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Title: The late Cyril King a model for us all
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Title: The late Cyril King a model for us all
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 18, 1997
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Friday, April 1 8. 1997 20

The late Cyril King a model for us all

and accompltesheBU of the Intom o^^ l J 0850e to sew= on te tafiof a U.&Sotn

SgOinire othle Vi inllld 1961, ae wa Ooed by
that plised Act No. 5147'1.1986 10a Preidnt Jobe P. K1e8ny as
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doyofspyolni rogogiluot. _______________ lulrurou of Our. Ralph M.
S 1u u neIow uu. 187 of Pu.rwosnf y unl, Pfineoinly
(he V hhalds Code .01d dtnr weekrod. At times, KLug mighlt 0Pa0ic0n 10969. In 1969. Kiw g
"Aprl 7 of ouch year hoe birthday have tten we0 like other idos ated o goveno of the Virgin
uf Cyol nl E KrooroLog. shall he wbou .1uraintd oril hr 00.0 hosr tllandsN4 1/2 month0
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Doy in ho Viogn I 0 ApprM0- droop on tbe roof Of Mis prrots"' Biown, my brother, Education
pdotr oromono .ll0 be1 hold 044 b ho. Couaiodualr LiUlton D.vis and
adl public schooO hI thOe Virgio I 00m KOfg taw rhe fl=bg oeho founded the Ideprdnt ot-
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include 00 prrous, usmbII. 0d/ f0csb ydlow t&il old rwife. hik became the febood ertn d gomoor
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Kl1 g. ad tveof St. Croixgo Prorh 22.6 td. "rin p 6i blpof sorlacianOy. Be00e
iup .lo :e wbh grdoolunwu *dtfldinlbnwybeh .yhouldz0d. I left for college in 1977. I
themdooriado0thutiyoeiiodbloo d w.0 n he. 1old. he will not depaur 00n0se1 0410govemort 11at01would
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fle. Ao a boy. ho probhbly wanted 1001lib w10ftilh (1Gd.lholhiugu iboor 1.10.4010wha01ver 0a1nin91
the dusty 1on to 0c0oL he laed from his ps1.,5. eld0.1 relwd io my Tod=y,
Ukeo wmaay0oher h4ld0e00i people In his oeirounity. 0cho0 l mibe 1ever 0 of.usnouive Vlgoio
d. 1920s, K g pKgobly =.01 dt4w he=Ot ho.he lnoorof on the Islatdes hfll0ldKin'sdrlonsby
streams, caught fihes. crabs, environment. KiLg received 1i. ..ingoooem I.nohy.
011m0114lt trensd helped h iseducation hr S1. An's Catholic In 1977, King stald, '... and
patrl .0M0dte b0ouse Is. Tla Sdl a01S0d late hogradgoteduo S. abeve Bo v w.llnedto bh and
governor probably .t0 down like Mary's 0 t1e01c Sobool in C101-. rhe .01p,01 0d the 0doerlodlo
other y0u0g boys hi. age to eat 0 4d,. SC. 00 or the people o4f e Vblgin 1010sds.
00g8t cane with hi Ifriends on a He0 sered i4 the U.S. Aooy ad Our ability, ol1 capacity to cope
60m1 uboanif -uYO uated 100 Aiedcu 0a010i- with he challeges before s a0d
As kids, they probably tlked 0 In Wahigtoa, D.C., whoro hr th forwrd momentum we
about w. th would wh y wheo "n a W0on 4 i1 public 04041is-
(heygbrewoporwbelheywwoolddo lralbon, Laei O,, he further his
Ibe nt day afler oadotl ir the atudic$.in government, public V See .O.A8. p 19

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Who I .4 day h feanMe 00 ,ov.
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z =.oat t0 S :: 10 ,ss gootoogsS.

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