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Title: Funeral Booklet for Eva Carmen Jowers
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Eva Carmen Jowers
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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O" Ava*/ 4(et;

Funeral Service
Saturday, October 15, 1994
Viewing 10:00 am, Service 1100) am
St. Thomas Reformed Church
S' .i T rment at Western Cemetery
r' -flfnps i i



Eva Carmen Jowers was born on St. Thomas on February 21,1912, to
Clara Mathilda Schemelling Durloo and Robert Mendhum Richardson,
five years before the United States purchased the Danish Wet Indies
from Denmark
Eva was educated in the local schools, attending both the Convent
School and Greta Stevenson's Private School After completing pre-
scribed courses of study at these institutions, she taught at Miss Steven-
son's School at the age of nineteen.
Some of her students included Dr. C Warren Smith, the late Mrs. Rita
Barbel Christmas, the late Eduardo Coneiro, president of the Virgin
Islands Bank and Gertrude Lockhart Melchior.
The most influential person in her life was her mother Clara. It was
from her that she developed her philosophy of service. She remembered
her mother as a Christian woman who believed in God's people, all of
God's people.
One can see why Eva
Jowers went into commu-
nity service, first at All
Saints Anglican School,
then at the American Red
Cross where she served for
25yeass. Mastofher work
there involved sending
and receiving messages
between Virgin Islands
servicemen stationed
throughout the world with
health, welfare and death
messages of their families
or vis versa. She was an
call 24 hours a day, would
frequently get up all hours
and sometimes track
down relatives personally
before everyone had tele-
phones. She listed with
the Blood Bank, local di-
aster victims, took famn-
lies into her home and
gave lunch money to

.d I

abandoned people. She worked with Regina Bornn and later Angelica
Hay. She was honored by the St Thomas Lions Club in 1983 for her
work. In 1984 she received a distinguished service award for her work
with the Job Corps.
She delighted in family gatherings, keeping up with lifelong friends
and new ones. Her love of gardening and the preservation of her historic
family home were special joys.
Her church, the St Thomas Reformed Church inspired her through the
ups and downs of life.
Eva leaves, three sons, John, James and William, three daughters in
law, Dolores, Adele, and Yvornne, two grandchildren, Christine and Steven,
a niece Yvonne Peters and family, nephew, Donald Whitford and family
nephew Edward R. Richardson and family,The Washingtons and family,
the LaFontaine-Hucks and family, and numerous other relatives, and
close friends.

Patrick Beretta, Adrien Francis, Nathan Francis,
James Jowers, Steven Jowers, Courtney Reese

Philip Comiero, Rene DeLagarde, John Jowers, William Jowers

Special Thanks to JeffHorrocks for the lovely lowers

Rev. Joseph Muysken... Pastor, St. Thomas Reformed Church

ORGAN PRELUDE .................................. Roger Lakin
Aria in F- S.H. Handel
Arabesque Louis Vieme
HYMN ......................................... For All the Saints
Leader: Our help is in the name of the Lord who made the heavens
and the earth.
People: God will not let your foot be moved, he who keeps you will
not slumber.
Leader The Lord will keep you from all evil, he will keep your life.
People the Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from
this time forth and forevermore.
Leader Therefore, bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within
me, bless his holy name.
People Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits.
Leader- The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and
abounding in steadfast love.
People: The steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to ever-
lasting upon those who fear God and remember to do his
HYMN ............................. Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past
THE OLD TESTAMENT LESSON ........................Psahn 23
MUSICAL SELECTION .......... St. Thomas Reformed Church Choir
ORGAN VOLUNTARY ............................. Roger Lain
Sinfonietta J. Bach
HYMN ........................................ Blessed Asurnce
ORGAN POSTLUDE ................................. Roger Lakin
Fantasies in S Major -JS. Bach

Coementm Homar
ChaOrtte Amne, St. Tahm
The Virgin Island community mourn the passing of Eva Carmen Jower, a
dedicated public servant who served this territory with distinction during her
many years of service to the people of the United States Virgin Island.
Mrs. owners will be remembered for her tireless work at the American Red
CroSk in a effort to keep the line of communication open between homeick
young Virgin Islandes and their families. With mo than two decade of service
to this community, her work was a testament of her wll gness to assist in the
time of need.
As we mourn hr los and wish her family and friend comfort during this sad
period, let us be glad for the time h spend among us and for the notable
different he has mad in the live of the people she touched. Mrs. Parrelly join
mein conveying the sympathies of a grateful community.
GCmw orAla der A. FamUly

Offeof O U. Co.Mnr
auleo Amnli St. 7iaon
It is with a profound ense of lose that I tend condolences to the family and
friend of Eva Jowers. She was in so many way an exceptional human being
and public ervant, he will be rely missed.
Eva was unyielding in her ompassion for those in need. She dedicated her life
to serving the Virgin Islands community through her work with such organiza-
tion as the American Red Cro where she was employed for 25 year Eva's life
has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on thee Virgin Island for this we
should all be sinoely grateful
Monique joitn me in extending our deepest sympathies to Eva's family and
fends who now mourn her paying. At this time of grieving be comforted by the
knowledge that her memoy will live on n the heart of those who knew her and
those whom lives she touched. May she ret in peace.1
u. corewDfrk M.A Hodr

When one thinks of Mrs Eva Jowera the fit recolecon is in connection with
her role in the American Red Cro Wherever the office was located or relocated,
Eva owner was there in her quiet ddepndable and eident way to render service
tielessly. Practically a her working year were pent with the American Red
Croe and he nvr failed in her duties beauM of her deep interest and belief in
helping otrw .
Eva' first priority was Servke to the Military, an aea in which he conen-
rated mot of herenrgy. Any hour of h day or night all from he military
enaived her undivided and immediate attention. When Eva was unabe to work
al day, she i l d on serving for half a day. Her desire to erv overshadowed
her physical habiltes.
Eva jowers a ife member, will always be remembered by her friends and
American Red Cros coworkers as a faithful loving, dedicated and concerned

volunteer of the American Red Cross. I served with her and Angelic Hay for
many years, May she ret in eternal p e.
UlIu F. Muaer, Uf Mmer, AnrAriam Rd Crss

I wa saddened and heartfelt rgret t the pameng of a dear friend and
coworker, Eva Carmn. Not only have I lot a friend, but the community hs lost
a einar and devoted rvant.
For over 28 years a a taf member of the St Thomas -St. ohn Chaper of the
Aerican Red Cross mosty a a volunteer) Eva reached the hearts of thousands
of families and Individuals searching for a istan Her friendly mile greeted
everyone, helping ee thr paim and needs.
For many years Eva wa the Red Cross contact for the Mlitary. She wa
available and ready day or night to solve the ned of its permonl and their
families, getting in touch with service mn and women where ever they might
have been stationed.
For those of us who have had the privilege of knowing Eva, we are thankful for
her friendship For her family the satsfaion of having had a wonderful, lovable
and caing mother.
Eva, you did car the people of the Virgin Island and you will be dearly
AnSdics Hqy-RyIr

Eva ... You are a part of our ma rie ie our earliest childhood, of
growing up in this church We have all been todued by your weet disposition,
your beautiful amil, and your humble-willngs to help other whenever you
could. These word from an old ong reflect, for us, your Ue: "FTh bread that
bringth life I want to give, The water pure that bid the thirsty le The awer
oft that turneth wrath away, Por m ure I hall not pass again this way.
Parewell Ret In The Lord.
Yaor dld chndl SihJn N.,m Dork Elsw, Im

Eva Richrdean aower... my first eachr. The school was known "Mi
Stevnen's School, a private hool located on the side of the steps at wa also
known a Knud Hanen Alley in the houe that belonged to Mis Maud Proudfoot
o welfare fam.
Upon arrival at the school you wt straight to your archer and aid. "Good
Morning and shook hands with her, and often, if we had a plum tree or mango
or ome other fruit, my mother would eend it a Uitle trifle for the tear. Then
were tim when dhe baked, d ad mall sweet bread or blk cake baked in a
Dasah butter pan was the offering. Thu we started our day on a very happy
note with a teach that wan mi and ready to work.
Eva wa anextremly kind peron who took time out to be m tat every on
wan well both in the dlaroom and at hom. She would begin to tch and
somehow she was able to plain e lesson in a very kind, imple way and if
you did not understand. she would say, "weer mnd. I spend some tim with
you after shooL" This way all tu en were abe to feel great coden in thir
teacher and themael To me, thi was very important and I will ways
number how good she was to m. May heret in pre.
car-. Donafr M dior

childhood sos ding to memory even a time marches on Simplcity -
lmnnocec molded, fashimod the kind carin person a Eva was known to be by
all thoe with whom he came in contact, lasting from dawn to day's end.
CNdre, relatives, friends Rejoicea Eva's day had been fully lived with good
nsea for being. Do not mourn at unet. Let her ret quiedty in pea oy and
lov her anw unwneor
Amo P.m. Wdfltmd

MS Eva Jowae ... Many t ime from VICA' window, rve watched your
warm nil as you stroll down the Main mSt Thn I would all out to Jhn,
"Thmer goe M. Eva' If you were worried or upset, no one ws the wiser
because of your friendly attitude. May God's strength be yours as you oumy
Mari L Doid

Eva wa like a mother to m. Sh was a warm, kind and loving pen and all
who kew her loved her. Takg care of her is soothing that I loved to do. I will
way pray that God will tak cae of her. May dh red inpeae

My beloved Aunt Eva ... When you were born and you cried, the world
rejoiod! My dear on, you have lived your le in such a way that whn you died
you joid ad the world cried. What joy you nmut fed to be with God. Will
away crih the love tat we shared, evn hough many miles eparaed u we
always seed in tum. Getting to know you was a dream flfilled for mu. Inyou
I wasMe to nviion how my mom might hm been if he had lived to attan hr
goldenyears. I aw so much of her in you your voice your expremion many of
your manarim, and ee your handwriting were so amilar. Th time we
were able to pend together with you were very special for Chutc and L He loved
you mry muc. You always made him fed so pedal and he never mieed a
chane to remind m that h was your favorite So you se, Aunt Eva, we thank
Cod for the opprt y of knowing you and your many pedal ways Andeven
though we griee for our lose, we rejoice ad praise God tat you a now free of
the burden dof U May God always keep you nar.
Yror Loing Nic, Ywrmea (Chi

The Preludes
Winter is on my hlSd,
but eterndt spring is in my hurt-
SI at brmt at this lur tlwrfu rwe of o bit a
tr Violets ad ter m as a t twnty ears eo.
T1w Mw I spprh t eend, the plainer I hr round me
the bmortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me.
-Victor Hugo

today I tound out tat my random Eva passed away. My father said
that he went to the Dutch Reformed Church in Aruba to say a prayer for her
the other night. The next morning he received the call from the hospital saying
she was gone. I feel happy to know Grandmom didn't have to have a lot of
tubes put inside her. I feel that she is at peace, and knowing that, how can I be
very sad?
Everytime I came home from the states I would go to her house on Seventh
Day Street. She laughingly referred to herself as one of the "Seventh Day Street
Elite." Before she became bedridden, she used to walk very slowly from
wherever she might have been back to her home. From underneath her wide
brimmed hat, she would greet people she knew. People would say good
morning or good afternoon Miss Eva. She seemed to know and wave to
everybody. If Steven and I walked home with Grandmom after church we
knew it would be a long trek. Sometimes we could be impatient. Grandmom
would just smile, and mention something about the Seven Day Street Elite, or
she might roll her eyes and tease, "It's your mother (causing trouble) again!"
(That was a phrase she usually used with her boys and their wives when she
seemed to be in the middle of a small catastrophe with them. It was always
tongue in cheek.)
After my last visit with grandmom Eva, everybody in the family asked if she
recognized me and what we talked about. Well, when I walked through the
door she said, "Oh, you're back, I'm so glad." Her eyes lit up. Then we chatted
for a while. This was confusing because grandmom was practically deaf and
declined to wear a hearing aid. It was always difficult to know if she was truly
responding to what you had just said or what she thought you might have
said. She also mumbled. I really had to listen. Suddenly I heard it. "Do you
have any children yet?" she asked. Can I ever escape this question, I won-
dered. "No, not yet Grandmom." "Well, me chile, don't harass yourself with
them yet, you are too young." There was no mumbling there, it was perfectly
clear, Grandmom was looking out for me.
At this moment, I am on plane destined for Utah. I will be dancing a solo
and a very important lead role in a concert in Provo this weekend. I am too far
away from home. I would rather be with family and our dear friends who I
consider as family. I would like to hear stories about Eva Jower. I'd like to
remind everyone that I am small-bones just like she was. I would like to say
that my Grandmom told me to save all my pennies and she started my first
bank account
She loved roses and African violets. When she had violets, her favorite color
was yellow. She made delicious food. When Steven and I were younger we
would go to her house every day after school to eat homemade soup. She was
gracious and generous to all people. She was typically St Thomian in that she
especially loved her boys but I was her girl and she loved me, I love her still
The solo I am performing this weekend is about a woman who is heading to
a marvelous place that she has never been to before. As she observes the
mountains and the valley there she is filled with wonder. Her joy makes her
dance. She is wearing a bright yellow dress. I think Grandmom will be with
me as I dedicate this performance to her.

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