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Title: Federal government evaluates PNR's efforts
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Title: Federal government evaluates PNR's efforts
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: January 19, 1996
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Federal government evaluates PNR's efforts

Last Monday. the governor of
the Virgin ads pgv an upbeM
Same of the Te.rm.. addrm : to (he
people of the Vin Islands. Tb
rg economical f e he painted
for these islands pgve many rel-
dents hope aer she deOvanulit
sform called llHnrrieae Maurilyn
ullck the adnde.a few Inmol ago.
After his spooch. many senators
made comments o how they felt
these islands am headed.
Of coune there wa political
mud-iag bi. PThi is the only way
e enaon believe that they ca
get recognltion for what they ar
do in the cm-.munity. Beo we al
kneow enn who looked oet for
he bhet tintere of the people. As
many of us liten .to the goeors*
aaatee of dh d conmntm aodi-
ties of thel terrisy ltt Monday.
he V.I. govenentedv tsIwun evau-
ed by the feral gonomoi .
Jeffrey R. Benoil. director of
Office or Ocean and Coastal
Resouree Management and the
National Ocen Seoutic oevalued
the pnertfomnce of the Virgin
latnd. Coauead ooe Maaageme o
Progim from July 1991 to AUagL
A ontaaig mview of do prm-
feolanme of states and territorlo
with approved coutal zoe man.-
agnemt progMan 0 rqrdred uad
section 312 of the Cotaul Zone
Mangement Act of 1972.
The V.I. Planning and Naturaln
Reo0cm Departmonat io pat of
ih fnediag hro dhe federal govem-
mean to cmany o1 lt propntmt. In
the document, the evlulatlon of
PNRw presented In two fornn
Necesary actilon.s which
1ddre proedgntot riqnlraemcnlu
tobe .eee mby PN and w

Pmddin Knobel and others over he
asee printin wildeme area of Jack's
and lmac' Bay. Thit arM Is one
DaviS of the 18 APCs designated and
W Asigned into law by fonrr Go,. Par-
KmevIn Rames. t ao norny for
dho developer., i tyg ee.- thi
posibl 10t develop the property.

pam suggestions, which denote
acicn do. OCRMINOAA hbele
should ake to improve PNR p
goam if oeonay. In ho oevala-
ion of the PlInnlng and Natural
Reaoutces Departm.nt. the federal
government found PNR's perform.
nmare satisfactory in the imple.
mention of the Virgin Islands
Coastal Zone Management Pro-

However. the federal govern-
-eoner and made reeom ndn-
liooo o PNR to address them. On
the othe hand. PNR made several
accomplihemente dmuin dh Parrl-
ly administaon which inaclde

303. developing mnaoe wsmt potec
naurtrml rces and oter area
required by coastOl laws to be
The Anau of Pati oncern
was onA of the accomplishments
thai PNR made during the lasi
adml istrtllon. In 1994. former
ov_. Alexaader A. Paenmy signed
the APC into law. EighItee arns
(a dho Virgin Islands went denigeat-
ad leouslive to development and
reolve special management plans
ader thear new legslaion.
Currently there is a battle
belwo the St. Crobx Enviroemen.
Ial Association. the Friends of
ack's and Iaa's Bays, developer

Last Auguat. the davelopon was
turned down by PNR to obtain a
minor pemml. t do pat., the devel-
per ried to obtain a major permit

____ i
At the end of thin month,
PNR has to make a
delleorr on the
dvnlopor' so-callled
complete* ppliatlion.
Believe me, the federal
government Ind the
people of St. Croix,
eNpeo allly the children.
will be looking on to see
whet PNR' position
will be.

but failed.
Rames and his associate want
to develop lack's and tasou' Bays
piace by plieco ntl he dontie mr
is developed. It nothing blt a
.abone At de end of thio month.
PNR has to make a decision on he
developer's so.alled complete
Believe me. the federal govern-

meant and the people of St. Crix.
especially the children, will be
looking onto see what P1R' pooi-
tion wil he.
Another accomplishment was
the Comprnhnsive Lad and Wa
Use Plan and the Virgin Islands
Developmental Law. This docu-
metn was submitled lo d Lgialla-
nonr fon lbalappnonal.
Thia proposed land law provide
for mioxd u of dclnropment.
po oesto rnegulat helghl and type
of development, location. density
and other reltlionsm thet re noc-
arytor Iotuol growth.
The plan also mrake provision
for open spac regulation o po-
tect steep lopes, flood plaint.
ground ate. exis ing endangered
vngeationand othrenvirmntal-
tly snmivaie arem.
In addition, the proposed land
and wa er use plan addresses seer-
a1 is ue such as devloping a si-.
gt tier system. redeining major
and m0r permits. rvsing subsdi-
viion repilttios and other issuu
lasting to development.
Th. board of land e appeals.
monitoring and enforcement. staff
aminthg and other issues reiinIg to
naing ohe PNR department ffec.
tivey were also discussed.
Ono all the federal government
was pleased with the performance
of PNR. Howev,. if our 10cal gov-
ernent would allow PNR st0ff to
do their Job effectively without
nlteferonce. the department would
snve the community better.

Oloase Davi. w ho holds a mna
ter of.r.nce degree in ronge man
unt, en* d foeslry iColoRy. ian
St. Croix ecologist. actviil oln

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