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Title: Funeral Booklet for Edward B. Smith
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Edward B. Smith
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Subject: Smith, Edward B.
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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January 20, 1936 October 7, 1987

Christ Church Methodist
Tuesday, October 13, 1987 -- 2:00p.m.

Creque's Funeral Home: 11:00 a.m.--12:00 Noon
At the Church: 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Western Cemetery No. 1


x .4'
Y. eA

Order of Service

As the casket closes .................. .Soo by: Richard Walet
"I Come to the Garden Alone"
PASTOR ....... .................. Reverend Joseph Lloyd
Christ Church Methodist
ORGANIST .......................... Mrs. Lorna Richards

HYMN NO. 1 ............. "Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing"

HYMN NO. 215 ..................
Wisdom 3 Chapter 3, Verses 1-5 & 9
Chapter 5, Verses 15-16
Romans 8, Verses 35-37 & 39
St. John 14, Verses 1-3 & 27

..... "The Strife Is O'er"

TRIBUTE ............................ 11:00a.m. Choir
Christ Church Methodist
EULOGY............................... Iver A. Stridiron
Senate President
TRIBUTE ........................ Solo by: Luther Milliner
TRIBUTE ................................ Youth Choir
Christ Church Methodist
SERMON...........................Reverend Joseph Lloyd
HYMN NO. 213 ............... ...... "Thine Be the Glory"


In Memoriam
EDWARD BRICE SMITH was born to Marie and Stanley Smith on
January 20, 1936 in Flushing, New York.
After attending high school, he enlisted in the Us. Airforce where he
served for four years. After completing his tour of duty, he returned
home to New York. There, he met and fell in love with Leona Milliner.
Eddie and Leone were married on Valentine's Day, 1959. Their
marriage of 28 years was blessed with three children, two of whom
were born in St Thomas where the couple relocated in 1965.
Almost immediately after his initial employment in St. Thomas,
with Ms. Armstrong at the V.I. Apothecary, Eddie became one of
St. Thomas' favorite persons.
After leaving V.I. Apothecary, his first business venture was Big
Jake's, a restaurant which specialized in native cuisine. It was from
this venture that Eddie became affectionately known as "Big Jake".
Other business ventures included, Superior Beauty and Barber Sup-
plies, Superior Boutique, Fashion Talk.
He was a member of the V.I. Board of Realtors, and served on the
staff of Crown Realtors. At the time of his death, he was also a man-
ager of Tri-Mart at Fort Mylner a firm with which he was associated
for more than ten years.
Edward Smith never missed an opportunity to serve his fellowman.
He was a mason a member of the Harmonic Lodge 356 EC, and a
Scout Master. He served also as an Aide to Senator Iver Stridiron in
the Fourteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Legislatures of the Virgin
Edward Smith, a man of large stature, possessed loving gentle-
ness and a kindness of heart that soared to twice his size.
Eddie was never too busy to lend a helping hand wherever he sensed
a need. He was a loving, caring husband and father. He was beloved
as a son and brother by the Milliner family. Eddie always gave of
himself completely; never too busy to wipe the tears from the smallest
face, or offer a shoulder for the biggest to cry on.
Whenever there was a single parent in the family, you could count
on "Uncle Eddie" to provide a father image when needed. He also
assisted in the raising of many of his nieces and nephews. His love for
children led him to serve in the Boy Scouts. As a troupe leader, he
actively recruited young boys for membership; seeking always the
under-priviledged. He took them under his wings; and with guidance,
love and understanding, forged relationships of life long friendship
and respect.
He had a close personal relationship with his Savior. He frequently
stated that he knew the Lord had chosen him among the blessed. He
had give him a good wife, a loving son, two beautiful daughters, and a
host of family and friends who loved and adored him. What else could
a man ask for after this, bit Heaven, he often sam. We all agreed
with him, but now, dear Lord, we need your help to understand it
- so suddenly, so soon.
Teach us to accept that all things work together for good to them
that love the Lord.

legislature of tile Wirgin S 3lanib

P.O. em 477
St. Thom. U.S. v Wtn laird 00e01


Ljtet ad Verans Affairs
Housing. PlannMa and Healtk


On behalf of the members of the Seventeenth Legislature. the
Legislative Central Staff, and my personal staff, I extend my deepest
sympathy to you and your family on the recent passing of Mr. Edward
B. Smith, affectionately known by all of us as "Big Jake".
We at the Legislature were keenly aware of the wonderful personal
attributes that made Eddie respected and loved by so many people who
were privileged to cross his path. Eddie was my right arm. He made
my work at the Legislature and my accomplishments to date possible.
It is indeed a great loss to his family, friends, and to me personally.
Eddie will be remembered with great affection by all of us.
May the good Lord comfort and strengthen you and your family and
friends during this difficult time.

With deepest sympathy.

iA. S idiron
Senate Pre ident

jib sls^

A 7Trbute to Uncle Eddie

A more loving and compassionate man, you'll never tind;
Than "Big Jake", or "Big Eddie", as hewas known,
to you and me.

A towering giant, he stood about six feet seven.
A giant of a man; not only in stature, but in nature.
For there was nothing he wouldn't do to help his fellowman;
What others dare not to do, he did so with great pleasure.
Uncle Eddie was such a blessing, a real God sent.
An epitome of kindness, he loved all mankind.

A family man, like you have never known.
All children loved him, not only his own.
He was a Daddy to many, he showered them with love and
And they all looked to him, for guidance and direction.

He was respected and loved, he did so many good deeds;
For it is surely in giving, that we receive.
He would give, and give, and give his all;
He lent advice and support, to every call.

The news of his death was shocking, to say the least.
It left us all stunned, and filled with disbelief.
Oh nol it can't bel tell me it isn't true, some did say.
For we had just seen Eddie, earlier that day.
He had stopped by to see us, and though not feeling his best,
He tried to be his usual self, but we sensed he was depressed.

We are all grieved now, but joy comes in the morning.
Words of the scripture, though some may not understand it.
But yet another scripture says, lean not on your own
But in ALL things be thankful.
And though my spirit is now grieved from the passing of
my deer Uncle,
I give God thanks and praise for the years He has given us Eddie.
For die, we must; come what may.
Be it early or late, this final step we must all take.
So rest in peace dear Eddie, your soul is in a better land;
For to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.
Now let us sing praises of halleluiah to Jesus our King,
Aswe bid Eddie farewell, but for a little while;
For we will see him again, in the by and by.
And we, will reign, with Jesus in glory;
In that great land, where we'll spend eternity.
So why not make him your Lord and Savior,
And you too can reign with Him forever.
cent on 8


And if there be any here today, that is delaying the mission
of accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, and carrying out
the great comm vision.
Just bow your head now, and ask for forgiveness of sins,
Then open up your heart, and let Jesus come in.
For softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling;
Call all sinners, come home.
Will you receive Jesus now, and be sure of your eternal home.

I plead with you dear brethren, all who do not know Jesus;
Surrender all to Him, and make Jesus your King.
For this life is nothing, and we are nothing in this life;
But with Christ Jesus, we can have life everlasting,
S And in dying we will be born to eternal life.
Acknowledge Him now, the hour is late,
Take heed from this sudden passing of our dear brother "Jake".

Rest in peace, dear beloved Eddie,
and may the God of peace be with you.

Written by: Pauline J. Vialet
on behalf of the AUSTIN BLYDEN FAMILY

Eddie, rest on from your labors
You deserve it well.
Yet, we will miss you, and
Remember you, because we loved you
so well.

Blessed was I to have shared twenty-eight
years with one so loving, so kind and so selfless.
The perfect sleep you have earned.

Rest on, sleep well my love.
But, how suddenly your time has come....
Too soon for children, family, friends and me.

Why so sudden and without warning?
I know it was not your will;
It was your Master's calling.

Rest well my love, for some day
I know I will join you, and the union
S which we began on earth, will continue eternally.
Your Loving Wife, Leona


Uncle Eddie:

The Peacemaker and the Gentle Lamb
The Peacemaker

Jesus said, "Blessed ae the peacemakers for they shall be called
the children of God." It is frequently added to this scripture "and
blessed are those affiliated with the peacemakers"
Our family was blessed to have had "Uncle Eddie -a great peace-
maker" for the past twenty-eight years. I first met Unce Eddie when
he and aunt Leona were newly-weds in New York. He immediately
welcomed me and other members of his wife's family into his home
with open arms. From that initial meeting, he and his entire family
warmly embraced us, totally eliminating the usual "in-law" barriers.
When they relocated to the Virgin Islands a few years later, it was
Aunt Leona's family turn to complete the embrace. The love which
flowed between us was instantaneous -- and since that time, we have
been one united family.
Who else but Uncle could soothe a troubled heart, find the good-
ness in every situation, and bring compassionate understanding to
others. Yes, Uncle Eddie did become one of the family peacemakers,
with his cheerful outlook on life. His sense of humor, happy disposi-
tion, unstinting generosity and winsome smile told everyone that
his affection was sincere, and that he had a genuine interest in their
welfare. Anyone privileged to have had any kind of interaction with
this kind-hearted man, became a friend for life. To know Uncle Eddie,
was to love him.
The Gentle Lamb

Uncle Eddie was towering in stature, but always "gentle as a lamb."
We will always cherish our memories of his abounding love, kindness
and generosity towards everyone. Four days before his untimely death,
Uncle Eddie spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon with us As customary
for him, he came bearing gifts this time, avocadoes (still ripening
in the pantry) and an offer of several plants from his garden in Sor-
genfrl. That afternoon, the entire family was involved in gardening
and Eddie as usual, wanted to help. However, Iver frequently caution-
ed, "No Eddie, just relax, we do not want you to exhaust yourself."
In response to a dinner invitation, he replied, "Aunt Blanche is expect-
ing me and I cannot disappoint her. But, Ill have dinner with you all
next Sunday." Then, with his usual generosity, he added, "---and I'll
bring a lamb."
With his sudden passing on October 7, 1987, the opportunity to
break bread once again with our beloved Uncle, helpmate and friend
was no more. The following day, his offer to bring a lamb acquired
symbolic meaning for me, when a staff member in my office com-
mented, "You know, my husband always referred to him as "the big
lamb." I reflected that this was indeed an apt description.
Although God's divine plan didn't include Eddie's roast lamb dinner
for Sunday, October 11, 1987, it served to highlight the manner in
which Eddie was utilized as a channel through which God's blessings


flowed making him a continuous source of help to others; sharing
God's good will generously and lovingly. Thus, with his kind, consid-
erate nature, Uncle Eddie has always been "the gentle lamb."
Rest in eternal peace, dearest Uncle Eddie. As we mourn your
passing, bereaved with unspeakable anguish, we are comforted with
the beautiful memories of you: the Peacemaker the Gentle Lamb,
which we will cherish forever.
Aunt Leona, Edward Anthony, Joy, Holly and Mom Marie, we
pray that God will continue to sustain and comfort us all during this
time of unimaginable grief and anguish.

Your Loving Niece,
Priscilla liva Blyden Stridiron

Tribute from Tri-Mart

Convenience Cen ters

We are saddened to learn of the passing of "Big Jake".
This is truly a loss to our Tri-Mart Family.
"B ig Jake", as he was affectionately called,
was a sincere, honest, loyal employee, and a
faithful friend to all at Tri-Mart.
Words fail to express our great loss of this
Splendid man. MAY HE REST IN PEACE.

Your Tri-Mart Family

Our Friend Eddie

When we think about Eddie B. Smith our friend, we will
remember his last words that he said to us. He said, "There isn't
time, There isn't time to do the things I want to do."
The bright sparkling twinkle in his button eyes, his laughter,
his jolly way, remains in our memories. He has left this earth,
but only in a physical sense.
Eddie had a mission. His mission was to help many people,
the poor, the rich, the disenfranchised.
The good Lord in his wisdom, had given Eddie to us for only
a short while as an example to follow. In his legacy that Eddie
left behind he would say:
If I should live to be
The last leaf on the tree
Let me smie as I do now.
There isn't time to do all the things you want to do.
But take the time and share your talents, listen and
help others because that is what the good Lord wants
us to do.

Gene and Marie Simmons


Ergislaturt of ttlr irgtn Islanbs
C.olwsl umdwnl Chkrleie Amelte
p. f sa em4
St. Tlee-. U. VfteaO Mlen MS O

DraICTOa oP SSASAlCH (O I 774.4f
October 9, 1987 f4o "44 e. 12

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to send

our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends

and acquaintances of our beloved Edward "Big Jake" Smith.

Without a shadow of doubt, 1 can honestly say that "Big

Jake was one of the finest human beings I've ever met.

During my five years residence in the Virgin Islands, "Big

Jake" was both my friend, workmate and confidant.

With his passing, a vibrant torch in my life has been extin-

quished: life for me will never be the same without my

gentle, kind and honest friend.

Fortunately, the rosary of tears is littered with happy

memories on the very day he died he treated me to lunch

and three full hours of his time. Perhaps he knew?

Goodbye Friend,

Eddie Donoghuc, Phd




David Blyden
Keith Hall
Ulric Lewis
Kenneth Phillips

Clifford Bowdky
Ronald Hanley
Cecil Milliner
Ulric Pilgrim


George Brown
Eustace Dench
Kenneth Milliner
Luther Milliner
Bernardo Taylor

Raymond Charles
Alphonso Holder
Leslie Milliner
Percy Milliner
Arturo Watlington, Jr.


Daren Brin
Anthony Holder
Elroy Milliner

George Brown
Louis Holder
Carlos Woods



By Blanche Holder

Eddie, you exemplified all of these.
But these are the questions that will linger in
our hearts and minds.
"Did you know?" "Did you have ESP?"
We can still see you looking off in the distance,
That peaceful, tranquil look on your face,
That happy, yet sad look as you smiled, teased, and
played with our grands and great grands--
How fully you spent those last few days
Desiring to, and visiting with Louis and his baseball
team spending hours on Saturday in Emile Griffith park.
Visiting with Percy and Leslie, for a family chat.
Visiting Iver and Priscilla, teasing with their kids -
Assisting with the landscaping, making sure to rise
early on Sunday, to attend the six.thirty service,
Making the rounds on Monday -- seeing your doctor,
and greeting your co-workers--
Suddenly deciding to be back home on Tuesday, to get
certain things done, swimming at Brewers Bay on Tuesday
and Wednesday a fulfillment and enjoyment you'd
looked forward to -- Delivering ice cream -- your last
gift to co-workers in Iver's office:--
Eddie, we are perplexed, but not in despair,
cast down, but not destroyed. We loved you well,
but Jesus loved you best.
"' id you really know, was your ESP working so well?"
Someday, when we meet in God's heaven, the answers
'will be known.



He Leaves To Mourn

WIFE ......................... Leona MillinerSmith

Joy Sm ith
Holly Smith

Edward Anthony Smith

Marie Smith

Shirley Lavelle
Marcella Roach

Stanley Smith

Many Devoted In-Laws; Relatives and Friends


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