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Title: Funeral Booklet for Ilva Rebecca Rhymer
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Ilva Rebecca Rhymer
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Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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4R Celebration of The Life of

Dhoa IS ebecca 9Rhy mer
une 7, 1921 JMarch 20, 1996
3utrneral Srvics
Saturday, 4arch 30, 1996
Viewing...8:00 a.m. 9:00 am
dmch wmas Jtemorial Chapd
TViewit ... 9:30 a.m. 10:30 am.
Service... 10:30 am
Christ Church JMdhodist
Cfi$cati Cklrg: Severendooseph JCoyd
Vc tetn Csid at qCstern Cm"eter 24o. 1
$1. Ihbm s, V.I.

Our mother Oh so dear to us
Beloved far and near
People of every walk of life
She treated with tender care.

A very loving heart she had
The gentle smile to all she gave
Will be remembered years ahead
May the life and personality she shared
Be imprinted in the heavenly sphere.

O my mother who I love so dear
I know that I will meet you there
Around God's-throne and mercy seat
Where all His faithful children meet
Our prayer, our hope, our joy fulfil
Where people like you will forever live.

You are gone, but not forgotten

3Dva lebecca Lhymer
In Matthew 11:28 Jesus beckons "Come to me all you who are weary and
burdened, and I will give you rest..." Webster's Dictionary defines 'weari-
ness" as Worn out in strength, endurance, vigor or freshness~ haing one's
patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted."
Our mother, wife, sister, friend, grandma was weary of the confinement
illness placed upon her. She simply obeyed Jesus as he commanded in Mark
631 "Come with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest."
Dva Rebecca Rhymer was the fourth child of nine children born to
Morris and Victoria Jennings Fahie, on June 7,1921 in Long Trench, Tortola,
BVI Soon after obtaining her primary education at the Roadtown Method-
ist School, Iva migrated to St. Thomas, which she immediately embraced
as her homeland.
Ilva mothered six children, two of which predeceased her. It was her
children who first endearingly nicknamed her "It because she seemed too
young to be "Mammie" which was the name designated for grandma. In
addition to her loving but heartbroken husband, George Rhymer, of 46
years, I leaves behind so many "special loved ones' which are not confined
to blood relatives.
II was determined that all of her children would have the best education
possible. Towards that goal she worked long and hard, never unemployed,
promoting her way through watch and jewelry factories, St. Thomas Coca
Cola Bottling Co. and various other piece meal factories which were
common in St. Thomas at the time. She quickly introduced her young kids
to the entrepreneurial concept by bringing home extra work like assembling
bead necklaces and watches to earn extra money. U died knowing she had
accomplished hergoal. It never took much provocation for her to burst into
testimonial on her producing 3 educators including a Pd.D., and the first
native Comptroller of Vitelco. According to II there has never been any class
to top the "Class of 1962" and as she puts it, a class full of leaders" and
from which her two daughters graduated.
II believed that a Christian upbringing was mandatory. Towards that
goal all of her children attended several denominations every
Sunday...Methodist as well as neighborhood churches including roadside
evangelist teachers. To motivate the resisting child, it was well established
that only after such full participation could attendance of Sunday afternoon
movie even be considered.
II was a people person Her motto was, "If I can help some body
somewhere along the way, then my living would not have been in vain."
Towards that goal, she spent all her remaining life after her children- rear-
ing years heavily involved in community activities and very actively sup-
porting political candidates that she felt would make a difference to the
quality of life for the less fortmuate.
II left a legacy wherever perchance she happened by or whatever she did,
she wanted to stand out fLr the crowd On the occasion of her honoring/

retirement after 6 plus years of service with the V.I. Housing Authority, it
was said that she was honored for dedicated and devoted service, for a job
well done for the department and residents on the island of St. Thomas. The
bigger legacy, however, came from the staff, "who when confronted with a
challenging situation would often ask, "How would lva handle this?"
Although it has been 10 years since her retirement from this department, she
still maintained current relationship with the entire staff.
11 was a diehard politician, a Unity Party/emocrat and very proud of
it. She was a member of the Women Democratic Auxiliary Club. Once I
gave her commitment to support a candidate, she worked unceasingly and
relentlessly to get that candidate elected. She would campaign day and
night, on the phone, house-to-house, in banks or any area where large
groups congregated. She effectively manned the Marcelli polling booth
(formerly Washington School) for years. One of her pride claims to fame is
her participation in getting Melvin Evans elected, which earned her an
honored guest invitation at his Inauguration ceremonies.
Did I forget to mention that 11 spent a lifetime earning the reputation of
being a "sharp" and glamorous lady? Dressing up both herself and her
children (especially her daughters) was her trademark as far back as her
daughters can remember. Never a major holiday or season went by without
1l having all her children parading into Church "dressed to kill". In fact so
serious did she take this philosophy that one should look his/her best
despite internal pain or turmoil, that most people did not realize how
seriously sick she was. No matter where else we might have differences as
to what she might want for this Homecoming Celebration, we all agree that
we had better dress her like a bride to meet her bridegroom in Heaven; and
as her nephew Ludence has been reminding us daily ... "we must not
forget the gloves!"
Iva Rebecca Rhymer, our n, ws loved. Her husband, every child, every
grandchild, every niece, every nephew, every sister, every friend, every
one with whom she came in contact immediately had his/her own special
place in her heart. As we visited Ashford Medical Center in Puerto Rico for
the final time to reclaim her body, everyone extended such genuine comfort
because their "Elva" had passed. At the morgue which is located on the
outside of the hospital, the head of the X-ray Dept. heard that we were there
and tracked us down to share those special feelings they held for "their
Elva." So friends, family, we can lovingly say good bye to i and remember
Though death may stand at the gates of the hereafter,
As a sentry shrouded in fear and power,
SHe has not entrance beyond that gate,
For upon entry there is life,
Free of grieving, sorrow, and strife
Where happiness lies in store,
Meeting loved ones who have gone before...
So good-bye, dear "I1" till we meet at Jesus' feet...


George "Weather" Rhymer
Helen Hart, Grasilda "Grasie" Dobbins,
Alvin "Wardo" Payne, Dr. Allen Letsome
Ida Fahie, Viola Vanterpool, Olga Hazelwood,
Mildred Fahie, Inez Gumbs
Bernice Tumbul, Verna Dagou, Felecia Brownlow, Rubina Leonard
Calma Reynolds, Halvor Hart, II, Jasmine Hart, Melvin Payne, Jr.,
Shantel Dobbins, Patrick Hill, Kima Payne, Derick Copeland, Tiffany
Payne, Rebecca Letsome, Allendra Letsome, Greta Hart-Hymann
Kashan Reynolds, Sharsyce Prentice, Halvor E. Hart, IV, Te'Lisha
Mactavious, Devor B. Hart, Ge'Lsa Thompson, Haleem E. Hart
John M. Dobbins, Georgia Payne
James "Squire" Hazelwood, Jennie Fahie, Lillian Fahie
to mentioned, but including Leonie Riddle, Sarah Hart, Naomi Hodge,
Beryl Parrington, Carolyn Thomas, Delores Harrigan,
Sylvia Newton-Lewis, Ludence Tumbull
Including: Victor & Melita Crabbe,
Eunice Francis, Ruby Gumbs, Vincent "Beef" Clendinen

Alvin Payne, Vincent "Beef" Clendinen, Dr. Allen Letsome, Halvor Hart,
II, Samuel Gumbs, James Penn, Ludence Turnbull, John Dobbins

lionorary Yalbearers
Senator John Bell, Norwell Hodge, Earl Harris,
Eric Phillips, Anthony Vanterpool, Zedekiah Jennings

Order of mrvice

HYMN: I is Well With My Soul ......... ............. Coogregation
PRAYER .. ......, ......,,....................... Reverend Uoyd
EULOGY ................................... OGrasildaH. Dobbins
MUSICAL TRIBUT .............. ......... ... HalvorHart, Il
Psali 90 ..... ,,,..... .................,....Dr. Allen Letsome
1 Corithimns 15:20-26,35-38, 5058 ............. Sister Leonic Riddle
John 14:1.6 &27 .... ..... .. ... t ....... ..Rverend loyd
HYMN: Pcious Lord, Take My Hand .... ........ .. ... Congreation
HYMN: Blssed Assurance .......... .... .............. Congrgation
COMMENDAION (All anding)
RECESSIONAL HYMN: To God Be The Glory ................Cogretion

My dearest II, So many years ago, and yet it remains a pleasure being
your partner. I never thought it would come to an end. I loved you in life
and I love you in death. May God walk with you in His precious arms.
And I hope to see you in the morning in the care of the Almighty Father.
Love forever, Your Husband "Georgio"

Heavenly Father: The death of my dear Sister Ilva has filled my eyes
with tears and my heart with sorrow. Sexy Ilva was what everyone called
you, but sweet are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of you.
You were the light in every spark and I know that the Lord will shine on
you; your kindness, laughter, and unconditional love will always linger
on in our hearts. May the passing of my Sister lva remind me that I too
am but a pilgrim and stranger on earth.
Mildred Fahie & Family

II: Your loving ways, open arms, welcoming smile and those special
words will always remain in my heart. You have fought the good fight,
your battle is o'er. Thru it all, you have met your JESUS and you are at
rest with Him.
Love Always, Sally

Aunt II: I was deeply saddened to hear of your passing, but God knows
best I will always remember your smile when we would meet, especially
at the family get together. Sleep my beloved, take thy rest May your
soul rest in peace.
Your Niece, Beryl V. Farrington & Family

To My Grandmother: We are going to miss you. Who is going to
make our pancakes on Sundays and chicken when we come home from
school? We will all miss you so much, Ma.
Love, Kashan, TeLisha & Ge'Lisa

I, We became friends right away when we were introduced by Lisa;
imagine you and I in the middle of children melee, you being Lisa's
grandmother and I Gleason's mother. But you always had an answer and
a listening ear and that tongue. You'll be dearly missed by all who had
the pleasure of knowing you.
Joanna Thompson

II, You and I never agreed on anything, especially when it came to
Calma; you always wanted the best for her. I could not give her
everything, but what I had I gave. One thing we agreed on was that you

could take care ot her and that you did. You raised my child as it she was
yours. I never got a chance to say thank you. You will be missed, but
you're home now.
Delores Niles
Grand indeed, you were to me
Very special, warm and wonderful indeed
You cared and reared me as your very own
Nurtured and spoiled me until I was grown
Sometimes we argue, you knew you were right,
Me knowing I'm wrong, argued back
You knew me better than I knew myself
A mother you were, to all you encountered
Especially Monique, Denise, Joyce and myself
We enjoyed talking with you when you
talked that talk you loved to talk,
We all got a kick out of that
You treated me and all around me as your own and I love you for that...
Well my friend, my father, my mother and yes my grandmother
All those things you were to me
You leave me empty, not knowing what next to do or where to go
I never strayed too far from you, I always made my way back home
Now all you left is a house, and a house is not a home
when you're not there,
but we'll meet again someday
You and I have that bond no one can break.
I'll miss you. I love you.
To 'Tata" & Family: We all take comfort in the fact that "ITs" painful
time was short. So short, we did not have time to say good-bye. We do
have, though, the happy memories, the one-of-a-kind personality we can't
replace. As she goes on to her eternal life which God has prepared for her,
we will reflect on her earthly journey which touched so many of us, in so
many ways. Let us then say, all praise and thanks to you Dear Lord for
the time we had to know "IT. As she goes on her spiritual journey may
she find the peace and tranquility which she is so deserving. May "I" rest
in peace.
Blessingf Feleca & Family

Our Sister Ilva Rhymer was a loving and affectionate sister, always
friendly and kind to the ones she knew from near and far. If you asked a
favor of her, her words would be "I don't know", even though in the end
her answer would eventually change to a "yes" because she never wanted

to deny h lthe privilege o nepmg someone.
Our sister was a gracious and unique person who was loved by her
family and friends. Her graciousness was transplanted into her kids as
she would teach them values they should possess in their lives. One of the
main things our Sister instilled into her children's lives was education and
discipline. Thanks to her diligent teaching, the "fruits" she bore can stand
tall and be proud of their Mother.
Our Sister Ilva came from a God fearing and Christian home. Her
parents believed that God came first and it was taught to the entire family,
with regular attendance at church on Sundays a must.
We want to thank God for His mercies in giving us a sister designed
for motherhood and leaving such a legacy for her children and family to
follow. How did she do it? It was not easy; but through trials and
tribulations she overcame, through walking with God and praying daily
and constantly. In Matthew 25:21, The Lord said unto her, "We1 done thou
good and faithful servant. Thou has been fithfid oer a few things, I will put you
in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master"
Our sister, or "I" as she was endearingly called by most is resting in
the Bosom of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Sleep on dear one; we
loved you, but Jesus loved you best.
Done in Deepest Sorrow, The Sisters:
Mildred Fahie, Viola Vanterpool,
Inez Gumbs, Olga Hazehood, Ida Fakie

O love that wilt not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee; I gave thee
back the life I owe, that in Thine ocean depths its flow may richer, fuller
be. Sister Rhymer, you are gone, and we are surely going to miss you, but
God knows best You always had a testimony of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ, so we hope to meet you on the resurrection morn. May your
soul rest in peace.
Members of Class #33, Christ Church

Ilva was very loving, thoughtful and kind. Animosity was never
withheld in her mind. She zestfully performed each task with vigor. We
will remember her role as a political figure. God has summoned you to the
bliss of eternal rest. Go slumber in Heaven where none can molest.
Co-Worker Friend, Mildred V. Nibbs Chinnery

IL I did not know that on Wednesday morning when I spoke to you
that it was farewell We love you, but God loves you best, so rest in peace.
Your Si, Olga

I, one night during one of our many conversations, you told me that
you had made your peace with the Lord and were waiting. At that
moment in time, I did not understand why you were waiting. However, I

In Loving Memory of My Sister. My sister had so mucn love to give.
When I think of her death, one thing comes to mind Our days are in
God's hands. "Il" will be missed greatly. She was only a telephone call
away and we shared many precious moments together. I thank God that
she took Jesus as her Savior and I am looking forward to seeing her again.
Rest in peace "II".
Love, Viola Vanterpool

II: It's not easy to accept your unexpected passing, but as a believer in
God I know that He has promised to prepare a place for us with Him. I
will continue to pray for His love to surround and comfort you. Your
presence at family gatherings will be missed, but your memories will be
Your Sister Ida & Family

Though I may not understand the leading of my Father's hand, I know
to all He has the key. He understands each mystery. Ilva, my good friend,
I will always remember the good times we spent together. You were so
jovial, so kind, and so thoughtful I will miss you very much, but great
hope remains, for we are told in Revelations 21:4 "And God shall wipe
away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death neither
sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain".
"Yune" Eunice

Remembering Ilva Rhymer When Ilva became a member of our
Community Service Family at the VI Housing Authority in February 1980,
she immediately won the affection and respect of not only the staff and
management, but most importantly the tenant population. Her common
sense approach to dealing with people problems was very effective and
refreshing to witness. Her sense of humor, tinged with political savvy,
made being around her both an enjoyment and an enlightening experi-
She was an extremely dedicated worker and after her retirement in
1986 residents always commented on how they missed her. The staff,
when confronted with a challenging situation, would always state "How
would Ilva handle this", before solving the problem. She will be missed,
but most importantly, Ilva will be long and fondly remembered.
Marian Galloway Mathes

Now that my "Grandma" is gone, she will no longer feel any pain. She
will not have to go through the hardships of life. And for those reasons I
am happy for her. Even though I will miss her very much, as many
people will, she will always be with us in mind, spirit and heart. I love
you always, Grandma...
Shantel Dobbins

icrLT.uc 11Jl jo Vr i I x VIj x rxni;.
The day was Tuesday, March 19,1996 and I was on my way to attend
the end of what was to be the longest teachers' strike in Oakland's history.
Naturally I was relieved. I got into my car and started to the meeting
place. Soon I discovered that I was being.accompanied by a flying insect
buzzing about my head. Annoyed and concerned for I could not tell
whether it was a bee or a big fly, I tried to bat it away from my head while
still grabbing hold of the steering wheel. The car began swerving all over
the road. I was fortunate not to hit anyone or anything. I recaptured my
composure, pulled off to the curb, and rolled down the window to let the
insect out.
I muttered to myself, "Now what was that all about?" Was that a
messenger trying to tell me something? I quickly dismissed the thought
and went on to the meeting as planned. The meeting was long. The
discussions were charged. I was tired and somewhat disinterested. I cast
my vote to end the strike and headed for home. When I got home I was
met with a surprise. The lights had mysteriously gone out in my apart-
ment. The clock had stopped. The phone machine was not working. The
VCR was flashing. The microwave clock was out. I thought to myself, my
mom is trying to send me a message that her time had passed. A day later
I got a telephone message from my sister validating what I had already
My memories of Mother are not where she died nor how she died, but
rather how she lived. I began to value and appreciate Mother more when
I got older. Mother was there for me when I was in crisis. She was the one
family member I could talk to. She knew the right thing to say and right
time to listen. Her empathy helped me through a rough period.
Being away from home for as many years as I have, I often cherished
our talks together. Mother was always ready and eager to hear and learn
what was going on in my life. And she would fill me in on all the local
events of the day. I would say it was a pretty good exchange. I would
come away enriched and enlightened and looking forward to our next
Mother was generous with her time and gifts. She would gladly reach
out and share what was hers with others. Sometimes it would seem she
was taking care of the whole world. She seemed to get a great deal of
satisfaction in sharing. I would say that was one of her best traits.
At times, Mother could be stern and harsh and would not hesitate to
punish if she thought I did wrong. I didn't always agree nor understand
the need or reason for the punishment. All in all it taught me a valuable
lesson that actions have consequences. I lived by Mother's rule as a child,
and as an adult I still abide by some of the same rules. Looking back over
my life, I would say that I did well by having a mother like Ilva.
By your son, Allen Letsome

have now realized that you were waiting for the Shepherd to lead you
home to that glorious place that was prepared for you, where there is no
more pain or sorrow.
I will forever keep those precious mother-daughter memories that we
shared over the past years. Rest in peace.
Loe, Vera Dagou

Don't be distressed or worried
Be confident and still...
For many prayers are going up,
All asking for God's will

The Road ahead seems dark now,
There's not much you can do
But place yourself within His hands
And He will see you through.

So trust Him for each moment,
Cast on Him easy care ...
And His strong arms will carry you
When its too much to bear.

There's power for the asking
And strength for each new day -
The Great Physician's still "on call"
He's just a prayer away.

11, your death has left a void in my life because you have been a mother
and a friend to me. Who will I have to talk to, day and night about
anything. I know that you have gone to be with your Lord.
The road ahead seems dark now, there's not much I can do, but place
myself within His hands and He will see me through. May you rest in
peace and your family be consoled.
Rubina Leonard

In Loving Memory of My Dear Friend: It is not easy to say good-bye to
an aunt, a dear friend, a confidant, and a pal. These attributes all describe
my loving Aunt "II". The grim reaper death has broken the relationship
we had going. However, despite the loss, I can yet rejoice because of the
hope that comes through Jesus Christ. Yes, I will see my dear friend one
day. Sleep on dear friend!!!
Love, Bernice A. Turnbull

Will the circle be unbroken,
Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye
In a better home awaiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky......
Words cannot express the pain and void we are feeling from the
sudden departure of our lifeline, our "11. At times like these we may
even dare to ask God, why so soon or sosudden, but we quickly cancel the
question before God can respond, "I know best". And we accept, though
painfully, that God has chosen to take her home to a better place.
We all knew that our mom loved us; she had different expectations for
each one and we learned to accept her judgment. She believed strongly
that the strong must hold up the weak. And that is why in every decision
that relates to our mom we recognize that her "surviving children"
include far more than Helen, Grasilda, Alvin and Allen but also the
special daughters, and many, many other special relatives and friends
whose lives were so entwined with our mom.
II, you were the best and will never be replaced in our hearts. There is
sadness and hurt today, but joy comes in the morning. We know that the
hurt will ease as we cherish the yesterdays, love the today and dream of
tomorrow when we will be joining you in the arms of the Lord. The lives
you have touched and molded, the kindness and gentleness you have
showered on all who came in contact with you and your happy and jovial
personality will live on in our memories for a very long time.
As we say so long for now, we would like to also express our love and
gratitude for the joy and love you gave us. May you rest in eternal peace.
Love forever, Grasilda, Helen,
Alvin, Allen & All your other children
As you pass along this way, you leave your love to someone each day;
There was never a task too hard for you to bear;
You've made a guiding light o( Love, Faith, and Hope.
Your light will shine on all whose life you have touched.
The things we did, the times we shared together,
The good deeds you have done will always remain in our memories.
Your life is not over; it has just begun.
There is no life on earth to compare to the rewards from God.
You were an earthly flower but now
God has made you a heavenly star.
We shall always miss you.
May God keep you in His care until we meet again.
Looingly, Your Extended Family, Geneva & Grover Willis & Family

Remembrance: It is with great sadness that I note the passing of Ilva
Rhymer. I have known Ilva for many years. She was hard working,

conscientious and committed to the fulfillment of those activities which
were for the upliftment of mankind. Because of this commitment, Ilva
was very active in many community affairs. I shall always remember
Iva's pleasant greetings. May she rest in peace.
Alexander A. Farrelly, Former Governor, USVI 1987-1995

II When we moved into our apartment 7 years ago, little did we know
that we would come to know and love you so dearly. We will miss your
calling out and saying "good morning"; your calling out to Kashan to get
ready for school And all the funny things that you would say. It will not
be the same without you. But we know that you are in a better place;
although some mornings it seems that if we listen close enough we can
still hear, "Connie, good morning and how is the baby".
Love, Ralph, Connie & Armani

Precious memories, how they linger forever in our souls...
The u, I will remember:
A Lady of strength and pride even during adversity,
A rescuer and protector of those in trouble,
One who chastised and corrected us when it was needed,
A person whose wit and humor would make you laugh
and think, "Is she for real?"
Most of all a Lady who knew how to love and care for others
without sacrificing her beliefs.
All of these, and more are the precious and loving memories
that will always linger in my soul.
Thanks, II. May you rest in peace with all of God's blessings.
Your son-in-law, John

Aunt Ilva... It was just last October, on a bright sunny afternoon, that
you and I sat on your porch laughing and talking about old times. I
remember the smile on your face. You seemed so happy but your eyes
looked so sad. As I started to leave, you asked for a hug and asked that I
pray for you. We hugged. At the time, Aunt Ilva, I did not realize that was
our last embrace. Here bring your wounded heart Here tell your anguish
Earth has no sorrow That Heaven cannot cure. No one who was privi-
leged to know you will ever forget you. I pray that you are with God's
angels. Rest in peace. I love you.
Your niece Sylvia Newton Lewis

I am saddened to learn about the passing of my friend and former
member of my legislative staff Ms. lva Rhymer. During my service in the
Legislature she worked on my staff and made valuable contributions
which helped me to be responsive to my constituents. She had a sense of
compassion for those who were in need of jobs, housing and generally, a

shoulder to cry on. She was absolutely dependable and loyal. Her
contributions were immeasurable to the political process because those
who succeeded on account of her efforts, made social economic and
political changes to the benefit of the population as a whole. On behalf of
the Dawson family, may she rest in peace. May the Lord God receive her
Eric E. Dawson, Esq.

Not Good-bye Just SEE YOU LATER
People never truly leave.
They never truly die.
They're like water.
It's always there, even when you don't see it.
They leave one form and travel to another.
So Grandma, I won't say good-bye
Just see you later.
You're in every tree, every star and every dream.
So goodnight, Grandma, I'll see you one of these mornings.
Written by Allendra Letsome
in loving memory of Grandma Rhymer
who touched the hearts of everyone she met
and added a little sunshine to those she loved.

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I extend my deepest condolences
on the passing of Mrs. lva Rhymer. Mrs. Rhymer was employed at the
Virgin Islands Legislature from 1973-1980. During that time, she served
faithfully and was admired by her co-workers. She has moved on to her
eternal rest and will be sorely missed by family and friends. There are
perhaps no words that can bring comfort during this time of bereavement,
but be assured of the support, love and concern of friends and God's
continual care. On behalf of the members and staff of the 21st Legislature
of the Virgin Islands, I extend deepest condolences and pray that her soul
may rest In peace.
Senate President Almando "Rocky" Liburd

I felt myself truly fortunate to have the friendship of lIva Rhymer. I
valued her kind support of my political goals and our long chats of advice
- for, as a political stalwart, her acumen was renowned. All old-time
politicians attest to that and how she gained respect from every quarter for
her courage in working against old guard politicians. That took real
courage, I understand, for by so doing, employment could be jeopardized.
But Ilva always remained undaunted. Refusing to bow to pressure, she
fought for her principles, for what she believed was right and fair. What
wonderful memories Ilva has left behind ... of those who knew her some
years ago in the height of her political activities... and those who, to their

good fortune, came to know her later. I am honored to have been among
Senator Lorraine L. Berry

I was deeply saddened when I heard of the passing of Mrs. Ilva. She
was one of the vibrant forces that made politics the interesting and excit-
ing event that it was especially during campaign time. I understood from
many who knew her, that she was stem but compassionate and it was
evident in the way she raised her children. Further, it is said that children
gravitated to her because she was always willing to give a friendly greet-
ing and offer sound maternal advice. I am sure that the numerous experi-
ences you shared with Mrs. Ilva will keep you strong May the many
pleasant memories and the grace of God through Jesus Christ bring you
comfort in these days of grief. In deepest sympathy,
Senator Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, Jr.

Today as the bells toll for your mother, sister, aunt and friend, rest
assured that our beloved lUva (or "I1" as I liked to call her) has not only
talked herself into heaven but has probably convinced St. Peter to give her
his seat and is sitting on the right hand of God, Our Father.
It is no secret to those who knew her that "II" had a very sharp tongue.
You always knew where she was coming from. On many occasions she
would call me on the telephone or into her home to tell me, in no uncer-
tain terms, what she taught about this or that on the political scene. As a
stalwart Democrat, her observations were almost always right "on the
"II" truly loved this community, and she expressed it through her
activism and interest in what was going on around her. When I think
about all the persons who have contributed to my political success, "II"
ranks high among them. I consider myself truly fortunate to have known
I trust that you will find comfort in the fact that "II" embraced Jesus as
her Lord and Savior, and by her death, she is finally resting peacefully in
his arms. With you in my prayers,
Senator Judy M. Gomez

Our Mothder
would want to cspecialgy thank her Pmily and friends
for their loyalty and caring, their prayers and
special contributions during her lie and
through this n hllenging and difficult period
JWa gqod bkss all of you.


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