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Title: Funeral Booklet for Vertilley Avilda Barzzey
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Vertilley Avilda Barzzey
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Creator: Estate of Vertilley Avilda Barzzey
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Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Vertilley Avilda Barzzey
March 27, 1917 March 9, 1994

Viewing 930 a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Friday, March 18, 1994
John Thomas Memorial Chapel

Services 11:00 a.m
All Saints Episcopal Church
Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands

Western Cemetery No. 1

Yo Sc O#ta Coe-i
St Thom.. v


Vertilley Avilda Barzzey

Vertilley Avilda Barzzey was born on March
27. 1917 in Christiansted, St Croix to Miss Czarina
Mathilda Todman James of St. Croix and Mr. Ernest
Alexander Barzzey of St. Thomas. Vertilley was the
first of nine children born to Czarina James and the
only child of Ernest Barzzey One brother and four
sisters preceded her in death.

She received her education on St Croix and as
a young woman, moved to St. Thomas to live with her
Aunt, Miss Avilda Malone. Although she resided with
her Aunt, she spent a great deal of time around her
father and his wife, Ramona Barzzey.

Vertilley was a hard working woman, who
never shirked her responsibilities For many years, she
was employed by various rum bottling plants on St.
Thomas, namely, Goddards and Potts Rum Distilleries.
Most of those years, she also worked as dinner cook
at the Villa Olga Hotel in French Village

She was the mother often children, eight sons
and two daughters. With her small income and the
extended family support from Ramona and Ernest
Barzzey, she provided the best for her children. She
was both mother and father in her household. It was
because of the strong family support that her children

quickly became known as "Barzzey's Grandchildren"

In those days, any adult in downstreet, from
Barzzey's shoemaker shop to Silver Dollar area, was
an extended family. As a result, discipline, respect for
elders and proper study habits became the family
hallmark. The sons were forced to learn shoe making
or some other trade in the afternoons after school and
the daughters grew up around Vertilley, who taught
them the art of cooking and the values of good

She was a firm believer that her life was much
too difficult and she did not wish the same for her
children A passionate believer that everyone must
have a solid education in order to achieve. As a result
of this belief, no sacrifice was too great for her to
make, at the same time, no punishment was too severe
to ensure that her children had the discipline to receive
and appreciate a good education. She was always
grateful and thankful for the little she had. She was an
unselfish giver, who always had enough to share with
a neighbor or a friend These principles she literally
"beat' into her children

Vertilley's role model was her father He was
the ultimate contributor to his church, to music,
sports and his community in general It is therefore
not surprising her children have all made positive
contributions to their country, their homeland and in
other communities they have chosen as home
Because of her struggle to raise her children, she was
always proud of their accomplishments, no matter how

small. Whether it was serving in the U.S. Navy; Air
Force; Marines; Army; Law Enforcement positions in
California, Georgia and at one time or the other, four
sons were members of the Virgin Islands Police
Department. Still others served the Government of
the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas, St. Croix and New
York City, and others continue to contribute to their
community through entrepreneurship.

The last five years of her life was a greater
struggle than her years of raising her children. Her
determination, self-reliance and the peace she enjoyed
with her Savior were the virtues that transcended the
constant pain, suffering and discomfort Early in her
illness, she would solace by reminding her family. "My
father played his silver flute the morning he died".

This determination and will power bring to
mind a time in early December, 1993 Upon being re-
admitted to the hospital and with her doctors advising
that there was nothing else they could do, Vertilley.
with a nurse assisting her to hold the phone, spoke
with her 15 year old granddaughter Laney, on
St. Thomas, quietly saying, "Gaga is too weak to travel.
but I am promising you I will remain alive so you can
enjoy your birthday party on December 18th". Her
death came almost three months to the date of that

Like a determined warrior, she persevered, she
suffered on, she fought the good fight and Vertilley's
journey through life ended in the early evening of
March 9, 1994 at age 76, just 18 days before her 77th


Vertilley Avilda Barzzey, mother of ten,
grandmother of 17 and great grandmother of three
was and will always be an inspiration to all who knew
her, especially to June. Tex, Chip, Leslie, Couchie,
Centie, Aaren, Glenwood, Pat and Mikie


Glenwood L.. Bertrand
AUphoris Livion Bertand
Lftlic A. Million
Arwric ~amc
.ALron Bcrnjamin

Cosmos L. Ed\~iards
Herman A. Fdoards,

Julne Hams
Arwit',a Sibilly

V',nial Janie,
HufjI Janilc,
Marrk Jam,!,\


I.1~~LL lll\~

Dauahtem-Ini- Lawr
\ilda Millin
Fslchia fle-rtran
Sophonla Befirand
jania Nlwac
Karina Ed~ards
Sandra Corry

Se\-cntccn Grandchildren
TTtrec Great Grandchildrenc
Flociretw DC~tro
IYLwmaP ndefsonI


Lzrlic ~k hfilhn,.Aaron Benjamin. Olcimood ro,%n
Cosmos Edwards. Herma~n Edwards. I.Aiciez Jjme

Honoran, Palibcorers

Vernal James, Hugh Jam"nlark Jisriicsl. Eniest Harris.
Ix.%Ier Harrisi. LaweCIIu SilflIN. Sr. Michael RoebuckL

Order of Service

Reverend Dean Thomaq W. Gibbs 111, Officiant

Buial of the Decad Rite I. ........................ ................. Pg 491

Hymn #208 .. ................ .................... The Stife is O'er

Le-aon. Isaiah 61.1-3 ......... ....... .......... .. ......... .. Clerg

Psalm 23 Pg.. ...... .. ...... .... ........ ..... Pg 612

Epistle ..... .. ... ... .... ....... .. RRc ion7-9 17

Oradual 1dInn 0692 1 Heard The Voice ol'J1esu-

Gospel .. ...... ... .... I Jo .hhn 11:21-27

1 lomily

Apostle's Creed .. ......P..g. ....4................ Pg. 496

hra% er.N ofthe People ............k................. Clegy

011rtor.%- 14.% m #652 DeaI Iord and Fatihe ofMankvind

Givca1 Thnksgivng- .............. ....... ..., Pg. 361

Currlu vvnio I mn 10315 I Am the Brelad of Lil

Post-Communion Pra'1 e ...... ... ................. .... .. Pg.498

I l~mn #691 ............ Guide MeO0 Thou Great Jehovah

CommendatioPn .....g... ........................................ 499 Pg. 4

Recessional Hymn #625 ........ Ye Holy Ancgls Brght

We can not undersand. but we have accepted the wi~ll of God from
whence conicth our help to pay tribute to Vertilley Avilda Barzzey
Or MLYC affectionate1% knownn to her grndchildrenn as "Gaga". She
ttelieved, s. we must Wiever --- because she was so strong, wve will
he strong. She felt withh her heart. She loved us with her soul --
qualities we will all striv'e to emulate in our lives.

Yolur Grandlchildren,.

L% till, LincY, Lany It- 1:1-ica, Edith, Juanita, Jamesd. Jamiah. and

Thanks and Appreciation

On behalf of the survivors of Vertilley Avilda
Barzzey, we say many thanks to all who shared in
our sorrows during the prolonged suffering and,
now our bereavement. Your inquiries, telephone
calls, cards and flowers demonstrated a profound
caring for which we are and will forever be grateful.

Special thanks and appreciation to Dr Roy L.
Schneider, Dr. Gary Lyman, and many other
Doctors, Nurses, and Staff at the H. Lee Moffet
Cancer Research Institute, to the Staff at Tampa
General Hospital, Transition Hospital of Tampa and
Hillsborough HOSPIC

A special thanks to Tampa, Florida residents Mr. &
Mrs. Winckler and Ms Lolita Joseph

Mass of the Resurrection
and Thanksgiving

For the Life of

Vertilley Avilda Barzzey

March 27, 1917 March 9, 1994


Sunday, April 10, 1994

4 o'clock In the Evening

St. James Episcopal Church
1819 N. Boulevard Tampa, Florida

Father Denniston R. Kerr Celebrant

* -

Biographical Sketch

Vertilley Avilda Barzzey

Born: March 27,1917
Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Parents: Ernest Barzzey and Czarina James

Employment: Retired

Resided: Tampa, Florida

Demise: March 9, 1994

She will be surely missed by SONS: Glenwood Bertrand,
Alphonso Bertrand, Leslie Millin, Arsene Massac, Aaron
Benjamin, Glenwood Brown, Cosmas Edwards, and Herman
Edwards; DAUGHTERS, June Harris, Arsenta Sibilly;
BROTHERS, Vernal James, Hugh James, Mark James; SON-
IN-LAWS, Lester Harris, Lawrence Sibilly; DAUGHTERS-
IN-LAW, Nilda Millin, Estelita Bertrand, Sophona Bertrand,
Janice Massac, Karla Edwards, Sandra Curry; seventeen
and other relatives and friends.

The Lithurgy For the Mass

Atthe Prelud .......................... Deaon Loy Johnson
At the Processional ....... Hymn L.E.VS. #9............ All Stand
'On Jordan Stormy Banks I Stand"
The Scntancs. ....... Father Denniston Ker .............. All Stand
The Hymn ........... L.EV.S. 52 ...................... All Stand
'God Has Smiled On Me*
A Reading from Wisdom 3: 1-5, 9.. Mr. Bruc Winklr .......... All Sit
The Souls of the Righteous are In the Hands of God"
Psalms 23 .......... .he Lord's My Shepherd" ............. All Sit
The Epistle: Revelation 21 1-7 ................. ............. All Sit
"That Holy City"
The Gradual Hymn ......... L.E.V.S. #194 ............. All Stand
"Lead Me, Guide Me"
The Holy Gospel ... John 4 14-6, Father Dcnniston Ker ..... All Stand
"In My Fathes House ar Many Rooms"
Remembrance Mrs. Karla Edwards (Daughter-in-law) ........ All Sit
Selection. .Sandra Curry and Ctymeraen Cuny Choice ........ All Sit
The Homily ......... Father Denniston Kerr .............. All Sit
At the Apostles Creed ... .. BCP Page 496 ............ All Stand
At the Prays of the People ...... BCP Page 497 ............ Al Stand
Ihe Offertory Hymn .......... "Sign Me Up" ................ All Sit
The Great Thanksgiving Pray .. BCP Page 361 ............ All Stand
At the Communion ....... Hymn L.E.V.S. ................... Kneel
"I Need Thee Every Hour"
Post Communion Prayer ....... BCP Page 498 ................ Knm
A Mortician Brief...... Ray Williams Funeral Home .............. Sit
At the Commndation and Farewell .. BCP Page 499 ......... All Stand
At the Recessional Hymn......... L.E.V.S. #14 ............ All Stand
"Soon and Very Soon"

"Rest Eternal Grant her Lord, Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Her"

Vertilley was proud. Proud of her 10 children, her 17
grandchildren, and her 3 great grandchildren. She raised her
children to take pride in themselves, no matter how little they
had. She shared report cards, pictures, and news with all of
She also took pride in her culinary skills and her needlework.
Vertilley could make anything: From Lobster Thermidor to a Vienna
cake; from a small lace doily to a large tablecloth.

Vertilley was generous. Generous to all around her. Her kitchen
and dining table were always open to anyone who cared to come
by; and her needlework projects were made to give as gifts to

Vertilley was wise. Her wisdom was the quality I admired most
about Vertilley. She was very insightful and knowledgeable:
She knew the remedy for any ailment, knew what was on sale where
in Tampa, and offered very good advice on handling problems.
Many times I asked for her opinion or help. Usually, she was
I do remember one time wanting to know how to take stains out
of a light-colored tie. I called Vertilley and she told me
to make a cup of tea, add lemon to it, and apply it to the stain
using a toothbrush. I must admit, I wavered and doubted. But
I finally did ..... and of course it worked!


This was Vertilley as I knew her.

Unfortunately, I knew Vertilley only for the last 5 years of
her life; but I have been told by those who knew her far longer,
that these qualities (and many more) applied to her all her

My life was made richer because of having known her, and indeed,
VERTILLEY AVILDA BARZZEY was a true inspiration to all who knew

She is greatly missed.

May her dear departed soul Rest in Peace.


(By Mrs. Karla Edwards)

Vertilley Avilda Barzzey, as I knew her:

'A woman of Courage & Strength
A woman of Faith & Determination
A woman of Pride & Generosity
A woman of Wisdom

I first met Vertilley when she and Glenwood came to Tampa 5
years ago to attend Pat's graduation. I was not married to
Pat at that time, but I got to know Vertilley pretty well.
Her qualities and strengths were obvious; and once her illness
was discovered, it was these same qualities I mentioned which
kept her going.

Vertilley was courageous. Courageous in the face of whatever
came her way. She did not despair. Hospital staff were always
amazed at how uncomplaining she was, and hoi thankful she was
for everything they did for her.

Vertilley was strong. Strong in her will. She decided early
on that she would do whatever she needed to to help herself.
Many were the times that we thought she was down and out, only


Vertilley was faithful. Faithful in her belief that "Papa God"
(as she always referred to God) would take care of her. Her
T.V. was tuned to stations with religious programming Mother
Angelica was her favorite; and she was never without her rosary
beads. She was always a true believer in God and his healing
power; and never felt comfortable unless she was in Church every
Sunday that she was able. First she attended Christ Our Redeemer
Lutheran Church, and later, since she was a lifelong Anglican,
she became a member here at St. James.

Vertilley was determined. Determined not to be a burden to
anyone; but still wanting to look after everyone. In her last
week of life she told Glenwood that she was going soon, and
that he would be alone now, and she reminded him to take care
of himself.

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