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Title: Virgin Islands cactus numerous and beautiful
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Title: Virgin Islands cactus numerous and beautiful
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: January 31, 1997
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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Virgin Islands cactus numerous and beautiful -

(tw imapisd by L~l CoL Car
fse at the Naaonal Guard.
a ner sid of miane 6fr t
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wriEkts aicek M caus
Beside her demanding job s a
pilot he is a se ie. especial.
lycaci aad scclea pleas. Cacms
o amoag ta msem t m iqos e and fiu-
inaiitgpla oca n ea .
Tbhoulh millions of years of
evolution. caesu wen Ibie to
deveop is some of the moS oaheso-
piable evioo n ca o nratnk.
Toese plals were abe to adap.
to bee dry esaviseactis beccee a
heer ability t sloa wler. ANl caae
have extensive root system that
cza .bsoeb $ra quatailes aof waer
duringlongperiodscofdatd egL
Tier spio provik de as of
defense against desert herbivoes.
The swollen bodies of cmes ad
Sami lack t non daio leaves
catne she pibnt e v lba surface
exposed tohe ir a rom slch mois
am can c aporales.
GCsratlly sxipek i in, es people
thiik of cacti and socakle plans
grom i dry ares only. Sch camas
s thie COislaseU cam are native
to moist opica fest
Stia iner suctlest plats ae
foead is higb elevadon whese am.
pamrmuse dso low. and others sill
are foud along the coast where
they exposed t full su and se
spray. Tie coti are one type of
msuccalea plant. They e meebe
ofibeCuaae family.
A ave acm is disiapisbed by
i=e ONes=c =2 of m coles, s ob-
tihe body of tbe plas.
CoWs spines roots ad sowes
Always grow from tbese areoks.
whesean spaes on succulea ph"
otber hae acal gow dtescly ou of
tae body of the plan.
The Victim bland. bae many
ryprsavegetuatiua abirta.
From moist and dry forces. to
hom, catus anid samb foba wheem
racumoea plans ply a mps role in
the dries pauts of ourislaa.
There ate bo maice species of
cteus in Bhe Virgnr Islands.
On the eat cad of SL Coa. you
will lied the (Melocacks waretus)
STwuk Cap Ccis.
This rate species in ibe wild
grms an exposed rocky cBiff and
-ockiy slope ases aloog the east

"lb piaba ib Siar Loan peI acm a d te l w nway, ou In aslabdlsoc. Ro dkhu have
way to fllesy beigh pink (rlchO w1l help prs -ser our ainve wesme 0 a a ecy or tam
which We edtle. Wilhic nt pi- OlSee sadesa o( cactiand a uccleol car aur Ideal for co msai a
isl kri. c e m dall black. D!vOiS ph sock pldea
The column cattes (Ceplalo. May of or native ccti ad For ok gudesthe bMs cdoic
arena rgeEii) gmesc (een Mackr- r sucaleo pas m dsppeai is somc uatlie to your m. Sihe
all BayoTaaes Bay otfSL. COix. 1kM d 5 euo llald deepopal la loa iion b alo iupeL
This Bee-like cac with ihe .he Vii ifds. Rock plinas psown in the wild
column braces covered wihb e Bdic M cacm padN an mally Afod sel n l &Moaldi mnk
spimes, asadou amoig clbat y anyuviommt Me impsa tm ooW add M 1 tmral beauty to a land- dcha sll povidtoe aialledt
syp v of rep e aM l IIeMew i n,. blisandscomy. spelewayode im ca. draia.. e b s aid means lag
dBelsto envhcammor ftKs e Soae speds lae meddcidl The embicadon of socks wh abw tr s. ps o wai h di=ned
dlad vl- as weil ls lhdKcspe pe dmiaune. ddlikce-lo1ig plans of. Above all, rok puade pleas
Te flowers m paie whit sh or 1. One woeld think liSig a brisns to mind raUed sasural should be low growini and coon-
yelowish. Pollinated by bats, it iland wbhwe is a w sited f0ite m ae- csais acli b sea s r eroui p
blooms aUai01. tr ti people woold have acms msuCaicsnaou. Oane Dss Of e Aa r so ae r
Tena Cacis. Socker cactus, padres. Many peopic in O e Vigia hT l e, you an a.- a ocks t of mi dqseimt rariesemre-
crsss, and other species of cacti alandsi gow plants sqmi lot de by plhering corl and saoacs ot frey el, St
that live in the Virgio slanods' dry of wasr to maintima. Why Me pa o aong a baches if hey me Cbeiaachasiin. rim a== d wrier

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