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Title: Funeral Booklet for Paulette Marie Joseph
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Paulette Marie Joseph
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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/avfeia 4 (("f)'/f4'

- (6~qia~y

4, 1953

Cnie1 ^/% X9, ^9.9

Friday, July 23, 1999
Viewing 12:00 Noon 1:00 pm
John Thomas Memorial Chapel
Service 1:30 pm
Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral
Celebrant: Father Jerome Feudjio
Deacons: Leonard Monsanto & Austin Medina
t W Interment
at Western Cemetery Number 1

.*Thomm v

Oj /iAl 0Lotit~: a 1 0 17


P"we 1

Paulette Marie Joseph a
mother's precious gift was born
on February 4th, 1953, in Man-
attan, New York,
to the late Lecia
Chinnery Nunez. :';
At the age of five, ':
they came to live
on her mother's na-
tive island of St.
Thomas. The .
young Paulette was
the devoted grand-
daughter of the
late David and
Anna Chinnery,
who, after she
moved to St. Tho-
mas, became very involved in rais-
ing their granddaughter.
All her life, Paulette was spe-
cial and unique; she commanded
respect and she received it. In ad-
dition, she had a strong sense of
intuition and always spoke about
her gut feeling and she was right
almost every time. Paulette repre-
sented the very essence of beauty,
both seen by the eye and that won-
derful inner beauty which warms
the heart. Once Paulette touched
your life, she left an indelible

mark. Paulette was a woman who
possessed in great measure the
spirit of giving, compassion and
She could see the
good in everyone
and the beauty in
everything. She
had the ability to
illuminate an en-
tire room with her
presence and
smile. All with
whom she came in
contact were
showered with her
blessings and her
nurturing qualities. Her words of
encouragement will forever be
etched in the memories of those
with whom she came in contact.
Paulette attended Sts. Peter
and Paul Catholic School for a brief
period, then attended and gradu-
ated with top honors from Sacred
Heart School in Puerto Rico, where
she became fluent in Spanish. She
then joined the Bank of America
and was promoted from an Accoun-
tant to Bank Officer, a position
she held until the bank closed.

While working at Bank of America,
an acheiver by nature, Paulette
went on to further her education
taking all night classes at the Col-
lege of the Virgin Islands. She
graduated from C.V.I. in 1976 with
a BA in Accounting. In 1977-1979,
she worked at Water and Power
Authorities(WAPA). In 1979, she
then relocated to San Diego and
worked at MidWest Pacific until
1981. At MidWest, she started her
career at an entry level position
and successfully climbed the cor-
porate ladder to Chief Controller.
Following this acheivement, she
returned home in 1981 to aid her
mother during her terminal illness
of cancer. Thereafter, Paulette
joined the team of West Indies In-
surance Agency as an Assistant
Comptroller, later being promoted
to Comptroller. Paulette then be-
came an entrepreneur as co-owner
of"Spaces" at Al Cohen Mall. Her
tenure as the Treasurer and Comp-
troller of AMCO Auto Sales com-
pleted her career.
First married at 18 to Frederick
IIarrigan, now of Anguilla,
Paulette had two children,
Monique Elizabeth Harrigan and
Paul Osborne Harrigan.
While still working at Bank of
America, problems with her auto-
mobile brought Paulette's special

beauty to the at- "
tention of Norris Jo- -
seph, who became her
second husband,co-owner /.
and President of AMCO Auto
Sales. According to Norris, who
had long admired her from afar,
she never had car trouble again. ,
One day Norris, as one of his typi-
cally spontaneous moments, called
Paulette on the phone. "Meet me
at the courthouse. I need your help
with something." Paulette, con-
cerned and assuming he was in a
jam, brought several friends to
help him out of what she perceived
to be an emergency. The "emer-
gency" turned out to be a trip to
the License Bureau, where Norris
stood ready, marriage license form
in hand. Won over by his impul-
sive charm, Paulette became Mrs.
Norris Joseph shortly thereafter
on November 28, 1985. Lee
Michael Joseph is their son.
Paulette and Norris focused
their energies on providing the
three children with strong values
and educational goals. Monique
graduated from the University of
South Florida with a Bachelor of
Science in nursing and pursues a
career as a traveling nurse. Paul,
a Sergeant in the Marine Corp, is
also serving his internship towards
a degree in civil engineering. Lee

s' is currently a high
school student and has
won many trophies in ten-.
Snis competitions. Paulette al-
ways took great joy and pride
in her children and their accom-
For over twenty years, tennis
was the focus of Paulette's atten-
tion. She became a member of the
United States Tennis Association
(USTA) Tennis League and played
joyfully every Sunday as part of
the Renaissance Hotel team.
Paulette dedicated most of her per-
sonal time in recent years to the
promotion of young tennis play-
ers. As a member of the Virgin
Islands Tennis Association
(VISTA) she played an instrumen-
tal role in the lives of many chil-
dren, nurturing and encouraging
them on their road to becoming
skilled tennis players. Paulette do-
nated many hours as a "tennis
mom" on the road, traveling with
young hopefuls to matches in lo-
cations throughout the Caribbean,
Mexico and the United States. She
used her bilingual skills to assist
young aspiring tennis profession-
als during their travels.
A devoted mother, she guided
her youngest son, Lee Joseph who
joined in her love of the sport at

the same time she was encourag-
ing other young tennis profession-
als such as Aisha Christian, Amari
Peterkin and Paul Rosen. Paulette
traveled with both Lee and Aisha
to Arizona to the Cooper Bowl
which is the first Junior tourna-
ment. She generously gave of her
time and money to make sure that
these young Virgin Islanders
would become tennis champions.
In fact, one of Paulette's dreams
was to attend Wimbledon to see
the greatest tennis matches in the
world. Her personal goal was to
help some deserving and talented
young woman become the first fe-
male Virgin Islands member of the
Women's Tennis Association.
Even when Paulette was ill, she
continuously gave of herself and
made sure that she stood behind
these children's dreams of becom-
ing championship tennis players.
Paulette was treasurer of the Vir-
gin Islands Tennis Association.
She was also a member of St. Tho-
mas Inner Wheel Club, further ex-
hibiting her altruistic spirit as a
volunteer in the hospital gift shop
sponsored by that group.
Paulette Marie Joseph's endur-
ance, perseverance and dignified
attitude helped to lengthen her life
and strengthened her family mem-


bers and friends, during the six
years that she courageously faced
the challenges of cancer. She was
the one who stood strong for ev-
eryone around her. Because she
maintained a sense of personal pri-
vacy, many did not realize the in-
tensity of her illness. When
Paulette talked about the future,
her thoughts were never about
herself, but always about the hus-
band, children and friends she
would be leaving behind. It was
her faith and belief in God that
carried this much-loved, very
brave woman through the inter-
minable procedures and psycho-
social trauma of her prolonged ill-
ness. Nevertheless, we who cher-
ished her feel cheated that she was
taken away from us so very young;
while, we realize and accept with
gratitude that God saw the tired-
ness that overtook her tender body
and wanted to give her eternal
rest. At her second home in
Tampa, Florida, surrounded by
family members Paulette ended
her struggle and went to be with
her Lord and Savior on Tuesday,
July 13, 1999.
Mourning the passing of their
beloved Paulette is her husband,
Norris Joseph; three children,
Monique and Paul Harrigan and

Lee Joseph of Tampa,
Florida; step-daughter t
Patchees Joseph of Atlanta, -
Georgia; brothers Michael
Tindle of Germany, David
Tindle of Vienna, Virginia and
Didliffe Tindle; sister, Karen
Holder of Griffin, Georgia,
mother-in-law, Adella Lewis of
Antigua; brothers-in-law Charles
Joseph of St. Thomas, Maurice Jo-
seph of Antigua and Alfred Holder
of Griffin, Georgia. She is also sur-
vived by seven nieces, one nephew
and a host of other family and
Paulette Marie Joseph, three
significant biblical charactersin a
name. What better witness could
the Maker ask to dwell in his King-
dom. Rest in eternal peace.

Norris Joseph
Monique Harrigan
Patchees Joseph
Paul Harrigan & Lee Joseph
Karen Holder
Adella Lewis
Maurice Joseph, Charles Joseph, Alfred Holder
Latonne Tindle, Josette Tindle, Erica Tindle,
Adreem Tindle, Daniele Tindle, Krystal Tindle, Kalecia Holder
Xavier Holder
Vivian Cubano de Crites, James Crites,
Carol Harrigan, Viola E. Smith, Edith George,
Rhys & Jean Hodge, Rupert & Michelle Peterkin,
Albert & Roberta Graff, Michael & Marilyn Lett,
Walter & Denise Richards, Rick & Lydia Ricardo,
Ken de Freitas, Malbihn Matthew, Susan Siepel,
Janet Reyes, Debbie Phillip, Debra Charles,
Welby Warner, Tony & Belinda Bowers,
Rutherford Aska (Roti), Eileen Richards, Garfield Less
and many other relatives and friends


Paul Harrigan
Lee Joseph
Paul Rosen,
Johnny Nickeo
Cicero Miller
Mba Miller

Norris Joseph
Alden Richards
Denfield Martin,
Edward Sibilly
Frederick Harriga
George Smalls,
Hamlet Harrigan
James Crites
Ken de Freitas
Malbihn Matthew
Rhys Hodge
Stetson Carter
Welby Warner

Allison Ellis
Vivian de Crite
Nicole Armstrong
Mesha Webster

Father Jerome Feudjio
Deacons: Leonard Monsanto and Austin Medina

Organist.. Gwynneth Moolenaar

" Musical Selections ... Ira Meyers and Maxwell Todman

Entrance Hymn ........................... "Gather Christians"

First Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 ................. Paul Harrigan
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 23 ................... Belinda Bowers
Second Reading Romans 6:3-9 ................... Belinda Bowers

The Gospel ......................... Deacon Leonard Monsanto
The Homily ....................................... Celebrant
Prayers of Intercession ................... Deacon Austin Media
Offertory Hymn ............................ I Am the Vine"

Sign of Peace ..................". Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Communion Hymn ............... "Just a Closer Walk With Thee"
Mediation Hymn (solo) ...................... Cynthia Saunders
Eulogy ........................................ James Crites
Post Communion Prayer ............................ Celebrant
Final Commendation and Farewell .................... Celebrant
Recessional Hymn ........................ "The Strife is O'er"

Mommy, you were a woman of strength, knowledge, and dig-
nity. I remember when I once said "Monique would play the piano,
I would play the guitar and Lee would play the drums, and we will
sing and play music for you always." Although only Monique was the
one to play an instrument, the piano, I knew deep in my heart what
instrument you really wanted us all to play and that was the instru-
ment of education, for us to use to better ourselves in our future
endeavors. Monique played that beautiful instrument when she walked
across the stage gracefully. I hoped to play my harmony for you but
your sickness prevailed. Nevertheless, I know you are above with your
Savior and as I complete my training, I will go through trials and
tribulations. At those times you and the Lord will be there to carry me
as he did that individual in "Footprints" in the sand. When that day
comes for me to play my instrument, I will proudly strut across that
stage with you in my heart and thoughts. Mommy that day will be
dedicated to you and you only. There was the instrument of education
where Lee was concerned; however, the one instrument that played
dearly in your heart was that of tennis. You always said, if you were to
come back to life you would want to be a Tennis Pro. Well mommy,
here is your chance to come back to life in Lee. Then both of you can
play that instrument of tennis together.

Mommy you were and will always be the best,
I'm glad you will rest,
Rest in Peace, out of anguish and pain,
Mommy you had that special touch,
and animals knew you weren't a grouch,
They all would follow you as you
walked in the neighborhood,
Cats, dogs, and our ferret would
look and wonder as you stood,
Even they knew you were not a dream,
But an angel in disguise behind all your gleam.

I love you Mommy, Forever and a day
By your son, Paul 0. Harrigan

Dear Mommy ... I remember a conversation we had a
Sfew months ago during your illness. I asked," who will I go to
when I need advice that only a mother can honestly give?" You
~ stated, "You will just remember everything I've told you." I smiled,
Because I honestly did not expect anything else from a strong
Woman like yourself. Since you were right almost every time -- this
was a reassuring quality which made the decision final once it was
approved by you. Fortunately, through the years, I've concluded that
you've always had the best advice and never lead me astray.
I will miss your intuition, guidance, support, endurance, reassur-
ance, love and above all your presence in our lives. You were never a
dictator but, provided your children with guidelines and values to
make our final decisions. This is just one more quality which I truly
appreciated. I have many more things to experience, and I know that
you will be there always with your guiding light. I will miss you dearly.
Love always, your daughter, Monique

My family and staff join me in expressing our deepest sympathy to
the Family and friends of Mrs. Paulette Joseph. Losing one's wife,
mother and/or friend can cause loneliness like no other, but having
those who care around you can help ease the difficulty during the days
ahead. Until we have suffered the loss of a loved one, we cannot fully
understand the pain of separation.
I hope that time will ease the sorrow and pain as we mourn the loss
of Paulette. I trust that memories of her will strengthen our love for
each other. We should all be comforted by the thought that we were
fortunate to have known Paulette. I am confident that her legacy and
memory will live on.
Once again, my heartfelt condolences to my dear friend Norris and
the family of Mrs. Paulette Joseph.

Senator George E. Goodwin

Some of us in our lifetime are fortunate to be touched by individuals
who leave a lasting impression. To me, Paulette was one of those
persons she was a patient, kind and caring person who was intensely
loyal to her family and friends. We will greatly miss her warmth,
thoughtfulness and generosity. Through her with and wisdom, she
lightened the burdens of many of us.

Paulette's years on this earth were comparatively V ,
short, but extremely fruitful. I am confident that, for the
most part, they've been happy ones. Although Paulette has (
gone on to claim the prize our Savior has reserved for her, I will
find comfort and peace in the future just thinking of her in the
Rest in Peace, my friend.
Viola E. Smith

Paulette is no longer with us,
The truth has to be faced,
But we must live the time allotted.
Until we're together with her again,
She is gone, but no one can take away the wonderful memories.
They are part of us, the happy and the sad.
They are only a part.
Don't let them possess you, or you wouldn't get through your days
Everyday is a gift from God
It must be lived with joy
It is a taste of the joy that will come
Then we will all be together again.
From your dear friend, Carol Harrigan

Dear Paulette ... Thank you very much for your great conversation,
lots of laughter, your honesty and, most importantly, your friendship
and trust. As a friend of the David Chinnery's family I have known you
from childhood. Then I got to know you as an adult, always with a
smile and willing to help as a member of the Inner Wheel Club of St.
Thomas from the early nineties. Norris, Monique, Paul and Lee, all the
members of the Inner Wheel Club join me in extending our heartfelt
condolence to you. We offer our prayers of comfort during this time of
bereavement. You fought the good fight, you finished the course and
you kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:6-7) and you did it with such grace,
dignity and in such perfect peace.
Your sisters in Inner Wheel Club, Corinne Lockhart, President

Dear Paulette When we think of you, there are so many fine
qualities that come to mind. The first thing we remember, however, is
your delightful humor and sheer joy of life. As the laughter dies down
and we just reflect on the ordinary facets of knowing you, we are
brought face to face with what a gracious, down-to-earth, practical and
caring person you always were.
The good times of office fun and laughter at West Indies Insurance

V, Agency (no longer in business) can never be forgotten.
SWe will always remember seeing you, Paulette, in the middle
S of all of it, lending encouragement to everyone. You were the
'number' person, checking the dollars and cents to make sure
N they were all identified and accounted for. But every single one
/ of us who worked with you knew how extraordinarily considerate,
Sensitive, and helpful you were. There was no office function that
you did not enliven with your humor and camaraderie. Then there
were times when someone would have a problem and you would never
Tail to empathize with the situation and offer suggestions for a solu-
On a personal level, we remember many delightful times shared
with you and your family when you were not at work, and saw how
completely devoted you were to your family, and how hard you tried to
beautify the home you lived in. Your taste was exquisite, and touches
of this remain all over the places where you lived.
We grieved very much when you became so ill, and will miss you
greatly. But you have made indelible impressions on all those who
were privileged to get close to you, and these impressions and memo-
ries can never be erased or forgotten. We shudder as we try to imagine
the pain you have suffered and are relieved that you will suffer it no
It is comforting to know that you were a woman of faith in God, and
we are happy to think of you now as having passed to your eternal joy
and rest. We thank God for you.
Welby & Ursula Warner

Dear Mom ... Your words, your wisdom and your guidance have
blessed me through the years. I want to take the time to thank yuu for
always being there, and for being my second mom. May your soul rest
in peace and may God be with you eternally.
P.S. Do not worry, I will always take care of Monique (Doo). I love
Nicole Armstrong

Memories of Paulette I remember the love for her family and
friends that was never-ending. I remember some good times at work
and times when we used to hang out. I remember the perfectionist that
kept us all on our toes. I have lots of precious memories to hold on to
and will always remember my dear friend. Rest in peace my friend,
until we meet again.

To my friend, Norris Joseph ... You can be thankful r
for the beautiful partnership that you and Paulette have
had. Together you established a loving home and family, and i ,
built a business that is a great credit to our community. When
illness struck, you were steadfast and attentive. My family and I
extend our heartfelt sympathy and pray that God will continue to
comfort and bless you.
Rudolph P. Krigger

To my dearest friend ... y querida hermana ... Paulette!
It's nice to have a friend like you
With whom my heart can share
Its little hopes and fondest dreams
Because you really care.
It's good to know I need but call
In case my foot should slip,
You're like a lighthouse in the fog
That Guides my little ship.
It's nice to have a friend like you
Within this "value of tears,"
Someone who never changes,
However long the years,
Who sees beyond the features,
And all the outward show,
And needs no words to read the thoughts
That only friends can know.
It's nice to have a friend like you,
Forever and a day,
Who through the good times and the bad,
Will never go away.
No matter what the future holds
Whatever life may send,
I'll always know I have been blessed
... Because you are my friend!
(by Grace be Easley)
And may we laugh and walk together throughout eternity,
Your beloved friend and sister Vivian


a ..


I- r

V/ite cO /'arn4) o7

/to fne a/.iaort ana yoT /Jose adowan Hri4 Fa i le I- me

The Joseph and Harrigan Families


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