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Title: Painkiller plant was used to cure many illnesses
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Title: Painkiller plant was used to cure many illnesses
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Publication Date: September 4, 1998
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20 The D*ly News, Friday, September 4,1998


Before I visited JamaicA in July, I
wrote an article entitled, "Slaves ate
starvation apple for its medicinal
uses, to restore their body." To my
surprise, many residents a ire st-
ed in the noni plant or what we call
locally painkilr or starvation apple,
Since my first article appeared in
The Dael New on the noni plant, my
office phone has been ringing off the
hook for information about the noni
plant. The enslaved Africans of the
Virgin Islands particularly those on
St. Croix ate the painkiller fruit for
This second column will address
what makes this plant a major pbar-
macologically active ingredient for so
many illnesses Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a
biochemist is the pioneer in the
research of the noni plant. He did
research from the 1950s to 1986 for
the Dole Pineapple Company, a
research iitute at the University of
Dr. Heinicke discovered an alka-
loid in healthy human cells which he
called "zeronlne." He found that

plant was used to cure many
insufficient amount of this eroie enhancing the host immune system."
in human cells can lead to serious Research slated, "Noni can also be an
health problems. He mentioned, Olasee effective burm treatment. Xeronine
"Only a negligible amount of free activates a specific protein-digesting
xerniDn is actually in the noni fruit, enzyme that quickly and safely
but the precursor of zerine 'pox- Our removes dead tissue from bums."
ronie" is present in the fi in 4sg- Emino t This past school year, a friend of
noficant amounts." This xeronine mine went hiking with me and a
becomes active when you drink t a group of school students to Annalyb
cofthCae noniPlanth to look again of what the Bible saA and Wills Bay. She saw the noni
"Nod fruit also omtains the iac- ...the leaves of the tree were for plant and she explained, "Olasee I
ive form of the enzyme needed to thebaling of the nations." Probably, used the painkiller or noni juice and
release xeronine from proxeronie. we need to think siously about what put it on my body and it helped pro-
For noni to be effective, this -proca- we eat because man's original diet tect my skin from sunburns." This is
zyme" must be properly activated, was fruits, vegetables and grains somebody locally who testified about
This is why noi needs to be taken o according to the biblical creation of the power of the noni juice. The oni
an empty stomach. When it is, the manld. juice is good for treating burns and
critical proenzyme is able to escape If this is the case, then the food protects skin from sunburns.
digestion and enter the intestines, that God provided for mankind co- Some scientists ai telling us that,
where it can be activated and used by tains all the nutrients and healing "Noni makes people feel better
your body," said the "Health News," powers whenever we get sick. Plants because xeronine converts certain
which that published information on play a major role in the healing of brain proteins into active receptor
the Goi plam. man'sbody. sites for eadofphins, the "well-being
For this reason and more, the Research by A. Hirazumi and oth- hormones." Ticy also said, "in addi-
xeronine can almost alleviate any ers on the noni plant indicated the tion, noni can improve digestion
symptoms of disease known to man juice "signiifcanlly increased the life because it enablslarger molecules of
along as the d is causedby the span of mice with lung cancer. The digated material to pass through cell
lack of the alkaloid. Maybe we need nonijuice seemed to act indirectly by membranes." The alaloid also eser-

gizes and regulates the body they dis-
This particular alkaloid has never
been found in the body because the
body makes use of it immediately. At
no time Dr. Heinicke said," ... there
is an appreciable, insoluble amount in
the blood. But xeronine is so basic to
the functioning of proteins, we would
die without it Its absence can cause
many kinds of illness." This is why
the juice is a powerful medicinal
For this reason, the xeronine has
the ability to help cure or treat many
diseases such as high blood pressure,
arthritis, low blood pressure, poor
digestion and drug addiction. Today,
scientists found out the xeronine in
the noni acts as a pain reliever.
Dr. Heinicke stated,"... as we
age, our ability to produce xeronine
diminishes, and many of our environ-
mental poisons block the synthesis of
the alkaloid as well."
Next week's column will focus on
the testimonies of individuals that
used the noni juice.

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