Title: Wind resources : highlights of assessment results
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Title: Wind resources : highlights of assessment results
Alternate Title: Wind resources : St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John US Virgin Islands : highlights of assessment results
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Virgin Islands Energy Office
Publisher: Virgin Islands Energy Office
Publication Date: 2006
Subject: Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
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St. John Data Summary

diural %BrialfBn

F~a~i------------ r.

6 Xr
S e -f a:,
E :l ='- ----------'-- -- I: 53- -,,d _.-r.-

4 ,l l j. II,:,nh : 0
0 2 4 1. 1,', 1 4f ] I. T EI:_. =90
1 n'i i.,: = n', 1f h U;I =

Diirnal Range of Wind Speeds 12.3 mph to 13.2 mph

40i ---- A"--- -l .
'"- .. < -'- -- "1.

.. 4:,:i .- :. /-u- .4. ..:3a.
2.:1:1 '

I JII E ,9
I:11:1:1 ,_______,_ 1 II :nh = 0
I n-. nE..Mid U:b 90
1 n', ,"o : = I n W indh m S e -I.-' *- o 2

Seasonal Range of Wind Speeds 9.2 mph lo 13.2 mph



'I-- ,= =, d ., 1,,,-,,
| | e..se~ .:, m. T n -

St. Thomas Data Summary

durnal tBnation

-t *----- .' au
I _'-u -u.m

fCO --- -I. ---- --- .--.--- -- 00
eio Z.oo
e-40 moo

I n-. 'ii
I n', ': .: = n',1h .--' = H--

Diurnal Range of Wind Speeds 14.5 mph to 16.9 mph

seasnMA uariabion


,---- r*'-- 3

1.r ..


Sn- h monlh = -U

Seasonal Range of Wind Speeds 11.4 mph to 18.7 mph



|I--I I r ii:i--i .i: TI.- l TIoI I., -

Wind Resources
St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John US Virgin Islands:
Highlights of Assessment Results
Virgin Islands Energy Office
Depaitmenl of Planning and Nalural Resources

Energy Answers of Pueiro Rico
March 31. 2006

Project Overview

The Virgin Islands Energy Office (Ihe Energy Office) con-
Iracled vvilh Energy Answers Corporalion of Puedo Rico
(Energy Answers) vvilh Suslainable Syslems and Design
Inlernalional (SSDI) in Oclober, 2004. to provide an updale
of wind resource assessment effoirs pursued by Ihe Energy
Office in Ihe 1990s and to characterize Ihe conshrainls and
oppoirunilies for wind energy ililizalion on SI. Croix, SI.
Thomas, and SI. John. This brochure provides highlights of
Ihe results of Ihis assessment project.

Given Ihal Ihe wind indusIry recommends a minimum of 12
monlh of dala collection al a proposed wind power-
generaling site Io suppoil Ihe design of Ihe proposed sys-
lem, Ihe dala contained in Ihis documenI should be used
only for general informational purposes. Independent site
based wind resource monitoring should be undedaken to
suppoil an actual wind power project.

The results of Ihe current wind resource assessment indi-
cale Ihal Ihere is generally good to moderate polenlial for
wind power generation on siles vvilh free access to 24 hour
winds (free of nearby Iree and building obslticlions) al gen-
eralor hub heights of 30 melers (90 feel) or more. Due to
Ihe complexity of Ihe terrain on all Ihree main islands. Ihis
polenlial can vary significantly from site to site and for vary-
ing wind generalor heights. Again, site based wind
resource monitoring (vvilh sensors sel al a minimum of 20
melers) should be undertaken Io suppoil an actual wind
power project.

The following is a summary of wind speed information pro-
vided in Ihis brochure: Range of Wind Speeds:SI. Croix = 11
to 19.8 mph, SI. Thomas = 11.4 to 18.7 mph, and St. John
= 9.2 to 13.2 mph.

The Virgin Islands has a long history of har-
nessing Ihe bounliful Irade winds to help
meel its energy needs. The early sugar
cane mills employed Ihe wind for needed
mechanical power. Their slone wind low-
ers continue to dol Ihe landscape today.

Today, rapidly increasing energy costs in Ihe Virgin Islands
and Ihe Terrilorys continued vulnerability to energy shodag-
es due to its nearly complete reliance on impoiled fossil
fuels are making Ihe expanded use of renewable energy
sources, such as wind energy, a lop priority.

The Energy Office hopes Ihal Ihe dala contained in Ihis bro-
chure will foster expanded, appropriate use of wind energy
technology by all seclors of Ihe Virgin Islands community.

Overview of Wind Monitoring Process

Wind monitoring slalions equipped to measure wind speed
and wind direction al 2 second inlervals on a 24 hour a day
basis were installed on each of Ihe Ihree islands to complete
Ihe wind assessment. Wind sensors were installed on low-
ers al 10 melers and 30 melers on SI. Croix and SI. Thomas.
and al 30 melers and 60 melers on SI. John. Station loca-
lions included: Bee Hill, on Ihe east end SI. Croix (a 40
meler lower was erecled in cooperation vvilh Ihe Divi Carina
Bay Resort on resod property): on Crown Mounlain in coop-
eralion vvilh Innovalive Communicalions on an existing 60
meler Innovalive lower: and on Bordeaux Mounlain on SI.
John in cooperation vvilh Ackley Communicalions on an
existing 70 meler Ackley lower.


-. S.Croix

Monitoring Sites



St. Thomas St John

St. Croix Data Summary

ciumal arialon

-'~~ ~~~~~ i.c--------- r a .::
',, ,

I n-. c. 22 mr.r.

DiUrnal Range of Wind Speeds 15.8 inph to 16.9 mpn

-es rell .atiar,
__, _______-
4-7. ^-- ,-..:': "__,
_- ",.T., ..= _' _" i :, ,-,-

-~~~~~~~~~ 1.*------------ '*

[If tI,
S,:1q 1-------- l ,,, r:,
. . .. ,L:,:, ..n ,-, = ,:,
,:, 2 4 1:1 12 1S E ]:: "A', 22 E,-' = :,
I n,_-. ,,nn-, 2 2 1

Seasonal Range of Wind Speeds 15.8 mph to 16.9 mpnh

Thse eIo, ur iainiale bolh ho
1,riCi- :lon 3n, perc-n-3-- of limpe -ha
he ', .- .-, a i---- '.: ii-n
; ...,

The inner -ll. ircle. repreienl 0.

,3irecl,:,n and percenmage of hime hnal
i t he ,...ind blh-, ..s ir,,rn a sp,,:ili dir"hr ,:lin
The tnner ,ell,,,, circle represenls 0',.
,:i line me ,,niie me ,juler Diace ring
representsnl 50"., f the tim'e





Tn.E. o'Iack Dars sno. nfl p31 rcfl of
lhN lCal i.n- nrrq, -:mn, mr:i a
tspe-:ific d~ire-:ti-:n -clain the eIc ir-
:Ie represenLs 0".. oi tie T1:iai \\ind
Ener-l hueh I[he tdla-: ''uler ring rep.
re~sent, "CI-, -l I he To~lal VWind

The numt-ers .:.n the C-Liler edlQe .c. the
-:hartin-Ji:ajf. inf. TvrrnlIIen-:fe lnlpnG,
[ TIi frcrn a artiiiICar direclirfl The
IWcder Ihe nUmber the Iea, 3rialicf
mere is in tie inlentnit .I the %..,in
iturbuInceI Ir.n-i Ihat dircin

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