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Title: Funeral Booklet for Alvin A. Jennings
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Alvin A. Jennings
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Language: English
Creator: Estate of Alvin A. Jennings
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Jennings, Alvin A.
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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3n Cfoving Manory

vin 4. e. 3mings
rDmber 2, 1970 JO y 15, 1995

Juneral Service
'Drsday, .Aa8 25,1995
wing 5.0 7.00 pm
oIhomas junrail 2lomwe
3riday, ay, 26, 1995
7wing 9.00 10.00 am, Seric 10.00 am
Christ Church Medodist
eav.3oseph Cloy,4 OfFicitOi
Dnterment at (Astern Cemetery 24o. 7wo
Yofl ^^ Ck":

MOTHER... Beverly Jennings
FATHER ... Claudius Jennings
SISTER... Jasmine Jennings
BROTHER... Claude Jennings
GRANDMOTHERS... Ivy Parsons, Ida Jennings
STEP-GRANDMOTHER .... Dr. Valaria Wheatley
GRANDFATHER ... Cardiff Wheatley BKA Booze
AUNTS ... Barbara Holder, Brenda English,
Bernadette Parsons, Dorothy Smith, Tula Francis,
Ada Lanclos, Albertina Daniel,
Joyce Fredkin, Patrina Wheatley
UNCLES... Berth Parsons, Carl Jennings,
Carris Jennings, Cosmore Wheatley,
Darien Wheatley, Roy Wheatley, Irving Wheatley
GREAT AUNTS... Joyce Turbull, Daisy Stevens,
Delma Brewley, Edra Evans, Helmie Leonard,
Alegra Pickering, Carmina Maduro
GREAT UNCLES ... Owen Hodge, Michael Leonard,
Glaston Fahie, Albert Fahie, Hugo Fahie, Arnold Fahie
GODMOTHER... Eltera Scatliffe
GODCHILDREN... Allessio O. Monsanto m,
Roy Charles II, Joshanda Joseph

Herman Bell, Angel Jennings Jr., John Aubain,
Gregory English, Lester Thompson, James Leonard

honorary Pallbearers
Lionel Selwood, Kenrick Huyghue, Dexter Joseph,
Meleek Sylvester, Roy Charles Jr., Allessio Monsanto Jr.


J4lvin a3emings

1970 1995
Alvin A. Jennings was born on December 2,1970, the fist child of the union
of Claudius and Beverly Jennings nee Wheatley. His strength and determi-
nation were evident from day one as he developed into a robust youngster
whose gentle personality enriched the life of everyone he touched.
Even as a child his quiet, unassuming nature guided his every action as he
moved successfully through elementary school, Sunday School and confir-
mation instructions. Very early, it was clear that he would develop into a
great athlete and sport enthusiast.
Among Alvin's major contributions, during junior high school and high
school, was his avid involvement with the Concert Band at Addelita Cancryn
Junior High School and the Charlotte Amalie Senior High School's Concert
Choir. At his graduation from high school in June of 1991, Alvin beamed
with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment.
Alvin always treated his education as a priority. This trend continued
throughout high school and demonstrated consistently over the recent six
months of his life as he ventured to New York in pursuit of his vocational
license and degree.
In his adult life, Alvin worked diligently to be self sufficient ... never
wanting to ever be dependent upon his parents. As a result, Alvin acquired
excellent work ethics as he worked at the following businesses: Pueblo and
Grand Union Supermarkets, Joe's
Discount and most recently, Grunert,
Stout, Bruch & Moore Law Office.
Alvin was loved deeply by his
family who mourns his departure
from this life while still in the prime
of his youth.
While we are left with so many .A
unanswered questions, we release
him, as we must, into the arms of
our Lord and Savior who knows and
sees all things.
Alvin will live in our hearts for all

Order of Service
SCRIPTURE SENTENCES .......................... Rev. Joseph Lloyd
HYMN ........................................ How Great Thou Art
PRAYER ..................................... Rev. Joseph Lloyd
EULOGY ..................................... Dr. Valaria Wheatley
SCRIPTURE READING: Revelation 7:9-17 .......... Ms. Blandina Smith
SCRIPTURE READING: John 14:1-6 & 27 ............. Rev. Joseph Lloyd
TRIBUTE ........................ Class 50 & 51, It's Not An Easy Road
SERMON ....................................... Rev. Joseph Lloyd
RECESSIONAL HYMN ....................... Will Your Anchor Hold

3 arewell...
Hold Us Up, Lord!
Lord, we know you're always busy,
For You've many things to do,
But when sorrow overcomes us,
Well, we need to talk to you.
For we've lost someone precious,
And they're with you there above,
And it's someone that we needed,
And it's someone that we love... .
Your parents and the entire Wheatley Family
My Brother Besides being my dearest big brother, you were my
playmate, confidant, and best friend. With you, I shared my fears, dreams
and goals. Your sudden departure from this natural life is heart-wrenching,

Xmc- R 3

inexplicable, and, so tragic. My only comfort is in knowing that, because of
our deep abiding love we had for each other, you will continue to encircle
both Kareem and I with your protective spirit forever. On the surface, your
time spent on earth may seem short, however, our strong family bond
helped to make your life rich and meaningful! I will always remember your
smile, calm personality and soft words. You're gone but, your memory will
live on with me forever. I LOVE YOU. Rest in Peace my brother until we
meet again.
Your sister, Jasmine
To Allie... You were like a brother to me. I'll always remember the times
when you used to trouble me and then laugh at me. Allie I'll miss you
dearly, we might often wonder why but God knows best.
Love Joyce
Alvin... You'll be missed, but we rejoice in the Lord today, because you
have started your new Life with Him. For He calls only the ones He Loves.
Leona & Ming
Alvin... You have left us and the loss is deeply felt. But God knows best.
We will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace.
Uncle Berth, Mary & Kids
Gainesville, Fl.
Alvin ... I will love thy Father (ah), my strength, my fortress, my
deliverer, and my God. In H.I.M. will I Trust. He shall preserve thy soul, the
Father (AH) shall preserve thy going out and coming in from this time forth
and evermore.
Jah Rastafari (Father-Son-Holy Ghost)
Isaac Jr, Alex (Ganzie), Renee (Buso)

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."
by Maya Angelo
Alvin, you will always shine in our heart. We love you and will miss you
greatly, Rest in Peace.
Gregory, Brenda, Elyse

My Brother all is never said, it's been about ten years since I've known
you. From Junior high to college, there were lots of ups and downs along the
way. When things seem to be at its worst you were always the one to say,
"Hey, we can't stop now, we've come too far." As of this day I know that
whatever I do you'll be right there with me also. So I'm not saying good-bye.
To bid farewell causes people to be strangers. For friendship that is kept up

only while eyes see eyes does not go to the heart. So with this I say rest in
peace In God's Kingdom until we meet again. I love you.
Alvin ... My heart is filled with sorrow and my eyes are filled with tears.
Words cannot express the way we feel. It's been 6 months now I've missed
you coming to my job and saying "Give me something." Now I have to
definitely miss your weekend calls with the operator saying collect call from
Alvin will you accept, yes I will accept your call but not the way your death
came to me. But we know that God's Grace is sufficient to carry us through
this time of sadness. Sleep on until we meet again.
Your Aunt Bernadette Cousins, Gerald, Genelle and Akai
To Alvin "Bragman" Jennings ... Let thy will be done. The Lord has his
reasons, so we have to be comforted in his decision. Alvin, you have gone to
a better place where we will meet again one day soon!! Alvin, you will
always, always be in our heart, and never, never be forgotten!!
Jah Love Always, Beverly and Carlos Rivera
Ms. Thompson and Kareem
Alvin Jennings came to work alongside us in the same month he made his
22nd birthday. At the time those of us who had not known him from before
wondered what this quiet young man was really like. It wasn't long before
we began to learn that we had been given the privilege to spend our work-
days with one of the most polite, quietly friendly, honest, helpful and hard-
working young men any of us had ever known.
For us this privilege flew by all too fast for it was not quite two years later
that Alvin resigned to go to the States and pursue studies at the Technical
Career Institute. At that time we had mixed feelings and disappointment at
Alvin's leaving us but happiness that he would be advancing himself. In his
letter of resignation Alvin wrote that while he would miss our friendship he
could not pass up "the opportunity for growth and continuing challenges."
He left St. Thomas, but true to his caring ways he stayed in close touch with
We send our heartfelt condolences to all family and friends who knew
and loved Alvin. At the same time we thank God for having known Alvin.
We shall always cherish our memories of him.
Partners, Associates and Staffof Grunert Stout Bruch &Moore
It is with great sympathy that we express this message to Mr. & Mrs.
Claudius Jennings and Family on behalf of the Department of Education
Business Offices. Mr. & Mrs. Jennings, Jasmine, and Kareem, the untimely
passing of your son and brother has left a void that seems irreparable, and at

this time it appears that the world loves no one, but remember God knows
best and time heals all wounds and creates understanding.
Your son and brother was a fine young man and no one can take that
away from your memory. Keep the faith and keep on trusting in the Lord.
Condolences, Donna Gregory, Rita Dawson and staff,
Dept. of Education Business Office
My Special Nephew "Alvin Jennings" ... Alvin, It hurts me to see you
depart from us like that. The world can say as much as they want. But, God
knows and we the family know the type of child you were. May God be with
you until we meet again.
Your Loving Aunt Albertina Daniel & Family
Alvin, you were always smiling whenever I saw you, never had a frown
on your brow. I don't know why this happened; only God knows. May your
spirit rest in peace.
Your Aunt Ada Lanclos & Family
Alvin, when you left here on December 1, 1994 to further your education,
I hugged you and I said "Alvin take care of yourself and be careful with who
you come into contact with" I did not know I would not see you in life again.
It is hard for me to accept and to live with for the rest of my life. You were a
faithful and loving grandson. May you rest in the arms of Jesus, until we
meet on the other side.
Alvin, you were such a quiet and loving young man. Words cannot
sufficiently express my grief. We will miss you very much. May your soul
rest in peace.
Mario Henley

Alvin ... never before have we encountered such a quiet, calm, and
softspoken young man. Gentleness was your trademark !!! It is no surprise
all the children loved you so much. You would have been a "perfect"
husband and father.
Always in our hearts, Karen and Amarae'
Tribute to you our grandson, nephew and cousin... Your loss has created
a very major void in all our lives; however, we are not to forget the joyous
spirits received for having been blessed with you. Your stay may have been
temporary on this earth, but as God is the Master of us all, we trust that he
shall open his gates as we lay you peacefully to rest.
The destruction of violence has taken away yet another promising young

man. We know and trust Alvin, that you were always a man of peace. Your
ambitious nature carried you on a journey to the states, which was so
brutally cut short. Nevertheless, we know that your daily life was governed
by nothing but righteousness. Rest in peace Alvin, the Maker of all Heavens
above has called you, his son, home. We will all mourn, cry, and bid farewell
to you our youthful soldier and most joyously we will remember the happy
times. We Love You.
Grand Ma Ida, Aunt Dorothy, Leneice, Lucia, Laura and Lynford
Farewell Our Youthful Friend... The news of your sudden death has left
us all sad and questioning. We leave it in the hands of God and trust that He
will provide you with the best home and safest environment. Rest in Peace
Alvin, we remain your extended family.
Grant, Francis, Benjamin & Kitnurse Family
Alvin, you were a wonderful person in so many ways. Nothing on earth
was more precious as the years went by. But, the love and devotion given by
a sweet and affectionate friend. You were always first to show you care and
to lend a helping hand. As life goes on, we will always remember you in the
best way we can. Love always,
Thomas and Halliday family in New York City
Alvin, you were a special person in my life. We shared a lot together. We
walked a common road. You inspired me in so many ways to always do the
best I can. You were there when I needed a friend to talk to. The good
memories that you have left with me will help me to continue to struggle on
with life. I will miss you. Love always.
Carlene in New York City
Alvin, you were merely an Infant but, still the enemy took you from us.
Today we say: Sleep on my beloved cousin, take your rest Lay your head on
your Saviours's breast. We love you but, Jesus loves you best.
Mr. & Mrs. Cyril "Zamba" Andrews, Sr.
Alvin, they made you out to be a bad person, but we all knew better. The
Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. He took you home where you will learn on
the master's everlasting arm. We will miss you dearly. Farewell for now.
Your cousins: Bolo, Bernice, Antionette and Kebo.
Alvin Jennings, our good friend gone to knock on Heavens Door. Never
to be forgotten. Always be in our hearts for evermore.
Rock and Buffy
My dearest nephew... I wish with all my heart and soul that there was no

occasion for this. You were a special person and the best kind of nephew
anyone could have. There is so much that is unknown, so many unanswered
questions. From the anger of our rebellious nature from the weakness of our
mortality comes the perpetual "Why?" At times I shake a fist over the
unfairness and the injustice of it all. At other times the groan catches in my
throat and tears fill my eyes as sorrow grabs my heart as if it would break.
Oh God Why? I struggle with the weight of finality that now hangs low and
heavy over the memories of you and my mind takes me back in foot paths of
sadness to the freshness and long life once promised to us by your youth.
Then faith tells me God knows my ache, my sorrow and the emptiness I feel
at your loss. By the grace of God we give thanks for a life that was shared,
and although the time was brief we can let go until that glorious day of
resurrection. The memories of you that lie in the shades behind nightfall will
rise as sunrise in my heart forever. Rest in peace.
Your loving Aunty Barbara
Alvin, you were so quiet, it is so sad that you left us like this. Rest in peace.
Aunty Daisy and Auntie Joyce.

BRAGMAN, you were one of the best friends I've every had. I will always
remember the way you say to me "I'm the man" whenever we called each
other on the phone. Alvin, words can not begin to describe all the pain and
anger within me. I know that a man should not cry. But, it is real hard to hold
back the tears. Alvin, you will always remain in my heart. Bye until we meet
Daddy Youth.
Alvin, our good friend and class mate. We will miss you very much.
Allessio, Dickie and Aaron.
Alvin, my brother, my friend. I knew we would be friends until the end. I
never taught the end would be so soon. But, I will never forget all the times
we spent together laughing as always. But, before I end, I will like to say, I
miss you and I always will. So long "Bragman". May you rest in eternal
peace forever.
Your friend Meleek
We often go through life and not live; we often shed tears but never cry;
we often speak words but seldom communicate; often enough we give up
but hardly give; we often touch but hardly feel; often we don't miss someone
until they are gone; and too often we pass up the opportunity to say I love
you until it's too late. Sleep on, Alvin, until we meet again. I miss you.
Bernalyn "Bunny" Tomeau

It has been a short time, but I know you will be remembered in my heart.
I remembered the times you would call my house so you could talk to the
girl next door. It was our little secret. I would especially cherish the gold
chain you left with me when you were leaving for New York I'll miss you
dearly. "Rest in Peace."
Your cousin, Chanda
Alvin... It seems like just yesterday we were kids playing at Granny's
house. We never thought we would have to live with only memories.
Somehow we feel full of all the good times and laughter we shared and at the
same time we feel empty because of the loss that we'll never recoup. It is
difficult for us to believe you are really gone. We'll surely miss those
weekend calls especially the weekend before your unfortunate death when
you called to tell us that the Jamband was coming to New York. We even
spoke about you coming to Maryland. However, we take comfort in know-
ing that you are at peace. You were a good cousin and we'll miss you dearly.
May your soul rest in peace forever.
Cousin Mario & Calvert
To the Loved Ones of Alvin Jennings ... My deepest condolences on the
passing of your son, brother and friend Alvin. While no words can comfort
ycu during this time of grief, I pray you will find some solace in God's
sustaining grace.
Senator Allie-Allison Petrus
On behalf of the Department of Education, I wish to offer the Jennings
family my condolences on the unfortunate and untimely death of their son,
Alvin. It is difficult in times like these to find the right words to comfort
those who have lost a loved one in this violent, senseless manner; but it is for
us to console ourselves in the belief that it is God who orders our going out
and our coming in. Therefore, we must be assured by His knowing and
understanding why Alvin's life was taken this way.
I ask God to strengthen you during your time of bereavement and to
comfort your hearts and minds with the knowledge that Alvin is with his
Father in heaven. Also, take comfort in your loving memories of Alvin and
patiently and hopefully, "Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage and He shall
strengthen thy heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord."
lMth deepest regard, James E. Cheek, Ph.D.
Acting Commissioner of Education


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