kill my
spirit, lone for my people and faih in
If I get killed, otherlike me will
ise up i n bs like the d on
our beaches to protect these iMd
andtheirenirsoment The good book
fthou shal not beafraid lor the ter
ror by night. nor or the arrow that li-
th by day. Nor for the pestilence that
walketh in darkness, nor for the
destuuctin dilt wasethd a noonday. A
thousand dshal fal at thy side. and en
thousand a thy right hand but it shall
not come near the" Psalms 91: 5-7.
This waide W filtre the view of
Olme Da*is a St. Ooo ecologist,
activitit nd Wriff Wi has a maser
qrfs-an dqper i nage smasge-
ms rand frsmvy ecology.

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