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Title: Funeral Booklet for Girleen A. King
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Girleen A. King
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Subject: King, Girleen A.
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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1 Celebration @f

jbe life Of

o@ireen Z. Ring
October 1, 1937 -July 16, 1995
John Thomas Memorial Chapel
Wednesday, July 26. 1995
8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.
Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church
9:30 a.m. 10-30 a.m.
10-30 a.m.
Officiating Pastor Rev. Harvard Stephens
Interment: Eastern Moravian Cemetery

St Thomas. V

i Irleen A. King was born on
aOctober 1, 1937 on St.. Thomas
to Louise Counsuelo Hatchett and
Urman Wilmoth Fredericks.

AuntieGirley, asshe wasaffec-
tionately known by her family and
most of her friends, was a wonder-
ful homemaker and known for her
culinary skills. Some of her famous
native dishes were sweet bread,
johnny cake, kallaloo and peas & rice.

Being a loving and caring
aunt, she spent some of her years
caring for her nieces and nephews
Beverly, Brenda Bernard, Avery,
Aaron, Shayne and Swayne. These years were considered the high-
lights of her life.

Girleen loved to travel to the states to spend time with her sis-
ters and brothers Eileen, Gladys, Urman and Egidio. Aunt Girley
loved to talk on the phone for several hours, particularly on a
three-way conversation with her sisters, Gladys and Carol. She
also used to enjoy listening to various church services on the radio
as well as watching church services on the television. She attended
the Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church and was a member of The
Friendly Circle of the Luthuran Church.

Girleen was welcomed by all, everyone extended their hospitality,
each one helped her to decide whom she must stay with. Auntie Girley
would have to spend time equally, making those well missed native
dishes for her family members.

On Sunday, July 16, 1995, Girleen departed this world peacefully.
Those who had any kind of encounter with Auntie Girley were very privi-
leged. It is our desire to celebrate the life that she lived and to be grateful
that she passed and touched each and every one of our lives.

Farewell, Auntie Girley


HUSBAND ......................................................... Ret.F/Capt. Alonzo A. King
SISTERS ....................................... ........... Aileen Allmond, Delight Fleming,
S Emma Thomas, Eula Berry, Gladys & Carol Jurgen
BROTHERS ........................................Godfrey, Julius "Toto", Etienne, Uken,
Oliver, Urman & Egidio Fredericks
SISTERS-IN-LAW ................................... Vera, Lucia & Georgia Fredericks,
Jennifer Haynes, Alicia Fahie
BROTHERS-IN-LAW ....................... Spurgeon Allmond, Herbert Fleming,
Mario Thomas, Louis Berry, Kenneth Jurgen,
Stanley, Rodney, Rhudnel, Edwin & Lawrence King
SPECIAL NIECES..:.............. Brenda & Kimberly Fredericks, Enid George,
Sherese Jurgen, Lynette, Leighton & Simone Allmond
SPECIAL GREAT-NIECES .....................................Shemel Webster, Chanise
& Chanisa George
SPECIAL NEPHEWS ................... Avery, Stetan, Shayne & Swayne Jurgen,
Aaron Zephir, Jeffrey & Myron Fredericks, Spurgeon Allmond, Jr.,
Many other Relatives and Friends too numerous to mention

Alonzo King / Oliver, Julius, Urman & Egidio Fredericks
Kenneth Jurgen / Aaron Zephir / Bernard Malone

JSonorary allbearer
Stefan Jurgen / Alturo James / Louis Sanchez / Alfred Austin
Eiroy Piciering / Spurgeon Allmond / Jeffrey Webster
Ivan Williams, Sr.



9. SI. k

My Wife Girleen King:
Gone but not forgotten. I will always remember you like you were.
My Queen in my own way. Rest in peace.
Alonzo A. King, your husband
My Girley,
I will miss you every morning calling me on the phone. Your Johnny
Cake, Sweet bread and Kallaloo will be missed. A job well done in deco-
rating my new home.
God bless you. Rest in peace my beloved.

Auntie Girey, My Queen,
She will be greatly missed by me, her voice on the telephone, the first
thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
The comfort of knowing that if I was ever in need she was just up-
stairs and would always be there for me no matter what it may be. She
was my second mother and I thank God for the time that we had together.
I will never forget her.
May she rest in peace until we meet again.
Her Niece & Daughte, Brenda Frederick*

Auntie Girley,
I loved her very much. The days we spent together were fun. I will
always remember her calling me, "my child", and the song, "Give Me Oil
In My Lamp", that we used to sing together.
We will meet again in heaven.
Shemel Webster

Auntie Girley was a strong, organized and trusting lady. I could depend
on her. I will miss her by her soul but, I'll remember her'till I'm old.
Love, Swayne, "Jeffrey'

Queen Of The Pack:
As I reflect and look back at all the deaths that I have encountered, at
my youthful age... I always say, "why the Jurgens?", now it looks like I
have to say, "why the Jurgens and the Fredericks?" Like my mother would
always say to me, "Shereese, do not question the work of God".
I have realized that I must be strong. I must be strong for my family
and most of all myself. I must keep my head high, and think of the famous


cide that Aue Girley often said, "Georgie Fuller says we only passing
though Meanin, if you a going to do something, go all out, and be-
lve me that's how the Quee of the pack wet out Witha BANG!
One day Johny Cake dough, sweet breed or perhaps Kalaloof! See
you in the raptue until we meet again.
Shera Jugen

My Derest Ssteur
There are no words that can express the pain that I am feeling in my
heart since you have left us. You have always been there for me when I
needed you. When I had a problem and I called, you could always tell
from my voice tht something was wrong, even before the rs came. I
will m our late night thee-way conversation and I will also miss you
walking me through when I am trying to make a special home dish.
I will always remember your famous saying now more than ever,
harles E. Fuller says, we are only passing trough".
I am so very grateful r the last month that we hve spent together -
it wa greet even under the rcumstances w were together. You will
always have a special place n my heart
Love always, yor siser Gladys

Aunwti dey,
You sipped away fom us so quietly and so peacefully. Your presence
will be mised dealy. You were always there to guide us in the right direc-
tion. Your kindness and your cre wi always be remembered.
Sap weo Queen uSil we meet again.
Love always,
MechNa, Nana & ChMck Geore

Auntie CGry,
It's hard to gine life without our "Quen". We depended on you
for so much but it confrts me to know that I gave you your "flowers"
while you we alive.
I will especially mis your smart comments and distinct sene of hu-
You naphet, Stefan

My Aunie Gcrley:
Charge uller said 1 am only pain through, t is not my home".
Gone but never to be rgotn
Utie s r, Carl


Ain't no sunshine, ain't no sunshine now that she's gone away,
Ain't no sunshine now that she's gone away.
Sometimes I wonder if she's coming back this way,
Ain't no sunshine or warmth now that she's gone.
Gone to stay.
I know that she is in a better place now that she's gone away,
One day we will join her and our pain and sorrow will go away.
In our times of sorrow we should remember for every dark day and night,
There lies a better and brighter day ahead.
Love, Aaro

Your untimely passing has brought void in our lives. The love you
have always given, the things you have done, the advice given, will al-
ways be cherished memories. You have left us now, and as long as life
spares, you will never, never be forgotten.
Sleep on my friend, sister and mother. Until we meet.
Always, Cluire & Family

In your passing, we have lost a good and loving sister, aunt, godmother
and friend.
Sorrow fills our hearts at this sad time. A sorrow that is deep and
personal. Your love was big, your smile was golden. A void will always
be among us and in our hearts where you are concerned, 'cause you were
a tough act to follow. We pray to God for comfort and peace. We pray that
the Almighty God may grant you eternal rest.
Farewell, farewell,
Raymond & Wnn e Frands & Family.

My heart is filled with sorrow and my eyes are filled with tears. When
I heard of your passing, my words were, "not Girleen".
I will miss you very much, especially our conversations on the phone
concerning the needs of the church. You would say, "Beatrice, the church
needs money for a project why don't you plan something and give me a
call and I will donate what ever you need".
Girleen, my friend, when the Lord calls, we all have to answer His call.
So my good friend, I will meet you there someday. Sleep on my beloved.
Your friend, Beatrice Jappeen & Family


Auntie Girley,
We all know that your mouth was yours and yours alone. Whenever
the phone rang and they said it was Mrs. King, we would say, "Wha Girlie
want again?". We are all going to miss our phone calls but most of all, the
way you expressed yourself.
May you rest in peace and you'll be in our hearts forever.
Love always,
Aliande, Kirk, Wyniqua,
Maxine & Amy

Girley always looked at life as a temporary passing fancy and death as a
road that we all most travel. And now that she has travelled that road, she
must be resting comfortably saying,
"Did you wonder why so calmly
I trod the valley of the shade?
It was simply just my destiny
to reach that luminating glade.

And, now I'm home in Heaven,
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty,
In this ewrlasting light."

Girleen will live forever in our hearts and our memories.
The Purple & Pink Action Committee

Auntie Girley,
As I woke on Monday morning, I received the news of your sudden
death. Though hard to believe, I must accept that this is God's will for you
at this time. Mommy explained to me that I won't see you here on this
earth again but someday in our Father's House we will meet again. Rest in
Love, Amber Nicole Frands,
(Auntie Girey's Child)

Girley, I will miss those telephone calls, jokes, encouragement and support
during the time of my illness. The friendship we had was special. When I
spoke to you on Monday, July 10, 1995, 1 had no idea it was our last con-
versation on this side. But I hope, we'll meet again and sing together,
"Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine". Sleep on.
Daisy Rogers
(Miss Daisy)


At a time like this, words are inadequate. I keep expecting to hear the
phone ring and your voice saying, "Miss Aurie, a pleasant good morning
to you". These are the words that begun our daily conversation. I don't
understand why this has happened but God in His infinite wisdom knows,
for this reason I will not question Him. Rest in peace dear friend.
Aurella Donovan

To The Family of Girleen King:
I was shocked and deeply saddened at learning of the death of Girlie.
Over the years, our relationship grew from customer/seamstress to friends.
a special friendship that will always be treasured.
Of Girlie's fine qualities, I will always remember her concern and deep
love for her family, especially her nieces and nephews; and her eagerness
to share whatever she had.
Takecomfort in knowing that Girlie's memory will live forever. "Jesus
doeth all things well".
Rosa Joseph

Dear Girleen's Family Members,
It is with heavy hearts that we extend our sincere condolences to you
on the passing of our beloved friend and sister-in Christ Girleen. We were
truly saddened by her sudden demise. Girleen could be considered a
"rear gem". She was so giving of herself, her time and material things. She
brought so much excitement to our organization meetings, with her con-
geniality and joviality. We are thankful that we had the opportunity, in this
life, to work and socialize with Girleen.
We know that God has a special place for her.
Cora S. Million, Pr.
Friendly Circle Society of
Frederick Lutheran Church

Girleen King will always be remembered for her humor, kindness and to-
tal commitment to her family and friends. She was always there for any-
one in a time of need.
Our long telephone conversations sometimes took us into the wee
hours of the morning. Nevertheless, they are treasured. Girleen was de-
lighted in politics.
Girleen's untimely death has left us with personal feeling of great loss,
however, we will remember her words, "God knows best".
May she find eternal peace.
Bobby, Myrtle, Linky, Ung, Rea, and Theron

^Y~YL4 l-tS^^ -T, ^ R^ ^ L XI X^ ,

1 took advantage that you would always be here. I took advantage that
you wouldn't leave. We didn't speak much on the phone but I always
came to see you when I came home.
Now you are gone and it hurts so much because I didn't keep in touch.
My aunt, Mrs. King, now you're home to see your King! I'm going to miss
you. I hope you are happy and at peace. My aunt, Mrs. King, live in eter-
nal peace.
Love always, Kimberly Fredericks

Auntie Girley was a sweet, caring and loving auntie to us. She was also an
understandable person. She was always thinking of us, she was also a
very helpful person.
She will be missed by all of us. She was more than just an auntie to me.
I'm going to miss you, rest in peace.
Love, Shayne

Girley had a favorite quote, "This is not my home, I am only passing
through". Well Girley, all your loved ones and friends are going to miss
you but go on home to be with your Lord! Rest in your Savior's arms.
Always, your sister-in-law, Denise & Family

Dear Carol and Family,
It is with deepest sorrow that my staff and I offer condolences on the
loss of our friend, Girleen. It was just around this time last year that Girleen
called my house to tell me that she could not make it to my birthday
luncheon not knowing that the luncheon was also a surprise to me! This
year as my birthday passes, again, Girleen is not here to celebrate it with
As I sit here in disbelief, it grieves the very heartstrings to face the real-
ity that we will never see her smiling face again; that we will never hear
her sweet voice again; smell the aroma of her food or taste her
delicious delicacies so native to our homeland.
Girleen held a special place in my heart. I could always count on her to
let me know when I was going the right direction, and when I needed to
change my course. She was my judge, jury, advisor, critic, fashion designer,
telephone mate and friend and I miss her already.
Yet it is not for us to question, but to place our faith and trust in our
Almighty Father, for he is our strength and our salvation, our guiding light
and the knower of all things.
May the Almighty Father take your sorrow upon Himself, bless you
and grant you comfort in this time of bereavement.
With you in my prayer,
Judy M. GomaS, Senator




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