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Title: Funeral Booklet for Roy A. Gottlieb
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Roy A. Gottlieb
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In *tnemorian

3op ILben @ottlite
October 27, 1937 October 25, 1995

John Thomas Memorial Chapel
8:30 am 9:30 am

0 service
FR Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral
I Thursday, November 2, 1995
E 10:00 am
Western Cemetery #3

I LMn1 M M


MOTHER .......................................................... Emelphine Plaskett Gottlieb
CHILDREN........................... Vemette Gottlieb-Mbyoa, Roy Allen Gottlieb,
Kevron-Lee Gottlieb, Keri-Lee Gottlieb
SISTER ......................................... ........................................ Ella M ae Hodge
BROTHERS............................ Kaj, Elsworth, Eugen, Leroy & Rene Gottlieb
SISTERS-IN-LAW .............. Anna, Grace, Norma, Gerda & Myrtle Gottlieb
FIANCEE'............................ ........................ ...................... Iverine Hedrington
ADOPTED DAUGHTER ................................................................ Silka Ritter
SON-IN-LAW ............................................................................... James Mboya
AUNT .......................................................................................... M ary Petersen


Roy Allen Gottlieb / Kevron-Lee Gottlieb / James Mboya
Leayle McFarlane / Arthur Bonelli / Fred Esannason

sonorarp allbtarers

Kaj Gottlieb / Elsworth Gottlieb, Sr. / Eugen Gottlieb, Sr.
Leroy Gottlieb, Sr. / Rene Gottlieb / John L. Maduro / Foster Baynes
Arnold Golden / Anthony Cerge / James A.D. Francis
Bingley G. Richardson, Sr. / Horace Calhwood / Christian Plaskett


d glorious event occurred in the lives of hard-working
Gerald Gottlieb and his wife Emelphine Gottlieb, nee Plaskett,
on Wednesday, October 27,1937. On that day another bounc-
ing baby boy was born in the family circle. He was named
Roy Alden Gottlieb.

Roy and his siblings were taught rather early in life about
the constructively enterprising aspect of the Gottlieb's family
approach to an already established way of life. But let us first
wait for the rest of the story.

Roy's early education began at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic
School where he initially developed a keen ability in the art of
memorization. In fact, Roy Gottlieb's 12-year attendance and
graduation from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic High School, as a
proud member of the Class of 1954, was all of the formal edu-
cational training Roy received. His ongoing practice of the art
of retention enabled Roy to exude a sustained aura of intellec-
tual brilliance.

To a large degree, Roy was self-taught, fiercely disciplined
and certainly well-read. Each local, national or international
news release was most important to him. He maintained a file
of historical data which he personally monitored.

He seemed to have possessed a rather keen insight as it
related to anticipated political expectations or the resulting out-
comes. His predictions were oftentimes borne to fruition. Roy
was a "king-maker" or a "power-broker" in his time. Some-
times, with encouragement or by way of a simple testing of
the waters, he would set up the circumstances to provoke or
elicit a projected outcome which invariably came as a rude
awakening to those affected. Notwithstanding, Roy would
become the most sympathetic, considerate and compassion-
ate political leader of the moment; utilizing his abilities to the
fullest to placate those aggrieved by the prior action.

Roy Alden Gottlieb served honorably in the United States
Army during the period of 1957 to 1959.

Following completion of his active military tour of duty,
Roy returned to his civilian pursuits, first as a bank clerk, an
account clerk with the Department of Finance, Government of
the Virgin Islands; a Labor Union coordinator and was later
promoted to Executive Director, Virgin Islands Labor Union.
Roy also served his community as a political organizer of the
Virgin Islands Unity Party, the Unity-Democratic Party and
the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands. He was elected
and served one term as the National Committeeman of the
Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands.

Roy's political astuteness enabled him to continuously as-
sume the role of ghost writer for several political candidates
and senators throughout the more recent years.

His only stint with the U. S. Federal Government Services
was as Office Manager in the Office of the Virgin Islands' Del-
egate to Congress, the Honorable Ron de Lugo.

Roy Alden Gottlieb, at a point in time when he awaited the
scheduling of a triple-by-pass surgery on the mainland, was
not available to respond to the call for admittance as a patient.
You see he had expired only two days before.

Now you know the rest of the storyltt

Our dearest heartfelt sympathies are extended to all of the
members of the Gottlieb families. It is our sincere prayer that
Roy is at rest in the arms of our dear Lord and Savior.

Gerald E. Hodge, Sr.
Family friend

frber Oft erbte
PRINCIPAL CELEBRANT -- ................ Rev. John J. McSweeney
ORGANIST ........................----- _. _..._. Fay Moon
ENTRANCE HYMN ..................................................................... "I Surrender All"
FIRST READING.......................................... Wis 3:1-9 Vernette GottHib-Mboy
RESPONSORIAL PSALM.......................... The Lord Is My Shepherd, There Is
Nothing I Shall Want." Venette Gottlieb-Mboy
SECOND READING .......................................... Rom. 6:3-9 Keri-Le Gottlieb
OFFERTORY HYMN .................................................... "To God Be The Glory"
PRESENTATION OF THE GIFTS ................. Kevron-Lee & Roy Allen Gottlieb
PEACE HYMN ... ................................................................... Bind Us Together"
COMMUNION HYMN .......................... ............................ ...... "Hear 0 Lord"
MEDITATION HYMN ...................................................................... Faye Moon
RECESSIONAL HYMN ................................................... "How Great Thou Art"

We would like to express our gratitude,
appreciation and deepest love for our father.
To all of us gathered her today
He was our father in deed.
To many of us gathered here today
He was a father and father-in-law
He was a brother and brother-in-law
He was an uncle and a son
He was a very special and a very dear friend
Dad always extended a helping hand to those in need
His shoulder was a support for others to lean on
Dad was humble and proud
He faced a thousand and one battles of life
And, yet not once did he ever complain
He gave soothing and encouraging words
To those who were discouraged in the face of adversity
Though he has departed from us on Earth
His warm and gentle smile will remain alive
In our hearts always and forever.
We love you Daddy! Venette, Roy-Allen, Kevron-Lee, Ked-Lee


)ear Roy, My Son:
amrtill shocked by the news of your departure from my life. But as a mother who
believes in God and His wisdom, I know that He knows best and was ready for
'ou to come home.
Your passing will leave a deep void in my life. But the memories of your
ring and dedication will help fill the emptiness and ease the pain of missing you.
I will cherish the 57 years the Lord gave me with you. I cannot be there to see
rou to your final resting place in earth, so I send my love. I draw comfort from
mowing that you are in Cod's loving care. Rest in peace, my Son.
As Always,
Your loving Mother, Emelphine

-)ar Daddy:
There are so many things we have not had an opportunity to say. So many
expectations that will go unrealized. You were always supposed to be there in the
wings, anticipating my next dream fulfilled. Though you won't be here to share
your joy in my accomplishments and push me towards my next goal, you- a man
of quiet, determined strength and unrelenting pride, will live in my heart and mind.
There you will possess a kind of immortal power.
Daddy, you will be a burning torch for my soul. From the depths of my heart,
you will navigate my inspirations in your strong, quiet, determined manner.
Daddy, thank you in advance, for that flicker of inner strength you will be for
me. Though you've passed from this life, I know you will live strong in my heart
and the hearts of all of us whom you loved. There you will live happily, unbur-
dened and at liberty to rest in God's peace.
Your daughter, Keri-Lee

Roy, you danced into my life and I heard music that I had never heard before. You
took me in your arms and showed me how lovely the dance could be ...with two.
My friend, my companion, my teacher, "ny confidante. How did I ever live
without you? How will I ever live without you?

Mr. C., you were always there for me, helping me with my home work, picking me
up from school, taking me to the movies. You were like a father to me. I will miss
you very much. I know that you are with Jesus now.
Silka Ritter

Dear Roy, the years that have separated us have not dimmed the affection between
us. I remember, with fondness, the days of our youth and the laughter, team and
joy we shared.
I still cannot believe that I will never see you again and share such moments.
God has seen it fit to take you home and so I only pray that we will meet again
in glory in His presence.
Lovingly, your sister
Ella Mae

Dearest Roy, it is hard to describe our emotions in mere words, when we learn of
your sudden departure from this world; we will always miss not having you there
when ever we are back home to the island.
We will always remember the hours you spent with us whenever we were in
St. Thomas, and the little surprises you always had in store for us.
The very many loving memories of the close family relationship we enjoyed
together will help to sustain us as we continue without you. Thanks for being a
wonderful brother and friend to us. Rest in peace and we will always miss you.
Elsworth, Grace & Family

Roy's passing has left us without a father, brother, son, companion, confidant,
counsellor-advisor and friend. However, he has left us with memories of good-
ness, kindness, love, wisdom and commitment to all his endeavors. His efforts as
a family provider and a community contributor were numerous.
His loved ones and the Virgin Islands Community at large has lost a good
friend and associate.
For the Gottlieb Family, the passing of Roy, while painful, is acceptable since
we know that he is now in the hands of a most gracious God. Rest in peace Roy,
until we meet again.
Eugen Gottlieb & Family

The passing of my brother was a sorrowful event in the lives of those who
loved him. Each day that dawns brings fond memories of our time together.
In our hearts, thoughts and prayers, Roy will be remembered, loved and missed.
Leroy Gottlieb & Family

Devoted Son, Father, Brother and Uncle. You played all those roles in the lives
of the members of your family. Sleep well, as you were deeply loved and will be
Debra & Odari

Tribute to Roy Alden Gottlieb

I still struggle with the realization that Roy is gone, for he always appeared
indestructible, solid as a rock, a man who could endure all adversity. Certainly he
appeared so as he sat chatting in my office with me and members of my staff only
moments before his passing. I treasure those moments for it was a privilege to see
to the last moment of his life that Roy was not ailing but upbeat, convivial; happy
in achievements of family members; relishing the prospect of celebrating his 58th
birthday two days hence; full of good humor as he bantered with my research as-
sistant, Miss Pascheline Peter. And of course there was political talk, for Virgin
Islands politics was his passion and his knowledge of its history was renowned. I
was appraised of this from the time I first met him when, in the employ of Wash-
ington Delegate, Ron de Lugo, I was working with the Alien Interest Movement in
which Roy was so keenly interested. He felt political development in the Carib-
bean should not be limited to the Virgin Islands but to the entire region for what
affects one affects all. That was Roy ...brilliant and blessed with political acumen,
he could see the larger picture. So much so, he would have been outstanding in
any political establishment, nationally or internationally. But he chose to remain

home where, in recent years, he fought for island-wide community involvement ir
the status referendum on Virgin Islands Federal Relations with the same zeal witt
which he had fought, in earlier years, for the establishment of labor unions in the
territory. Almost to the end, his comments reflected his faith in the intellect of its
people to select the right leaders to direct their political destiny. In fact, more thar
any other political analyst I have encountered, Roy truly believed in the wisdom oi
grass-roots Virgin Islanders.
My family and I extend condolences to all his family members and friends.

Senator Lorraine L. Berry
Legislature of the Virgin Islands

In Remembrance Of Roy Gottlieb

In my many years of public service, I have never come across any individual
to match Roy Gottlieb's "all-around" talents, relentless day and night devotion tc
the task at hand, and strategic brilliance on the labor and political battlefield.
When he was recruited to join the staff of the Virgin Islands Labor Union he
was a clerk at a local bank, and still in his early twenties. He was thinking about a
career in the Law, and with his quick mind, massive self-confidence and remark-
able writing and debating skills, he would have been an outstanding lawyer. But
with the union, he become immediately involved in an emotional struggle to im-
prove living conditions for thousands of fellow Virgin Islanders, and he threw him-
self into combat with characteristic zest and dedication.
Rapidly moving up the ladder to become Executive Director of the VILU, he
was singularly successful in coaxing workers to join and support the construction,
hotels, docks, government employees and other branches of VILU. He could orga-
nize workers, negotiate contracts with employees' ratification and represent the
union before the National Labor Relations Board, without missing a beat. His was
a 7-day week, nonstop operation, and he never complained. His assignments took
him frequently to St. Croix, where he found time to establish a newspaper of his
own, the St. Croix News-Current.
Roy Gottlieb's influence on the Virgin Islands social and political scene was
enormous, but aside from accepting, for a brief period, the position of Democratic
National Committeeman, he never sought political office. He was satisfied to as-
sist in building a solid middle class in the territory and to dedicate many years of
his life in the fight for greater self government from behind the scenes. His incom-
parable skills and superb performance, in election after election, helped to guaran-
tee massive victories at the pools, year after year, for the Democratic Party.
Over the years, his nonstop effort took a toll on his health. He never heeded
doctors' advice until troubling symptoms forced him into early retirement.
Roy's sudden death saddened all who knew him. Members of my family ex-
tend our deepest sympathy to his family whose grief must be assuaged by knowl-
edge of his lasting and impressive contributions.

Earle B. Ottley

Dear Mrs. Gottlieb:
Today I join my family in offering our sincere condolences on the untimely
passing of your son, Roy Alden Gottlieb.
In mourning his passing, I recall his tireless dedication to the social, economi-
cal and political progress of the Virgin Islands. Despite the extremely stressful
nature of his endeavors, he devoted special attention to improving our political
status, a subject in which he became an acknowledged expert. Indeed, he was a
union leader and politician who exhibited a strength of character and a sense of
purpose that was admired by all who knew him.
We pray that you and the rest of your family will find comfort in the knowl-
edge that your loss is shared by all of us, and that this will ease the pain of his

Verne A. Hodge
Presiding Judge
Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands

My family and I extend our deepest sympathy, our support and prayers to the
family of Mr. Roy Gottlieb during this time of bereavement. We ask that all of us
remember Roy, as a man of courage and strength, of keen intellect and of his devo-
tion to his family and friends.
As a good friend, I was privileged to work with him during my twenty-two
years as a Senator in the V.I. Senate, and benefited from his political skills during
many heated political campaigns, especially during my terms as President of the
V.I. Senate.
Roy was seriously concerned with the economic, social and political develop-
ment of these Islands, and never hesitated to assist political leaders and others in
the pursuit of this objective. Let us cherish the fond memories of his life and ask
Almighty God to rest his soul in peace.
John L. Maduro
& Family

My sincere condolences to the Gottlieb family on the untimely passing of my
dear and beloved friend, Roy. He was such a dedicated and close friend. I shall
sorely miss him. The many years that we have spent as "Buddies" will always be
remembered. He was my mentor, especially during the years we worked together
in labor relations. It is extremely hard for me to accept his sudden passing, but I
must accept the things that I cannot change, As a firm believer in Christ, I pray that
we shall meet on that great day, where there will be no more parting. My family
joins me in extending sympathy during this time of your bereavements, and we
pray that some comfort may be found in knowing that we care, and are sharing in
your sorrow.
May God comfort you and keep you in His loving care.
Fred Esannason
& Family

I have often wondered if people knew how truly unique Roy was. I knew
respected and admired Roy virtually from young adulthood. While I was aware o
his unusual intelligence and how quickly he could grasp the essentials of any mat
ter, no matter how complex, I was impressed by another quality. Specifically no
for a single moment did he harbor resentment towards anyone who might be un
duly harsh or critical of him, and his position, as they engaged in a heated ex
change on this or that issue. I was always amazed by his absolute and immediab
dismissal of words spoken in anger, which made him a superb labor organizer anc
political force. If one looks to the future, it must be "foe today, ally tomorrow" tha
was his underlying attitude as he deplored the waste of human energy in harbor
ing resentments or trashing over passed events. As I worked closely with him anc
many others throughout the years, with the Unity Party and its merger with the
Democratic Party and on other major events in the political development of the
Virgin Islands, I can truly say I never saw this precise quality in anyone but Roy.
Roy, you were unique and I shall always remember you.
Horace Callwooc

On behalf of the Virgin Islanders For Democratic Action Club, I wish to ex
press how deeply saddened we are by the passing of Roy, not only for the persor
he was but for his unfailing support and dedication to the principles of our club.
We all greatly admired and respected Roy and the passing of this special indi-
vidual is a major loss to the Virgin Islands.
Aubrey A. Lee

Dear Mrs. Gottlieb:
The Democratic Party of St. Thomas hasten to extend to you and the entire
Gottlieb family our deepest sympathy and heartfelt concern over the loss of one ol
our own long time Democratic stalwarts, your dear loving son, Roy Alden Gottlieb.
Please know that our prayers are with you, that the Lord will strengthen and
sustain you and all of the family members and close associates of our Roy, through-
out the period of mourning and well into the future.
Roy maintained, to the end, his confidence that the Democratic Party will re-
turn to the viable stature it once held in this community. We are fully committed to
see borne to fruition, the realization of this same dream that is shared by a number
of individuals who continued to believe in and support the principles and goals of
the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands.
We sincerely pray that our Lord and Savior will grant to Roy everlasting peace
in his sojourn at the Lord's closer side.
Gerald E. Hodge, Sr.
Democratic Party of St. Thomas

Roy the legendary who has contributed countless hours, priceless valuable knowl-
edge, and time toward making our Virgin Islands community a better place, is
gone. Roy worked on my staff during my early tenure in the legislature for several
years, setting and prompting the tone towards how a "stateslady" should perform,
doing in depth research, before advising; always making sure the less fortunate's
rights and privileges were well in tact and protected.
As this quiet, easy going, behind the scene, walking encyclopedia and histo-
rian slowly faded away from public life, from time to time, when we met, we would
joke and recollect the better times politically, and note how times have changed.
We agreed it was a special privilege and honor to have served in those years.
Roy is gone, but to the lives like mine and so many others, which he touched
and made a difference to, he will never be forgotten.
Cleone H. Creque
Former Senator-At-Large

Many adjectives have been used to describe Roy Gottlieb, terms such as smart,
brilliant, and a political guru. Roy was a man who gave advice to many, including
me, before, during and after serving as President of the 20th Legislature. He staked
out his position during the political status debate and was instrumental in generat-
ing great public interest in the process. Roy Gottlieb, a true son of the Virgin Is-
lands will be missed and not soon forgotten.
My condolences to his family and relatives.
Bingley G. Richardson, Sr.

Tribute To Roy Gottlieb Community Activist

Roy utilized his extensive knowledge of Political Science constantly in the advance-
ment of our people. His advisories on political affairs were generally sought and
always substantial.
He was never afraid to put forth his views publicly or to individuals, calmly
and logically. I will miss our street-corner discussions on status alternatives.
We all extend our condolences to his well-respected and dedicated family on
this community loss!
Mario Watlington

Roy A. Gottlieb, a true Virgin Islander who always had the interest of the Vir-
gin Islands at heart, is no longer with us, but he leaves a legacy in the labor and
political movements. He was staunchly involved with the V.I. Labor Union and
the Unity Democratic Parties of the Virgin Islands. He was a reservoir of the Virgin
Islands Political history and could be counted on to refresh someone's memory
about pertinent facts and dates.
Roy was my classmate and good friend, and I will always miss him along with
others whom he has had interactions. May the Lord God receive his soul.
Eric & Betty V. Dawson
& Family

Over the decades that I have known and dealt with Roy Gottlieb, it had be-
come a great pleasure to communicate with him particularly with respect to Na-
tional and Caribbean affairs, and local politics. His combination of humor and
forthrightness made discussing with him a pleasant and learning experience; his
analytic and common-sense approach to issues made it difficult for one to counter
his position..
Surely, the life of Roy Gottlieb was one of humility and goodwill, and I will
always cherish and respect his memory. May his soul rest in peace.
Foster L. Baynes

Roy Gottlieb was one of the most intelligent persons I have ever known. He
knew more about such issues as political status than many academic experts. Just
as importantly, he was a genuinely modest individual who preferred to work qui-
etly behind the scenes and was not concerned about personal recognition. I learned
much from Roy Gottlieb and will miss him as an intellectual and as a human being.
The Virgin Islands is poorer for his passing.
Paul M. Leary, Ph.D.
University of the Virgin Islands

It is with great sense of sadness that I extend my deepest condolences on the
passing of Roy Alden Gottlieb.
Throughout the years, Roy has been an outstanding member of our commu-
nity. He was a staunch political and community activist who was well respected
by government officials and the community for his hardworking endeavors.
Roy not only shared his many talents with his family members, but with the
entire St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix communities. He was a favorite
speechwriter among many politicians and will especially be remembered for his
gift of words. Everyone that knew him, loved and admired him. He will sorely be
On behalf of the members and staff of the Twenty-First Legislature, I extend
our deepest condolences and may his sul rest in peace.

Almando "Rocky" Liburd
21st Legislature of the Virgin Islands

Dear Ms. Emelphine:
It is with sincere sympathy that my family and I extend condolences to you on
the loss of you son, Alden.
Our families have gone back over many years to a time when close knit, neigh-
borly relationships were valued and treasured. It is these community relationships
that today, the original "down the readers" cling to and cherish. Therefore, when
we lose one of our own, it is not you alone who mourn we all mourn.

Though, we do not hold the answers to any of life's questions we only know
that God, in His wisdom, has designed His plan, and that plan cannot be ques-
tioned. We know that in God's knowledge and mercy, He giveth us no burden that
we cannot bear, and walks with us throughout all of our trials as our companion
and helper.
May God bestow His blessings upon you, Ms. Emelphine, and the rest of your
family, and may He grant you comfort in this time of sorrow.
With you in my prayers,
Judy M. Gomez, Senator

To the Family of Roy Gottlieb

The untimely passing of Mr. Roy Gottlieb came as a shock to me when I heard the
sad news. Though we are all aware that we must face this inevitable part of life,
there is never an easy way to accept it nor to deal with it.
I offer to you any assistance that you deem appropriate in order to ease some
of the pains and burden that you feel these days. I pray that you will find some
healing in the many pleasant experiences that you shared and in his numerous
political undertakings and achievements.
My family, staff and I will pray for you all and hope that you will feel some
comfort in knowing that God is in the midst of all things, and that with Him at
your side now, you will not walk this road of bereavement for long.
With deepest sympathy
Adlah "Foncie" Donastorg, Jr. Senator
21st. Legislature of the VI

You were a man of strength and great courage. You motivated many with
your wealth of knowledge and the ability to generously impart of it. Those who
knew you well will attest to the fact that you stood up for what you believed in, yet
you gained great respect from all, while you reciprocate nothing less. I appreciate
the friendship, love and mutual trust we shared, and no matter what, politics never
marred our relationship.
The community will miss you greatly, because you have given so much of
yourself, of your talent, of your expertise that it is safe to say that your untimely
passing has created a void that will never be filled. Your loved ones and friends, I
am sure, find consolation in the fact that you feared God, so you lived for Him. It
is therefore comforting to know that your abiding faith and love for the Almighty,
put you among His saints. May your soul rest in peace.
Ileta and the kids join with me in sympathizing with the family.
Roosevelt David

To the Family of Roy Gottlieb:
We are very saddened by the news of his passing and we condole with you.
The Virgin Islands will truly miss his political depth and St. Thomas loses a vision-
Arnold & Carmen Golden

Roy, you were truly a remarkable man. You could hold your own in any soci-
ety and those among you, however, august their station, would intuitively know
you were a man of unusual substance.

On October 27, 1937, a star was born in the person of Roy Alden Gottlieb. Blessed
with a high degree of insight on many subjects, this brilliant Virgin Islander was
sought by people of all walks of life for his wise counsel. To his family, take pride
in the understanding that "The heights of great men reached and kept" are respect
admiration and love. Roy Alden Gottlieb achieved all these in his life time.
Rest in peace, dear friend. We love you but God loves you best.
James & Melanie Francis

Mr. G., it is very hard to believe that you are gone. In the short time I knew you,
you were a friend and confidant. It was so easy to confide in you for one trusted
you and your judgement and I was intrigued as you plotted my political future.
I can still hear you calling me "Ms. P." how are you doing today, and how was
your weekend?"
Until we meet again, I will miss you.

To the Family and Friends of our Beloved Roy Gottlieb:

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Let us be included in this multi-
The last time we spoke, several days ago, he promised that we would see him
the next day, Sunday. We waited and waited, but no Roy.
It makes our hearts very heavy to now hear that he is gone from us but we
know he is in a better place. Rest well, Roy, God loves you most!
From Pat Wiltshire & Vivianne Newton

To The Members of Roy Gottlieb's Family

All of us who knew Roy, enjoyed being in his company. He was a joy to be with.
May God keep you and bless you, for we are so glad that he passed this way,
even though it was a short stay.
We will miss you, Roy. Sleep on with the Lord.
From the Accounting family of VITELCO

For the years that I have known you, you were such a loving, kindhearted
gentleman. I am surely going to miss you, but Jesus loves you best and wants you
to take your rest, so sleep on.
Iva, Rochelle & Rohan

To The Family & Friends of Roy Alden Gottlieb

Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. We all ask God to give you guidance
throughout these troubling times. We all send our love from New York.
The Franklins

Dear Roy, from the first time I met you, I found you to be a kind, considerate and
always helpful. I will miss you dearly.
Patty Dickeron

Dear Roy, It was always a pleasure to see you and speak to you. You always came
into the center with a burst of energy, a smile, and a willingness to give a helping
hand. I thank you and I'll miss you.
Velma Bryan

Dear Roy:
Your presence will be truly missed. You were a gentleman and a friend who
gave good advice. I thank you.
Judy Donadelle

Farewell Roy

Roy was very soft spoken, friendly and kind.
He possessed a profound intellectual mind
Many persons will remember the warmth he gave
Throughout each day he was privileged to live.

His role in politic envelop a long period of time
However, he always remained discretely sublime
I have worked with him, he was rationally fair
We were both Airline Agents representing Caribair

He will be missed by many, in diversified ways
Let us remain mindful of the positivity of his days
He lived a life of profound dignity and deep regard
Farewell Roy, we will meet you in God's vineyard

Written by: Mildred V. Nibbe-Chinney

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