Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Elwin Albert Isaac
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Elwin Albert Isaac
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Estate of Elwin Albert Isaac
Institute for Museum and Library Services (National Leadership Grant Award, ND-00026) ( Donor )
Subject: Isaac, Elwin Albert
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
Caribbean   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Source Institution: University of the Virgin Islands
Holding Location: Enid M. Baa Library and Archives, Virgin Islands Department of Libraries, University of the Virgin Islands
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2omnoming Savices
an iocvug JManowru of

1wi Jlbcrt Osaac
2mowmber 28. 1924 to J uAst 13,1996

Juwul Sovkg
(Wnusday, Jgust 21. 19%
UAiwing 9:00-10:00 a
S&rice: 10:00 a
St. JulreMs 6picopd Church

Officit.: JAr 3 rmorunM
Dntrmat at Vkstern C.mtery 2vumbc 1
vei 7 .)4 Tmas,r# Dnis"


Su ruors
Win ... Vabfkjmvkbm

DAUGH. M ... lwlm lo wu I (HOterl Nm QaW b Imew
YrIr Huuli km4rpon (3#Q NY)
ibm ---(osl?
9 1 MU. HM ... V uditk -rigbko
SOINS ... rokkkadc orldshome
SIEW ... ucom... an. dd 3shm Mdwdmoi% Horfa
,MM ... Momwe b -cIIo Angel bum .m m m 1 lo
BW4=66 Cakwrbh H-wy~lwm
NBusm ... DamiIS711mas
DAUWHTi N DI AW... P howin Ridwom. Mu I Ikm
=1TNU.4-WUW ... Thoodaim Vamw=4 im uuy bfy jm uYqIb&

uNd ir pS puddridru
~i7 nmhm kchds 6.. 6pauv.e Sbidbom. Rnl RrGainz
M1d .6... Wo uinwuoi W .uIOW
..ALCOUSIN.... Kev Hodgm
sWsaALOODOIW ... Kmim DeSWk
WBaAL RMNDS ... Roy WdOW Hum mosap

am rraty ROd MMNIn.R Pau bmair, Kd6. 9du*w,
hML d "iui Sr., Ray Duwb*

2fl orai~ Pallbcarcr
Roy DuwbudjLdI A m P6 Lem 1
Cor lik. SM&m dwku Devis. Alvin Davis


I ft" K-I-' : 1

Giwin J~lbct lsmc

2ko4 krb 28,1924 ip Alst 21. 1996

Elhi Alet bao. b no Icnown t his MI 1M? amid af-
Iamubdy alhd 'PA by his Si-ddd6u". wm bm an U
1926 w dv o w div hi *mimerdmas d awhia spwaavham.
He wa admemd in dO public adwal syim whos e dhe apd
pod ; am odhlp In hac he wmm very uamuces s i ad IMd be&
midvey dwein bemui. EMduei d ohisWe anSLhowin A
a YOUS WAIn,h. w1 d a dvw Ralph U. MPaiswonIi Rum DWAmey
unil idmd. Setsquiy. l mm eamplayd hdi hd hoidiumby md
how joined dv Dqpwbmtn of HuMu hom 1967 w? hi rs elbmm hI
iv. of 1992.
in 1OW he mo Valnri lavis and ou of dde ean dived due.
1b--duldaliin, 1me-n -GhMr amd urIlsm.Hi wam a gret sry-
Ier mid Urn- .m of h is wo ld IhisY amd
-uret e 6 you would ohba ibd him spending emly ev*w kma
o hu~m owh-dp d fo tbwwddl Mm mmdv phd of
dv km ady mmi d mieindui nds who mm rhalwas raMe IDm t,
pMA and commew hi m ry I d- and md w. wam always i dam
whenever ivy needed him t mnist mU. Imid lrl Eddl bd a
stronpwmmeof idloved lforvfanad wmdverypel eFrdobe m
Hit would -PSVICI ho Ndmar 11 mid loceng mdiedvi whedbw
lomely ahebroamd -1 i-vd Iolmpoig ulmmidalp m. 1 ian.
ddie wa loved by evmy an* dud be r in coe widL 14. mm
u, bnro aschimb He w very dio td hi ho M.. th
alway mdv ewaa ads for dham
As we my good-y Wday our hwlrs we Inadd by dvt dacugi dv
eL hem pepred his soul to met Ow LAMd May ht fee ti pm
Yewr Lwdu Fuuy

it, ZL.'-. -A-& Ifl I

6 4A j~P~~Y

Order of Srice
RCE ON OF THE BODY .................. Prayer Book peae 466
EUOGY ........................................ Judith Creighton
ENTRANCE HYMN: ................. Come We That Love the lard
THE BURIAL ANTHEM ..................... Prayer Book pg 491
THE OLLBCr ............................ Prayer Book, pe 49
THE IRST READING: iah 61:1.3 ............. Reuben RkirdM n
To Conmfot those who mourn
PSALM 23 .................................. Pryer Book, pgm
THE SBCOND READIN: Revelaton 7.17 ... Pastor Demond Jam
God wiN wip away every tr.
HYMN ........................................ Blesd Amurance
THE HOLY GO6PEL:I am the Rmesurtton ............. om 1121-27
THE APOS S CR D ..................... Prayer Book, peag 4
TH PRAYERS OPTH PBOPL .............. Prayer Book, pa 497
THE CONCLUDIN COLBC ............... Prayer Book, page 498
THE PEACB ................................ PrayrBookp 360
HYMN .......................................... Th Strifl 'Or
PRAYER XOOK ........................................ paf49
RDCSIrar ALHYMN ............................. And Cn It Be
THE OMMTAL ........... ........... Prayer Book, page 50

rrnutud min 2mau brsnce
Solo... IaToy Matin
Duo ... laori be-Wila, Moniqu Rkhrda-M ae
Solo... Reubn Rkhardon
Hymn: How Gret Thou Art .. Congregation
Hymn: TIB We Mut Agin... Congregation

6 cJI 3

Dr Bddi.... Il GCodf roSamyy y tog. Som ofd
r yas Uid wiaihaIph nid -m wir rtormy. I dea God fr
owr lv -Crw. MI It day we @put p r, I mw you pp1
away 6fr m bu who we lob. God lk be You w- a Iornl
hutmbd hlnd aemd- -d pr-g -u- dur. I dink God i I
was porm whm yeo pond wy so qrtly, ow pinfidly. May you
rt in pma
Yiar "oa*t Vl vdev

Soly we MW ldm y
Al we waned to my
Now V. wo be b "IwkI
Nw is totem toW hol yo
Come yoirm h own- y so yfa
Nmw had we -momgd vbs wMM.I your s.A,
Psueg amd towing you1 h w
Krp0s wm AIWv
Ald we kow you'me ddm g dowr om
rom Hmvin
in so mAy imdb we'e Ibm amn Ow way
And wer Imwv eusaly kwe1n ls btdwr
aOmnc we day

Daddy we nmwrdowd you
ASm d yom'd always be n
Took 9 yomu prme la sod
Smwe always cad
And we -mm id bei we dIaed

Alhomug iOw m wa shber sm
W always ok ato rihe day
lard Ino wbwm we lr down to dmp
You we always *tm we pry
Ya, ItAWmp m .
Ymrwd~ifftter te


In tmm we saw you srdikig d w~mwd you fade away.
Our hert wvam o bthal we waned youa to sy.
Bu when we mww yo dupwpn pealMuly fe o fom piK
How could we wis ya bic wth a to msufer t agp.
It brmok our hert to loe you but ypr did not go alone
For prt of u wnt wih you thd day God cald you homr.
Frm yMur lom dAugAer Glrd Im l IisL m)md riMy
Dar Daddy... May his pM be wth you unel wi met 4i. When
we rmdch th promise land ad we re waldkg had in had my he
wv you srength to stand ti we maet ain.
Yuwr dmk. Heriet and Family
I am proud to call you Ded. bk you wyar t e oly fa1thr rv
known throughout my life. You were an ipiai man d porive BWfig
to mand I wl always hav a soft spot inmy hart ad ouL I love yu
Daddy, md may our Almihty Fhr bam and proct yor souL
YewIr Osrta fWeR Imw
Dear P ... as w go through whout yo my our ov for you
coan to be deep nd true. May your w friendly m&e and sweet
famdler ways always be remembd. CheQ r up, Hope is w dthe s n,
which you journwy toward Iact d hdow bihid yo.
Let a press on ad give
A radom word o smooth te way
A joyous word to gh the day
A peaceful word to 2an str
A kwkI word to he al d tim.
Loae Ruktm aMd Fmdair Ricrom adfwlify
To Bwin ... You wew kh in d dlovn to me-. Any me I n-eded
guidance you wr dre to hep mr. You wiN be ad. bt yb ar in
Ie hand of the lad JImm. Rat in pea und we meit ain.
Year S pq r Ewpm
hoa ... As I als cmllod youm when m aled m m ad told mof yaw
paying my heart wa sad. I could not bdeve ya ware @on%, but I wei
m embr your mind and humomos w Mays. pMt Pmc y d wme


16 j0 3
To Uncle Elwin... though we are deeply saddened you are gone, our
many ways of sharing and caring and your love wil be precious mo-
ments we will remember. Ret in peace, Uncle.
Viiaw Jeanl Monique and Fenim
Dear Uncle ... Though you n you will never be forgotten. You
have filled our lives with joy a i my ways. We will always remember
that warm smile and frindy munerism. May God grant you eternal
rat until we met ain. lPaFw my beloved Uncle.
Gorge, Brenda, Shwn and Kurt Benjamin,
Deon and Ronnie Fleming
Dear Unce ... I remembered when I was a little boy, you would
always correct me when I was going the wrong way. I am going to miss
you. The Lad giveth and the lord taketh. Farewell. May you rest in
Your nephew Dde Fleming
Dear Uncle ... Through the ye that we have known you, we've
always gotten along well, but there comes a time in life when we must
say good-bye and go to our resting place. Farewell, go and sleep in God's
name. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Your loving niece. Catherinem Andrea and Coulw SimM
Dear Uncle Elwin ... Your brother, Uonel who was our dad, left us
when we were very young. You never forgot about us. You always
came around. You comforted us whenever we were down. You looked
out for us without a frown. You came with your tall, slender, handsome
self. You always stood out in the crowd. This made us, your nieces,
great-nieces and great-nephew so proud. We will all miss you.
Your loing nieces, Glory, Perry,
grart-nieces and great-nephms
Dear Uncle.. The Lord has take you out of your suffering may you
rest in peace until we meet again.
Your loving nephew, Dennis Thomes
Fa ... As I grew up at home with Granny and you, there was never a
dull moment. I remember the early mornings when you came into my
room to wake me up for school and the many times I could not wake up.
You always provided the era touch needed to get me moving so you
would not be late for work and I would not mi my bus. You would tl
me stories about the Navy ships and I was so impressed with your
knowledge. As our grandfather, you were loved by all of us. You and
Granny are also my parents. I am your first grandchild and my pain is

deeperti I never called you grandpa or even Fa." I knew your name
tobe Daddy. I will mis you. On behalf of all your grandchildren and
g t-grandchildren, peace be with you. It is with love you leave this
earth. God ble Pa.
Your gnmdson, Ronnie
Dear F ... Coming home this year was not the amne for me. Your
passing i finally a reality because you were not, a in the pst, the first
peron Isaw waiting to great me. This family will feel your los for a long
time. Wherever your spirit s, am sure that you are at rest. I will never
forget your characteristic riffing all day long. Every time I ee someone
doing that Ill think of my granddad. Wherever you are Pa, I know that
you have found peace. Fm so glad I was not their to watch you suffer
because I will always remmber you a my tall, handsome granddad.
Lo you your grmnddmghter Toyp Martin
Dear Fa ... The two years that we lived with you, and the subsequent
summer, were filled with laughter and fun. You watched over us like a
hawk. You were always there for us. We a surely going to miss you.
Peace toyou.
Your gmndens, Stmnetk, Due and Darnel
Dear Fa... We are thankful for your prince as we grew. You were
never late to drop us off at preschool and always on time to pick us up.
You were reliable and dependable. You will never be forgotten. Home
will never be the same without you clearing your throat all over the
house. We understand Fa, that you had to leave us.
Lowforeer, your grwddaughters Nestrn ad Ywmnd Sheriden
Dear Elwin ... You were ne of our favorite cousis. We loved you
very much, but the Lod loved you best. So he took you home to be with
him in heaven. May you rest in piece.
Your loinrg couins, othilde, Bedits lnt and Alberto Spruve
Dear Elwin... We are orry you were called away from us, but you are
out of your suffering Sleep on.
Cousin lade ad Thores Stridion and family
God saw the road wa getting rough, the hill were hard to climb, he
gently closed your loving eyes, and whispered "Peace be thine." Your
weary hours, your days of pin, your weary night are passed. Your ever
patient, worn-out frame has found sweet eat at lat.
Arene and family


r EPCY- WX -" ,4V- 1"W

LW0 WI6e|4.R




Heavenly Father, the death of my dear Elwin Isaac has filed my eyes
wih tears and my heart with sorrow. I am distressed by the mysteries of
Your providence. As Your child I want so much to say, "Not my will, but
Thine be done," but at times I fnd it difficult to do. Forgive me and help
me, I pray You, by Your Holy Spirit, to accept Your ways as always best
Apply to my wounded heart the healing tough of Your precious prom-
ise, and let me soon experience its power. Teach me not to mourn as hose
who have no hope. Wipe away the tears from my eyes that I may be able to
see through the mist beyond death and grave, to the resurrection and lif
assured by he glorious victory of my Savior esus Christ over death and
grave. May the passing of Efin Isaac.remind me that L too, am but a
pilgrim and stranger on earth.
Grant me the grace tolove less and less the things that are material and
temporal, and to love more and more the things that are spiritual and
eternal. Teach me to number my days and to apply my heart to the wisdom
taught by esus Christ, that He is the Way and the Truth and the Life and
that no one comes to You but by Him. Amen.

9The family of 61win 3saac
wishes to acknowledge
with sincere appreciation
and gratitude loving prayers,
kind expressions of sympathy
and courtesis
from their many friends.
bd bless and keep each of you.


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