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Title: Funeral Booklet for Maureen A. Griffin
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Maureen A. Griffin
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Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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99oUeme9, 1954 of4uus&20, 1997
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gziday, AMuuset29, 1997
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HUSBAND ... Claudio B. Griffin, Sr. (Cyril)
SON ... Claudio B. Griffin, Jr. (Dio)
DAUGHTERS... Tasha Griffen Amaro, Jehrelle Warner Griffin
STEPSON... Dion K. Griffin
STEPDAUGHTER ... Claudina V. Griffin
GRANDSONS... Claudio III, Aston Griffin, Denajo Amaro

FATHER ... Jacob M. Warner
MOTHER-IN-LAW... Amey A. Griffin
SON-IN-LAW... Luis O. Amaro
BROTHERS... Ronald, Vincent and Edwin Warner, Mario Brooks
SISTERS... Millicent Morris, Lillian Williams,
Marva Ritter, Maysia Roberts, Ellerney Colbourne,
Juliet James, Stephanie Warner
UNCLES... Donald, John and Victor George,
George E. and Rupert Warner
AUNTS... Erma and Hilda George, AmeyJoseph,
Omenie Buchanan, Pauline and Doreen Warner
BROTHERS-IN-LAW... Joseph Morris,
Lloyd Roberts, James Williams, Bernard James, Juan Griffin
SISTERS-IN-LAW... Elise Caiby-Warner, Doris Warner,
Persha Warner, Yvonne Warner, Brenda Griffin
SPECIAL FRIENDS... Cheryl Eddy, Jance Esannason,
Juliet Goodings, Angelia Olive
GODSON ... Rhodni A. Skelton
nieces, nephews and numerous other relatives and friends

9Mlm 9WciaB ^aWWe-vi

1954 1997

Maureen has left us suddenly, but we have good memories of her
kindness, great sense of humor and diligence. Like the fine imitator of
Christ that she was, she admirably reflected the virtues that Christians
exemplify: she acted justly, she loved mercy, and she walked humbly with
her God.
She was born on November 9, 1954, to Jacob M. Warner and his wife,
the late Aster E. Warner. Education for her started at the neighborhood
elementary school, then named George Washington School, now known
as the Evelyn Marcelli School. For her secondary education she went on to
the Charlotte Amalie High School from which she graduated in 1972.
After graduation from high school, Maureen worked at A. H. Riise's for
two years. During that time she was studying at the University of the
Virgin Islands and in 1983 received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elemen-
tary Education from that institution.
In her private life the year 1972 was a memorable one, for it marked not
only her graduation from high school, but also the year when she first met
Claudio Griffin whom she married in April 1976.
Like most of us, Maureen had her favorite past-times. Creating her own
recipes for pastries was one of hers and she was good at it. That was
truly her special gift. She also loved to sing. In a family of exceptional
singers, she was unusual, for although she sang constantly and lustily, the
talent was just not there. She didn't mind if others laughed when she
sang, for she invariably was the first to lead the laughter about her own
singing. She had a wonderful sense of humor; no one could be sad or
disgruntled around her.
She was a gentle yet effective educator. She had a great love for
children, and as a teacher, because of her ability to reach the young in a
loving and positive way, she enjoyed a highly successful career first at the
Lockhart School, and years later at the Joseph Sibilly School in St. Tho-
mas. Inasmuch as her husband Claudio, Sr., was enlisted in the US Armed
Forces, Maureen and the children, Tasha and Claudio, Jr., found it neces-
sary to move to Tacoma, Washington in 1983. There her teaching skills

were broadened and extended, for from 1983 to 1988 she worked as
Trainee Instructor in the Early Childhood Development Center at Fort
Lewis. Returning to St. Thomas in 1988, Maureen taught at Joseph Sibilly
School from that time until 1994.
A devout Christian committed to the cause of winning others to Christ,
Maureen served well and faithfully in the Children's Ministry of her
church Faith Christian Fellowship.
In 1994 Maureen with her husband and children Tasha, Claudio, Jr.,
and Jeherlle, moved to Louisiana and worked there from 1994-95 as
Trainee Instructor in the Family Advocacy Center at Fort Polk. In 1995 the
family moved from Louisiana to Germany. While pursuing a Master's
Degree in Education, Supervision, and Administration, Maureen also
served as assistant director, trainer, and curriculum specialist at the Child
Development Center in Hanau, Germany. There she taught victims of
child abuse how to manage stress, how to resolve conflicts, and how to
assess risk factors. One of her special courses was "Tools and Dynamics of
'Family Violence."
:. In Germany although she was far away from home, she took time to
call, write, and in general to keep in touch with her loved ones. During the
winter months she would express a longing for home to be on the
beach, to see the sun and to feel its warmth.
,. After major surgery on August 18th, Maureen died unexpectedly, in
Germany, on August 20th. We who are left to mourn do not do so as
those who have no hope. We know that Maureen accepted Jesus as Savior
and Lord in 1984, and served him faithfully until the end.
In our sorrow we are reminded that no one is immune from life's hard
realities, not even Christians. There will be fiery furnaces, lion's dens,
thorns in the flesh and crosses. But "Jesus lives," Death is not the end. We
shall meet with our loved ones again.

Mario Brooks, Claudio Griffin, Jr., Claudio Griffin Jr.,
Edwin Warner, Ronald Warner, Vincent Warner

'Jacob Colbourne, Eric Freeman, Leando Gabriel Sr., Juan Griffin,
Bernard James, Joseph Morris, Lloyd Roberts, James Williams

*Sdev4' u ceice
Pastor Alger B. Warren ... Officiating Pastor
Festival of Hymns
Wesley Methodis 6:30 am Choir
Faith Christian Fellowship Church
CHORAL SELECTION ..... Faith Christian Fellowship Church Schoo
CONGREGATIONAL HYMN ................... Blessed Assuranc(
FIRST READING: Rom. 8:31-39 .................. Juliet GoodingE
CHORAL SELECTION ............ Wesley Methodist 6:30 am Choil
SECOND READING: Rev. 21:1-6 ................... Mario Brooks
CHORAL SELECTION ............ Faith Christian Fellowship Choir
THE HOLY GOSPEL: St. John 11:17-27 .......... Pastor A.B. Warren
SOLO ...........................................Lisa Smith
EULOGY ....................... .............. Rosalia Payne
CONGREGATIONAL HYMN .................. How Great Thou Art
RHEMA (The Spoken Word) ............... Pastor Alger B. Warren
WORDS OF THANKS ........................... PershaWarner
RECESSIONAL HYMN ...................... To God Be the Glory

November 9, 1954 August 21, 1997
Maureen and I have been together for the pass 25 years, and during this
time, we have encountered many hardships, trials, and tribulations. We
met each challenge or experience with vigor and optimism, and we worked
them out as we grew together. We had a motto which was our driving
force: NO RETREAT we will always move forward regardless of the
obstacles we are confronted with. NO REGRET we will have no regret
for the experiences we received, be them good or bad. NO RETURN we
could never return to that point again because we were always moving
forward. This was our drive because it is a cycle.
Maureen chose the education field because she believed education is
the key to success, and to prepare for the future, we had to provide the
children with the right tools for the future. She loved the work she was
doing; she had been in the education system for over 16 years, and has
always gave 100%.
As a person: she was loving,
strong, and very giving; she would .
always give of her time, experi-
ence, and her love; she was not
selfish. She was always willing to
assist someone if they were in
As a wife and mother: I could
not have asked for a better com-
panion, friend, and lover. She was
always there for the family ensur-
ing that everything was right for
us. Maureen was a good woman.
When things got difficult, she
could lighten the load with un-
derstanding and support. Not
many women would give so much '
of themselves in such a caring way. ,C 4*:
I felt a sense of joy to have her as i .
my wife. I appreciated her at my r

side because it takes two people to make a relationship work. Her achieve-
ments were my achievements, and my achievements were her achieve-
ments. She was the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone. I am going
to miss her dearly, but she will always be in my thoughts and my heart for
When I need to be with her, I will close my eyes and in my thoughts she
will manifest herself. I say farewell for now until we meet once again on
the other side of life.
Claudio B. Griffin, Sr., Husband
A TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER On August 10, 1977, the Lord
blessed me by giving me the most wonderful mother He could have given
me Maureen Griffin. That is a name that has much meaning behind it. I
could talk all day about her. As a person, my mother always had time to
listen and understand others, even when she had more important things
to do, that is why she was so good at her job.
As a mother, Maureen was the best I could have ever had, no one in this
world could compare to her; she listened and tried her best to relate to the
situations and obstacles that the Lord put in her way. If anything she was
always honest and giving, she would give me her very last dollar if I
needed it.
My mother worked very hard for everything she had earned. She never
gave up on life not even during her hardships; she always seemed to
believe tomorrow would be a better day. I will never erase from my
memory everything she did for me and my younger sister. Even when she
wanted to break down, she stayed strong and gave me inspiration. I have
learned a great deal from her, She spoke her words so freely, that the
hearing impaired could understand. I could rely on her for anything. I
admit that there were times when I gave her heartache and brought tears
to her eyes. I thank the Lord that He let me get close to her before He took
her away from my life.
One thing that he could never take is her memory. Maureen Griffin will
live in the hearts of many. She will always be watching over me. I know
that she would like to be remembered as a strong, hard working indi-
vidual, who always spoke from her heart. My mother will be missed a
great deal, and I will always carry her with me.
Claudio B. Griffin, Jr.
Words can't ever express how much my mom meant and still means to
me. For a while I may cry, for a while I may hurt, and for a while I may feel
that I can't go on. She was not only my mother but also my friend. She
was the person who shared my deepest feelings, always understood, and
when I needed her to hear me, she would listen.
Today she is with the one who created her. Today her body will be laid
to rest. Today and forever she will be free of worry, free of pain, and free
from this world. Now she has gone to meet those "friends in high places"

she always spoke about. My mother I will always miss, my mother I wil
always love, and my mother I will always keep in my heart. I will not sa)
good bye because I will see her again someday and as she found hei
strength, courage and joy in serving the Lord, I will too.
FALLS ... In life you'll go on many trips, And you'll take many rides,
You'll get in many fights and you'll take many sides. But the falls will
bring you character, friends and foes and love, The falls will wake you up
to see light shining up above. The falls will bring you fears, they'll pull you
up and drag you down, and drown you in your tears. There are falls that
bring you heartache, and falls that bring you life. There falls that bring a
husband, And falls that take your WIFE! Death and destruction may come
with them all, But if you do not beat them then that's when you really fall.
The beat thing about falling is that it always has an end, You can't fall
forever, unless your falling without friends. Triumph over everyone, And
your day will be more bright, Forget your feeble suffering, And keep
following your light.
Doran Velez R.
My Daughter... My heart is broken, I am so sad. I miss you so much,
but God knows best. You knew that I loved you and always will, rest in
Love Dad (Marty)
Feelings How am I supposed to feel since death has taken my
beloved Maureen away? Should I be overwhelmed with sorrow and grief?
Or should I be filled with joy because you have been taken home? It
simply is not possible to tell someone else. How should I feel at the time
of your death? Feelings simply come and feelings will sometimes
change from one moment to the next. I am not overly concerned about
how I feel or suppose to feel, all my feelings I have learned to commit to
the Lord. I am grateful for times when I feel good. And when sorrow
starts to overwhelm me, I remember that God understands and cares. I'm
thankful, I'm grateful for the time we shared together. The last time we
spoke there was so much laughter, when we said our good byes on the
phone I said I love you. Today again I say I love you Be at rest.
Your sister Marva
To the husband, daughters and son of Maureen Griffin ... Matthew
Chapter 5, verse 4 says, "Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall 'be
comforted." In this sad moment of your lives, I know you all feel

disappointed and grieved, but God is able, and he promised to comfort us
in time of bereavement. Maureen will be greatly missed because she was a
loving mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend, but Psalm
30, verse 5 says, "For his anger endureth but a moment: in his favor is life:
weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Maureen
knew the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are confident she is resting in his
Love, from Maysia, Lloyd and sons
Maureen ... I know that you are happy and blessed. Your sudden
passing leaves a void in my heart that only the Lord Jesus will fill. I will
miss you, especially the long talks on the phone when we encouraged and
cheered each other up, especially in the walk with our Lord. I will miss
the jokes and the laughter. The jokes about what Cyril would say when he
saw the phone bill. The laughter of your singing, and your telling me that
because you couldn't sing for your supper, that is why your went to
college. I will miss the talk of how inspiring it was as God works things
out for you, and what He was doing through you. I will miss your kind
and cheerful manner, and the person you were. My joy is knowing that
you are in glory land with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pretty lady,
you have fought the fight, you have run the race with patience. So now
your are with Jesus. Keep smiling, and skipping and jumping.
Your loving sister, buddy and friend, Ellie Colbourne
My Dearest Sister Maureen ... my twin as we were known to be called
by others. I'll miss the times we shared together at our homes. Your
laughter, your humor and the exchange of talk between us and about
others that mistook us for the other. You'll always be remembered at the
yearly special occasions we get together. Our times spent together were
blissful. I have a peace about your leaving us. For I know you've gone
home to glory and I shall meet you there.
Love, Sister Juliet and her family
When I learned of the passing of my beloved sister Maureen, I immedi-
ately thought of my son. I thought of my son because he and Maureen
carried themselves in the same way. Maureen walked with her back
ramrod straight and with purpose. Maureen always knew where she was
going and how she would get there. I will miss Maureen a great deal
because of her kind heart, generous spirit, and ready smile. When Maureen
accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, she accepted Him with her
entire being. That was Maureen, she did everything with enthusiasm and
with her entire heart. I hold onto God's word which said that "Weeping
may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." I am joyful
because I know that Maureen is with her Lord and she has blessed peace.
My sweet sister, rest in peace.
Your sister Lillian

Maureen ... You lived for those you loved, and who loved you. Anm
now as you're laid to rest, we understand truly, that "God loved you best.
I will miss your smile, and your zest for life, and now you lay in God'
arms at the end of your strife.
Big Bro Marii
Maureen... As I thank back on our lives I see you moving forward I'vi
always admired your charm and the way you got things done. I left home
one Saturday morn to help you pack and to say so long, not knowing I hac
said good bye. We'll remember you alive as we knew you. You've always,
tried for perfection and heaven is the perfect place, to God be the Glory
So long, again my sister.
from Edwin, Persha, Andre, Simra and Latoyc
We love you always!
Auntie Maureen... You left us so suddenly that we were not prepared
for the loss. You were a kind and gentle person, always with a smile on
your face. I remember the times we played wheel of fortune together on
the Nintendo and you always won. I remember the inside joke we had
about your tune ups. We shared that joke for many years'andPl keep it
close to my heart. I remember when I fell victim to hardship and you
wrote me a letter of encouragement. That meant so much to cie and I
treasure your wisdom and understanding for you wrote that tItter from
experience and love. Just looking back at those times, I feel a sense of
contentment because I know the time you had here was happy and
fulfilling. Although your time may have been cut short, you made an
everlasting impression on all of us that we will remember forever. I feel
sad that you are gone, but I also feel happy because I know you are with
God and enjoying every minute of it. We miss you and love you and will
see you again when our time come.
Love always, Rhea & Dawn (Stray Cat)
Aunt Maureen ... You left me so sudden and I was not prepared for
this. I had so many plans for us, that are now left incomplete. I can
remember the both of us working on projects together, whether it be for
your classroom or my class in school. I valued your opinion and looked up
to you. Aunt Maureen, you were my idol. I have tried so hard to follow in
your footsteps, because I knew we had so much in common. I copied the
way you wrote, your neatness and the way you were always so organized.
I will miss you a great deal, especially the cheerups. I have always

admired you as an individual and for the things you believed in. I will
miss our little conversations and the advice that you often gave. I will also
try to complete the goals that we have set in your honor. I love you and
will cherish the moments we have shared together.
Your niece, Jacquie C. Benitz and family
Memories of Love ... the Lord giveth and He taketh away. Yes, we
know you were loaned to us not here to stay. Still our pain is great
because you were so dear. Loving thoughts, wishing you were still here.
Precious moments, how they linger, they will forever fill our soul...
Auntie Maureen... for so long you've lived away from us, so I guest it
feels just like you are away and not gone. The times that we've spent, the
jokes, even the intense conversations will always be remembered and
cherished, even more now than ever.
Loving you always, Coleen & By'lal
To my Aunt Is it so amazing how someone who was always
physically distant, is somehow always most dear to our hearts. I can
remember all those family gatherings which we spent talking long dis-
tance. I even remember hearing you crying cause you missed being with
us. You even made your sisters cry too. I wish you could have been
present with us, so that part of my memories could be of you being here
for those family gatherings. I will miss your cheery disposition and
bubbling, effervescent personality, your fragile nature and positive out-
look. I will always remember your laughter: I couldn't help but to laugh
after hearing you. Why do sad things always happen to good people?
Only God knows. Have your way Lord, and may your perfect will be done!
Love always, Carla and my three sons
Auntie Maureen ... the woman with the prettiest smile. I will always
remember the way she came into a room and brought life into it. Her high
pitched voice and her warm personality will always be a part of the loving
memories I have of her. I thank my God, for Auntie Maureen because of
the sense of generosity and willingness to give which she demonstrated in
all that she did. Her life speaks to me to, "Practice what I preach." Auntie
Maureen has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement for
me. I can recall many times when she would instruct me to do or not to
do something. It would always be communicated with compassion. Her
soft tone and tender way of guiding those she looked out for will always
be remembered. Her love spoke loudest to me during the month of July
1991 when she opened your brand new home to me and a group of my
friends. She was not there during that time but she trusted me to take
care of her brand new house. I thank God for the charity and example of
waking in love she demonstrated. She loved us so generously and power-
fully. Now I know she was a gift from God to us. I appreciate Auntie
Maureen and I am inspired by her life. Most importantly, I thank her for

gn mW ciq

being she perfect example of a Christian to me when I was not seeking
God. She never made me feel like I was never going to get it right, instead
she gave me confidence that I will be able to all things through Chrisi
which strengthens me. Thank you Jesus, for the gift you gave us in Auntie
Maureen. Thank you Holy Lord for crowning Auntie Maureen with the
crown of life eternal that you give to those that are yours in Christ. She
has kept the faith and has finished her course. Now and forever more she
will reign in the kingdom of our eternal God and father of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ., Amen. I will always love, honor and remember you,
Auntie Maureen
Jacob (Jakie) Colbourne
Maureen ... Death to those who live in Christ is only a sleep. While
we will miss her smile, her free spirit, her guidance, her mere presence,
we pray that she has experienced God's fullness and peace. We look
forward to the day when our Lord says ... Awake! Them that sleepeth
from the dead. It is our hope that "Maureen" will arise in the first
resurrection and Christ shall give her light. Good night "Maureen," we'll
see you in the morning.
Love always, Vincent and family
For a dear daughter-in-law, Maureen A. Warner Griffin ... To choose
life a decision must be made to accept Christ for on Him your sins were
laid: Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, believe in your heart,
and salvation is assured.
I, Amy Griffin, mother-in-law, will always love you until we meet.
Through all the changing scenes of life, in trouble and in joy: Deliver-
ance God affords to all and charm their griefs to rest. We trust in Jesus
every day, to trust in him is the only way. While he leads we cannot fail,
so we trust in him who gives us all.
We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Maureen.
Having no knowledge of her being ill, it was very had to comprehend the
news. Maureen set some goals for her family and herself, and was
seemingly on her way to accomplish them. She worked hard at whatever
she set out to do. She was a very courageous young woman, and took her
responsibilities as a parent seriously. We will remember Maureen for her
mannerism and soft-toned voice. That voice is now silent, never to be
heard again. We pray God's blessings upon her and may her soul rest in
Uncle Donald George & family

In blood we weren't related, but in my heart you will always be my
Auntie Maureen. I will miss you dearly.
Love Deseri
My memories are not much but those that I have will live on in my
heart as will you.
Your great-nephew, Jahrid
To a dear Friend and Spiritual Leader, Maureen... The times we spent
workingtogether in Children's Church will never be forgotten. Your four
foot eleven and a half inch, gentle but firm person ... kept everyone and
everything in line and working order. Your cheerful smile, dedication,
commitment and straight forwardness are qualities that would be truly
from Sis. Eddy, Bro. John, Sis Olive, Sis Janice, Sis Geraldine, Sis Wade, Sis
Vanterpool, Sis James, Staff of Children's Church
Maureen Warren Griffin ... A Beautiful Young Lady
So qiaet; so solemn; so serene; Maureen was like a still stream. So
lightly she move; so softly she spoke. Maureen seldom complained,
usually replied all is well. "It is well... with my soul, it is well, it is well
with my soul."
Compared to a flower that blooms in the spring: Maureen walked with
a permanent glow on her face. The joy and happiness that she shared
from within, Maureen was truly one of God's radiant sunbeams. "A
sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. A sunbeam, a
sunbeam, I'll be a sunbeam for him.
Little Children was her foretaste. Maureen embraced them with pa-
tience and love. Her profession was teaching; her talent was preaching.
Maureen was truly a child of the King. "I'm a child of the King! The child
of the King! with Jesus my savior, I'm the child of a King!"
To the family... In times like these we need an anchor. In times like
these what a friend we have in Jesus. In times like these on Christ the
solid rock we stand. In times like these we'll never say good bye. In times
like these we look ever to Jesus, he'll carry us through.
"Ask the saviour to help you, comfort, strengthen, and keep you; he is
willing to aid you, he will carry you through."
from TinTin, Downstreeter/friend
"Stay well and be blessed!" Love always, Sis Maureen. This is the way
she ended what was to be her final letter to me. Her death which occurred
just one 4dy short of the tenth anniversary of the death of her brother, Roy
Marvirn, en family members reeling. We were looking forward to Sep-
tember, and a joyous time celebrating the 90th birthday of our father,
Jacob Warner. This wasn't supposed to happen. In her own way, Maureen
touched the lives of many with her easy-going, pleasant personality. As I
tried during the past days to describer her to others who didn't quite

remember her, I often heard the comment: "Oh, you mean the quiet one?'
Those of us who really knew her can testify that she was a very indepen
dent lady, a tower of strength; unshakable when she felt her course o
action was right. She hated injustice and insincerity. But above all thes(
qualities was her keen sense of humor. Yes, Maureen could be very funny
I feel compelled to share with everyone her dosing line to me, because I'rr
sure she would have wanted this. Brethren, let us stay well, be blessed,
and seek the risen Saviour.
Sister-In-Law Elise Caiby Warne,
Bosslady... We crossed paths as strangers, but it quickly changed.
You ere someone who made a difference, an touched a life. You'd offet
understanding when things were difficult to handle. You always accepted
your strengths and weakness, too. You nourished values of importance.
Your smile was enough to brighten the darkest day. Your teaching skills
always sparked an inner smile ... the silly songs, the way you'd dance
around with the children, and of course, the "hokey pokey." Those times
together, I will always hold close to my heart and, although you've
ventured far, your spirit stays quite near. A friend is a rare find. Maureen
was that valued treasure. May your rest in eternal peace!
Words cannot express the loss we feel at the passing of our colleague
and friend, Maureen Griffin. She was an inspiration to all of us. Long
hours were nothing to her. She worked tirelessly to ensure that her
students received the best. One could pass Monroe School at 5 pm and
still find her there. She was always planning something exciting for the
following day.
She encouraged each child to work to his/her fullest potential. Whether
it was kindergarten or 5th grade, each child knew he would achieve
because she instilled confidence and determination in him.
Firm, but loving that was Maureen. She was loved by students and
staff alike. Though you have departed from us and welcomed in God's
kingdom. You have left me with memories, I will not trade for anything
on this earth. Lessons of life that we've shared together I thank you for
your welcoming shoulder. Moments of wonderful, close times, I keep
with me always. I walk with you in me as part of my heart and part of my
soul, for good friends are had to come by. May God hold your precious
hand and guide you to his kingdom. For one day we shall meet again.
Farewell for now my good friend Maureen.
Love, Mrs. Q

To Auntie Maureen ... Your sudden death came as a shock to me. I
always loved you as my aunt, and will miss the warm and understanding
way that you would console me in times of need. You never stopped
listening ... when I needed scolding, you never showed disappointment in
me. You just offered a better way to deal with the problem. You were
more than an aunt, you were my friend. I will miss you dearly.
Love Alena, C.J. and Ronell
On behalf of the Department of Education family, I wish to extend
sincere sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Maureen
Warner Griffin who recently passed away.
Ms. Griffin was a well-loved elementary school teacher within our
ranks, who worked at Joseph Sibilly Elementary School from 1984 until
her resignation in 1994.
During her tenure with the Department of Education, Ms. Griffin
exemplified the best ideals of our community. Among her students, she
was known as a no-nonsense person. Despite the fact that she was a
stickler for discipline many students sought her advice.
At Sibilly school, her peers considered her friendly and extremely
helpful. Indeed, she is said to have gotten along with everyone she met,
inside as well as outside the school environment.
Our community is today a better place because this kind and gentle
soul passed this way. Ms. Griffin gave so much and asked so little of us.
She will be greatly missed by all of us.
Once again, sympathy and condolences on behalf of the Department of
Education family. May her soul rest in peace.
Liston Davis, Commissioner of Education

L Ji

cWoads, f AtZUin/&
While we cannot understand
Why certain things should be
Remember God in heaven
Beholds what we cannot see.

She took His hand when she heard His call
She turned her back and left it all
She could not stay another day to laugh,
to love, to work or play
Tasks left undone must stay that way
She found a place at the close of day.

The family wishes to express our deepest gratitude for all the prayers
love, support and acts of kindness given to us during the passing of oua
loved one. Thank you for sharing with us here today.

The family of Maureen A.W. Griffin

ri% I

Don't grieve for me, now I'm free.
I took His hand when I heard Him call.
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day,
to laugh, to love, to work, to play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way,
I found a place at the close of the day.
If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joy.

A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss,
Ah! Yes, these things I too will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow,
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life's been full, as I savored much,
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch,
Perhaps my time seems all too brief,
Lift your hearts and share with me.
God wanted me now, He set me free.

Don't cry for me, don't shed a tear,
The time I shared with you will always be,
And now I'm gone, just carry one,
Don't cry for me, for now I'm free.


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