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Title: Storytelling heritage aided by V.I. plant life
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Title: Storytelling heritage aided by V.I. plant life
Physical Description: Archival
Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: May 17, 1996
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Volume ID: VID00146
Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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Environment Th DoNyM Neve.%iy. T. I 1

Storytelling heritage aided by V.I. plant life
bO th' old doy -o -wvd -111
oorjor rol of = yoV0- lotioou -L, ligh ro-on hir*. The
t0re. This foro of .d wfdso 0 018
nrr.JiSfnold ue1x u H D^ nhibit rfrm lTbranchesof lhe unI tloaeof ll aumore
pau0d down from our ac0to0n. DaVIS "Thub-woa'a tue.'" desely covoed wish bien an the
Who were brought boa10 Ose mm ohIolt tlaveso 0 O e mm bh oooth plt wt.
o a W tr fl I s. Todoy i. soloon. dt o t toq bi lod ml b T ph*oitnoS Aroot plm-twhI a long h1i0-
st1ling poobobly 1ouoaltiul ow by itodpuoo 0 yl hejumbee beod
ou= luttu8.- I0e4 O. prt0 0 o .d Io drgnht Po u.s4 tof put thm e"d od
edto6rt. ih atIbe mey Im jib. Se e old b ys. id- black seeds fm ihe Jumbo beod
0r8ldolh~imlbe dpatt. t~~o~bes plb ouo d Ise-p Zu v hod , oop b ho.
tlelCmiuhoumov. Whentho Tbl tree dry olsuedff, irasuel bevibthm s, I d. SpiSt, SfrmSlSid
Ifcetay.I l~ooA.tpof.n- podgl ohloMo'lttoood.,l They Would th boub Iteb.oe t hhoot.. Ilt w b?.dtht
dtuol. lMtSI.uoga00 ath. aM loud tlun. 00und. Tlii bnoubio a wteotbo ouptto of I= wbyoteolbJm.oofotorodyouvt
lcmenpl1xhi si.totlAoUty0d l lhb. dtotoloto.1- bbo. Ifa. pO1dilmsbu.., Iis oyoeuroo eudwSethod
:m wtom e ptydopnt eur 01 0-l- -- wioh te asnlb h.b- out of your hout.. It l w .so
nimtou.nts* nA. e do The bush was o psowefrl. ift bt belitd th if you did nt have
tIhe 00010tdF. 000p001 10 GOeous A. St.01'. hobt. you jlothipptdoiu j. mbboo od uoodu 10 yortto
SSOou 0000?olut te -Ay. Ay.-ho.Wenato 1orouoot woul ttilly.t on toridoy. So thon you would hban to warlo
b0. At the bgtnulg of Mooh, th- toe: w4Yo. ha. child in old hchnt bokdo i1o your boua.
before thd Tibhot e bloo, 'Wot'. Toegu.' Iptmto od to m4isbee, h. would phlod Th ojmbo eoad plant is. l-
Oeedpodhlbeom to mn bown. tho yuv will wonduI Vairly roam- twhie bfor dog uomethng bd. doer vol. 8h ow abem 20 to 30o
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ludOcap oftSOLr0Oixmuauut oad ht)/ How thul.r carefree, nd kteoping lice way from the .0ooth, b he yoouor ps may
apoleaoce. Tb e lfhoi se hpp people, with eir oy tort fowl hooe. A broom aluso w b veered wita.lew hoar. The
caUlled "women's tongus"- or ndLmr tople.o. (Now youe op maderomlbmthemanut htosweep eemd ofo lbhe Jmbee beadnr I
"mo-n-wtmo-wouguo', 0Th"o toqinaeym jl.eo N yo e0to04lde tloon mdhti0ove1 brino, a' dedly poltsonou Sub-
story behbld this t0e la tht fteel Could hboe omedo well a A lo0oh bob 04ald nsbo b 04e made oUs. u lb(oKhly ewed betlro
moa0ho.-taw euereo0 dougtr nee/o Wtha aU wide oandftee: Om e buth. 00p4w10u0ed be0l0sw lowdi.otesed wil 111
tot married 00 one of 8the yo0n Womoen' tongneo./ 'Women' s 8orwaup0 s. a adult. The leave of the jtuhee
imo olla TO m hoe bt. 8 w0-0eDs / The ma-ap nbuh Iuoa 0n wet0 bied 00 be used for cod uU.
Awti nu.e wutO by, e oi They ebne poor of 0l. d oo of and dry a.rea throghont the OlooDwis. rho holdsa o-
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B0awilonoe mehamd tbouot.e bright worulid'o 08o0/ (Whth or 00. lh boech00. hdoo.fnowt r wiror.

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