Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Emelda A Joseph Best
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Emelda A Joseph Best
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Emelda A Joseph Best
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Subject: Best, Emelda A Joseph
Human relations
Funeral rites and ceremonies
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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,A Service of Celebration
fo, th le of

,melda A. qosepAh esi
Septnemrel 19, 19i8- -Lugusl 13, 199

uts"day, LuJguls 24, 1995
Viewing: 8:00o a.. 9:o0 a.m.
goqn TlAonmas remotial Chapel
Viewing g9:o a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Service: to:.o a.m.
FTedetick evangelicalC uiean CAucl
Presiding niiniste: 39astot AvatidStephens,ot.
9ntetment at Westetn Cemetety Tumbet One
SSchA~, CT0omas, S U.. c 9ainslan
St. Thnmas. V. I

Cmelda Jgathaajosepl ^esi

1ig8- 1995

Emelda Agatha Joseph Best was born on St. John, Virgin
Islands on September 19, 1918. Melda, as she was affection-
ately known, was the oldest of several children born to Henry
Joseph and Edith George. During her early years Emelda was a
protege of Miss Jennie Lockhart. She married Alric Best during
this period. She relocated to Puerto Rico briefly, and returned
to St. Thomas with her children. To her death she retained the
ability to understand Spanish. Emelda was employed for many
years at John Bell Store on Main Street.

Melda was forced to retire from the regular workaday world
due to illness, but she did not stop. Left to mourn Melda's
passing are her many alumni children she opened her heart,
hands and home to, allowing their parents to work. Melda was
a staunch member of Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church
and a member of its Friendly Circle Society. She was also a
member of the Paradise Social Group.

She was the proud mother of five children (two of whom
predeceased her), eleven grandchildren and two great grand-
children. She tended her friendships well and was a steadfast
friend to many. Melda enjoyed sharing a good joke with her
fellowman. She left us all with memories of her helping and
caring. Sleep on beloved, you have earned your place next to
the Almighty. Until we meet again.

Evans Best
Adelaide Best and Pauline Diaz
Cicely Frett, lton Frett, Celine Huggir, Chanel Best
Adrian Best, Reynaldo Best, Antoinette Hatchett Miguel Best.
Anthony Best. Johanna Best and Jose Best
Melik and Mikel Peteren
Edris Christian, Lyra Bennett, Louise Adams, Myrtle Joseph.
Alvira Dalmida, Emelda Hall, Myrtle Joseph and Locadia Maloon
Herman Joseph and Julian Stout
Ophelia Petersen and Elvira Christian
Idalia Stout Richard
Nichman Joseph
Monica Best
Trevor Monsanto, Lloyd Plaskett, Sheniko Frett, Mariel Hedringto
many other relatives and friends
Members of the Paradise Social Group
and the Friendly Circle Society of the Frederick Lutheran Church

oall 1eatets
Dalton Frett, Lloyd Plaskett, Egburth Huggins,
Evans Best, Herman Joseph, Llewellyn Smith Prett

Jonootaty Iallatets
Junior Huggins, Eneleo Jeppese Isidor Griles,
Andre Francis, Eric Canton

Otdet o Sewvice
WORDS OF CONSOLATION ....................... Pastor Stephens
HYMN OF PRAISE ............................ To God Be the Glory
PRAYERS ........................................Pastor Stephen
THE FIRST LESSON: Psalm 121 ................... Mrs. Viola Smith
HYMNS OF THANKSGIVING ..................... I Surrender All
THE SECOND LESSON: Rev. 21:2-7 ............... Mrs. Carol Jackson
THE EULOGY ................................... Delrease Francis
THE HOLY GOSPEL: Luke 13:18-20 ................. Pastor Stephens
I've Reached the Land of Corn & Wine .... The Friendly Circle Society
SERMON .........................................Pastor Stephens

THE DISTRIBUTION .................. Let Us Break Bread Together
Just As I Am
Amazing Grace
THE PROCESSIONAL HYMN .... My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less

house or to the hospital to visit, you would always ask me 'How is your
mother and grandmother?'
These qualities of your unselfish love for all will forever be in our
hearts. Again, thank you for being a friend and a mother to me. Melda,
please rest in peace, because I will look out for Pauline, Cicely, Cito,
Celine, Melik and MikeL as they will look out for me.
Your adopted daughter, Treuor

Cousin Emelda.. .as God called you home to rest we will look back at
all the wonderful times we have shared together as family and cousins.
Your road through this path has now come to an end and you are at home
now with our God and Father. May you rest in peace until we meet again
on those beautiful shores forever.
Cousin fane Johanes and fily

Melda ... You are gone but not forgotten. Your memory will always
be in my heart. I will miss your jokes and laughter on the phone, or when
I visited you to find out how you were feeling. No more pain, no more
suffering. Enter now in the joy of your Lord Jesus Christ May you rest in
Your Cousin Evlyn Foy and Family

Emelda You were like a mother to me and my children especially
your son Sheniko. We will miss you. Rest in Peace with your heavenly
Claudia. Seniko and Sherma Frett

To My Nenny Melda ... It is hard to accept that you are gone, but we
know that you are gone to a better place. Your leaving has left a void in
our hearts, and our home. We are comforted because there will be no
more pain and suffering for you so sleep on and take your rest May you
Rest in Peace.
Your Godduld, ackie and her mother Aded

Grandma ... You were here but now you are no longer with us. I still
want you to remember I still care about you. I'm thinking about you.
Grandma I care about what happen to you, I wanted to share your
sorrows and pain with you. You left and you never said good-by to us. I
will always remember how important you were to us. You will be missed
and I will see that you have a good farewell We love you Grandma.
Low Cline

Melda ... When we last spoke on Monday night I asked you if you
were going home tonight and your reply was "yes". I even kidded you
and asked you where it was. I did not know where it was but you did,
because you departed in the wee hours of the morning to go there. No
more can I share my problems and jokes with you. You were the best
mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother, Godmother, Cousin and
Friend that anyone could have had. I will always treasure the times we
shared together. I love you, but God loves you best. Well, sleep on
beloved, you have earned your rest. No more sorrow or pain.
Your loving daughter, Pauline

Melda... I know you are gone now, but I will never forget you. I love
you and I know you loved me too. I hugged you and you hugged me, I
kissed you and you kissed me, I helped you and you helped me too. Sleep
on grandmother until we meet again.
Your loving granddaughter, Cefine

Emelda ... You were hreand now you are gone. Thank God no more
suffering, but you will be missed. I remember the first time you took ill,
you, Pauline and myself spent all day Sunday at the hospital The follow-
ing Sunday Pauline called and said to meet us at the hospital because
Melda, as you were affectionately known, has to have emergency surgery.
When I got there Pauline said you had just asked for me. We spent
another Sunday together. You got better but had to have dialysis twice a
week, then three times a week until you were called home.
I want to thank you for making me a part of your family. I was treated
as if I was your own flesh and blood. Melda, you invited me to attend
everything with you, whether it was a food sale, a wedding, christening,
or to a Paradise Social Group function. I was always right there beside you
and Pauline.
rm going to miss our lazy Sundays where we just sat, talked and
laughed about every day life. I'm going to miss helping you sell your
sodas, specials and candy, but III remember teasing you by asking you
how much is a milk special and you would always say darling take what
you want, anything is yours." ll also remember all of the children who
you cared for and shared a part of your life on a daily basis.
Melda, even with your failing health you were caring, pleasant and
unselfish, always thinking about the other person. Whenever I came to the

you could baby-it me when my mother went off to work. When I heard
that you had passed, tears immediately came to my eyes. Then I remem-
bered a song'Weep not, weep not she is only sleeping so dry those tear
away.' Meld, I will miss you. Rest in Peace. These words describe you:
Manageable & Understanding to everyone
Elegant in everything
Loving & Kind
Always there for her family & friends
Laoe Always, Alys Brtlnwite & sisters
Ms. Emelda ... as a member of Paradise Social Group, you have
inspired our lives, with your always wanting to give your contribution,
and attending all of the functions, even when you were under the weather.
It was indeed a pleasure for us to honor you as one of the Mother on
Mother's Day. We are reminded that everything which happens in this
word happens at the time God chooses. He set the time for life and death,
the time for sorrow and joy, the time for mourning and dancing. The
members of Paradise Social Group grieve at your passing but let us thank
God for your earthly life. Until we meet again, rest in peace.
Pamdisr Socia Group
We are saddened by the passing of our friend and sister-in-Christ
Emelda Best Soft-spoken with a quiet sense of humor, Emelda was al-
ways willing to give of her time and culinary skills in making our varied
activities successfuL We join in expressing our heartfelt sympathy and
condolences to Emelda's family. May the Lord comfort and sustain all
who mourn her passing.
The Friendly Cirde Society Frederick Luthenm Ohurch
It is with a great sense of sadness that I extend my deepest sympathies
to you and your family on the passing of your mother, Emelda Best.
There are no words that can express the loss of a loved one during a time
of bereavement. However, the memories of your beloved mother and
family member can always bring warm thoughts to your minds, and
cherished memories to your heart. In this moment of grie, remember
that your beloved mother will always live in your heart and one day, we
shall see her again. Faye and I offer our heartfelt condolences and prayers
for her soul to rest in eternal peace.
Anmndo 'Rody" Libnrd
Semte PrideatSemauor-t-Laryg
21st Lgislature of the Virgin Islands

Grandma Melda ... Ever since that day they told you that you had to
go on the "machine" you said that the machine would be the end of you.
Since then, you fought that never ending battle until the Lord took you
out of your suffering. You taught me so many things, especially concern-
ing your two great-grandchildren. The last time I saw you on that Friday,
you gave me such relief when you said that you were still hanging in, "old
people style." Then the following morning Mammy got the phone call. I
told her that she was lying. I could not believe that you went so soon
without a warning. I was looking forward to picking you up in the jeep
and showing you my new fish tank, but I know you'll still see them
because at your new home, you can see everything. I saw you suffering so
much that I am at ease that your Father the Almighty took you home
where you'll suffer no more. Love you and will miss you very much.
Cicely, Melik & Mikel
PS. Melik and Pooh (Mikel) will miss you very much and so will I.
You've earned your rest. Sleep in heavenly peace, until I come to see you
Grandma Melda ... God has taken you away from me too soon. You
should have waited until I made 18 years, but I know that you were
fighting a hard battle. You gave up but not until you had fought your best.
No more special and candy money for me to spend. The last time we
spoke you asked me if I wasn't going to lift you up, so I knew that you
remembered me and knew I was at your bedside. No longer can I hear
you say "Cito" wash the dishes, "Cito" come inside. I will miss hearing you
call my name. Sleep on Melda, you have earned your eternal rest with
your heavenly family.
Your Grandson Dalton Cito'
Farewell to a Special Lady, Ms. Melda ... It is difficult to adequately
convey my deep sense of loss and profound sorrow on the passing of a
longtime family friend, Ms. Melda. In her passing, my family, especially
my children and grandchildren, have lost a second mother. Throughout
the years this warm, quiet, sincere and surprisingly jovial lady provided a
home away from home for my grandchildren with her tender loving care.
It is God's choice at this time for Melda to leave her suffering on this earth
and to enter the gates of heaven to carry on the rest of her precious days.
Her strife is over; her battle is won. Enjoy your eternal rest, Melda.
Viola, Andre, Lurlen,, Lisa, Andre II and Chnte
Melda... You have gone home to someone that will love you. You are
gone but not forgotten. You were the best cousin and baby-sitter I had. I
will remember and cherish those times that I came by your house so that

iA cknowledgmen is

Perhaps you were one of her doctors or nurses, who
cared so well for her

Perhaps you were a caring neighbor, relative or friend

Perhaps you visited her at the hospital or made a phone
call to inquire about her condition

Perhaps you sent a lovely card or beautiful floral ar-

Perhaps you gave a monetary donation or you spoke
the kindest words any friend could say

Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us
and prayed for us,

Whatever you did to console our hearts by giving un-
selfishly of yourself and time, we thank you so very
much; it has helped to lighten our load and grief.

The Family

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