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Title: Development in V.I. getting out of hand
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Title: Development in V.I. getting out of hand
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Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 13, 1996
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06 TeacM. COCM v AMv siaTD- A, ArI 13. 96o. W6

Development In V.I. Getting Out Of Hand
The road of protecting the t In he Yet. many of us sell land unwisely nut think
SVirginslands s a lonely one. You see life Is not Ing about our children. Believe me. as we head
easy as It .seems. One has to light mentally to to he 21th century land will become more
make It through the day. We I nre In a world that expensive In theVirgin Islands. Many of os who
seem to turn Its bark on ey ng that Is good even hae a gd education would not be able to
from creation. Man created in God's Image was own our land. This Is m iy borause of the l -
placed n severe y over the earth environ- Ited avaablity of land the hgh cost of v-
ment crowned w ry and honor. ,tg In these islands.
But somehow along the road of ths Ife man Reently. the osenatr Ok a moratorium on
haa loot sight of his respond ilty of bng a major coastal development until the Compre-
good steward of the earth resources. It Is ev. henslre Land and Water Use Plan Is approved.
dent In these Islands that our environment Is in Smart, more I believe. Cal you believe It? Thi
serious trouble. So erosion, groundwater con government has been allowing development
tanmnation, oceans and water ways pollution, without a plan for years. St. Thomas Is a good
hazardous waste disposal. and land degrada- example of haphazard development.
Unare ome envinmmentl problems that we The native controversy Issue a nothing. The
must face head on. Issue Is depWr than we think. Economics Is
However. one of the fastest problems occur- what drives the economy. The Casino Control
ring in the Virgin Islands is the Impact of over Act mentioned about the Tier III stem which
development on the environment particularly is plmary land for development. he Act also
on St. Thomas. The arrylng capacity of popula- mentioned by definitions that more that 50 per-
uon growth on St. Thomas I beginning to centownershlpofTIerIIl hoel-caslnoawith 200
exceed what the land can support. to 299 rooms be limited to thosactao-fltthe def-
This tstuatioO creates traffic congestion. lim- inion. In this community. there are those slt-
Ued space.for housing .ct.opment. tre, nure Ung back-aMd watching us fighting among our-
Qseaor-otm;em' a water supplies and so sele over ho s native.
7 many d hngs that a oe Stie real Issue is eo
nation growth projeted by estate groups cUnt ed the
the year2000 ardin to plan b sayn that It will
the V islands Comprer- JIncrease the ost of develop-
henslve Land and Water ment. While development
Use Plan for oms continues any old how. the
54.745. most stgnlIcan It mp of growth and develop-
Population projeted growth for St. John Is ment in the Islands Is the deradatio of land
4.732. On St Crolx. growth Is projected as nd thmaroe fr mentr Dredging to create
59.217. Many people particularly on S Cox marina ste Improve navIgtion and other
believe that we have plenty of land to develop coastal mcontrucUon acetivtles have Increased
sinc there are large areas of 'undreloped over the years on a nlage scale whtkh have
land.- What many ofus do not reae Is that altered and destroyed many of our natural
areas on St. Croix are already "planned for cycea of the coastal marine reoure.
,eveopment evn though the land doesn't have For ample. the dredging of Ve Bay.
any suture d op. Sapphire Bay. Bolongo Bfy. nf Bay.
So manyof u are out of touch with the Krause ooon St Cro consrucon ac-
te of overment mi these Islands that peope es at the mangoes laon on St. Thomas.
are planning our life without we ko g t. Chrisaned and Charlotte mallet harbor are
Polaly. as Caribbean people we e tearing some areas that ehn th-e miare and moestal
down one anotherwhile other Indilduals plan land for life. We often fogd God holds us
the Virgin Islands wth not so mch of ur bet reponslble for the way we manage our natural
Interet. resources.
Naties particularly of these Islands will be In fact. God designed the world in such a way
the minority with lttle eonomiral power. David that man dep alad on HIt creationn for his vry
Hamilton Jackson and others before os talked existence. Implementing the Comprehensive
about the day will come when native Virglin Land and Water Use Plan now Is the responsl-.
Islanders will be land powerless. The day S hie thing to do. You gee. lghtng for the envr-
here. Other Caribbean Islands government ronment i beng o Te me. are we
protect its people making sure that they deter. not the crown of God's creation?
mine their own destny not somebody else. Otasse DavIs. St. Cr teoxlogl. -

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