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Title: Conference teaches about trees Forest plays a role in Puerto Rico's economy, history
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Title: Conference teaches about trees Forest plays a role in Puerto Rico's economy, history
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: November 14, 1997
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18 tohsDyNeNA Fdy, November Ig


Conference teaches about trees

Forest plays a role in Puerto Rico's economy, history

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However, the coa opet- species of frer mostly growing
ing remarks by Puerto Ricans within the Caledoola Valley. The
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Poe Ricsas also Iow their etand an mnbaof rm plalt. and
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gy and atel sw-yd land' Lacd in the 1700s, St. Croix bad
Soben imptan hor I~ thousands of green parts, but
PeoaRialiey. tody I doubt yoe will find a wild
With land, forest plays an greapermetotlhcislad.
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forest was looked upon by the mentel problems we fade ln the
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thm frcm viL deft estltion for coffee pMnlaio
Today, One of Puerto Rico's msejstafew.
most popular attrction is El In Fuerto Rico, the island is
Yesnt t fae. This uloWl divided bae moilal row,
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tree ordinance to protect teone camps. This practical eperiatc
wIbk oe monidpal astn tSh enforced what we learned in the
land mist nothree. meeting.
Weisthoeg l dlae Poce is the lugeal city i.
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vegetation Ithe property Peasto Rios aremilrt ofti
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... managing o fore to me lightlier, beowa, ordrksi. I
the needs of the present without found this 0s by talking to evtd
coopromising the ability of ftlane Perto Ricons. This depended on
goorationts to meet their owa wterb you live on he is land. Biu
Medics eatcigagliledl Puerto Ricans, on a whole,
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sbbaTd folkloric festival where food,
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Is many developments In the of people. However, ses part
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Poaes where we rated oe o as etrand ,teaMsld e'r.

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