Group Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
Title: Funeral Booklet for Leland Rene Bertrand
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Leland Rene Bertrand
Series Title: Virgin Islands Funeral Memorial Booklets
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Creator: Estate of Leland Rene Bertrand
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Subject: Bertrand, Leland Rene
Human relations
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Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States Virgin Islands
Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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'A Going Home Celebration"

Leland ne Bertrand

July 20, 1947 July 21, 1994

12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.
Wednesday, July 27, 1994
John Thomas Memorial Chapel

1:30 p.m.
Wednesday, July 27, 1994
Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral

Western Cemetery #1



Marion E. Bertrand

Ano M. Bertrand

Leo Mohoney Bertrand

Morion R. Payne. Sonji Bertrond.
Nicole Hunter. Attoaah R. Bertrand. Roquel Hunter

Alphonso L Bertrand. Glenwood Bertrand

Felix R. Esquerdo. Felx V. Esquerdo. Willam Esquerdo

Doro S. HN


Warren Smith. Louis Toylor. Sr.. Peter Bertrand.
Over Taylor Rev. Fr. Joseph Bertrnd

Olve Dawson. Beryl Hendricks. Maoorie George.
Una Artndel. Eldro Vero

(Many other Reoatve and Frendr)

Leo Mohoney Bertrond. Edward Bertrond. David Franlde.
Viscount Martin. Louis Taylor. Ron Joseph

Honoray Plbeorers
Elmo D. Roebuck. Warren Smith. Elmo Thomas. Raymond George.
Jose Olvencia. Felx V. Nonclo Esquerdo. Peter Chuch


Leland Rene Bertrand was born in Brooklyn, New York.
July 20,1947. He was the son of Marion and the late Achle
Bertrand. Leland attended various pubic and parochial
schools in Queens, New York, Sts. Peter and Paul in St.
Thomas and he graduated from the Charlotte Amale High
He was inducted into the United States Army where he
served in the 101st Airborne unit volunteering for a two year
tour of duty in Vietnam. Upon receiving an Honorable
Discharge, and numerous service medals and awards, he
returned home and was self-emloyed for a short period of
time. He worked as a Marshal for the Territorial Court. He
then took the position as personal photographer for the late
Governor Cyr E. King and continued as a photographer for
the V.I. Legislature until starting his own Inter island Seafood
Business. In 1987, he opened the Mountain Top Restaurant
until becoming a researcher for then Senator Elmo D.
Roebuck in the 20th Legislature. He subequentl started his
own Rapid Moble Car Wash until his untimely death.
Leland was a man of varied interests and hobbles such
as: military sciences, photography. fencing, piloting, scuba
diving, chess, stamp and coin collecting, material arts, and
His animated conversations led to lively discussions, a
debate. and stimulated exchange of ideas. One could
always count on walking away with a learning experience.
Leland was fearless and he did not believe in "quitting.'
Leland was active with the Boy Scouts. Northside Civic
Association, a past P.TA. President for the Ula F. Muller
Elementary School and in later years became spiritualy
awakened" which led to his active participation in the Sts.
Peter and Paul Cathedral.
Leland came from a close-knit family and was loved by
the Ives that he touched.

Order of ServMce

Entrance Hymn.............In the Nome of Jesu ............................No. 25
Fr Reoding ...... ..........Roqu Bertrand ........................ Wsdom 3:1-9
Responsoral Pslm....... Pslm 23 ................................. Lydia Boichulte
Second Reading ........ Attalah Bertrand.................... Romans 5:5-11
Gospel / Hom
Medotion Hymn ....................................Precious Lord Take My Hand
Offertory Hymn ............. Walk In The Light ....................................No. 76
Sign of Peace ....... .Pryer of St. Francs .............................No. 284
Communion Hymn....... I Am The Vine .......................................No. 296
Medation Soo............ Ave Mar ......... ............................ Fye Moon
Eulogy ...................................................................... ... Etienne Bertrand
cessional Hymn ........I Am The Way ......................................No. 233


LcimdAprjF ne BBemrtrant_

-M- -1 r
7 9-2

the strength and aecury No always neodd. My maot memorable iperence in
ny We with you were the time w spent together tMarng, cryimg laughing and
sharing. I mow wh you pct of m. d I wont lt you down. I l you vwy
much and you will Iwe on forerw in my hrt and spirt.
May love tir in our hets,

To my 'Other Fahr*,
Thi i very strange being here wring to you how I tfel ed of saying I. I love
you dearly and l ys wil. You werw thwe or m when I nededyou. You guided
n and thought mn wel. I wl now ueo your leon wisely and be the song pmon
you weied and taught nm to be.
I respect and hold you in high regard for taking me in when I wm an iWnt ind
never taught of me your etp daughter.
You wera powerful man hi of touching words. There w tmw es th I said
This man is ruling my nerve, but you didn get upe You md ure did what
was needed to b done to be he prson I am today.
I alayssadto nmse, H. is only doing wha beet fr mr. I hove relied what
you we doing because I hav seen how my other three sais hav turned ou.
I admrothat. I won't lt you down'My Othr Fatr. You wil bo sng a the right
hand of God ind Nyour fther w ching n saying, 'l ha done a good jo'. And
ril nwer you wilh my w n o W hand aw d my dplo m n the other saying ye,
you have done a ret Job
PAt in pocwo with God and grandpae.

lLowr aty
I LeOe You
Uncle Le,
Uncle L you we o oys ethre in your own cr w you howedyou cared
L etnto n' you woiud lways sy. The adwv I gwe. you'll ppIcrlit ir omedy.
The three of us wi nmme you so much. We wi always remember your tender
touch, we thankthe Lord for going us you. Youalw be in our heateso dow nd
ii Low Yen

Brother 'L',
Sim Sam You gav me tha nmr.
Your hon y and lv always oyed th ame,
rI mie the okw and laughter we shared
In your word and deeds you showed you cred.

Your fath in God was "oner-a kind"
For i Him you kNaay found a "peoce of mind
I think you or your loe and special way
I know we al be reunited someday.
*M alf A9u


As I sil h* alone in th qui of th night I can't think of too many tm sin
w hae bn togtherwhen you went by my ids. Is slowly benig to become
el to nm tht you won' be hoping my hand s we wak or M we watch TV or vn
Swe a together in church.
I won't he your laughter or wonderful sene of humor or even you sying, love
You aways anird my tith and trua in Jesus and away told me never to lose
Sbu to aws be strong and ts-dt-t
I know I have long dlicul road hed of m and knowing you th wy I do you
will aspect m to handle thi "i* a troops and I wil.
My greatet coorft I knowing tht you ae really in Paradie. You i watch
ovw al of u with th Bleseed Triny. You wil sAl continue to guide us, protect us
and he* us welk this road that wii someday bnng us to you.
m not going to say goodbye. You can physical hold my hand but you wal
alwys be wih me thru our wonderful chdren and grandchildren.
Re nrer, rm not too thrilled with ghnting so don't go carried awy when you
end your bool Northado, OK
I loe you -es
P.S. Give d a kih for m and tll him I wil take cre of Mom

To my Hem, my Protecor, y Daddy.
Together we oved and tlughed and cred
Wo toed, w shred wo rem erd...Together.
We prayed togth. and grow m spi...Togethw.
We shared so much. wo lemd so much
From each other, bou each other... Together
ri mmi you tor now, un t gi we wa...Togeter
Rat pMecefuly wih our Svour
Loew -heY
How I miw you nd yousomuch. You hav ben a mor par in my We.
You have fid my hea with love, joy, and hppines. You have ban the eury
andthe moat podie silence in my IMo. God hs been with you now and forvr.
Even though I mie and yam for you, ny fifth has kllt m going. Your W m ha
come to bo wih th Lord. e raied that you wIN now have thgrtet git and
por which you hae always wantd to warch and cure you floc".
Lebse pou -r m

To My DOdy
You wee my protector, rny counselor, best ood andfalhr. You projected and
gudd moethrough thehardet nd lwa points In my le. You gave m veything
thayou hvetool nr;nwmtilynd piritually. Moatimportanoyyou hobodtobnng
me to knowGod The wm teM greetegt gft you gn me. You ha also gmven n


To the Fany,
Wth deep regrl nd hertlel sorrow, w er ou r condolence to the ftamy.
Acceptnce of death i never e*sy, but more r when sudden and taglc.,
becom hwdwr. Hope you find pece in knowM g th Ltand wm prepwd nd
rdyto ffot De Lord
1A 4l'b ~MeoMd my, r anoeaw nmeis hour, nwrt dy, lLad am
VL-eow wm dAusin
To Mrimn. Arm and Chldrn,
The family communy of St Per & Pul Schools nde f deeper synrpathy
to the tamly of Leland Btrand.
LWnd ma n wdont wr on hdrmimproj nd always grv unelhly
of hi line and talent for the bsn@6 of e sc hool.
We wllA nm hi wmrmh and wnthusmn mnd wl cor e to kNep him mnd you
his famly in ou daly prays.
Gabd ubew jee a8

To Lee.
A gret nd wse man God bless you nd thenk you. for svwyehing.
Low yru

To Lee,
From your loving on Ron, to y moving father. Lder of Leadenr
ly fOfth Ahea

Anyone who er kMw Lend Bertand wil never forge hm He w f surly le
long in ow memory or hi very name wl vol all knde of remenranc.
So dynmic w m Leland hi vey presence generatd enegyw ; nd Men in
chance mtnings, he atobeod onWs mention. On intently reeted one we inth
prmence o a len. inly rilgence that was dtinguihed ior a broad intere in
petl, pftuleaty th humen condition.
lanWd We unique in th he could decourms wtlh anyone on al t of topics
He could be light and humorous as the occaon cleod; or deeply profound m
drebing a arity of subjWect, whether A be religion, human naur or world aRirs.
Aboui the oer, ho wm especily lneaghfuul in alryzing th ploys and ateMgies of
ion leaders.
What fun tland could be; yet so rious nd concerned in dealing wlih he
problem iof a hend
Ye. Loland Bertrand wm indeed a man of subitnce and his posing ive
and ache m the hort of al who mew and loved him.
SWMr Lar L e L arry
To L.,
We m going to m your bigh eiri among us. God peed.

I Lmw To Tfa

Leland's MeWsaue to You

'Ana, you were right." As I look down upon each
and everyone of you, I am in awe and fullWed to see the
love, respect, and honor that is being given to me. Many
times I was unsure of the "postve" effect that I had on my
family and friends.

To my girfs' daughterss), how proud I am as I watch
you now handing this situation with the same humor and
spkit that I'e instled in you over the years.

To Mommy, you are 'one ina mlbon'! Be comforted
in knowing that I am live and wel with my hero, Jesus.

Hey Dodl Guess what? God gave me the job Ive
always wanted He has made me The Commissioner of
the Ughtnng Department'.

*pwm mAOg* 774 n-3I1

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