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Title: V. I. archaeological history disappearing
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Title: V. I. archaeological history disappearing
Physical Description: Archival
Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: September 19, 1997
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Bibliographic ID: CA01300919
Volume ID: VID00191
Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
Holding Location: University of the Virgin Islands
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I*s iewoaMW.Fety.,m.ptw,.1.97 ISland Life

V.I. archaeological history is disappearing

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bpll^aaod0oe^~ee l brla of be V ases s 1. l0
Wited tor- m.b.. .eb-oWa~ to, 0 t aen IfS. Ceo.W. 1t-a Iahee
found. Fea allfk J major e lop de we buried theFo. Today,
S l .hisotlo/ algetff- _____r__________ o__ ?tster is o r .1a llS o e aitl ha, bo.e desltoyed
f at.m.b boa ttotutlsool k cat Uore beo tdoaeyo hcooa Ioc.e. Arcosooloa a d aHeto wc it..ll rt a attopplna oiatr.
The davelopem claimed they the. ptpeein ar nol reglele FPIareotl DIvtsl o f pMmab.. Aad A you M- p p e, wahoe
tlo.aato ao.t=m .Where!. th It 7to.t Doth Roflatlr of5 N.. Bak.. .h. bater wlth lb. a.! ReaoaoaIfb hoe Wodby a .t1.,e derd.
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thl. Sothl. Mall whereK-M.n M=n. SotH. -M adothdera>e llke lt AklU irohaolodc alt d. .aN .ttoSd h lr .
today, luwe isodo et- flaipootteo.e tVbg! oilsedcu. e that dbaz al e.rly u 400 A.D. 0a oooholab. Vi. a od. No wood.r many of as Me ao
0a0 ot lb. daO~topnerIItore- .. ee peeood .e ..o .ootd wll poet... af S... dy b. 0: O eaw ft" dte !t=l bull- S... DAVISw. 10-
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Island Life a N-Amt. A. ap6..,r 10 ,I

DAVIS ON.Moeaero
People should take more interest in islands' archaeological studies
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