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Title: Sampling a taste of the past - kallaloo and fungi
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Title: Sampling a taste of the past - kallaloo and fungi
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 4, 1997
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Island Life

lTeDalyNeas.fday.p"l 4.1007 21

Besides lending hoich On
Go d Fridy. ihe holidays
.1. Al lime when hbdled of
IamlloIn. i he Virgin lIslnds gea
logldhet to celsbrne Ihs ouldoor*
by c .mping .nd hiking. However,
ihe Ir.dihiol Ssr holidays 5.0.-
hr.ll ine th lilands ha ohllogd
like evoylihln ing 0 h0ve
,eome Asmercaniied.
"h closing of orels in he Vir.
g in islands from noon on Holy
Thursday ln Salurday. tndltloo.l
d.,le 1l. s~to r-I~ltngr ll= +
tlon oosowe foods like 5.ans*d
olher cllsvilel are unfsmill(rlo
toay'. penmtleon. Today. Eauer is
SOfore the I96. we never hir,
boult Elter bosunny. They ev-n
h6V- h al-.VO tha, abbits lay
cos And you know. m.ay of un
believe einh noses.' As a people.
we hsve'c lnno snniey everybody
e se culle e txepl our own- What
changes 90 muc its the wsy we
camp out during the Brier toll
oaiao.mpin0 slnoe.0 i0 wi0000
vlllon. giT atove, micr'owve oven
and Ihe liken of moden conve-
dencee. Cooking on Coal pod.
wing nan, boa nleo.a e and
dil w.g dserdog of woods In yaik
Srre. fshblng, hunting sleeping
ends 1he sky ., night,, the
im in ihe ,Isvsns and as mra y
oher ayp thing were pyar of Ihe
u1 1 i pRig _1111iv00 In thes

a taste of the past kallaloo and fungi

In lhe old daya. grindy",n:l
m-d 0. gslaer everyone seeod to~ h
c00mp flon al nighI d sInk and o 1n

CrutanI kullaloo
"Yo' ialk bout yo'paae and
rime. Yo' like yo fish en .tew. bot
dat'. no dlish so -weer s nie like
SCruclan Kllaloo When ah wt
gn do. wid out bowl ih kallaloo.
n rell 0 yl no rlce. kllteloo an
ice alol ni10. Some like a dblh ab
good auftsy. wid plenty ah i51
mell. lon. Wen we hungry, we put
I *wey, bho we w0n 0tllaloo Oh. I7 l
0od.. we 711 like 1, d ` ble 1 ll it
oo. w el 0 v'0ly bil. it keep u* f0
a cian kl nlaoo."
"If you wont In lerrn Io cook.
get a y n.oll nd a bhookt. yo. wnl
In cook iUffy. listen god Io
whal I y. tiusyy Ihtia the Mufl.
Wn we never osn gel enough. I
doa'l Ors whet the itrngee ay,
Ceselan like a good masfay. If
you want no cook it right. ock Ihe
alt ihi ov nighl. pUi 11 On utld)
he bolltr aiso, Si, he for awhile,
I01 fo0el Ike 1o000o itow. mike Ithe
mulffay oolO lle bn'0. 50r. the
or pon ho apot. Mlalfay done,
take offihaal.-
Okra fungi and Flish
"Have you heard the news,


Sent Crudel.n 0 he bluoee, Ihe
slory goen like the, we like okra
fungi and fth. Cook i, any style.
sirsed, Molted Mied, lurnoe 1 bngi
Sof. a d' one will lsan she plats
ihm oef. OPA me to ownu. crn-
eal was atloond down. when you
Ilk boul allamIlty. thal ws flinO
safety. Okh Igi Mnd fish, wha
* dish. do you ans oka fustngi and
fish. l'l gol 0o boiler dish than

Wooedm wq" d OM men
On day I met a old womae
sellingg, ad I walend sometlng to
. I IboUghl I wa gogn o pul a
bh i hbr way. Bull s tlk bok when
I nee0 01 (ought .1w hod butseo
onigen or pan., bsl 0wl1 nothing
thal I need. For whin I uked Ibs
old woman whal se. ws ollIeg.
sn ald he wa winelas weend.
Sheo hd or dr lied 5p 0ve0
her wai. sod wu wrlgglirg down
the 0I. t. Sh had on a pain of old
alops on her feetl asodl w wriggling
down the irec. Jlt teno sue n.
ad to na.- he diffren welds. And
I really wa more Ihban gold.

Although I an'l rommbetor al IIthai
sln called. Tl, e a. a few sho lidl
Man Tiabba. woman liahbba,
Tanela fill beck snd I momn n,
ninny roel, glly o. goaomyb1,k-
bone. billterpaye, lime leaf and
loeyo. 1cool1 bitee. orllah buth.
thaI an Ihe old lime Iron weed.
iwel boom. yprot ansd wild da.a.
an Sweet fle and e in toyo. Sh1
had bite gomm. a ogee bombss.
coa lsue and 02 o'ck boom.
Saptrllla. wild tomato. .out sop
slf. and papa hitch wekt. Wild
emb. wild unen. wild led. amonky
Tlier. iThai. .ll0rer than wild bay
wolo. a leaon iuods *nd wveen
key kVoB, and aIr the w you may

When I heso how much luo h thlein
had. I wae dumbt I luldn'l even
5llk. Sh. inod 10 Call from C.pry
Cone.r, and never Syip Ill she
eachod Orang Walk. Its woman
had me so surpried lhal I dldnl
know what lo do. Thai my gill

elue and glive w A MCIiIn my ey
.nd I didn' .van know who was
Swelnt broom, we-l fale, and
oeon ges=. I kes Item good fsr
making los. and thon I bear bed
geass and wild daisy. Is good to
cool Iho body. n The woman's ongue
waell sn Iliplg. Sui she ws call.
Ing outi all Ihe Ilm. She en ted a
Iklnk .ma00 nye. And the othr Ihl
left was blind.
She hbad pap bus. alder bush,
blaLck pepper bush, thn soldler
corporal and 'ydulla. febien lIt.
nonoy bosh. soldier posely. pump.
kin blooms Mnd even devl de .e
demon ongon, gas sn glalol.
lhyuye nuo. aod lily tool. In (lai lhe
only bhoh he0 didn't hoe wa lhe
hboush fr Ito eIvcydu.y soup.
Ofls0 Doe,l who kae a $e
01001001 tfnsiry vc~o/y. isaSl.
Cenal twf0aisi. aeivoso and write,

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