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Title: Funeral Booklet for Valeria Indiana Abbott Thomas
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Valeria Indiana Abbott Thomas
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Valeria Indiana Abbott Thomas
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Subject: Thomas, Valeria Indiana Abbott
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Sn J

4 7 leria


1 T Vnte

$. Thomas. V.I.

joyous wememberence of

Jndiana J.ibbott Thomas
o y.Aa 30
Friday, 3une 6, 1997
ewing 5:00-6:00 pm
ue's funeral 2ome Chapel
Saturday, une 7, 1997
ieing 12:30 pm
Service 2:00 pm
Vlazareth Cutheran Church
rment at Cruz %ay Cemetery
ohn, U.S. virgin islands




HUSBAND... Thomas F. Thomas
DAUGHTERS ... Adelita Thomas, Lydia Thomas, Carolyn A. Thomas
SISTER... Utah Undo
GRANDCHILDREN ... Keith Wilson, Jacqueline Thomas Wilson-Coppage,
Michael Thomas, Gregory Thomas, Darren Thomas, Kevin Thomas, Yolan Brow,
Xenia Brow, Jamie Lee Dalmida, Jana Dalmida
Ali Abioseh Harley, Michael Thomas Jr., Natasha Thomas, Aja Thomas, Naja
Thomas, Gregory Thomas Jr., Naquai Thomas
Charia Wilson, Charla Wilson, Calia Harley
STEPCHILDREN... Avilda Matthias, Elsie Roberts,
Cecile Richards, Carolyn Thomas
NIECES ... Rynita Sprauve-Thomas, Leona Stagger,
Patricia Richardson, Rita Sprauve, Edris Robles,
Sandra Undo, Cynthia Simon
NEPHEWS ... Alphonse Powell, Randolph Thomas,
Aubrey Thomas, Rudolph Thomas Jr., Albert Smith, Alfredo Smith,
Roy Smith, Orvin Samuel, Wilbur Samuel, Melville Samuel,
Allen Wesselhoft, Clarence Lindo, Richard Undo, Isaac Lndo
SPECIAL NEPHEWS ... Melville Samuel, Dwight Thomas, Roy Smith
SPECIAL NIECES ... Clarisse Powell,
Joycelyn Stagger, Lorraine Thomas
SPECIAL FRIENDS ... Eleanora Christian, Orville Brown,
Maggie Smalls, Ethlyn Miles, Teresa Alejo, Freda Abramson,
Ruth Gunthroppe, Blanche Olivierie, Ralph and Roselyn Prince
and many other relatives and friends

Jamie Lee Dalmida, Kevin Thomas, Gregory Thomas, Darren Thomas,
Michael Thomas, Keith Wilson, Duane Abramson, Henry Thomas

honorary Talbearers
Roy Sewer, Dwight Thomas, Oscar James, Melville Samuel, Roy Smith,
Orville "Chappa" Brown, Alfredo "Baba" Smith, Aubrey "Tiny" Thomas,
Charles "Elvis Jackson, Thomas Matthias

rOaleria Ondiana Jbbott Thomas


Lovingly known as "Tan Tan Larry" Valeria was born to the late
William Abbott and Amelia "Queenie" Samuel on May 30, 1917 at
John's Folly, St. John.
As a young girl, Valeria attended the Bethany School at Pastory, St.
John. She also attended a school in the country on St. Thomas.
Valeria was a hard working woman. She returned to Bethany
School to work as an assistant cook with her late sister, Mildred
Samuel, during the forties. In the fifties, she worked at Caneel Bay
Plantation where she made life long friends. Valeria became a govern-
ment employee in 1973 at the Cruz Bay Day Care Center as a cook. She
worked there for a period of nine years, after which she retired.
Valerie worked with Senior Employment for ten years. She was one 04
of the original senior citizens for the Calabash Boom Center. Others
included Eleanora Christian and Una Blyden. She spent many cher-
ished hours with them.
Valeria was joined in matrimony with Thomas F. Thomas in the
summer of 1957. Their union brought three girls.
Valeria was blessed with natural musical ability. She loved to sing
and dance. She could change from alto to tenor and base at the drop of
a hat. She won the title of Queen of the Quadrille, along with her late
friend, Butchner Harley. Valeria was a hit at weddings and dances.
She would literally glide across the floor.
Valeria enjoyed life to the fullest. She loved to eat and shop. She
had a wonderful sense of humor. So lively, her life was a testimony to A*
others. Valeria was loved by family, as she loved family. She couldn't
see their faults. a.
Valeria was an ardent church members. She never missed a Sunday
if she could help it. Her children had to attend and were brought up
with a strong religious background. She belted out that alto in church.
Music was not her only natural talent. She knew how to bake all
manner of breads and pastries. She was famous for her maubi. She
also lived to sew her patchwork. She spent the better part of her days
sewing, singing and listening to WGOD. Her favorite TV program was
"Murder She Wrote."
Valeria always wanted her own and if she didn't get it you would
hear about it, but she was a sweet person. She was loved by everyone
who knew her. Such spirit and compassion, she will truly be missed by
relatives, friends and the community.
Valerie spend four days at the Myra Keating Smith Clinic in St. John
where she was treated for congestive heart failure. She felt that her day
was drawing near so she decided to go home. She came home in high
spirits and spent her last days with her husband and close family and
friends. She came full circle because she died on her birthday.


Order of Service
HYMN ........................ All the Way My Savior Leads Me
THE LITURGY OF THE WORD ....................... Page 207
HYMN ..................... From Every Stormy Wind That Blows
THE GOSPEL / MEDITATION ............. Pastor Carlyle Sampson
THE CREED/ PRAYERS ............................ page209
HYMN ........................... Come Ye, That Love the Lord

-lymns at the Church

[Jarewell 4
Dear Larry.... Over the years we have gone through a lot of Ow
life's experiences, and through it all we loved one another. Dur-
ing your final days what seemed like suffering turned out to be
precious final moments together. I will miss you Larry, but I
know you are with God now.
Your loving husband, Thomas Thomas

Dearest Mother... This is not good bye nor farewell. Surely
your life lives on everytime I recall a story you told me. Every day
seems like yesterday as I share your memories with my children, t,
grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You're gone but you will
never be forgotten. We love you, A a
Adelita Thomas

Ta Ta... There are no words to describe how much I love and
miss you. We spent timeless moments together, often times we
seemed as one. I always thought you were so demanding, you
would always say do this and do that. You were always right.
You used to say God would bless me, and He did. 1 was truly I0
blessed through the time we shared. I'm happy that your suffer-
ing is over. I know your love for your family is endless, but God
loves you best. Until we meet again,
Your beloved daughter, Lydia *

To say good-bye
would mean you're
gone. How can you
be gone when I hear
your laugh in my
own, see your expres-
sions in Lydia, and
speak your words ev-
ery time I open my
mouth. You're in ev-
ery breath I take,
Mommy. You'll al-
ways live on in mel A*
Love You Forever,
Carolyn, Jamie, Jana

They told us you "
were our stepmother.
You never tried to be I

our mother. All you ever ata was love us unconuLuonaluy, a;Uu a;iu
allowed us to love you back. We will all miss you.
Avilda, Elsie and Cecile

Tenacity, brazen, funny, straight-forth, jokester, loving, stem, teacher,
hero, wife, mother, daughter, Nee-Nee, senior citizen extraordinaire, friend,
foe, sister, aunt, cousin, above all her own person, M-Y-G-R-A-N-D-M-O-
T-H-E-R! Valeria Indiana Abbott Thomas
I have to tell you the first time I laid eyes on Ms. Larry and Mr. Thomas.
I was around ten or eleven. My first thought was my grandfather has two
first names and my grandmother is called Ms. Larry. I thought oooh boy
I'm in trouble. All the while I was thinking I'm not sure about these
people and I was sure I didn't want to be anything like my Grandmother.
(Little did I know I am her.)
I remember watching her at the end of the day standing in the back
door smoking her pipe, I heard stories about my great-great-grandmother
and hints of Africa and the migration toward the Caribbean. Locally
speaking you better believe we visited John's Folly many times.
As an adult my most recent and all time favorite time spent with Ta Ta
was when I came home in 1991 to get married. Asked Ta Ta if she would
be my one and only bridesmaid, she said yes. As we talked, I slipped and
told her that I had actually proposed to'my husband and to my surprise
she informed me, she too, had proposed to my grandfather. Over the
years I noticed just how much I had truly evolved in her likeness.
I could have talked about her life in terms of her physical pain, I could
have mentioned her mental struggles and anguish ... instead we are all
here today to celebrate the life and times of Valeria Thomas.
Jacquline Thomas-Wilson Coppage, Granddaughter

My farewell... "This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose
recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead
of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining
that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.
"I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and
as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.
"1 want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the
more I live. I rejoice in life for its sake. Life is no "brief candle" to me. It is
a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I
want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future
by George Bernard Shaw, from Man and Superman Dedicatory letter
Love, Jacquline Thomas-Wilson Coppage, Granddaughter

It doesn't feel like you are gone. I still expect you to roll into the house
with your lips curved in a half smile, your little army cap on your head and

the pieces of cloth for your patchwork peeking out of your leg. I *.
often called you miserable and you always smiled because you
knew it was done with affection. I remember that I would ask
you for a kiss and you would threaten to bite me instead. But I
always got my kiss and you always did it with a smile. I will
always love you for all that you are and all that you have given to
me. You will always be in my heart.
Lanie, Granddaughter

I knew Cousin Larry for only a brief while, but in the short
time that I've known her, she was the type of person you could
not help but love. Larry had her disagreeable ways, but those e.
ways were why you loved her. Her heart and love for people was
as big as the world. I'm glad to have the time I did with her. I will
miss her dearly. ,
Freda and Family V

Tan Tan Larry ... I am going to miss you dearly. I respected
you, I loved and still love you. I hope some day we'll meet again.
From your dear cousin Blanche

To My Dearest Great Aunt ... The wonderful times that we
have spent together on Saturday mornings when I came to wash
your hair, are no more. Not a day goes by without a memory of
you, whether it was a joke or a memory of long ago when you ,
were growing up. Aunty, I will never forget you. As I look out my
window and see the house, I will always think of you. Although
we could have spent more time together, our time was a blessing.
Rest in peace until we meet again.
With love always, Clarice

To the family of Valeria Thomas ... "Tan Tan Larry," as we
affectionately called her, was a dear neighbor and friend. She
believed and lived by the rule of being her neighbor's keeper, as &
we lived as one family for over the years. Patient, kind, unselfish,
caring, sharing, outgoing and humorous are only a few qualities i
of Tan Tan Larry. You often walked away laughing after visiting
with her, and we are certainly going to miss her weekly, tasty
maubi. As our closest neighbor, we will surely miss her. How-
ever, we are consoled knowing she is at rest. May she rest in
The Roy L. Sewer Family ,

To Valeria Thomas (Nennie Larry) ... A mother, friend, and &
neighbor who has always shown her love and concern towards

her family and friends. We will miss hearing your voice as we blow our
horn and on our way home. May God continue to bless and strengthen
your family in this time of suffering.
from the Prince family

Tan Tan ... You were one of the few people who made me what I am
today and I thank you. We had some long, hard days together. I will
always remember you all the words you used to call me: "harden, disgust-
ing and bombastic," because when I said, "Tan Tan, don't do this, or Tan
Tan do that," you would always look at me with your baby face. You
always said I was too young to be so bombastic. I did-it because i love you.
The time came when you started saying I'm not going to see my
birthday, but with me sitting with you everyday, with God's help, you
made it to see your 80th birthday. You died in your home in God's hands.
We will miss you dearly. God bless you. Rest in peace.
Love, Oscar (Butch), Avis and children

Dearest "Miss Larry" Larry Sweet memories of your love and
kindness will never die. You were very special to us. We are going to miss
hearing your greeting, "HELLO THERE:" as you enter the Center. You
always had an oldtime story to tell (you and your donkey in munty) or
funny rhymes-to match our conversations. But most of all we miss your
sweet low alto singing, and seeing you dance in your wheelchair. You
made us laugh in good, bad, and sad times.
You have fought the fight You have kept the faith And the battle is
won. Rest peacefully in Jesus "Our Precious One", Until we meet again.
Edna, June and Calabash Boom Senior Citizens

The management and staff of St.John Drug Center, Inc. wish to express
its profound sadness to the family of Ms. Laurie on her passing. We truly
believe that God never gives us more than we can bear, and we pray for the
bereaved during this difficult time, knowing that our God will comfort
the Management and staff of St. John Drug Center

Ileta and our children join me in communicating our condolences to
the family of Valeria "Miss Laurie" Thomas, who has been called to the
great beyond. A dear friend for many years, Ms. Laurie has always uplifted
our spirits whenever we came in contact with each other. It is true that
family members find it difficult to cope with the situation when our loved
ones are called home, but I do believe this bereaved family could take
solace in the assurance that Ms. Laurie is at peace with her Maker. Our
prayers, however, are with the family during this difficult period.
Senator Roosevelt David

To "Cousin Larry" .... as we affectionately called you. You
will most definitely be missed. But the Lord has called you home
to take care of you. We will still hear your voice yelling "OK,
OK," or "Hello" when someone passed the house and blew their
horn. We will still'hear your laugh every time we see a Pepridge
Farm commercial, for it tickled you so much. We will hear your
voice, Cousin Larry, in our hearts. Rest in peace.
Elvis, Gary, Corine, Monique, Thomas

Miss Laurie There have only been a few people in my
lifetime that have affected me the way you have. I am in the
business of caring for people with medical problems in all stages
of life. Most people, and rightly so, are self absorbed with their
deceases and suffering. Those are the people that I am trained to
offer comfort to in what ever small manner that I have been
trained to do. But every now and then, I come across a person
such as yourself. We cross the line of patient nurse and instead
of me offering you comfort it is you who offers it to me. How
many of my own personal problems did we hash through and
solve. All the time, you were in great discomfort, as I combined A
our visits with painful procedures, adding to your discomfort.
But oh, did we laugh. Despite it all, you laughed. What an
awesome human being you are. There are so few people out
there who can suffer such overwhelming pain and discomfort
and do it with such grace and strength. So rare, so rare.
I am crying now because I will miss you. I will miss driving by
your house, honking my horn and you hailing me from your spot A
by the open door, "YEAH". I feel cheated that I only came to
know you in the past 6 years and not for the last 70 years.
Many people have offered words of comfort, that you are out t
of your suffering. I am trying to come to terms with your death.
You suffered with such strength that I selfishly want you back. 0
Is that awful? I believe in God and an afterlife. What brings me
comfort today is I imagine you free from your body, being told a
good joke by Desmond Christian, soaring with the angels having
a good belly laugh. Surely God, in all his wisdom, knows you
deserve that.
I thank you, Miss Laurie, for showing me how one continues
to live life to the fullest, facing constant pain and discomfort. I
thank you for your affection for me, for caring about me for
allowing me to be a part of your life. I love you Miss Laurie, I love 4,
you. A*
Moe Roddy

4 _5 c %,v

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