Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for George Owen Rhymer
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Title: Funeral Booklet for George Owen Rhymer
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of George Owen Rhymer
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Subject: Rhymer, George Owen
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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2lomecoming Services
Dn Caving AMemory of

george Owen 2hymer
December 23, 1915 October 6, 1996
funeral Sermces
Tuesday, October 15, 1996
Tiwing: 10:30 11:30 am.
3o6n 7Vomas Mcmorial Chapel
7Ec~ng: 12:00 1:00 p.m.
vice: 1:00 p.m.
Christ Church Uehodist
Officiati Clergy: RawCrCend 3oseph loyd
* nS ij&y u tat AWsternCemetcry s2o. 1
t. Thom"s. V.I

Tata, bar, eorgeo

Rest in peace.

"Rest in peace," how much this says,
Be free of pain no more to weep.
Find joy that never ends, possess
New life that here you could not keep.
"Rest in peace," and though we grieve,
Reaching for your hand in vain,
Our faith is such that we believe
That all of us shall meet again.

No dirge of sorrow shall we play,
For one who goes to meet the Lord.
Could but we all be Heaven's guests,
As you receive your just reward.
Dear blessed sleep that merely marks
The ending of a holy quest
Your gentle touch remains upon
The hearts of those who loved you best.

'Until we meet at Jesus'feet ........
We love you forever ......... Your loving family


george Owen Rhymer

< 1915-1996

George, better known to his early friends as "Weather" was born to
Isaac "Moshe" and Floressa Rhymer, along with one sister, MarieL
George was educated in the public school system. Although his origi-
nal birthplace was recently discovered to be Tortola, George's entire
growing up days were spent between Down Street and Savan. George
has always proudly acknowledged that he was around when Denmark
sold the Virgin Islands to the United States.
George "Weather" was an avid group singer and quadrille dancer, his
early friends recall. They can remember him joining singing groups like
the "Chilly Waters Quartet", "The Blue Bel Choir" and being a strong
supporter and follower of the Bell-Aire Acappella Choir. Weather loved
hanging out with the boys, playing cards, singing and talking sports,
especially baseball
Dancing quadrille was also another passion of his; in fact his only trip
off island, to Puerto Rico, was to dance with the Mongo Niles Quadrille
Ilva Rhymer ("Ill"), his soul mate, came into his life in the late '40s like
a whirlwind. They were married in 1950 and he instantly became a
family man and "Savanero." Georgeo (endearment started by his Il)
took to parenting instantly and became very protective to the point of
exhibiting open jealousy if others encroached on "his family." For the
remainder of our growing up days through high school, we remember
"Gar," as we lovingly called him, as the parent who got involved with
our homework, the better cook, the parent who took us out on the town
on Christmas Eve to shop for Santa's gift, the least strict parent, the one
who doctored us back to health, gentle, possessively loving. By the time
the grand and great children came along, Tata (as they lovingly called
him) was "putty" in their hands. Calma and Kashan can attest to this and
Jasmine to some degree, for even as he was telling them that he didn't
have he was pulling out his wallet
George was a carpenter by trade and was involved with the construc-
tion of the old hospital, development of the Arendale area, which later
became Bomefield, and subbase. He later moved into government and
worked for departments like Labor, Unemployment Service (for 14 years)

and the Legislature.
Many friends and family tend to describe George as quiet, unassum-
ing, mild-mannered, perhaps in comparison to his more outspoken mate,
yet he was a very independent-minded person. Georgeo and Ill were
both diehard Democrats but they had their own "candidates" for whom
they worked tirelessly. George's candidate was Roger Hill, who won for
one term. After Roger's unsuccessful second term, George became disen-
chanted with the political scene and retired.
Georgeo and Il1 were similar in so many ways; one of which being
pride in their appearance. And so after Georgeo lost his one leg through
amputation, he became housebound. For the remainder of his life up
until Ill died 6 months ago, he lived through her. It is no surprise, then
that he would want to join her speedily.

In 1 Peter 2:1-3 Peter says that to live a holy life you must rid yourself
of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy and slander of every kind.
Charles Wesley in one his many hymns prayed to God:

Lord, that I may learn of Thee,
Give me true simplicity;
Wean my soul, and keep it low,
Willing Thee alone to know.

Let me cast my self aside,
All that feeds my knowing pride,
Not to man, but God submit,
Lay my reasoning at Thy feet;

Our Tata, Gar, Georgeo lived this life... humble, simple just wanting
to feel the love of his family, a visit from friends now and then. And in
the last days just wanting to be with his love, his soul mate, his Il. As
quietly as he lived, as quietly he died ... no calling out "Ms. Crabbe" as
he would normally do when he wanted something, but this time he
wanted no one to stop him from going home to his "'Il" ...

Until we meet at Jesus' feet Tata, Gar, Georgeo


Helen Hart, Grasilda "Grasie" Dobbins,
Alvin "Wardo" Payne, Dr. Alien Letsome
Calma Lisa Reynolds, Halvor Hart, III, Jasmine Hart,
Melvin Payne, Jr., Shantel Dobbins, Patrick Hill, Kima Payne,
Derick Copeland, Tiffany Payne, Rebecca Letome,
Allendra Letsome, Greta Hart-Hymann
Kashan Reynolds, Sharsyce Prentice, Halvor E. Hart, IV, Te'Lisha
Mactavious, Devor E. Hart, Ge'Lisa Thompson, Haleem E. Hart
Felecia Brownlow, Bernice Tumbull, Rubina Leonard
Viola Vanterpool, Ida Fahie, Olga Hazelwood,
Mildred Fahie, Inez Gumbe
Othniel Rhymer
Dorothy Lezia
Melita & Victor Crabbe
John M. Dobbins, Georgia Payne
Too many great -nieces, nephews; cousins and friends to mention.

Alvin Payne, Vincen "Beef Clendinen, Halvor Hart, II,
James "Tony" Vanterpool, Eriel "Shortie" Douglas, Victor Crabbe

-- -----

Order of Service
HYMN: It is Well With My Soul ..................... Congregation
PRAYER ....................................... Reverend Uoyd
EULOGY .................................. Grasilda H. Dobbins
MUSICALTRIBUTE ............................... Halvor Hart, Ill
PSALM 23 ......................................... Congregation

REVELATIONS 7:9-17 ................................ Helen Hart
ST. JOHN 11:17-27 ............................. Reverend Lloyd
HYMN: Precious Lord, Take My Hand ............... Congregation

RECESSIONAL HYMN: When We All Get To Heaven .. Congregation

Tata, Our Dad... Our tears are of understanding
Yes, we know that you loved us; but we also recognized that we were
no substitute for your "Ill". You called for her nightly, you saw her
"dressed to kill" nightly beckoning to you. We lamely suggested that you
tell her that you were not ready to join her, but we knew that your desire
to be with her would win out Yes, we knew that we couldn't compete
with 46 years of inseparability.
But, the many tender memories of you in our lives will soften the grief, the
many fond recollections will bring us relief, time and space can never divide or
keep you from our side, for our memories will paint in color the true happy hours
we have spent with you.
We know that you would want us to thank Mrs. Crabbe for the special
care she has showered on both you and M for the past year. You would
want us to tell her thanks for being our special "guardian angel" and
hope that the friendship and love fostered during these trying times will
continue until we all meet at Jesus' feet
So long Tata.... Helen, Grasie, Alvin, Allen and Family

"Georgeo" ... Can we think it pleases His (God 's) loving heart to
cause us a moment's pain? Ah, no! But He sees, through the present
cross, The bliss of eternal gain. I have never missed hearing you when
you called for me, so I must assume that you just didn't want to say
goodbye for fear that we might try to delay your departure with a hospi-
tal visit.
God bless you, my friend, and I pray that you are right now holding
hands with your Ill in the presence of the Lord. Until we meet at that
happy homecoming,
Melita Crabbe

We find it hard to believe that there will be no more afternoon visits.
No more pleasing Tata by providing him with "sweet treats", but we
understand. It's God's time now to call Georgeo home to that place he has
been yearning for. Where he is sure that he will meet his loving wife lva.
So, we will live on in faith that one day. We will meet again
Felecia and Family

Tata, My life is really incomplete. You and mommy were all that I had.
They say you never miss someone until they are gone. The love that I

have for you and Ma will never die just as yours will be with me always.
Kashan and I will miss you dearly. But, we know where you are and
that's what matters. Rest, for we know that you are in Heaven, both of
Kashan, Te'Lisha, Ge'Lisa, Monique, Khoi & Calma

George, I was saddened to hear of your passing. We love you but
Jesus loves you best. Sleep on my beloved brother and take your rest.
James, Oiga & Family

In loving memory of George 0. Rhymer... Good-byes are always very
sad and especially if it is to someone who is very special to us. He was a
very quiet unassuming individual who was always there to give an
encouraging word. Through good and bad times he always remained
steadfast. When we spoke about God and what he expected from each of
his children, "Georgeo" would always listen very attentively and showed
great interest.
I realized that when my aunt and dear friend died on March 20,1996,
that he would not want to live much longer. She was his best friend, his
confidant and his caretaker. He always expressed that life would not be
the same without her. My hope which comes through what Jesus did for
us on the cross, is that I will meet "Georgeo" again in heaven.
Bernice A. Turnbull, Niece

In Memory of George ... George was a good brother-in-law and a
good friend. We have shared many good times together. He was always
just a telephone call away. Our good God has seen it fit to call him to his
eternal home. I hope and pray that we will meet around God's throne
one day. Sleep on George, until we meet again.
Viola Vanterpool

Georgeo... My time with you seemed so short, yet you left me with
the sweetest memories of you along with a much valued legacy of friend-
ship that I shall hold forever dear. Rest in peace, my friend, until we meet
Verna Dagu

S .Death is not putting out the light,
it is extinguishing the candle because the dawn has come!

11 --



.. CQo" --.----

Georgeo, on Saturday you told me that the time had come and I tried to
discourage you, but you knew better. Since Ill left us, you have continu-
ously said that you wanted to go to meet her. You have been like a father
to me. I will always love you. May you rest in peace
Tata... I came by on Saturday evening. Although it was late, I had an
intense desire to see you and to bring you a piece of Tafara's birthday
cake. You were sitting on the edge of the bed like you usually do,
however, this time you didn't have a cigarette with you. I hugged and
kissed you as I usually do and whispered in your ear, "Tata, I love you."
You tilted your head to the side and smiled when you leaned over the bed
in your usual style. Tata, only you and I know the relationship we had,
the phone conversations we have exchanged and the family "gossip" we
have entertained. My hope is to see you on the other side. I believe my
prayers were answered and you accepted Jesus before you died. Sleep on
Tata, sleep on. Your body is gone but your spirit lives on.
Only me, Gret's, Greta Hart-Hyndman

Special thanks

To the many family members and friends who offered sup-
port, prayers, made phone calls to keep George's spirits up or
perhaps came by just to say "hi," we express sincere thanks and

We gratefully acknowledge your remembering us through
your prayers, flowers, verbal and written expression and other
acts of kindness. To you who have joined us today at the
funeral services, we are grateful for your moral support.


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