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Title: Taxi drivers are eyes and ears of our economy
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Title: Taxi drivers are eyes and ears of our economy
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Language: English
Creator: Davis, Olasee
Publication Date: April 14, 1995
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EnvironmentN n 17

Taxi drivers are eyes and ears of our economy

About weeks ato, Rudy
O'Reilly tr., id I coordiad a
t-dly ~o0ism wri*stop
di Uinauiiyoft y VieIoak
Coopetive Exenion Service k
taxi drivers on St. Croix. This
otp cover vm ious spec
of SlCroix history.
*a Ciribbeta Cotter spoke abo
bte maine eironment and how
imprut his resmor is to lool
BilMCisseo ibefNations Pak
SC vice p aif ovrv*w *ti
sy of Sl Croix. iay YAkftht
Georp BoEtaical Gsdei spoke
about the history of St. eore
wals blnhd Alxodri Maiti
fbm S QCoix Eavomea Auio
ciW iospo ebouodeamvimoD
hili lloifintionidvr d

division pok aboua t an.tlaes al
tUin lron of iu drivisbeist
aimessd ero lonnilu i il-

try. Rly O. O'Reilly r. from
UVr's Coop iv Enmsim S.r
vie spoktealboutie iblemi
ad t impostiace of pectin
s thin e will enace h tosi
iduryadao aleoa iny
I spoke ate Ililm y ofSL
Croix apic;lue aSd h oi r d l-
twenildloBapion e.
The major objective of this
workshop was to provide taxi
driver with ccae iWfomion
abot St. Coix's' s unall hory.
Also p of$th wrstopu li
diwiv ween given t o ty
to explore St. Croix by viitiag
rs t will aihance l boh taxi
drivers vitlotR' euprin of
.SLO.oix's uintemavirms
I arte tai driven a po -
dianlsalt e yumda a of te
Vi ecomy. Since or iso y
is bically torismt ,idtrwho
come 1to this slhors these
islands tbroug ithe It drivers.
Tisit ituimspofxlktb i drivrns
to be kBowledlable about the
kilsO'mNain dilr atee.

FinatoflL St. Coix is a
Thomas iiloericy, Staium
nw llwpyacooiopollt MiSd
wkeby iMdig al ucnglli
podnwamaujorpuu ibko
omy. Evn father bJck pinas
used SLTn aom ho or good
This wu on the U.S.

a ski t Uerip ladisir-
ticaithey SI Wbank ofPia
MlkicspoiyeliPni Citsi
early 190, tourism became a
maj or k kia lsbms tae
iof tlislnm c ios tod-
igilgagll oCtln rid.Toay,
SL Thomus ia i-developed
tmidaeiimCatilM lp

ieihiifomalolarl lly.Yioitanlditbylol-
ill it however, scm oe ll u. w neifa amiaSd
dhskprniaupati o Ob all W-e i most of
atl oviromriuselujeopmy minbmao ndy h iti, ca-
bylailByfiititdd ryold warloehlo ues woldig
Oiatueotha ulAkb s fa$lou rice goods, pic-
a major pionalam, t pqas pii ut
undi eum.Sltotis wi Tbieu nd otherr cultoal
hdit herm aof vysi lf r l, a mn uU'miahtlemsf
apitalaiioSdrohwamyl. priuolfverdawtofaCim
soMspoplkupti Fi w am Wm r itkAmiou
Crio's tofisdid y is diel oi~kou tishbtmwn
#aS&khaeo YM a. o oq awiiwarat.
mauoinpowrwhol diew StCroixbastepoueemlfor
push loaridownwkth tho of developiol activiinarouud the
tbe WlpopkleS.roiSU oik- anmmrtailulg4
iilitiholromlysair. Forea pletoitatypial y
It bqusio isowd pk lolauiouce ualibyh ki
OdkiautSiadonistdeoi in, bird witching, swimming,
altioa? Wiasue we aketing on whabk idiag oroder door
Slbioncomllh ? a. ivili6almadihaios
.AMltPigpoiulforlsiam. OlkiDaliiekgs-
blis de&is a found or. Ao thferdmnuiefrosapemsV
anlda*li*aplan SLQCil de& amnadfsrary.AdoDis 'a
llybuaks tholltoidell St. Crok a ylsl, irao d
11l = ohWmally al wiuan iwr.

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