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Title: Funeral Booklet for Robin Avery Todman
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Robin Avery Todman
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Robin Avery Todman
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Subject: Todman, Robin Avery
Human relations
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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ArMemorial Service

Sobin ,J.very Todman
Jcugust 21, 1976 ,%ugust 8, 1995

Saturday, September 02, 1995, 11:00 a.m.
pastor 3ohn Clyne and itMhodist JMinister
ZRoad Town JMctodist Church
9 oad 'Town, Cortfoa, .?WOD.
t. Thom 1r, V.I.

FATHER AND MOTHER ... Terrence, II & Eleanor Todman
GRANDFATHER ... Emile Smith
GRANDMOTHER... Ettie Todman-Francis
GREAT-GRANDMOTHER ... Victoria Parrott
BROTHERS ... Ronnie Smith, Shannon Barry,
Ronniel Smith, Frederick Martin, Jr., Ron Barry, Lester Nibbs,
Ronson Barry, Salehe Todman, Simba Todman
SISTERS ... Ronda Smith, Jamila Todman, Churna Martin,
Shantel Barry, Sandra Martin, Oretha Barry
UNCLES ... Elvin "Eljim" Smith, Clinton Todman,
Elvin "Boyie" Smith, Clarence Smith, Oscar Smith,
Litwin Slevens, Joseph Percival, Moleto Smith
AUNTS ... Jacquelyn Francis, Irma Scatliffe, Clarice Turnbull
Judy Smith, Roslyn Prince, Gloria Stoutt, Kathleen Soares,
Shirley Martin, Diana Donovan, Isa Dawson, Cecilia Donovan,
Eseline Smith, Rosemarie Martin, Ann Smith,
Alicia Thomas, Asata, Janet Chapdelaine
4 Nephews, 9 Nieces
CLOSE FRIENDS AND COUSINS ... Lorette Stevens, Dixon Ward,
Catherine Questelles, Janice Browne, Lyndell George, Linda Todman,
Lenford Allen, Hazelann Hannaway, Kezia Allen, Shandell Smith,
Jermaine Todman, Juliette Leonard



Sobin Ivecry Todman
Vibrant! Creative! Humorous! These three words, among many others,
capture the true essence of the son and brother we know as Robin Avery
From his birth in 1976 to his unfortunate accident in 1995, he somehow
managed to maintain a very rare and positive attitude towards people
and life in general. His pleasant, humorous and out-going personality
reminds everyone whose lives he has touched that they can smile even
though things are not working out as expected. This holds true especially
in his education, employment and personal life.
In 1981, he begun his formal education at ihe Belle Vue Primary School
In 1988, he continued his education at the Scott's Institute where he
graduated in 1989 and was subsequently admitted to the British Virgin
Islands High School Upon graduation from the B.V.I. High School in
1994, he obtained a Grade Il Certificate after successfully completing
seven of his eight subjects including woodwork and technical drawing.
These two were his favorite subjects in and out of school. He had a
creative streak for building. He never failed to show off his work because
he was extremely proud of what he had accomplished. His most famous
work before leaving high school was the completion of an entire bedroom
set, which includes a bed frame with built-
in drawers, head board, dressing table with
mirror and chest of drawers. This project
continues to hold special memories for his
entire family. His future goal was to fur-
ther his education in these fields.
Before and after graduation from the
B.V.J. High School, he worked for Road
Town Wholesale (1975) Ltd. from Febru-
ary 26, 1992 to July 11, 1995 as a Pre-Pack
Assistant He was unemployed at the time
of his accident.
On Tuesday, August 08,1995, just thir-
teen days before his nineteenth birthday,
Robin's joyous attitude abruptly ended.
Although we may never see him again in
this life, we are assured that we will see
him in the next. And while we are com-
forted in this thought, we are guaranteed
that his memories will live in our hearts -

Order of Service
SENTENCES ....................................... The Minister
HYMN (M.H.B. 538) .............. 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'
PRAYER ........................................... The M minister
PSALM 61 (M.H.B.) .................................Congregation
SONG ................................ "I Need Thee Every Hour"
SCRIPTURE: Romans 12:1,2,10,15,18 .................. Linda Todman
SELECTION: "Farther Along' .............. Staff Bank of Nova Scotia
SCRIPTURE: Ecc. 3:1,2,8,14 ........................... Avryl Smith
SELECTION: "His Eyes is on the Sparrow" ..... .Monique Chapdelaine
EULOGY .................................. Hazelann Hannaway
Moment of Silence
WORDS OF COMFORT ......................... Pastor John Clyne
THE GOSPEL: Matthew 5:3-11 ................. Germaine Todman
MESSAGE ..................................... Pastor John Clyne
PRAYER & THE LORD'S PRAYER ................. Pastor John Clyne
SONG ......................................... "Amazing Grace"
BENEDICTION .................................... The Minister
RECESSIONAL ..................... "Precious Lord Take My Hand"

Sglmns at the Church

--- ... ---.....

Robin ... From the time you were born I watched you blossom into a
fine youth and you filled my heart with pride and joy. Words cannot
express the pain I feel from my loss. However, I know that God knows
what's best for his children and I truly believe that you are in heaven
sitting around his throne. You were a wonderful son and I will always
hold precious memories of you in my heart.
Your loving mother, Eleanor

My Son Robin A. Todman (8-21-76) ... My only comfort comes from
knowing that you are with God so you are comfortable. Words cannot
express the void I feel since August 8, 1995. We did not even have a
chance to properly say goodbye. You are as a fruit tree that was watered
for 18 years 352 days on this earth was blossoming to bear fruits that
was cut down too soon. I thank God for the time we shared on this earth -
wish the time was longer. My love for you did not stop on August 8, 1995
when you were taken by the sea. My love for you is everlasting. Peace be
with you my son until we meet again. I can never forget you. I will
always love you.
Your loving father, Terrence W. Todman, II

Eleanor & Family ... It is my strong belief when Robin passed on to
glory, he entered the presence of the Lord; for the word of God says to be
absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. It is written in
Matthew 25:21, "His Lord said unto him, well done thou good and faithful

servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord. Take comfort my sister in
these words for your son, Robin, touched lives for the glory of the Lord
and our Father, and he will receive his promised reward. May God bless
you and your family.
Always, Juliette

Robin... It is so hard to say goodbye to my brother Robin. Words can
never express the way I feel about losing you. Even though we were not
as close as we should have been, I will never forget the good times we
shared together from childhood. I'm sorry you had to leave me on such an
unexpected call. But I hope that will meet in that place of eternal life
someday. And until that day, may you rest in peace.
Your loving brother, Ronson

Robin... There are no words to describe how I feel about losing one of
the best friends I ever had, my brother. Although we never always got
along, we always found the time to help each other when needed. You
were never too busy to lend a helping hand or a cheerful joke to his family
in time of hardship and sorrow. Your laughter, jokes and kindness will
never be forgotten. You will be missed by all of us, especially me.
Your brother, Simba

From the time I got to know this family, they became very dear and
special to me. The closeness and love that we've all shared wil never be
forgotten and will always be cherished. Robin was always special, never
rude, always willing and never said no when asked a favor. He had a nice
smile and a loving personality for which he will always be remembered.
My family will continue to pray for his entire family. May the Lord
strengthen you all and may his soul rest in peace.
Love, Catherine Questeles

Robin... I know we all walk through this lonesome valley...Forgetful
me! I know everything in life must change, but it's only God the Almighty
and the love for you my brother Robin will remain the same. In loving
memories of you, brother
Love, Sahe

Robin... You always make a sport of annoying me that I'll remember
most...but through our many encounters, I always found it in my heart to
forgive you. It was quite a shock the way you left so suddenly, but who
am I to question it-'cause Father knows best. See you on the other side.
Your brother always, Bull

In Memory of Robin... I remember my first try at plastering a wall.
Robin and his brothers were helping me. I told them we will look for a job
plastering after that. As I put on the plaster, it kept falling off. It took me
hours to do something that should have been done in about 20 minutes
and it still wasn't done right. When I was done, Robin was laughing. He
asked me if we were still going to look for that job plastering.
Your loving father, Terrence W. Todman, II

To Robin ... I will always remember Tootsie's vibrant smile. It seems
as though it was just yesterday he was teasing Simba when his basketball
team lost the playoff. It is so hard to let go of someone who is able to bring
so much joy and laughter to those he knew. He even tried to show me
how to play basketball once, but most importantly, he showed me how to
smile in the midst of the storm. Even after he had a tragic accident some
years ago, whenever I spoke to him afterwards, he was so positive. Noth-
ing was ever able to sway his zest and joy for life. I have always admired
his inner strength and willingness to love. Tootsie, you will be more than
missed. Your smile will always remain with me. My only hope is that the
happy memories could give your family and loved ones the strength to
carry on. Knowing you, I am sure that's what you would want. My
prayers will always be with your family. May you rest in peace.
Love always, Hazelann

Robin ... For the short time that I knew you, you were always a kind
and friendly person. Every time that I've shopped at Rite Way, the first
thing that you'll ask is, "How's Hazel?' Your disappearance was really
tragic. You will be missed. May your soul rest in peace.
Love, Cleave Farrington

To my brother Tootsie... It's sad that your life had to end so short. It is
still so hard for me to believe that you're gone. Even though we were not
that close as we should have been, I will never forget the good times we've
shared. Robin, we miss you and will never forget you. Jah guide and
protect my brother 'til we meet again. Rest in peace my brother. Sorrow is
better than laughter for by the sadness of countenance the heart is made
Love, "Ninja"

Robin ... I will never be able to forget or change what happened to
you. I am so hurt inside by your accident that I can't seem to forgive
myself. I hope that dd will take care of you until I see you again.
Your brother, Ronnie

- .----(Ql- --- =-
It hurts so much, I can hardly see
I need someone to comfort me
I need a friend to hold my hand
And give me strength so I can stand.
My heart is hurting, I can hear it creak
My body is trembling and my knees are weak
I ask the Lord to hold my hand
I need his strength to help me stand.
The night is worse, I can hardly sleep
I pray to God, my soul to keep
And if I die, he will hold my hand
And lead me to the promise land.
I have the assurance that Robin is there
For Jesus always answers prayer
And though the sea has take him prey
We'll meet him in heaven on that glorious day.
Aunt Jane
Rush back to us, we miss you so
We wish you really didn't have to go
Things will never be the same, we know
'Cause you went, it was such a sudden blow.
Only fifteen siblings are left here
To remember their sweet, dear brother
"We'll mourn for you, we'll surely miss you
Along with our broken-hearted mother."
Bless you Robin in eternal sleep
We hope you didn't have to suffer
You left us so quick we can't believe it
I guess no more jokes for us, no laughter.
In our grief we'll remember the good days
Most of which we enjoyed with you
Your big wide grin and your smart remarks
Will ease us in our deep sorrow.
Now we leave everything to the Almighty Father
To see us through and keep us strong
Rest in peace dear brother and best friend
Til judgment day sings its own song.
Lornette Steven:

Even though I met you twice
I know that still can't pay the price
For all you have gone through without me there
God is only being fair.

It was nice knowing you as my big brother
I wish we had more time for each other
I know Robin, I will see you soon
Somewhere up there not far from the moon.
Loe always, Joy

Robin ... When you were here, I was happy. Now you're gone, I am
sad. I often ask myself why this happened to you, but God knows best.
Robin you'll always be remembered in my prayers and I'm hoping and
praying that you are resting peacefully with the Lord.
Your Aunt, Esline

Robin... We loved you and you'll be missed by us dearly. You were
our friend and family. We'll cherish you in our hearts and minds hoping
and praying that we will see each other again someday in God's kingdom.
Your friend, Lenford and cousin, Kezia

Robin... We had our fights and quarrels, but I miss you and wish that
you were still here. No one deserves to leave this way, but God knows
best for each of us. I know we will not see each other on this side, but by
the grace of God, I'm praying that we will meet again someday.
Your cousin, Shanddl

Robin ... I still cannot accept fully that you are gone from us so
quickly. I remember the last time I saw you your smile was so full of love
and joy. I am sorry you had to go so soon, but God knows best I love you
Love, Auntie Shirley

Robin... What a short time you spent with us as a loving brother and
friend. Words cannot explain the way I feel today nor how I will feel
tomorrow. I know in life there is death, but I never would have believed
that you would have left us so quickly and in such a way. I will never
forget you Rest in pace sweet brother ."
Your sister Linda

Your smile we shall remember
Your laughter bright and gay
So little time we had together
Until the day you went away.

Robin you are with the master now
You have joined the heavenly band
With the angels and archangels
In that glorious land.

We will be brave as we mourn
For you are now adorned
In his heavenly robe.

We listen to your angelic voice
Though far away you rejoice
Rest in peace our loving brother
You will always be in our hearts.
Love, your sisters Sandra & Churna
& your brother, Frederick, Jr.

Tootsie ... I will never in this life be able to understand why this
happened to you on August 08. It feels like my life ended when yours did,
for I no longer feel motivated to do anything. Whenever I look or think
about the sea, I feel so betrayed by it because it has made you its prisoner
and seems to have no intentions of letting you go. Sometimes I wish it had
ears to hear and feelings so that I can plead for your return. In my heart I
know that we will find you. It's the waiting that's unbearable. My heart is
filled with hurt because I miss squeezing you to let you know how much I
love you and having you trouble me until I become angry or annoyed.
Nevertheless, my prayer is that you have made restitution with God and
that he has welcomed you to His kingdom.
Loveforever, "Little"

Robin ... There are words to express or explain how I feel today. You
were more than a cousin to us. When God called you home to his
kingdom, you did not go alone, for a part of us went with you. So prepare
a place for us in your heavenly mansion until we meet again.
Love forever, Germaine & Family

T1he seven tJ#frican principles of Robin


(collective work and responsibility)
(cooperative economics)

Special Thanks
Pastor John Clyne
Methodist Minister
Miss Faye Smith, Organist
Ushers & Usherettes

The family of Robin Avery Todman says thank you to all the
people who expressed their love and support through visits,
telephone calls, gifts, and other countless ways; also for your
presence at this memorial.
We truly appreciate your warmth and thoughtful attitude
and ask for your continued prayerful support in our time of

'Blessed be od,
even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort:
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation,
that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble,
by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.
Corinthians 1:3,4


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