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Title: Virgin Islanders must protect islands from over-development
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Title: Virgin Islanders must protect islands from over-development
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: May 30, 1997
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'The Daily News. May 30., 1997

Virgin Islanders must protect .

islands from over-development
Ieadwithinteest Mr. JUeA. J areas and forest areas, diverse
tley Sr,.'s guest ditorial May 22, marine environment, and many
ntilled, "St. John Needs Local Olasee othcr atributls of St. Coix mites
-lomrmeat and Park Service Pla- Davis It an island unique to the Caribbean
I.g Jointly." He stated, "This need Our segion. But St. Croix is fast devel-
r an master plant for the Cruz Bay oping without a master land use
rea and 11l government-owned 4 plan. The beautiful open rich flat
soperty must be addresed yester- fanaland and especially in abe cea-
y, as our needs are so critical tcr of the island an, fast developing
-. He further mentioned the the Virgin Islands but never hap- into a oncreejungle.
Eiabod Pood Polect would reieve pened. When Denmark purchased There are more stop lights on
some of the probd ces pdrkin. St. S oix in 1733 From Ie Frech, Queen Mary Highway than seven
in nb . .ls theisland.
traffic and air pollution in the Danish oflcals a he island- yeass ago. These stop fights pop up
Crut Bay area. Today not many Reimert Hangebac stied. -Ihe bccaie of deveinment aloog the
.people on Sl. John ame against the Danish West India and Ouinea- highway. Meanwhile, hundred of
Enisgbhed Poad Poject even though Company approved a plan that am, of good fanland have been
serious damage can occur to the would reguiste te pssi set. sacrificed for shopping cantors.
ol envtai e t t ment and development of he houses, schools and other a ss-
This Same Enighed Pond was Isleed, beginningwithhah d svey 4s. -Ilintetppl shopping
e- of mayalt poods tbeVir- andfowedbytheditibutad center goed farmland rnghinelt
toctod when the Virg.. Islands athe Danash govemme" awotl tyHi.ghwly.
at e e I I~aa S1 1 fit ll lgbr tatononQu
Planni- g Off co drew up plans for toplan the Virgin Islands in tho The rich agricultural soil that
c ial o astal a1rea sh I fo r te f t t tt tl o h he rioglew hug ala al that

dneg pugrcaefcaceti
OllSt.Teasweallanowh ipest be plan in the 1 c0Tns. 300 yeas t a mined today
raicm yro.idrve cntr latest pl an li the Virgin Ioslands Tiswte saeledwhe D.
Aaliey.Toey tl orde myasot o h dprhnlae Ln d sor otBon the m o fooghe t for
buina highway fromChb arottc ousesPland o"eFeehp n see on reanepianterstoBetbelc wa
Amalo eomy to eli"b" governor de or almost three a historical in tr of
sone of he r downtown, years. However, I am very con- grave sites, sugar mUis and other
They even talad about fli, in -emad for the future of these ia,.l iougc$smpotant to the
some of the harbor to creaoe the is, people of tbese Islands.
Tihwaly. hnS ^ivei gt: n yayth hWhy do we allow people to
Sa virnment by putting up shonp-
tinnsted bypass linking it with use plan a realty ,o that we caI fact.Sl olc does
main EL Evans Highwa. A. old have some = 00o.vnt over how lasnZd another =ui cenSt.
Clamo told that in the 1950s. we rw ande -1 Ti hl Mo. Shop-
th e f od m al g o v e rn m en t Mo W M inu d. p ,i s riy w e t e a ,,5 y IC-h1 1 pl S
b u d high ay from =.8? rnd. i s nd tof Sl C f haSt.C to l hs o lde POk S hn s ad
Pd. .ee to foderiklwd a many thgs to offer in terms of
bht the plan never cameue e "Posm-dev terlnmt I plismed 1 .to a,11hav.. tod be
becass Of local politics. comectly, Mad.t
A. early as the 1930s. many n many historical sinsc, rich ie
.eal Land plau wen developed far afilaltund history. wilderness 9W seo E 1RONMM. poW 29
Islands must be protected
Tb. how in Iho world w- the res" of these islands, we will
gi an ea..ab hange permit to fight to protect out c 'ulre and
sUtrw a bulldar to Imock down eavironmental hcritage. One way is
tree :Jpe gfv. *ires a Wd mine to inform our seatoi bow impor-
toil7 Some people fligo say I am tats a muster land ..e plan is for
gstatng oo eiotl. Bul the &ct oB ishaot. Lea d s not put off wtvt
of th matte, is tht the day will w do for today. Believe me,
Swhtm Queen Mary Highafy tomnarow i proiwed lo -o one.
bo. Fradmilated to Christiansted Otasec Davis.wo h a maO,
will be nothial but houses ud of s r ee I ros maag
coiecla devai IMer wd ]fow.wy ecolog,. is St
rf we really owe SL Crox and Cro"Iecor, actiis wid w

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