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Title: Funeral Booklet for Harold R. Bonelli
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Harold R. Bonelli
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Harold R. Bonelli
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Subject: Bonelli, Harold R.
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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December 9,1991
5:30 pm 7:00 pm
John Thomas Funeral Home
December 10,1991
9:00 am 930 am
Memorial Moravian Church
Memorial Moravian Church... 9-30 am
EO SciijIWfl gi t nt at Western Cemetery Number 1
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War old <. (K ond &
JUNE 7,1931 DECEMBER 4, 1991
Although possessing the talent and intelligence to succeed in any
profession, at an early age Harold R. Bonelli decided to commit his life to
education in the Virgin Islands. While still a young man living on Norre
Gade, he was able to develop a sense of purpose and values which guided
him through thirty-four years of dedicated and outstanding service to
thousands of students and the Virgin Islands' educational system.
Following his graduation as a member of the Charlotte Amalie High
School Class of 1950, Harold continued his post secondary education
with on-island programs in cooperation with Inter-American University,
Hampton Institute, and New York University. He also served in the
United States Army from 1952 to 1955. Aftr receiving his Bachelor of
Science degree from the University of Cennoeticut, he pursued further
studies from 1962 to 1966 with New York University on-island programs
which led to certificates in school administration.
Teaching was his first love. gImmediately following his graduation
from high school, he was employed to teach first at the Commandant
Gade School, then a George Washington School (now the Evelyn Marcelli
School where in 1962 he was promoted to the position of principal-
teacher. In 1963 he was promoted to assistant principal in charge of
seventh graders housed in the Old Nisky Building. Finally in 1964 he
became assistant principal of the Charlotte Amalie High School He
served faithfully in that position until December 1981, when, upon the
retirement of the principal Ruth Thomas, he became acting principal, the
position from which he retired in 1984.
His service at the Charlotte Amalie High School was especially note-
worthy for his tireless efforts with the graduating classes from 1966 to
1981. His support and fine guidance earned him appreciation awards
from every one of those classes.
His days at the school were long; he was among the first to arrive in
the mornings, the last to leave in the early evenings. Yet he had time for
civic and professional affairs. Among his affiliations were the Repertory
theatre of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas St. John Teachers' Association,
St. Thomas Historical Trust, Inc., University of Connecticut Alumni Asso-
ciation, National Association of Secondary School Principals, and found-
ing member of the Educational Administrators Association.
Harold became ill in 1988. His condition gradually worsened until,
after affirming his faith in Jesus as Lord, he died on December 5, 1991.

Arthur Bonelli, Conrad Bonelli, Dalton Bonelli, Eric Bonelli
Irvin Bonelli, Sr., Leonard Bonelli, Sr., Raymond Bonelli
Mercedes Bastian, Cleoda Bonelli, Doris Bonelli, Rita Harrigan
Dorothy Milliner, Alma Ottley, Una Smith
Annie Hodge
Alpheus Rogers
Charlene Bonelli, Carole Ann Bonelli, Karen Boland, Melba Bonelli
Cheryl Bonelli, Edith Rose bonelli, Marlene Boschulte
Claudette Sant.ago, Maureen Gittens, Irvin Bonelli, Jr.
Ronald Bonelli, Ernie Bonelh, I r.. Bert Petersen, Cade Petersen
Leona Wheatley. Lonard Bonelli, Jr.
Ruth E. Thomas, Erma Sewer, Sedric J. Heyliger, Mary M. Moore
Dolores Daniel, Wilbur Penn, Viola Carty, Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Krigger

Arthur Bonelli, Conrad Bonelli, Dalton Bonelli
Eric Bonelli, Irvin Bonelli, William I. Frett

Xo Bert Petersen, Cade Petersen, Maureen Gittens, Marlene Boschulte, i
Claudette Santiago, Bert Petersen, Jr., Barbara Petersen
Sarah Bonelli, Karen Boland

OdI a4 Wieongp
"I'VE BEEN 'BUKED" ........... Charlotte Amalie High School Choir
Traditional John Cahill, Director
"WHEN I RISE IN THE MORNING" ...................Neville Peter
"JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE" ............... Congregation
"WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS" ............. Congregation
EULOGY ...................................... Rolando Roper
"HOW GREAT THOU ART' .........................Laurel Smith

Oader ol Se&iee
"AMAZING GRACE" ............................... Congregation
LITURGY ...................................... Rev. Dr. C. Peters
BURIAL OF THE DEAD (pgs. 87-89) ................... Congregation
SCRIPTURE READINGS ........................... Psalm 23:1-6
Romans 8:34-39

MESSAGE ................................... Rev. Dr. C. Peters
BURIAL OF THE DEAD (pgs. 89-92) ................... Congregation
"HALLELUJAH! THE STRIFE IS O'ER" ................ Congregation
BENEDICTION ................................. Rev. Dr. C. Peters

cauwjeit. .
You kept us all in line. Not by force, but by your imperceptible and deft
manner of steering, controlling, pointing towards worthwhile goals. You
taught us so much without seeming to do so. You preached without
Most of all, like you, we are leaning so to live that we will have no fear
of death. For whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's.
Requiescat in pace.
YoJr brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews

The passing of my friend Harold R. Bonelli has left a void in this
community and in my life. It was always inspiring to be in his company,
be it at a principals' meeting or chatting and riding around with him in
his car. His intellect, his sense of humor, his caring and concern for the
youth of our society and his love for these Virgin Islands were always
evident in his conversations.
Harold was the epitome of a good citizen. He never failed to offer
constructive suggestions nor hesitated to assist in their implementation.
He was a well-spring of knowledge and information on myriad topics. In
his own right, he was a true historian. He never gave just the bare-bone
historical facts but was adept at bringing history to life.
In his thirty-four years as an educator, Harold has impacted on the
lives of thousands of students from the elementary to the secondary
schools. Testimony to this can be seen in the contributing members in our
community who were under his tutelage.
He was a friend with whom I could talk easily about anything and
receive his candid opinion. Although he is no longer among us, his many
acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion will always remain
indelibly in my mind and heart.
Harold was a true and sincere friend a Good Friend. Rest in peace,
dear friend.
Erma B. Sewer

Harold Bonelli was a friend and a neighbor we admired in many ways.
He was a scholar in every sense of the word. His genuine love of
knowledge made education not only his livelihood but his life. His

___ __

deportment was always gentlemanly. His care and concern for members
of his family, his co-workers, his students, his friends, for these Virgin
Islands, and even for his plants showed his loving and sincere nature. We
are thankful for having known him.
May he be blessed with God's eternal joy and peace.
Rudy and Marilyn Krigger

Mr. B, The tide recedes but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. The music
stops and yet it echoes in sweet refrains ... For every joy that passes,
something beautiful remains.
Knowing you has been a joy to so many people in so many ways.
Thanks for the long and beautiful friendship we shared! We will meet
Mary M. Moore

The Virgin Islands community mourns the passing of a native son who
dedicated his life to producing a future generation capable of meeting the
challenges of the next century.
Harold R. Bonelli made an indelible mark in the minds and careers of
many of the young people he taught and assisted in his years of service as
an educator and school administrator. He brought to his efforts a com-
mitment to excellence and a dedication to public service which will be his
legacy to his community and the government he served.
His passing is just cause for a grateful community to pause in reflection
of his contribution and in appreciation for the time he spent in our midst.
On behalf of the government and people of the Virgin Islands, Mrs.
Farrelly and I convey our profound condolences to Harold R. Bonelli's
family and friends. May they be assuaged by the knowledge that their
loss is shared by many who pray for God's comforting love in their hour
of bereavement.
Alexander A. Farrelly
Governor of the Virgin Islands

I am deeply saddened by the passing of one of St. Thomas' most
talented educators Mr. Harold Bonelli.
Harold made many contributions to our islands' education system
during his 34 year tenure with the Department of Education. His unremit-
ting commitment to bettering the lives of young Virgin Islanders will
remain an inspiration to all of us and a lasting tribute to his memory.
With my wife, Monique, I extend my condolences to the entire Bonelli
family and friends.
He will be truly missed.
Derek M. Hodge
Lieutenant Governor of the Virgin Islands

My wife Sheila and I join the family and many friends of Harold Bonelli
in mourning his passing. A man of many rich talents, Harold will be best
remembered for his contributions to education, where for more than 34
years he made an indelible mark of excellence.
Education is the foundation for the future. Harold knew that well.
Throughout his life, he strived to lay that foundation, to assure that
generations of Virgin Islanders would have the greatest possible opportu-
nities through education. Thousands of young students have benefited
because of the skill, dedication, and hard work of Harold Bonelli.
Harold's support of teachers' and principals' organizations showed a
commitment to education that went well beyond the classroom. He also
contributed his talents to other groups to benefit the community he loved.
We surely will miss Harold Bonelli, but we will be ever mindful that in
his lifetime he set an example of excellence that will stand as a benchmark
for years to come.
Ron de Lugo
Member of Congress

It is with a deep sadness and sense of loss that I offer these words of
condolence and sympathy to the family and friends of the late Harold R.

From the days when I worked in Education with Harold, to the present,
I have always found him to be a caring and concerned individual Harold
was highly respected for the many years of commitment to the education
of our young people, giving over thirty years of service to the educational
system in the Virgin Islands. His tenure as assistant and acting principal
of the Charlotte Amalie High School is just one example of his devotion to
the profession as an educator.
On behalf of the members and staff of the Nineteenth Legislature, I
extend heartfelt condolences to the family and many friends. We join you
in mourning the passing of Harold Bonelli. May his soul rest in eternal
Virdin C. Brown
President, 19th Legislature

As we look back into time, the name of Harold Bonelli will rank high in
the field of education as it relates to the Virgin Islands, but particularly in
the minds of those attended the Charlotte Amalie High School. Mr.
Bonelli over the years demonstrated a sense of caring and loving for our
students that translated into the development of many outstanding citi-
zens. And so as we pay our respect to the educator Mr. Bonelli, let us take
the commitment and dedication that he had to be an inspiration in our
lives. May he rest in peace.
Almando "Rocky" Liburd
Senator-At-Large, 19th Legislature

Friend. Teacher. Principal This is what Mr. Harold R. Bonelli has been
to me over most of my life. His passing leaves a void in my spirit and an
emptiness in the Virgin Islands community.
However, we can reflect on what he has been to us, and the indelible
mark he made on many of our youth. I remember him as a gentle, caring
and capable administrator. He was a man students could trust, talk to,
bring their problems to. On the other hand, he was a strict disciplinarian
who helped build and maintain the reputation of academic excellence
and achievement at Charlotte Amalie High School.
Those of us who passed beneath his wings and were lifted up to
success through his skills and influence are indeed fortunate.

Let us view Harold Bonelli, a giant of academia, as a role model for our
youth. For, in the words of Henry Brooks Adams, "A teacher affects
eternity. He never knows where his influence ends."
Rest in peace, Mr. Bonelli. You remain forever in our hearts, minds and
Celestino A. White, Sr.

Charlotte Amalie High School mourns the loss of former principal Mr.
Harold Bonelli but takes pride in the fact that his name will forever live on
at C.A.H.S., for he was indeed one of its finest leaders.
Mr. Bonelli was a compassionate, caring, and competent administrator,
who worked tirelessly to maintain the highest standards at C.A.H.S. For
twenty years, he served honorably as assistant principal and acting princi-
pal. All who passed through C.A.H.S. during his tenure must remember
him fondly and should give thanks for what he did during the time he
spent with us.
It was Mr. Bonelli who led the way to improvements in the school's
physical plant, who guided seniors though their senior year activities, and
who, along with the other administrators, helped to keep C.A.H.S. in the
forefront with respect to excellence in academic and extracurricular activi-
ties. Mr. Bonelli served C.A.H.S. well.
On behalf of the C.A.H.S. administration, faculty, staff, student body,
and alumni, I offer condolences to his family and ask God's blessing on
them at this time of grief. Mr. Bonelli, may you rest in eternal peace.
Liston Davis, Principal

The members of the Virgin Islands Joint Boards of Education express
their condolences on the passing of Mr. Harold Bonelli, who retired in the
capacity of Acting Principal of the Charlotte Amalie High School after
many, many years of public service. We extend to his family our indi-
vidual and collective sympathy.
It is well known that Mr. Bonelli was one of our foremost educators.
The hundreds of students who passed through him will attest to this.
And his colleagues will affirm his sincerity, earnestness, and the other

many qualities that make for a successful school administrator.
His memory will always be with us.
Mario A. Watlington
Chairman, Joint Boards


The Virgin Islands has lost an outstanding citizen and educator with
the passing of Harold Bonelli, a gentleman to all who knew him, and a
positive role model for our young people.
Harold Bonelli served in many important capacities within the St.
Thomas St. John school system. A teacher of renown, his administrative
skills were displayed as Assistant Principal of Charlotte Amalie High
School and again as Acting Principal at Charlotte Amalie High School
immediately following the retirement of Ruth Thomas.
Harold Bonelli was always approachable, always ready with a warm
smile, and always willing to help his colleagues.
On behalf of the Education Department, I extend sincere condolences
to his family, friends and all who knew and loved him. His shining
presence in our midst and his contributions to our educational system will
never be forgotten.
Linda Creque, Ph.D.
Commissioner of Education

Harold Bonelli had many admirable qualities, not the least of which
was his ability to work well with others. Those of us who knew him shall
remember his willing and affable nature, the quiet resolve with which he
nudged others towards excellence.
His service as assistant principal and later acting principal of the Char-
lotte Amalie High School reflected his marvelous capacity to mediate and
yet not to frustrate; to see and to nurture the good in all.
Everyone loved "Mr. B." We thank God for him and for his wonderful
life of service. May he rest in peace.
Yvonne Bowsky
and the office and staffof the Insular Superintendent
St. Thomas St. John District

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