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Title: Funeral Booklet for June Alexa Vance Lindqvist
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Title: Funeral Booklet for June Alexa Vance Lindqvist
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of June Alexa Vance Lindqvist
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Lindqvist, June Alexa Vance
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
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In Celebration

of the ffe of

Junellexa Pance lndqvist

I da CftK&


I Ith mg. V.I. 11


uiuneral Services
Saturday,,~gugust 13,1994
St. Thomas reformed Church

wing: .10OO am
Serice: 11 00 am



ts: IeoerendJoseph Muyskens
!eerenmd Charlesfushenran
st: Reerend R'aymondsfnderson

Interment at Western Cemetery.

Juneglexa Vance 4jndqvist
June 11, 1931 -fugust 7,1994
June Alexa Vance Lindqvist was born on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
on June 11, 1931 to Louis Emanuel and Elsa Augusta Vance Lindqvist.
She received her elementary education at the Lucinda A. Million
Private School and then went on to the Charlotte Amalie High School
from which she graduated in June of 1949. Upon graduation she
enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York and later
attended New York University. She also participated in the many on-
island training programs offered by Polytechnic Institute, Catholic Uni-
versity of Puerto Rico, Hampton Institute and New York University.
Her library career began in 1948 when, while a senior in high school
she was hired in a part-time position. In 1952 she became a permanent
employee rising through the ranks from Page, Librarian Photostat
and Microfilm Operator, Photostat and Microfilm Supervisor, Records
Management Officer to Librarian IV.
To accommodate the various positions she held, she pursued courses
at workshops and training seminars as well as courses in archives
administration and records management at the Library of Congress
and the National Archives.
The major part of her professional life was spent maintaining and
augmenting the Von Scholten Collection a unique collection of materi-
als pertaining to the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. She worked
diligently to make sure that the very latest materials on the region were
acquired for the Collection. In one instance when she discovered that a
valuable collection of Danish newspapers had deteriorated and would
probably be lost to the Collection, she singlehandedly initiated a fund-
raising drive to acquire the $10,000 needed to replace it.
Along with the late Enid M. Baa, Director of Libraries, she was
involved in salvaging government records that were being disposed of.
Those records form the nucleus of the current territorial archives pro-
Her knowledge of the Collection and its holdings was beyond com-
pare. While others would have to consult a card catalog, she had the
necessary information at her fingertips, to the point of telling what
volume it was and exactly where it could be found.
She assisted many serious researchers who came seeking genealogi-
cal, cultural and historical information.
Her life outside the professional scene, was filled with hu-
mor, caring for others and gaiety. As in life, there were sad
moments, but many of those were easily overcome. She could

always be depended on to lift a person's spirit when they were "down
in the dumps".
She was an ardent lover of Carnival. As an original member of the
Gypsy Troupe, she participated in the Carnival activities and parades
with vim and vigor. It was a pleasure to see her dancing up the street
and her "joie de vivre" was infectious.
June has left us and we will miss her, but all the memories that we
have of her will continue to buoy our spirits for a long time to come.
Rest in peace.

L Kenneth Lindqvist, Roy V. Lindqvist
Doris Lindqvist
Candace Lindqvist-Wallace, Beryl Ottley, Ingrid Lewis
L. Mark Lindqvist, Dominic Lindqvist, Paul A. Lewis
Nina and Phillip Comeiro
other cousins, great nieces and great nephews

L. Mark Lindqvist, Paul Lewis, Vancito V. Wallace, Sr.,
Kervin Clenance, Anthony Fleming, Steven Bornri
Sidney Comissiong, M.D., Charles de Lugo

J-Ionorary Pallbearers
Phillip Corneiro, Roy V. Lindqvist, L. Kenneth Lindqvist,
Andrew Bornn, David Bornn, Joel Comissiong, Gerard Nicholson


Order of Service

PRELUDE: Two Chorale Preludes ...................... J. Brahms
"0 God, Thou Faithful God"
"Blessed Ye, Who Live in Faith Unswerving"

HYMN: "Oh Master, Let Me Walk With Thee"
UNISONREADING ................................. Psalm 121
DUET: "Panis Angelicus" ......... ...................sar Franck
Joyce Ballard and Judy Spurrell
HYMN: "Be Still, My Soul"
TRIBUTE ...................... ...........Kervin Clenance
EULOGY ....................................... StevenBornn
HYMN: "For All the Saints"
POSTLUDE: Improvisation pn "Sine Nomine"

Though you have gone from us and we will no longer enjoy your
laughter, humor and advice, the memories will always remain. We
will never, never forget your loving care and concern for each and
every one of us. We will always miss you. Rest in peace our beloved
Roy, Doris and families
What does one do or say at a time, like this? Knowing she was
gravely ill, seeing the changes, but, nevertheless, when the end finally
comes, it hits hard. Harder perhaps than you imagine.
Friendship is a rare commodity and to have enjoyed one that lasted
for decades is something we would always treasure.
June was a stalwart friend, always ready to assist in time of joy, or
sorrow. Whatever the situation, she could be counted on to lend a
helping hand, offer consolation or cheer you up. She could always
inject some witty remark or mimicry when things seemed unbearable.
She was so full of life that it infected everyone around her.
We worked as a close knit group for many years, and although at
times there were disagreements, we were always able to forget them
after a while.
June, you have now left us. We will miss you very much but we also
know that you are now in a better place where there is no pain or
suffering. So, rest in peace, dear friend, until we meet again.
Marlene and Blanche

No more the song of her lilting voice,
The sound of silence numbs us.
Memories, so many, of cheer and joy,
Only these remain to charm us.

How can it be? She leaves so soon;
Her leaving seems so wrong.
Our only consolation is,
Reflected in this song.

Blessed Quietness (Verse 5)
What a wonderful salvation, where we always see His face!
What a perfect habitation, what a quiet resting place!
-The Taylor, Lopes and Holub families A

June was a faithful friend to my family and me. Her name brought
joy to our home. She was always positive and cheerful. Her thought-
fulness lasted to the end. It was my privilege to be the one closest to her
during her last days. June, I will miss you. May the Almighty God be
with you as you rest in peace.
Denise Sibilly

Dear Auntie June,
For me you've always been there,
so patient and kind
But now you've gone to rest,
and left us all behind

Through thoughts, words and deeds,
oh, the gifts you've imparted
Your ways of communicating,
very humorous and light hearted

Lessons of loyalty and commitment,
taught along with the meaning of giving
You spoke of the value of forgiveness,
and of the many joys of living

I am like you, my Auntie June,
and I hope that you could see
Not only in face, but also in grace,
the beauty that you instilled in me

You told me I was bright,
you treated me like a princess
You expected me to do right,
and you would accept nothing less

What a great lady, my Auntie June,
and such confidence you had in me
I will excel, I will succeed,
and I know you will be able to see.

Love, Ave Maria Lindquist Wallace, age 14


As I look back, I can see
the beautiful times we had together,
you and me.
Growing up on this isle,
with your ever present smile.
All the jokes you used to give,
in my heart will always live.
The family gathering on Christmas day,
I'll remember in a very special way.
Your friendship was not one that passed,
it was one made to last and last.
You were just one super friend,
and I believe this is not the end.
You were like a sister to me in every way,
and I thank God for the times we spent each day.
You fought the battle well,
a cure will come, I can tell.
You showed the strength you had within,
and I hoped and prayed that you would win.
As you leave to walk the Golden Street above,
you'll find in God's house there is much love.
So my friend, I will not say good-bye,
and I know that some may wonder why.
But I believe that again we will meet,
yes, dear friend, on that Golden Street.
Diane de Lugo Doss

In Tribute
Govermnent House
I was profoundly saddened to learn of the passing of June Alexa
Vance Lindqvis Th.e Virgin Islands has suffered a great los from her

Jne was we loved in this community for her reliability and pre-
denes. As a dedicated and hard-workingndivdual, she worked for
the St. Thom Public Lruy and obtained the rank of lirarian June
devoted most of her profmesio life to the maintenance of the Von
Scwhoen Collection of the Bid M. Baa Ubrary and single-handedly
spearheaded a successful e t to raise funds to replace and purchase
historical Virgin Islands literature.
She hpinIed, guided and encourad many young people who shared
her devotion to our Terrtory's culture, a ar d history. June was a
source of great pride ad will be sorely m Ised by all who knew her.
On behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, Joan oins me in
expressing our deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones of June
Alea Vance ndqvist
May God comfort and sustain all who mourn her passing.
Aleawder A. Fmrely

Offr of ht Governor
I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a dear friend, June
undqvist. Her death has caused gri, not only for her immediate
family, but the entire community. During Jue's more than 40 years of
service to the people of the terriory she devoted her lie to the preser-
vation of the culture and history of these islands. June always yelled
at whatever she did and as a result earned the respect and admiration
of all who knew and came into contact with her.
Her unremitting commitmentto bettering e lives of all Virgin
Islade will remain an inspiration to all of us and a lasting tribute to
her memory. A simple listing of June's accomplishments cannot begin
to captu the special spirit and dediation that she brought to her
position of public trust She was always ready to extend a hand to
those who needed help and to ue her abilities to improve the knowl-
edge and understanding of our rich culture and heritage.
Monique and I extend our condolences, confident that the pain of
her will be assuaged by the memory of une's many contributions
to our Bves. We have lost a true Virgin Island reource but her
Memory wll live on among us.
Denk*M Hodge
Ubetunt Governor

"UMWC VuJ rcfiflCa"uuvW
Washington, D.C.
It is with a sense of loss that we say farewell to June Lindqvist,
Virgin Islander, librarian, archivist, and historian.
Tucked away in the east wing of the Enid M. Baa Library s a
treasure of irreplaceable documents ad artifactscaled eVon Sclhen
Collection. For two decades, Miss Undqvist meticulously developed it
as the Virgin Islands' foremost repository where all who wished to
explore the Virgin Islands experience could come.
She collected ad catalogued he past and chroniced the tadition
that described and demarcated the culture of our lands, who we are
and what we are about
Many were the times Miss Undqvist contacted my office seeking
documents to add to the collection. Many are the stories of her atten-
tion to detail as she judiciously presided over historical truth.
Through her love of history, June Undqvist has earned herself a
place in t. Her work will live on and the Virgin Islands people are the
richer for it.
May she rest in peace.

Virgin Islands Degast to Corsnr

Legislature of 1he Virgin Ismla
Capitol Building, ar Owott Assie, St. AThona. VJ.
It is with a heavy spirit that I join the many citizens of the Virgin
Islands in mourning the loss of one so important to our pat and lving
leacies. For over four decade Ms. June Lndqvit has worked at the
Enid M. Bea Public Lbray providing guidance and information for
our young and older residents on the history, arts and culture of those
As curator of the renowned Von Schoten Collection, Ms. Lndqvist
has compiled hundreds of documents detailing the life and times of
that era so important inlinking the events which lead to the progress of
these islands. She was not only an archivist but a living reference
s ce for Virgin Islnds history.
On behalf of my fafy and members and staff of the 20th Leisla-
ture. I offer sincere condolences to the family and friends of June A.V.
Undqist. The Virgin Islands has lost another brilliant mind and
defierted publ servant
May her soul est in eternal peace.
Bigfrey G. Ridmdsor, Sr.
President 20th Legislature

Cardinal's Residence
In retrospect, it is not at all surprising that June Lindqvist should
have spent her professional career in preserving the history of the
Virgin Islands. She always loved the Islands, their customs, their
history. Carnival for her was not simply a time of joy, it was a link with
the past. CAHS Class of '49 is in her debt for helping us stay together.
June was a private person whose world was family, friends, and
work. Hen was a quick wit, a ready laugh, and an unfailing thought-
fulness. Her life was not without its share of sorrow. The long and
heavy cross of illness she bore with grace. Her life was marked by
hidden acts of kindness which have brightened the lives of so many.
May the good and gracious Lord, whom she loved, now welcome
her home, beyond all pain and tears, where she will know peace for-
Bernard Cardinal Law
Arcbishop of Boston

As we sadly mourn the untimely passing of our friend June Lindqvist
let us reflect with thankfulness on how much we gained as individuals
and as a community from the time she spent with us.
June excelled in her recognition that to understand the present and
have any hope of properly charting the future, one must have the
perspective that can come only from an accurate knowledge of the past.
Her love of Virgin Island's history led to the vigorous pursuit of a
commitment to acquire, classify and make available all documents
relating to our history. She had extraordinary knowledge of the collec-
tios in the national archives of the United States and Denmark as well
Elsewhere, based on fst hand expience. The Von Scholten Collec-
tion at the Enid M. Baa library stands as a monument to her work.
June's diligent research into various matters, insisting always on
accuracy and truth, improved the quality of numerous publications by
others. She had the quick intelligence, sharp wit and sense of humor
which served to stop short any phony moves.
The outstanding courage and spirit which June displayed during her
illness should serve as an example for all During that time instead of
withdrawing into herself, she mastered the use of the keyboard and an
intermediary to carry on her lengthy, enjoyable conversations with her
friends. She also continued to seek and find ways to be helpful to
other in keeping with her generosity.
In sum, June Lindqvst wa an unsung hero and one of those very
special people who made a positive difference to the lives of
I others and to the community. May she rest in peace.
iij^ Ambasador Terence A. Todman

June has left us such beautiful memories, that just to think of her we
smile. Yes, June had a way of expressing her thoughts, deep inside,
that by the time she was through you had been given a lesson.
She was one of the original Gypsy Carnival Troupe members, and
because of her position at the Public Library gave us very valuable
cultural background information for our themes. She often took time
out to look up details for the costumes, color, style, presentation and of
course, the menu to suit which had to be prepared by someone who
knew how.
Yes, we will miss June. Heaven doesn't know it, June is on her way.
Even there she will lend a helping hand, the same way she did on earth.
Rest in peace.
Gertrude L Meddor

"?~~ .;

Is ~1~ I

She is not afraid of the dark
Where books, papers rattle, bound leaves
Rustling red as a Flamboyan
Forest in summer's high, hot breeze

She is not afraid of the dusk
Musty documents, memories
Music, mirth, madness: Poems as
Proof of our glad and sad stories

She is not afraid of the sun
When steel pans peeng-pong, dingolay
Dancing to her own Main Street beat
Gypsy Troupe chip sweet Bamboushay!

She is not afraid of the rain
The pains of life and survival
A shaky hand, a silenced voice
Just cannot stop the Carnival

She is not afraid of the deep
Depositories of past days
Afraid only that carelessness
Might set our heritage ablaze

She is not afraid of the death
When ketch-n-keep kills hibiscus
And mahogany manuscripts
Regale blue skies with tales of us

She is not afraid of the Word
That words inspire liberty
That the Word is truth, is the light
That words, like light, will set us free

Dana Samuel Orie
(In memory of my favorite resource,
my beloved "Aunt" June Lindqvist)
Washington, D.C., August 9, 1994

XPight in, qlrchives

Department of Planning and Natural Resources
William T. Bacon said, "Libraries, which are as the shrines where all
the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without
delusion or imposture, are preserved and reposed." June, the results of
your many years of dedicated service to the libraries and the people of
the Virgin Islands will stand as a shrine in your honor. Books were
your tools and the great variety and quality of these tools allowed for
wonderful accomplishments, especially those preserved and reposed
in the Von Scholten Collection. You were a true and faithful servant
Rest in peace.
Lawrence 0. Benjamin
Assistant Commissioner

I was deeply saddened to learn on Monday morning, of the passing
of June A.V. Lindqvist. The legacy of this St Thomas native is her more
than forty years of labor to preserve the rich history of these Virgin
Islands. A graduate of the Charlotte Amalie High School Class of 1949,
June Lindqvist worked her way to h'brarian at the Enid Baa Public
Library where she spent the last decades of her distinguished career
crafting the Van Scholten Collection. Today, the collection named for
the former Virgin Islands Governor Peter Von Scholten, is comprised of
more than 30,000 books, maps, periodicals, manuscripts, photographs
and memorabilia that encompass Virgin Islands history.
Ms. June Lindqvist was a constant source of Virgin Islands historical
information, she frequently served as my unofficial "resource person"
for the Mystery Question segment of the morning show which I host on
WSTA Radio. Her fantastic memory and her distinguishing herself as a
source of information will be missed by almost everyone who at a
moment's notice, needed a Virgin Islands highlight or fact verified, or
were simply interested in the history of these islands.
June was one of those rare individuals who was truly committed to
improving the way of life in the Virgin Islands. She was dedicated to
providing accurate historical data about our past to those that thirst for
the knowledge of their forefathers.
June Lindqvist was a personal friend of mine and I will miss her.
Her absence will be felt by the entire community. My family, and the
management and staff of WSTA Radio, share the deep sorrow of her
family, loved ones and many, many friends. May she rest in
Athnie C. "Addie" Offley
WSTA Radio

19 I

BILL NO. 20-0374
Regular Session
To honor, commend and thank June Alexa Vance Lindqvist for her many
accomplishments and contributions to-the Government and people of the
Virgin Islands

WHEREAS, June Alexa Vance Lindqvist was born on the Island of St.
Thomas on June 11, 1931, to Louis Emanuel and Elsa Augusta Vance
Lindqvist; and
WHEREAS, June Lindqvist received her education at the Lucinda A.
Million School and graduated from the Charlotte Amalie High School in
1949; and
WHEREAS, in December 1948, while attending high school, June Lindqvist
began working for the St. Thoma Public Library on a part-time basis. In
1952 she became a permanent employee, and worked her way up through
the ranks of the library system from a page shelving books, Librarian,
Photostat & Microfilm Operator, Photostat & Microfilm Supervisor, and
Records Management Officer to Librarian; and
WHEREAS, as librarian, June Lindqvist was instrumental in the develop-
ment of the Von Scholten Collection, an historical research collection of
materials on the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. The Von Scholten
Collection consisting of over thirty thousand titles, includes books,
manuscripts, maps, periodicals, photographs, microfilms and memora-
bilia; and
WHEREAS, in 1984, under the aegis of the Cultural Division of the Ameri-
can Embassy in Denmark and through the efforts of Ambassador Terence
A. Todman, she travelled to the National Archives in Washington D.C.
and the Royal Archives in Copenhagen, Denmark to survey and assess the
Virgin Islands and Danish West Indian records housed there; and
WHEREAS, from 1985 to 1986, June Lindqvist single-handedly spear-
headed a successful effort to raise $10,000 needed to purchase and replace
damaged microfilm copies of the Danish West Indian newspapers in the
Von Scholten Collection spanning the period, 1770 to 1917; and
WHEREAS, after graduation in 1949, she enrolled in Sarah
Lawrence College, and later attended New York University,
pursuing a liberal arts program. She later availed herself of every

opportunity to continue her studies in liberal arts taking courses offered by
the University of Puerto Rico, the Polytechnic Institute (now-Inter Ameri-
can University), Hampton Institute, and Catholic University of Puerto
Rico; and
WHEREAS during her tenure at the library, she also attended numerous
workshops and training seminars. In addition, she pursued normal courses
in archives administration and records management offered by American
University at the National Archives and the Library of Congress; and
WHEREAS, after forty years of exemplary service, upon her retirement on
December 31,1993, June Lindqvist held the position of Librarian IV in the
Division of Libraries, Archives and Museum and served as administrator,
and curator of the Von Scholten Collection since 1974; and
WHEREAS, June A.V. Lindqvist worked under the direct tutelage of the
late Enid M. Baa, Director of Libraries Museums and Archives and with
Miss Baa, was involved in the collection and salvage of government records
slated for destruction and disposition. These records are the nucleus and
foundation of today's archives; and
WHEREAS, June Lindqvist has assisted and guided researchers from
throughout the world who have come to the Von Scholten Collection
seeking information on the Virgin Islands and has received written ac-
knowledgment of thanks from them in numerous publications; and
WHEREAS, June Lindqvist has devoted most of her professional life to
the maintenance and continuance of the Von Scholten Collection, to the
preservation of the written heritage of the Virgin Islands and has inspired,
guided and encouraged countless numbers of young people in the Virgin
Islands who shared her devotion to the culture, arts and history of the
territory; Now, Therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED by the Legislature of the Virgin Isands:
SECTION 1. The Legislature of the Virgin Islands hereby honors
commends and thanks June A.V. Lindqvist for her many accomplishments
and contributions to the Government and people of the Virgin Islands.
SECTION 2. A perma plaque copy of this resolution shall be prepared
and presented to June Lindqvist by the President of the Legislature, or his
designee, at an appropriate ceremony held for that purpose.
Thus passed by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands on July 6,1994.
Witness Our Hands and the Seal of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands
this 11th Day of July, A.D. 1994


Legislative Secretary

"The ray ingJfands"

The "Praying Hands" are much, much more
than just a work of art,
They are the "soul's creation" ofa deeply thankful heart -
They are a Priceless Masterpiece
that love alone could paint,
And they reveal the Selflessness ofan unheralded saint -
These hands so sacred and to worn,
tell the story ofa man
Who sacrificed his talent in acordane with God's Plan -
For in God's Plan are many things
man cannot understand.
But we must trust God's judgement
and be guided by His Hand-
Sometimes He asks us to give up
our dreams of happiness,
Sometimes we must forego our hopes
of fortune and success -
Not all of us can triumph or rise to heights offame,
And many times What should be Ours,
goes to Another Name -
But he who makes sacrifac, so another may succeed,
Is indeed a true disciple of our blessed Savior's creed -
For when we "give ourselves away" in sacrifice and love,
We are "laying up rich treasures"
in God's kingdom up above -
And hidden gnarled, tohoorn hands
is the truest Art ofLiving,
Achieved alone by those who've learned
the "Victory of Giving"
For any sacrifice on earth, made in the dear Lord's name -
Assures the Giver of a Place in Heaven's Hall of Fame
And who can say with certainty
Where the Greatest Talent Lies;
Or Who Will Be The Greatest
In Our Heavenly Father's Eyes!
Helen Steiner Rice

Prined by St. Thnsu Graphs

____teve Bonm
.. "


It' s ironic that I stand here today getting ready to

poung about Nen June. Because, it was just the other day
around my birthday that a group of us were chatting about
what a life of the party she always was. We reminisced, how,
she, too, loved to talk -- usually all good -- how it must be
killing her not to be able to call Addie, for example, and
send birthday wishes to her many loved ones. In fact, I knew
she was on the way to Papa God when I didn't hear her call
Steverinol for his birthday.
June, today, it is your fete.
So, when Nina and Doris called to ask me to give the
eulogy. The answer was easy.
But, Doris went on to say how fitting it was; because,
she said, June and I were so close. We had "something
special," from the time I was a little baby," she recounted.
Nina, then chimed in and said, "who else," can truly talk
about Nen June. "You all were really something together."
Others, yet, say we were cohorts. Cohorts in what! She was
only my dearest ally.
Then, I warned that this would not be the typical
eloquent eulogy. They said, fine. "That's what we want and
June wants. So, this chat, is not June's impressive resume

fCla Thcho 7 77A QC7B
M. On~0 .n cnoa C. Thm~e VI AnARA Phnnn IR001 774 7AAA Pym IlMt1 77A 0)A7 .

or biography. That, you have in the "funeral book," as J.une

would call it.

But now here I am. Stumped/Stymied. Stumped because

what does one say about a grand, colorful lady whom everyone

knew and vice versa?

Stymied because June was mine -- and everyone else's --

trusty resource. My source for material in articles, ads and

projects I created. Stumped because who is going to proof

read this tex.t. Stymied because who is going to check my

accuracy, the proper spelling and connotations of a local

cliche I might want to use. Who's going to give me a sweet


I am stumped because after a long fight with the

devastating Lew Gerreg's Disease, Nen June's time finally

came very quietly and peacefully; and she didn't tell me, so 4

we could fire one before she left.

I am stumped, just as I am sure most of you are. Stumped

like .ddie Ottley who like most of us depended on June to not

only provide the correct information but the material from

the library to back up zillions of Mystery Questions on WSTA.

The .Daily News, too, is stumped. Who is Penny and Junie

going to call to quickly get a correct date or to identify a

picture or a person.?!

a \ :


I 1



;, .-+

o *

All of us folks who put together these and .

charity booklets are also going to be stumped, June, you see;

as Dana Orie -- the Mighty Pen -- would say,..'was the

proverbial "editor-in-chief" of. all Virgin Islands and

Caribbean history.

June was the keeper of the key to documentation of all

roogoodoo, strumoo and melee. Call it what you want. Pre-

Danish, Danish and Post Danish times: June Lindqvist at the

library had all the strumoo -- the whole traylalay -- the

facts to back it up; usually off the top of her head or in

nearby reference material. And, she could tell you what book,

chapter and page to find the information!

June was THE Preservationist. Long before there was any

"historic trust," eco-tourism, eco this, or cultural that,

there was June (and Enid Baa, of course) at the library .

practicing and preaching Preservation. The Von Scholten

Collection was June's baby. So much so, that when she needed

something like lumber for shelves or roofing to cover the

Collection's crowded room, she would mount her own campaign

to get help, not waiting for Government Red Tape to respond.

Folks like the Brunts at MSI, the Rogers of Rogers Electric

and fellow archivist Fred Gjessing of Sea Chest would always

come to her rescue.

You see, to eulogize June Lindqvist is to eulogize a

community of days gone by. A community of pride. ::f oaring'-

and sharing. June stands for the Virgin Islands we used to

know and love. Day in day out, June's Job One was to promote.

and preserve our very rich, diverse ... diverse culture and

it's traditions and history. She avoided politics; never

letting them get in the way of her self-professed agenda or


Disgusted she could get, too. She was particularly

disgusted at how fast our Islands lost our unique charm.

She often talked with me about the historic, wonderful,

quaint Main Street and about how it slipped away from us.

And shared, she did. Her family's beach house at Smith

Bay was always open to those who asked. And she never forgot

a birthday or anniversary; testimony to this were her famous

wishes sent via WSTA and WVWI.

June stood for inspiration. When I told her about my

desire to work in journalism, Nen June sent me to see Ariel

Melchior Sr. at the Daily News on Back Street. And bingo! Her

lead turned out to be the jump start of my career. When the

Carnival Committee tried to block me from publishing a long

overdue color pictorial on Carnival -- Ketch N Keep Magazine

-- June provided me the steam to surge ahead and continue,

regardless. (Of course, she had her own agenda -- she needed

V .1
*' .. .t .,

such a compilation to enhance her Von Scholten Collection!)

Hundreds of local and international authors, historians and

students also reaped the benefits of June's encouragement and

archival mind.

Nen June may have been busy scolding me, encouraging me,

cajoling and pounging melee with me and getting me in and out

of trouble (the good kind, that is!). But most of her time

went to building and protecting her renown Von Scholten

Collection along with editing various books and pamphlets

There was one time of the year, however, which June set

aside to play and play hard. That, we all know was Carnival.

"Roas-a-time! Bamboushay! Hol' Strain. Wuk up yo belly!"

That was June -- and as I got older, I caught on well!

We all know her as a founding member of the Gypsy Troupe

But, even at Carnival, it wasn't all play for June. Thriving

on pride with an insatiable appetite for sharing hospitality

and culture, June was the driving force behind a couple of

special programs initiated by the Gypsies. On Carnival Friday

afternoon June (and Leona, I believe) would organize a band

in ol' mas to welcome visitors at Truman Airport. Then, on

Carnival Day, after crossing the stage at the ball park, she

would coral a group of mas' players to go across the street

to Knud Hansen Hospital to parade the halls, sharing the

pistarkle of Carnival with the shut-in patients.

r! i

You see, to eulogize June Lindqvist is to eulogize a

community of days gone by. A community of pride. Of caring.

and sharing. June stands for the Virgin Islands we used to

know and love. Day in day out, June's Job One was to promote

and preserve our very rich, diverse ... diverse culture and

it's traditions and history. She avoided politics; never

letting them get in the way of her self-professed agenda or


Disgusted she could get, too. She was particularly

disgusted at how fast our Islands lost our unique charm.

She often talked with me about the historic, wonderful,

quaint Main Street and about how it slipped away from us.

And shared, she did. Her family's beach house at Smith

Bay was always open to those who asked. And she never forgot

a birthday or anniversary; testimony to this were her famous

wishes sent via WSTA and WVWI.

June stood for inspiration. When I told her about my

desire to work in journalism, Nen June sent me to see Ariel

Melchior Sr. at the Daily News on Back Street. And bingol Her

lead turned out to be the jump start of my career. When the

Carnival Committee tried to block me from publishing a long

overdue color pictorial on Carnival -- Ketch N Keep Magazine

-- June provided me the steatn to surge ahead and continue,

regardless. (Of course, she had 'her own agenda -- she needed


1 1 t! t .' i i'

Needless to say, both of these activities fell by the

wayside, as times went by.

June The Perfectionist and Protocol Chief. As I look

around the church, I can't help but remember the countless

functions -- birthdays and dinner parties, charity affairs

and weddings -- and yes, funerals, which June expertly

orchestrated. You never had to call her. She called you

first to offer her hand; and the next thing you know the

whole thing was tightly organized. It was from Nen June that

I learned to literally cross my T's and dot my I's. She never

missed a detail: from who sits where and why, to who speaks

in what order and why. The icing on the cake? She knew about

what it should say, the color and what flavor you liked.

(No doubt, right now, June is thinking whether

everything is going well and according to plans. Nen June

don't worry you know I have you covered. This is your day.)

These are but some of the random memories of June

Lindqvist. By the way, that's Lindqvist with a "V", and it's

not a mistake, as she was quick to let anyone know who

insisted on spelling her unique name with a "U".

And speaking of icing on the cake, let's now each take

minute to celebrate within ourselves and to reflect on the

June we each knew; in a special SWEET moment of eulogy to
'lef :

(Aben plays medley ending ; itih Imen)

/ *I

Dear Nen June. Hol' Strain. Fire one with the Lord for

me and I'll fire one for you. Save a wuk for me when I,

myself, cross the stage. Hello to both Auntie Elsa's, Uncle

Louie, Anta, Bertie, Junior, Harry, Helen; Grammy and Pappy.

The whole gang!

What a Pascalam! The fete goes on! Skaal!

Love, your boy, Steven Angelo! and your beloved Virgin

Islands. God Bless.

Steve Bornn

June 13, 1994

* ,

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