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Title: Individuals testify on successful treatment of noni plant
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Title: Individuals testify on successful treatment of noni plant
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: September 11, 1998
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Individuals testify an sI
This final Coleano n 0 theb o~o.banssav treated that1 patients
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Friday, September 11, 1998 18

Lccessful treatments of noni plant

e l-- Joh Bowb. hid bn e di-
Davis B-bm alklttlIeri OLWr 0 f0 is t i. lodid cado0"
.di0tf1on. 11 diff.e- I drug
^^^^HPI 1,lmen Rodjtl IBra.
:o0ic iamed.e. BWvetually, lh
a~~do~ac ~ doctos gave eiopeai b^'.~'~~ ec3;
3.y pec.4od t(B bo 00 d0en w3000 aoP a 100000.0
'wss0It!1101tl.l.1I =' lbpl -M
,WhI. I s.9Wo t010ni,! d takoeIp .
w0 .M.poectdiy 1e.d. I .mxB- He wu only 35 y7. old 04d
lybblon 00o 3 fl0 d.y .b.fore 10 0 w.eldI0 feh0 4.1i0114o0
0 period 4 endu...e 0eve0e and pol for Gto ra O( hi life*.
,0.p0 d40t3hGoi3i0fi0ew d0ys0of O0 doy. a .14nd caled 1i04d
0easau0a00.4 W1ith a.. I bad no 1to4 him hy 0 b1 cha e 10a.
0000.p105bofolo .0.1..00p. 10100. Al 3001. bo 0. .100540.2.d
goldbut h hd ntbln to wose slnc
I orn Bn0o I poiod bu .100 Gt doolooogoeop OB hi0.
wyld~rbrf~ 40. tigue30.1" 300,0001014."After Goe 00.
K... Iob.oo la uio1 day of o.., I wa. able to
vo14.l d10al Ioollfd .1a0bol .beo*al 0100,.1 0110100 1004l 10a Gyb or
ie. Johnsona ,ad a hard 10 tine l looint o 70 yM0."
ed bS k1 bocao ofaevren Tbre we0e 1y t0n Bow-0 w1
aniji hio blmca b era COuldn't do baua of llio
11 .0a1of. '0a weeic afte I a .1110 mrtbri0.1 Ha aed, -1Si1.0 010010
we eldkig .0, I ba. to feel 1.n I 0awbeehavb.o. o.ahop-
nIoooon like wet polt oB Go png o0 my OW. L BE0r0 ,0 o4ld-
o0 00do of my ebo. So i1 't wal. to. the Gnd of the block
M(Ukotcoollbreo.nlTh0foltog witho10 severe pIlo." Today,
00ayed for 0 few d.ya,8 and t1e Bower3 la op aId .bout dotog
water 0on my kaee dilpatod. 1 . .. for bbm.IL
hadn't" ahem medication or Tradltloat Xrt4llim Ja TaltI
c00a0edwa.llwa reeomo. d Gat 0 plo Ik Go .
boe. ooopO fob Uklg .no0ijo"o. or p..l0flar1int0 be10 .1 Itla faoly
p010 for 10 yea. becoe of adhk placed f a jtr ul direc auullbL.
upte hi Ua back. He bad two When the trdit la fully rpe. t la
oogoerieo, b1t thG pain .0nal0ed. thee mashed into a p0ree aod the
"I7en. be cook tGeo oa.1Ieo. sad 10 juie Ia ex.raced tIhough a 0001b. I
made&ablgdiffereoo. blow Of one ibivldgu tha uaof
He ld. "I =m now ot of the his blander to mae theo tooi jlic.
b0ace I wa wearig... NI0iju/ce Tabiti bheballalo oloaed
1a0 improved my condition for mow peopl= 10 take two tabl-
e00o0ab 1h0. cn tolerate my spoons per day. Tb.e )lce should
chronic back pall. Even wIlthoul be laken I 210 mowil before.
dM2ak4. It every day. I *0ove me&lw Do. lHouoke mto0 Tor o
around without lliplng and wih-. seriously sick po-o., laking the

Juice oa -a e0 stom0 h rare-ly
pose. problem becuos tbe
pathat is too sick to wat to e1
anything. However, for the aver-
oge perso who wants to drink

. LUke what was mentioned
be1o001 0 e G uio 1 honid b2 U.1n
before breakfast. Noel
thauId not be utlet wit tobacco,
offee o. 0 otoboLM These
1do0 can cau0e side ehfm1t. Dr.
Hninick. recomened. only the
gb tat. fhnb t toud be =ed
poaeaU8 and ie,- undesirable flai-
vor. N10i juie owl bo mixed with
011000010t12a0 -t. 4010...

other f -lI juie if o d1 rd0.0
The shelf Ulfe of non/Jio jt$af
18-.24 monhs of probably loge"
Y1 en PNkld in a b0 gh0. ssI
oontat1 Who open o w oe. hVe
51Ioo nuut be p10o la toe .0015-
enlo0 to m.200int.1. 110vo. Tbe
= 21&"M o. the "on t pl 0ow0
!F1 on the n ethside

.10o04.. 00 10.01..114
Ptlan oft.
Boo product ittorawlioo o0
Toni juo01 you c0 0oa0ct Car.
1Oy. H- Wfcfau t 772-1943. Al.o,
yOU cm em.U to iatolt0iplo. World Wide Web:
htlpp:// or 0 aII
(800) 748-2996. Oa Goe interior,
youan eu ook up (Mariaded ftrfo-
0) or just mori4d 1 which .1 the
81)e01it01 0,me of the painkiller

Th.s artle reflects the view of
Olaoo Davi. a So. Croox 0eolo-
.isto a,.v .st and writer who ias a
00a00e of sc0e0.0 detre-oo 2. 0.28
.00.05000.2 aod f~oresty ec00lo17.

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