Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Vivian Louise Mills Queenman
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Vivian Louise Mills Queenman
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Vivian Louise Mills Queenman
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Subject: Queenman, Vivian Louise Mills
Human relations
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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In saest "SS" BJ 8 Thomass V.,

Melville Mills, Kenneth Mills, Clive A. Mills, and Dr. Earl C. Mills
Elaine Mills Carter
Carolyn Braun Mills, Carmella Mills, Avlyn Mills, and Dr. Carol Mills
Kenneth Mills, Jr. San Francisco, Abigail Mills Virginia Beach,
Carolyn Mills-Bellot Miami, Valerie Mills St. Thomas,
Maria and Melinda Mills -Atlanta, Calida and Candace Mills Tampa,
Britt and Lyndsee Mills Maryland.
Blanche Mills and Viola Carter-Maynard St. Thomas,
Phyllis Carter-Pole and Delores Carter-Pole New Jersey,
Pearlina Mills -Boston, Joan Mills and Jane Mills-Berry Atlanta,
Bronte Mills New York, Jeanne (Mills) Brown-Meehan Florida.
Dr. Frank Mills and Ira Mills St. Thomas, Ted Mills St. Croix,
Phillip Mills -Atlanta, Milton Mills Boston,
Winston Carter New York, Pearson Mills Atlanta,
Gavin Mills -Vermont, Clement Mills- California.
Nikysha Jackson, and Jasmine DeCarish-Virginia Beach
and Raheim George, Jr. St. Thomas
Irene Mills and Lillian Mills
Numerous cousins, godchildren, friends
and other relatives in St. Kitts and abroad
Methodist and Frenchtown Senior Citizens, Eleanor Reed,
Marjorie Mason, Alice Maude-Rollins, Doris Smith-Scatliffe,
Alrita Smith, G. Claudius Smith, Pearline Warner, Ermine Buchanan,
Joseph Glasford, Althea Richards, Dalcie Waldron, Joi Waldron,
Jessica Waldron

Vivian Louise Mills Queeman, fondly called Vivi by all who knew her,
was born in Manhattan, New York on September 11, 1911 to William and
Olivia Mills. Early in her life, the family relocated to St. Kitts where she
attended the Sandy Point Girls School. Vivi worked as a vendor in Sandy
Point for most of her young adult life. Beginning in 1936 she also took on
the responsibility of motherhood and raised four sons.
In 1957 she returned to the United States by way of St. Thomas,
bringing her four sons along. She was employed by the Howard Jackson
family for many years, finally retiring in 1974.
Vivi befriended many people who came to settle in St. Thomas. She
opened her house and her home and often directed them to employment
Vivi is also well known for her excellent crocheting. Her crocheting
work was always in demand both here and on the continent. She also
loved to read poetry, particularly at church meetings and senior citizens
events. She was always ready to travel, even recently attending
grandchildren's graduations.
Vivi enjoyed her later years participating in senior citizen activities.
During this time she met and married Hubert Queeman who predeceased
her. Vivi was an active member of Christ Church Methodist Church and
the Women's League.
Her exuberant
Sand humorous
.. personality,
._., along with her
.energetic and in-
M'.' dependent spirit,
: ,were great assets
'.. throughout her
life. Her faith in
the Lord was
steadfast to the
end. Her soul
j n continues to sing
.' J "0 Lord my God!
How Great Thou
Start "

- y1 i-

Introduction by Rachel Estridge
The Methodist Women's League
Benevolent Society Members
The Inter Denominational Prayer Group
Methodist Senior Citizens and staff
Shawn Maynard-Hahnfeld, Esquire
RSVP Group, Friends

ORGANPRELUDE ............................ Lorna Richards
WORDS OF COMFORT .............. The Rev. Dr. H. Clifton Niles
HYMN: For All the Saints ..................... The Congregation
PRAYERS ............................ Rev. Dr. H. Clifton Niles
EULOGY .................................... Dr. Earl C. Mills
SOLO ......................................... Valerie M ills
TWENTY-THIRD PSALM .........................Congregation
SCRIPTURE READING Romans 8:31-39 .............. Abigail Mills
SOLO 0 Rest in the Lord ........................ Blanche Mills
SCRIPTURE READING: John 11, 17-27 ............. Carolyn Mills
HYMN: Now thank We All Our God ................. Congregation
SERMON ............................ Rev. Dr. H. Clifton Niles
THE APOSTLES' CREED ..................... The Congregation
THE LORD'S PRAYER ........................ The Congregation
THE BENEDICTION ................... Rev. Dr. H. Clifton Niles
RECESSIONAL HYMN: When We Walk .......... The Congregation

Melville Mills, Kenneth Mills Sr., Dr. Earl Mills,
David Carty, Ted Mills, Dr. Frank Mills

Clive A. Mills, Kenneth Mills Jr., Desmond Maynard, Esquire,
Arnold Brown, Ira Mills, Michael Mills


5Qa ~ee & o Oae 9oved'e/ v

You've gone away, left us today
For another place and time
With so much more to give,
so much life to live
So much love you've left behind
That's what makes
it hard for me
That what makes it so unfair
I only know that someday,
We will meet again

We will meet again
Though I must let you go
I know it's not the end
It may take a lifetime
But wait for me my friend
Cause I promise you

We will meet again

Don't you cry, at least please try
I can hear you say to me
So I'll be strong, I'll carry on
Cause I know that's how you'd
want it to be
And everytime I start missing
Not having you around
I'll just remember it's just so long
for now
Now it seems like
we're worlds apart
But we're connected
at the heart, oh
There's still memories to be made
And I won't be afraid, no
Written by:
Brenda Russell and Allan Rich
Love, Kenneth Mills, Jr.

I will remember the days gone by. They were the happiest times of my
childhood. They were made special by your love, your laughter, and your
enjoyment of life's precious moments. But now, you have found your place
to rest on the wings of love. I will miss you.
Love Always, Carolyn Mills-Bellot

I met my grandma Vivi once and all I remember is that she liked her
dog and she loved to knit.

I am truly thankful to God and my parents for allowing Melinda and I
to spend so much time with you when we were kids and in the years since.
You are one of a handful of people who I consider to be a mentor and source
of inspiration in my life. You demonstrated so many great qualities that

i~ ~'


I strive to emulate, like an unwavering faith in God, love and respect for
family and friends, honesty, trust and a great sense of humor. I always
knew that when you spoke to me, you did so from your heart and you
wanted nothing less than the best for me.
You were totally comfortable and confident with yourself. You were
always true to yourself by being the best person that you could be, never
worrying about what others thought of you. The wisdom and life
experiences that you have shared with me over the years have helped me
in more ways than I can express to anyone other than you. Thank you for
giving yourself -- all of yourself to me in everything that you did.
I miss you and will always love you.

To know Vivi was to love her, to be amused, confused, and adored by
her, and to love her anyway. I say this fondly, since I spent many an hour
during my childhood at Vivi's house, #151 Mahogany Estate. These
times, filled with entertainment and adventure, provided just enough
excitement to spark our curiosity and interest in life, and particularly in
our colorful and unique grandmother.
A wonderful, powerful, and popular woman who commanded the atten-
tion ofjust about everyone, Vivi enhanced her own life as well as others
with optimism and idealistic vigor. My sister and I strongly believed that
Vivi knew everyone and we'd have to correct ourselves when we referred
to her in such a manner: "Well, Vivi wouldn't agree ...." or "I think my
grandma Vivi would say ..." as though people, strangers even, had as
personal and intimate a relationship with her as we did. We privately
sympathized with their misfortune of not knowing her.
With an unwavering commitment to her family, friends, and loved
ones, Vivi exuded the essence of generosity, and spirit. Unconsumed by
material gratification, Vivi reveled in the single joy and beauty of life,
sharing her happiness openly, unselfishly with others. Additionally, Vivi
who showcased her talent through her creative works of crochet art, and
expressed her altruism by offering these beautifully crafted crocheted
pieces as gifts and gestures of love. Her acts of kindness encouraged the
endless admiration of others, many of whom bestowed gifts and favors on
her in return. Vivi cherished the many moments she spent with loved
ones as much as they enjoyed being with her. Clearly, her warmth,
humility and grace endeared everyone to her.
Guided by the words of the Lord, Vivi lived an exemplary life, one full of
proud moments, welcomed and well-deserved accomplishments, and real-
ized dreams. Even ifVivi did not fulfill her every goal, she never displayed

the slightest remorse or regret about her life. With intensity, interest,
perseverance, and passion, Vivi approached every experience as an oppor-
tunity, not a challenge, and she seemingly thrived under pressure or
adversity, always succeeding in the end.
Allowing people to got personal and become familiar with her, Vivi
touched the hearts of many. Her onerous, tenacious, and amiable
presence created a family bond that has persisted for years. I hope
enviable qualities of compassion, generosity and authenticity will live on
in each of us as we remember her fondly through our time spent with
family and special friends. I am convinced that she would be pleased to
know that we will continue to love one another as we all so surely, deeply
and completely loved her.
Love, Melinda

To our dearest Vivi... It was grace that brought you safe thus far and
it was grace that led you home. You have truly been an inspiration in our
lives. You will be dearly missed, but your Heavenly Father took you to a
better place. Sleep away in Jesus, until we meet again. We love you.
Valerie, Irene & R.J

To Vivi ... A grandmother is a precious gift from heaven above, one
who graces her presence with the family she loves. Her heart is caring,
loving, and so true. Her grandchildren love her, and she loves them too.
God blessed her, the day she was born. She asked Him for guidance and
wisdom, to be understanding and not belittle others with scorn.
She was a great and mighty woman, in God she put her trust. She did
a wonderful job in keeping her family together, now the rest is up to us.
Words cannot express the loss I feel today, but in my heart there is a
peace that stills all troubles. I know that your spirit is looking down and
smiling on your family. I'm glad I got to talk to you even though you could
not respond to me. I am going to miss you very much and I know that you
are watching over me. See you in glory land. I Love You.
Your granddaughter, Valerie

Golden memories flow slowly through myirind
Carrying me back through time and spaeato those moments
when I sat as a child upon your knee-
Gazipg intently upon your face into eyes
that seemed to reach into my soul,
You had the gift of pulling from the core of my existence a sense of

Accomplishments considered unattainable.
You taught me to set goals above the accepted,
to reach beyond even what I perceived of myself,
And taught me through living life itself
the importance of loving
And receiving love.

The joys we shared during my childhood,
The long leisurely summer vacations we spent together,
The moments we spent quietly knitting while
I sat mesmerized with stories of your youth,
Each gave me an insight into the strong character you were
Slowly building in this new generation to follow.
I remember the times you would
quietly sneak a dollar or two into my pocket.
These are precious moments for me
that will be cherished forever in my heart.

You taught me to believe in myself and to stand up for myself.
I learned from your example
to boldly step forward and defend those things that
Became a passionate part of my being.
I learned not to go quietly into the future
with words unspoken, but to seek the
Expression of those words to create the possibility of a better future.
You taught me to seek the Lord and to know that
He will provide for my every need, and
To go to Him on bended knees
with the knowledge that He will always be there to
Comfort me and to surround me in a blanket of His never ending love.

From you, I have learned determination and have gained strength.
From you, I have seen laughter and have gained love.
Through you I have learned to live life
And to look beyond the realm of possibilities.
You are what we each seek in this life to be
Proud, determined, loving and strong.
And beyond this, someone I affectionately knew as my Grandmother.
I thank God for loaning you to me for almost 34 years.
You lived a good life and I will truly miss you.
Love, your granddaughter Abby

A Great-Grandmother is someone you can run to when mom is
Being too much of a mom.
She is someone who will take you in her arms
and send out a gentle reminder
That "you were once exactly just like this"
A statement issued loudly and firmly
with a stern look in her eyes while
Saying, "so leave the poor child alone"
She is that person that knitted your favorite tam just to
Make sure you stayed nice and warm-
And make you the softest blanket
in all of your favorite colors so that you could
Snuggle down comfortably at night while thinking of her.
A Great-Grandmother is a person who will let you
Play dress up with her best purse,
Her nicest shoes, her favorite outfit, and her most glamorous wigs.
She is that person who will hug you tightly,
Teach you to stand up for yourself,
Reminds you to say your prayers before going to bed,
And to give thanks upon waking up to a new day.
A Great-Grandmother is God's creation
Simply full of love.
We have been privileged in this life-time
To have known the lady that put the word
"Great" into Great-Grandmother
We have been privileged because that Great person was you.
Love, your great-granddaughters,
Nikysha and Jasmine

This tribute expresses but a small part of the affection and appreciation
for our dear aunt, who we affectionately called "Aunt Vivi".
Aunt Vivi endeared herself'to all of us, her sister-in-law, nieces and
nephews. She was imbued with a zest for life and enjoyed life to its fullest.
She loved people and would willingly and untiringly give of herself to
others, a totally liberated woman ahead of her time. She was full of
enthusiasm for life. Although we each share our fond memories of Aunt
Vivi espousing her practical philosophy of living and often enjoyed her
witty sense of humor, this is truly certain, SHE DID IT HER WAY!
Although we were an ocean apart, Aunt Vivi's presence was always

with us as when we used her crochet and other fine pieces, as we would
prepare for our family gatherings. She knew the rewards of hard work,
and possessed a kind of stubbornness that seemed to propel her to
accomplish as much as she did despite life's obstacles.
We will miss her, but we will always hold those treasured memories
She truly embodied the following: "I shall pass through this world but
once, any good therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show
to any human being, let me do it now. Let me neither deter nor neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again"
Beatrice Mills, Jeanne (Mills) Brown-Meehan, Brontie Liburd Mills,
Joan Mills, Clement Mills, Pearson & Harriet Mills
Gavin Mills, Phillip Mills, Jane Mills Berry

She savored the riches of life with zest
Seizing each moment with diligent vigor
Dancing the waltz ofdemystification
With a seemingly abandon flair and grace
Eloquently expounding the true meaning of living
Her life a diverse tapestry.
She personified a flower in the
Midst of the wild
Blown back and forth by adversities
But though bent and lowered
Always steadfast and strong in the wake of her vulnerability
Depicting her free spirit
As she reached into the crevices of one's mind
With a dignity and style all her own
Making her a "RARE WOMAN" in deed.
Pearlina Mills and Paula Mills-Anderson

Aunt Vivi... She was always Vivi to all of us. We only said Aunt Vivi
when we needed to explain to others what her relationship was to us. That
is how she lived her life: simple, uncomplicated, no airs, earthy, and
enthusiastic in all she did. She was direct and straightforward. Her house
was open to all of us, at any time. Our house was always open to her boys
as well. As we grew up, we as boys spent more time at play around her
house with our nephews than we did around ours. And she never made us
feel that we were a bother to her. In some ways, she acted like a mother to
us all. And in today's world, she makes us remember what the word
family really means. Though she was New York-born, she grew up near
the sea in Sandy Point in St. Kitta. It was perhaps because she loved the

sea that she availed herself of its salty language to defend herself against
any who would try to tread on her in any way!
In the second half of her life in St. Thomas, Vivi resumed her motherly
role to the members of the Mills family. Her home was again our home.
And we cannot ever forget her many kindnesses as we began our new lives
here under her matriarchal protection. To Mel and Ken, Clive and Earl,
we want you to know that we truly grieve with you, that we share your
deep sense of loss, and that we treasure what Vivi gave to each and every
one of us. She will remain in our fondest memory, and we will always
remember her for the good with which she imbued our lives. May she rest
in the Peace of the God she came to accept as her very own.
Blanche, Ted, Frank, Phillip, Ira and Milton

Tribute to Aunt Vivian ... The thing I most remember about Aunt
Vivian was her sense of hospitality and her genuine caring spirit.
Aunt Vivian was always happy to see me, and she always made me
comfortable, sharing what she had without the slightest hesitation.
Many of us share out of our abundance but Aunt V. gladly shared
whatever she had.
My very first memory of Aunt V was as the age of 13 when I first met
her. She was working unselfishly to support her family. She maintained
this giving noble spirit through all the time I knew her.
I remember in the days of my youth how I traveled without plans, and
Aunt Vivian was often the destination of my plans, without her knowing
it. I remember one day when I showed up at her door with a special friend
for one of those unplanned vacations. Aunt V. gladly took us in without
the slightest word about my youthful lack of consideration.
Aunt V, was always so pleasant to me, and in many ways she reminded
me most of my father, who was also happy to see me whenever I dropped
in on him. I have always treasured her welcoming voice, and look forward
to the day when I will again hear that pleasant voice.
Goodbye for now, God's speed Aunt V.
Your nephew, Gavom "Terry" Mills

Vivian Mills Queeman, whom many of us know affectionately as
simply Vivi, was my great aunt. She was the sister of my grandmother,
Elaine Carter. This is the context in which I was fortunate enough to get
to know Vivi partly.through my grandmother's eyes and the muses of a
sister who, at least on the surface, appeared to be so very different and
partly through my personal observations of a woman whose courage and

confidence rose to the level of a Margaret Thatcher or a Harriet Tubman.
It seems a gross understatement tb say that Vivi was a strong woman.
Indeed, she was direct, outspoken, and fiercely independent. Vivi was the
quintessential feminist long before feminism was en vogue or even heard
of. Those around her could only watch and ponder the source of her
strength. This woman who knew that God's face shone just as brightly
upon her as it did on any other man had nothing to prove. She was sincere
and open and invited no challenged us to be the same. It did not
surprise me when my, grandmother confessed to me one day that it was
Vivi, her younger sister, who protected her and defended her against the
bullies when they were in school. However, like a true matriarch, she
never offered her protective services without a firm admonishment to
"Elaine" to "learn how to stand up to people", "speak up for yourself, "don't
be afraid".
When others seem almost incapable of shedding fear and worry, at
times almost wallowing in it; Vivi used humor and laughter as her salve.
Her humor was contagious and her laughter infectious. I strain to think
of a time that I was not smiling while in her presence.
What others often perceive as an insurmountable obstacle, to my Great
Aunt Vivi was a mere temporary inconvenience. I fondly recall one party
that I attended in which Vivi and I sat at the same table. She mentioned
only briefly that her right knee, which was noticeably swollen, was
hurting her. Still, I can't recall a single song that she didn't dance to that
On more than one occasion, I recall Vivi, who taught herself to crochet
by observing others, casually bemoan the fact that her vision was not
what it once used to be. While the squinting eyes beneath her glasses as
she crocheted were certainly testament to this, still with nimble and lithe
fingers she crocheted delicate doilies and colorful tams way into the late
afternoons. I, myself, was a fortunate recipient of these labors of love.
Even most recently, during Vivi's illness, I recall her making plans to
go to Magen's Bay for a swim, filling me in on Brownie's latest antics, and
enlightening me on the beneficial use of all the herbs in her garden.
There was much to learn and observe from Vivi, not least of which is
how complex a person could be. For while Vivi's strength was undeniable,
Vivi also had fears and yearnings even longings to be loved, appreciated
and understood, just like all of us here.
Of utmost importance to Vivi were her children. Her sons meant
everything to her. They were what she was truly proud of. From the
moment they were born, no sacrifice was too great for them. I know this
because she told me and I saw that her love for her family was the driving

:rce in her life.
Vivi was a source ofjoy and strength for all of us who knew her. She is
low in God's presence ... under His watchful protection and eternal love.
Fivi need not be strong for us anymore because she is in the presence of
strength. She need not be joyful for you or me because she is now
surrounded by Joy. Vivi need not teach us how to love unconditionally -
ecause she is now sheltered by Unconditional Love.
Vivi, we will dearly miss you.
Shawn Maynard-Hahnfeld, Esquire

To the family of Vivian Mills ... In learning of Vivian's passing I
causedd for a moment, as she always said to stop whatever we are doing
knd offer a prayer to God, for prayer is the key to everything. She was a
godsend to many. She was always willing to lend a helping hand to
myone who needed her help. Words are inexpressible to speak of this fine
ady. She was a second mother to me. To her four sons with whom I lived
br sometime, your mother has gone to her eternal rest. We will miss her
clearly, but God has better plans for her. May her soul rest in eternal
peace .
David Carty and family.

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