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Title: Funeral Booklet for Donald Leander Robles
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Donald Leander Robles
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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On Celebration of the Life of

(V ;w

'Donald Leander "Robles
August 15. 1925 november 9, 1996

Funeral Service
Saturday, tNovember 16, 1996
Service: 10:00 am
ALL Saints Cathedral Church
Dean qThomas IW. tibbs, III. Officiating
Onterment at nWestern Cemetery 2Uumber 1
-St. 'homas, IL.&. "irgin Oslands

Donald L.eander Cobles

1925 1996
Donald Leander Robles was born on August 15, 1925 to the late Lionel
Robles and the late Louisa "Essie" Hodge. He lived with his mother and
brother, the late Austin Williams on Garden Street, above Al Saints Ca-
thedral Church. It was Garden Street that would give him the nickname
that would stay with him for the rest of his life, "Red Ants". His last days
on this earth were on the very street that he grew up on, and across from
the church he so loved.
Donald attended Lincoln School until the sixth grade. He learned the
value of hard work early in life, when he left school to work at Maduro
Lumber Yard to help support his family.
In 1944, Donald enlisted in the Army and served distinguishably in
World War II and Korea. After the Korean war, Donald returned home
and worked at the Silver Street Taxi Company, where he learned and
shared the true beauty of the Virgin Islands by taking visitors on tours.
In 1958, Donald was employed by Caribbean Atlantic Airlines (Caribair).
He was promoted to Manager of Cargo in 1973 when Caribair became
Eastern Airlines. Donald retired from Eastern in 1983 after 23 years of
service. He was very proud of the years of service, and of the friends he
made while at Eastern Airlines.
Everyone knew of Donald's passion for politics, and in 1984 he took the
opportunity to practice one of his favorite pastimes. As Special Assistant
to the former President of the Legislature, Derek M. Hodge, Donald would
begin his distinguished career in public service. He continued his service
in 1986 when he served again as the Spe-
cial Assistant to the former Lt. Governor,
Derek M. Hodge, and would hold this
S position for eight years, until his retire-
ment in 1994. Serving the people of the
Virgin Islands would be Donald's last
employment, and his most rewarding.
Donald enjoyed, and loved activities
that surrounded him with people. He was
an avid lover of "Brag," "Cock Fight-
ing," and his beloved "Horse Racing."
SHe loved traveling to St. Croix on the

days of the big races, especially
on those days when St. Tho-
mas horses won. It was on such
a day in 1954, that one of
Donald's army buddies, Rudy
Krieger, introduce him to the '"
woman he would later marry, '' '
Lucida Doreen Canton.
Donald and Lucida were A "
married on December 19, 1958. -" .
They had four children, Ray, .
Denise, Craig, and Cherisse.
Donald learned early in life the
value of a good education, and
felt very strongly that not only
his children, but all children
should have the opportunity to get one. That was why he was an active
member of the School Board of All Saints Cathedral School.
Donald loved his God and Church. He attended services regularly, and
.was a member of many of the organizations at All Saints Cathedral Church.
He was a long time member of the Vestry, and served several terms as the
Senior Warden. For several years, he served as Sexton of the Cathedral He
also was a member of St Anthony's Guild, and loved singing with the Six-
Thirty Choir. His involvement with All Saints Carnival Booth was legend-
ary. For over 25 years he was the mainstay of the booth. For almost two
decades he recorded the Sunday morning services which was broadcast
over WSTA each Sunday eve ning. In addition, Donald was elected as
a Delegate to several
Diocesan Conven-
His love of his
God and his loyalty
to his church will for-
ever be remembered.





- ;- ; ~ *

4rx r

Lucida D. Robles
Cherisse M. Robles, Denise Robles Clay, Rita C. Robles,
Diane Robles, Beatrice Robles George, Lavere Robles
Craig D. Robles, Ray A. Robles, Dale Robles,
Donald L Robles, Jr., Peter Robles, Mario Robles
Gertrude Robles Plaskett, Eunice Robles, Regina R. Rosario,
Leonore Robles, Elnora Robles, Joyce R. Potter, Feremina R. Smith,
Lorraine Francis, Ethel R. Joseph, Anne Marie Robles, Leona Robles
Barry, Joan Robles Williams, Jean R. Wiltshire
Leonel Robles, Jr., Winston Robles, Sr.,
Larry Robles, Elridge Robles
Raphilia Hermandez, Elvera Larsen
26 Grandchildren, 3 Great-grandchildren

Glen Krieger, Rudy Clark, Donald Robles, Jr., Vernon Conton,
Charles Parris, Mario Robles

2Lonorary Pattbearers
Craig D. Robles, Francis B. Canton, Joseph Hector,
Derek M. Hodge, Winston Brunn, Lisle Evelyn

Order of Service
RECEPTION OF THE BODY .............................. Page 466
RI E TW O .............................................. Page 491
THE COLLECT .......................................... Page 493
HYMN 194 ........................................ "Jesus Lives"
THE LESSON: Wisdom3:-5,9 ............... Beatrice Robles George
PSALM 27 .................................. Page 617, LIsle Evelyn
I ORINTHIANS (150.26,35-38,42A4,3-58) ......... DerekM. Hodge
HYMN 368 ........................... "Holy Father, Great Creator"
THE GOSPEL: John 11:21-27
HYMN692 .......................... Hean theVoice ofesus Say
APOSTLES' CREED ...................................... Page 496
PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE .............. Page 497, Cordella L Hector
OFFERTORY HYMN ............... "Now the Laborer's Task Is O'er"
THE GREAT THANKSGIVING ............................ Page 361
COMMUNION ANTHEM ...............................6:30 Choir
COMMUNION HYMN 335 ................. "I Am the Bread of Life"
POST COMMUNION COLLECT .......................... Page 498
HYMN 690 ..................... "Guide Me 0 Thou Great Jehovah"
THE COMMENDATION ................................ Page 499
HYMN 625 ............................... "Ye Holy Angels Bright
a -


God saw you were getting tired
And a cure was not to be,
So he put his arms around you
And whispered, "Come to Me."
With tearful eyes I watched you,
And saw you pass away.
Although I loved you dearly,
I could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands at rest
God broke my heart to prove to me,
He only takes the best.

To My Dear "D" ... We had 38 years together.. am blessed to have
had you for so long.. .You were my best friend ... I will miss you... and
there are no words that can express this pain ... I know that God has a
master plan... So until we meet again ... I love you Donald ...with all my
Your WiE Lou

DADDY, I REMEMBER... I remember you allowed me to be the only
child to sit at the head of the table from the time I could sit up in a high
chair; I remember because of you, I learned to tell time at an early age. I
wanted to know when it was 9:00 o'clock, because I knew this was the
time you returned home on Friday nights from your card games in Savan;
I remember you fork-mashed my rice and fried fish, so that I could eat a
real Caribbean meal, instead of nasty Gerber. That's why I was never a
"boney" child, but a "solid" one; I remember the times you picked me up
from school at 12 noon on Carnival Fair Days and we went down to the
cargo office because Ray, Denise, or Craig did not want to be bothered
with me; I remember you fussed (really cursed) me for running out of my
bedroom because I was too afraid to kill a big roach; I remember all of our
little secrets that we held from mommy (I will miss you for that); But most
importantly Daddy, I will always remember what you whispered to me in
the early morning hours of November 3,1996... I love you too Daddy.
Love, OChrisse (Monkey, The Last Moaican)

uye uaaay
Today we may cry as we say good-bye
These are not tears of sadness, they only ask why...
We know it's God's will ... and His will be done
So here is a small testimony from your daughters and son

Thanks for the Christmases that were filled with joy
Staying up all night to fix our toys.
Thanks for demanding we get the best education
As you drove us to All Saints every day without hesitation..
Thanks for the cooking lessons ...
with instructions that say ... "season to taste"
No exact amount of ingredients... only you could cook with such grace.
Thanks for the walks on the beach... the days off, long distance advice.
These are the precious memories we will hold for life...
Thanks for the summers shared and wisdom you imparted to your
He promised to heed your advice and pass it on to the younger one.
Thanks for our last dance ... they are still talking about you in the states,
About that guy from the islands who turned out the place ...
You gave us the best you had ... we love you so much... dear dad ...
Have a restful sleep tonight ... and dance with the angels on your flight
We will miss you... always...
from Cherisse, Craig and Denise

Come and rejoice with me for my earthly father is now with my spiri-
tual father. He is now free of pain, worry, sickness and many other things
that we would gladly leave behind. I am comforted in knowing that my
father is at peace.
Loving you allays, Rita C. Rabes

GRANDPA ... Mommy explained that you were sick, and now you
have passed away. How we are going to miss you, especially on race day.
Rest in peace and in the arms of our Great Savior.
ama; Lil Steve, & She'nel

POPS ... Through it all, I love You! Im going to miss spending time
and talking with you. It was wonderful and rewarding. I'm so sorry, that
you didn't enjoy your retirement as you should. Be assured that your

Savior will fulfill all your dreams. Again, rest in peace, and God be with
you always!!!!

You have crossed the swelling flood
You are now at home with God
Well beyond the reach of care
Free from every hurtful snare
Gone through death to glory bright
Present with the Lord in light

Your loved ones will wait at the harbor
To welcome you home from your labor
No sickness, no sorrow, no pain as before;
You will have joy as you meet with loved ones once more.
A halo of glory will shadow you o'er
With joy you will sing on that faraway shore.
Your burden of life will no longer annoy
In Christ you will live in perpetual joy.
Rest in peace.
from Mario, Donald, r., and Lavem Robles

Daddy ... You knew you were a sinner and Christ was your need;
Christ's death was your ransom no merit you had to plead. Christ's work
was sufficient, on Him when you believed and now you have life eternal
with Him you received. You left earth's joys to seek in Him the good that
earth couldn't give; when fellowship with God was found then you began
to live.
Your loving daughter, Beatrice Robles-Grorge

Donald was our dear friend and brother-in-law for almost 40 years.
Whenever we got together, we knew we were going to have a great time,
because Donald was always the life of the party. All we had to have was
good food and music, and we knew for sure that our "get together" was
going to be a blast.
Donald was one of the smoothest dancers we have ever known. It was a
pleasure to watch him dance. Besides being a great dancer, he had a great
sense of humor. Whenever Donald came to St. Croix. we didn't have to
look too far to find him. All we had to do was drop by Sylvia's Magazine
Store, because that was his favorite hang-out. He was in St. Croix so

frequently that we often teased him by asking, "Are you sure you are not a
Crucian?" He would give the biggest laugh you ever heard. He would
reply, "I'm a Saint Thomian through and through"
Over the years, Donald made many friends in St. Croix. We are sure
that all would agree, that he was a dear and faithful friend. We will
cherish the memory of that friendship for the rest of our lives.
But now the time has come to say so long, for just a while, for one day
we wil meet again. Sleep wel dear friend. Sleep welL
Krieger, Benjamin, Tutein,
Roy, and Canton Families.

Daddy Donald... You are gone but not forgotten. I can recall the many
Sunday when I would ask my mother to go the bathroom, but instead of
going to the bathroom I would come in the back and greet you with my
joyful smile. We would often sit through the sermon and talk to each
other. Those days will always remain with me for you were someone
special. Your Lord has called you to be in a better place, away from
sickness and suffering. Your memories will live on forever. Rest in peace.
Your godchild, Kirsten Petty

To the Robles Family .. Arise and go in peace, arise with true faith,
thanksgiving and prayer. Arise and may the peace of God go with you.
Arise today and follow Christ
Basil and Emeline Barthlett

De Don ... I miss you already. We love you well, but Jesus loves you
best. Sleep on and take your rest.

God has summoned you, go in peace
From earthly obligation you are released
Enjoy the bliss of Heaven, where there is no night
All things are new and will indeed be all right
You will be remembered always, in diversified ways
Thanks be to God for the length of your days.
Mildred V. Nibbs Chinnery, Close Family Friend

Dear Lou and Family ... It is so very difficult at times like these to
express words of comfort to a family who has lost a loved one. On behalf
of the members of the Vestry of the Cathedral Church of All Saints I wish


e, a to express sincere
i sympathy on the
passing of Donald
Robles. He will be
missed. May you
find police in know-
ing that your grief
Sis felt by many.
S Mr. Robles has
been a stalwart of
the Cathedral a
Shard working per-
son going about the
works of the Church. Many times one would ask where does he find the
energy? Whatever he did, he did not do to get praises or words of thanks
ftom the people, he did it from the heart. He did it for the Church, for the
Glory of God.
Mr. Robles has suffered, but I am convinced that although he suffered
he did not lose faith but continued to trust and believe in God. Remember
Paul's Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8.30-31 and 35-39. God Bless you!
Lisle Evelyn, Junior Warden, Vestry of the Cathedral Church of All Saints

Your labors on earth are done, now you've entered the heavenly vine-
yard where your Saviour waits to receive you. No more sorrow, no more
pain, you are safe in Jesus' arms. Sleep on our dearest brother; we shall
miss you. Rest in peace.
The members of St. Anthony's Guild

It is with great joy that we are here
today to celebrate the life of our dearly .* ,.
beloved brother, Donald Robles; who al-
ways gave of himself to our organization
- Episcopal Church Women of All Saints
Cathedral. We will miss you Donald; we
loved you, but God loved you best. Sleep
on dear brother.
from Episcopal Church Women (ECW) .




F 'a'9

On behalf of the Mobles family. we thank
each and every one of you for the little
things you did or said Thank you all for
pur support. od is watching over us.

following Interment.
the family wishes to retire quietly.
We thank you for your understanding.
iMay god bless you.

rThe Tobles Jamily


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