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Title: Funeral Booklet for Bianca Eugenie Maduro Andre
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Title: Funeral Booklet for Bianca Eugenie Maduro Andre
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Abstract: The Enid M. Baa Library of the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DLAM) has acquired an extensive collection of memorial booklets since the early 1970's for U. S. Virgin Islands residents. Booklets are usually more than 10 pages long and give details of the life and family connections of the deceased.
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Jn Loving Memory

'Bianca Eugenie Maduo Andre

1913 -1988

Viewing ... 1:30 p.m.
Musical Prelude ... 2:00 p.m.
Alwyn Richards and Fay Moon
Service .. 3:00 p.m.
Interment at Western Cemetery I
Friday, May 6, 1988
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

The Very Reverend Thomas W Gibbs III, Dean
The Reverend Anath E. Jackson, Assistant
The Reverend Liston A. Garfield, Assistant

S: fhotas, V.I.

God gives me time to love the right.
Though crowded are my days,
He gives me time to find delight
In quiet thoughts of praise.

God gives me time to rise above
All little, petty things
And feel the comfort of His love,
The joy His presence brings.

God gives me time to share the load
Of those less blest than I.
Then wa&ks beside me on the road
With grace to satisfy.

God gives me time-oh, I would spend
Each precious moment well.
For when God's gift of time shall end,
I must bid earth farewell!

May 21, 1913 -April 30. 1988

Bianca Eugenie Maduro Andre was born to Albert and Sophia Maduro
on May 21, 1913 in St. Thomas. Virgin Islands. Her parents were prominent
citizens of the Virgin Islands.
Mrs. Andre received her elementary and secondary education in St. Thomas.
She was one of the six members of the Charlotte Amalie gradu-
ating class of 1932. Following her graduation. she enrolled in Tuskegee In.
stitute School of Education from which she graduated in 1936 with a Bache.
lor's Degree in Education. Years later she obtained a Master's Degree from
the University of Pennsylvana in the field of Supervision and Administra-
tion. She availed herself of every opportunity for advanced study which
enhanced her methods, techniques and skills in the field of education.
Mrs. Andre taught in many schools, including the Abraham Lincoln,
(now J. Antonio Jarvis), Robert Herrick and Dober schools. She was later
promoted to the position of principal of the Nisky. Robert Herrick, George
Washington (now Evelyn Marcelli) and Lockhart Elementary Schools.
She devoted over forty years of her life's work to teaching and training
many generations of boys and girls in the public school system before her
retirement in 1979. After her retirement she continued to donate her tame and
effort to the community, sharing her talents in many activities, contributing
immensely to the social and cultural fabrics of the Virgin Islands.
Mrs. Andre will always be remembered for her dedication, commit-
ment and self-sacrificing service to the educational system of the Virgin Islands
and to the many people whose lives she touched.
May she now enjoy the fullness of life to which she has been called.
May she rest in peace.
Else Vialet

In Tribute...

Government House, Charlotte Amalie
I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of long-time Virgin Islands
educator, Bianca Maduro Andre. Her sudden death has caused grief not only
for her immediate relatives, but the entire community, and I too share the
sorrow of her bereaved family and friends. She will be greatly missed.
Although her passing has left a void in our community and our hearts,
the fruits of her labor her students will remain as a living testament
to these Virgin Islands.
Mrs. Andre's long career in public education as a teacher and a princi-
pal has been an immeasurable benefit to this community. She was an out-
standing and unselfish educator and from her devotion, she leaves many
with fond memories of her.
On behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, I extend my deepest sym-
pathies to her family and friends, and I pray that God will grant them strength
and comfort during this period of mourning.
Alexander A. Farrelly,

Capitol Building, Charlotte Amalie
On behalf 6f the members of the Seventeenth Legislature, my family,
staff and myself, I extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. Bianca
E. Andre on her recent passing. I was privileged as a student and later as an
adult to know Mrs. Andre personally, as I am sure most Virgin Islanders
We will surely miss Mrs. Andre, our former premiere educator, for her
many contributions to our children and this community as a whole.
Mrs. Andre, as we understand it, began her teaching career at the former
Abraham Lincoln School in 1932. She never sought public recognition for her
efforts, but gave service to many people in the community when asked. During
her distinguished teaching career she taught in the Abraham Lincoln, Robert

Herrick and Dober Schools. Later Mrs. Andre served as principal of the Nisky,
Robert Herrick, and George Washington schools and finally at Lockhart
Elementary School, where she served for twenty-five years until her retirement
in 1979.
We will also miss Mrs. Andre for her warm but professional carriage.
Her choreography for the Annual Debutante Ball of the Alpha Chi Chapter.
Eta Phi Beta Sorority. for which she was an honorary member, won her many
Words cannot adequately express the sympathy that we wish to convey.
but we hope that it will be comforting for the family of Mrs Andre to know
all Virgin Islanders appreciated her dedication to our people, and we regret
her passing.
We at the Legislature extend a hand of sympathy and love to the surviving
members of Mrs. Bianca Andre's family. A person of Mrs. Andre's talent
and concern for ths community, and her dedicated service to the educating
of "her children" for over forty years cannot be replaced.
May the good Lord comfort and strengthen her family and friends during
this difficult time.
With deepest sympathy.
Iwr A Stridwon
President. Sevententh Leguilture

Capitol Building, Charlotte Amalie
I would like to convey my deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. Bianca
Maduro Andre on her passing.
I recall her being a strict and effective teacher when I was a student,
and an accomplished administrator as well
Mrs. Andre, as I came to know her in her later years exhibited a com-
munity spiritedness that places her among our great cultural heroes. She was
not only an excellent dancer, but a superb choreographer as well. The debu-
tante balls of the future can never be the same.
It is hoped that those who watched and those who learned from her will
not only exhibit the skills she taught them but will pass on those skills as well.
Bivley C. Richardson. Sr.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Farewell, Bianca...
The community is saddened, and the course of education slowed, by the
untimely passing of one of its brightest stars, our beloved sister, Bianca.
Serving the Department of Education with great pride and distinction
for more than forty years, Bianca was at different times in her distinctive
career principal of the Lockhart, George Washington (Evelyn Marcelli) and
Robert Herrick (Joseph Sibilly) elementary schools.
Bianca is gone, but many fond memories remain among countless hun-
dreds of her former students, who have followed her fine example in their own
careers, both at home and abroad.
We will all miss you sadly, Bianca, but can feel truly blest for having
known you and worked with you over the years.
Rest in comfort and peace!
Linda Creque, Ph.D.
Commissioner of Education

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
On behalf of the Lockhart School administration, faculty and staff,
we extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mrs. Bianca
Our beloved principal was an inspiration to us in so many ways. Her fine
example of good leadership, high expectations, caring, compassion and devo-
tion will always be remembered.
Lockhart School will never forget you, Mrs. Andre, our leader, mentor,
and guide.
May you rest in peace.
Lola V. Richards, Principal

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
The members of the Alpha Chi Chapter of Eta Phi Beta Sorority mourn
the passing of our beloved member, Bianca Andre.
Bianca Andre was the choreographer for the Debutante Ball since its
inception in 1975. She worked with the debutantes tirelessly until every step
was performed with perfection. Even when she was ill in the hospital she
gave the directions for many of the dances that were performed by the debu-
tantes. In honor of her commitment, the ninth and twelfth Debutante Ball
Booklets were dedicated to her.
Bianca Andre was a person whom you had to respect She gave you
no choice in the matter. Her life of dedication, her hard work and her tireless
efforts on behalf of quality could not help but be noticed by everyone.
She will be missed by all who knew her because she gave of herself and
asked for nothing in return.
We cannot forget her, and the world cannot help but be a better place
because she was once among us. May God grant her the rest for which she
worked so diligently.
Our hearts and our prayers are with the family at this most difficult time.

Leona B. Wheatley. President
Alpha Chi Chapter
of Eta Phi Beta Sorority

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
We, the members of the Downstreet People, Inc., would like to express
our sympathy to the family of the late Mrs. Bianca Maduro Andre on her
passing. She had played an intricate role in the education of most of our
members. May she rest in peace.
Downstreet People. Inc.
Oraldo Wilson, President
Edwita "Tin Tin" Gumbs. Vice President

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Mrs. Bianca Andre, "Nen B." esteemed native Virgin Islands educator,
was an integral star in shaping the lives of Virgin Islands youth for many
"Nen B" was deeply loved and respected for a life of generous service
to the education of our students and warmly admired for her ability to
firmly, yet kindly, discipline the thousands of children whom she taught
in our community.
Though we mourn her passing and offer expressions of sympathy to her
family, whom she dearly loved,we are fortunate to have known of her patience,
intelligence, talents, kindness and generosity. She capably instructed her
students not only in the classroom but as a Sunday School teacher, teacher
of etiquette and choreographer of dances indigenous to these islands, much
to our admiration and enjoyment.
As educator, colleague and friend, her ability to communicate under-
standing to the youngest child and to bring calm to chaos with subtle
humor will never be forgotten.
Certainly her sense of dedication and responsibility were hallmarks of
all her endeavors.

From those of us you've left behind.
We salute your tasks, you did them fine.
You passed your test so high
You've gained at last, your star,
In the heavenly sky!
Rest in peace.

The Terpsichoreans
The staff and management
Educear School Inc.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
"Twelve things remembered: The value of time; the success of perseverance;
the pleasure of working; the dignity of simplicity; the worth of character;
the power of kindness; the influence of example; the obligation of duty;
the wisdom of economy; the virtue of patience; the improvement of talent;
the joy of organizing."

I could think of no phrases that would more appropriately describe the
attributes of Bianca Andre more than the above quotation by Marshal Field.
Mrs. Andre, during her long career of dedicated and self-sacrificing
service to the Public School system of the Virgin Islands, was least concerned
with monetary gains, but rather with the progress of the hundreds of children
enrolled in the public schools under her tutelage. She touched the lives
of generations of Virgin Islanders.
The last fifteen years of my career at the Lockhart Elementary School
brought me into close connection with Bianca Andre and this kinship
developed into a friendship which I shall cherish always. The entire faculty
of eighty-five and support staff employees will cherish the memory of this
fine lady. Many of those privileged to have worked at schools under Mrs.
Andre's principalship will agree with me in this summation of her character-
unpretentious, resourceful, reliable, dedicated. Your memory will live in our
Almeade O. Benjamin


St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
The person with a great influence on shaping my life was my elementary
school principal, Mrs. Bianca Andre.
Mrs. Andre believed that education for young people was a "must,"
regardless of what it took. She stood by her students, disgusting as it may
have been. I know, because I was one of them. She saw in me what others
did not take time to see. She taught me to look for my good points and work
to make them better.
As a child my life was being molded by my principal. She believed
foremost in proper discipline. Mrs. Andre was definitely one of the most
respected disciplinarians in the history of the V.I. Educational System. She
firmly concluded that discipline and learning go hand in hand. This positive
thinking has been my cornerstone.
As I reminisce about my Washington School days, a particular incident
comes to mind. The bell had rung and I was still playing marbles. All I
heard was, "Edwita, to my office." I said to myself, "Lord, me again."
Mrs. Andre could have ignored me, but that was her way of letting me know
she cared.
Mrs. Andre cared in so many ways. Her former students all laugh when
they remember her forcing them to eat everything. She was a staunch believer
in this motto: "A willful waste makes a woeful want."
After completion of Washington School and C.A.H.S., Mrs. Andre con-
tinued to shape my life. I was assigned to be a substitute teacher at Lockhart
under the principalship of Mrs. Andre. Her advice to me that day still stands.
"You are in charge today, Ma'am. If you need help, let me know. However,
do the best that you can. Remember, always have the children first in your
Mrs. Andre was solely responsible for my many successful years in
teaching. She was instrumental in helping me to pursue a college degree.
That Sunday afternoon she stood and watched proudly as I was awarded my
Bachelor of Arts degree.
Mrs. Andre has been my model. Thank you, Mrs. Andre, for everything.

"Silver and gold I may not have
But my "two hands" can do as much."

Edwita "Tin Tin" Gumbs

written May 21, 1987for the birthday of Bianca Andre
Roses are uplifting
And so are you
Whenever I think of the many things
You taught us to do.

When God created "Aunt B"
He used a special mold
He said, "Be strong, Be bold
Stand firm, and glow like a rose."

Whenever I pause and think of you
Ma'am always comes to mind
I just can't keep from wondering
If Lockhart would ever find
A "Rose so fine."

So today, your "Special Day,"
I wish you all the love,
I pray to God for health and strength
And give to you daily blessings from above.
Edwita "Tin Tin" Gumbs

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

"Lives ofgreat men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime
And in parting leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of rime."

Bianca Maduro Andre has certainly left her footprints on the sands
of time in the hearts of a myriad of us whose lives she touched. Every.
one who came in contact with her a classmate, a student, or a member
of her staff has tried in some way to emulate this fine lady.
Mrs. Andre was a matriarch in her position as principal of the Washington
and Lockhart schools, she oftentimes had to take on the roles of teacher,
mother, nurse, food service worker and custodian.
This lady gave all that she had, including her monies, to help educate
the young minds that were placed in her care. I recall her raising funds
to pay rental for a small room adjacent to Washington School to house
the first and second graders.
She had a special love for children, and because of this love, she gave
so much of herself to teach them, feed them, nurture them, scold them,
nurse them, dance and sing with them.
Strict discipline was the order of the day in her book. Discipline was
extended to her staff as well as to her students. These were her words,
"We can't teach them if we can't discipline them." Perhaps some of her

students thought that she was being hard on them, but as time passed and
they became adults, I have heard many of them say, "Thanks, Mrs. Andre,
because of your strict discipline I am a better person."
Mrs. Andre's memory was beyond comparison. She knew each child
by name. She could give information needed from the top of her head
or tell you just where to locate it.
Punctuality, creativity and morality were just a few of her many fine
qualities. She encouraged her teachers to strive for perfection and in turn
help their students to do likewise.
Mrs. Andre, my beloved mentor, you have worked long and hard, you
have taught us well you are gone with the hope that your work will be
carried on. May you rest in peace straight in the arms of Jesus.
Bernice Harrigan

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
0 God, to whom it belongs to have mercy and to spare, I humbly pray for
my friend and sister in Christ, Bianca, who has passed from this life. I beg
Your mercy, through the intercession of the Blessed Mary, ever-Virgin,
and of all Your saints, that she may be admitted into everlasting life with
You and may she have a share in your eternal happiness. I ask this in Jesus'
name. Amen.
"B," you needed the quiet, may you enjoy it to the full. You will
always be remembered in my prayers.
Love, Elise


Bianca Eugenie Maduro Andre
Was the first of two children
Born to Albert and Sophia Maduro
Who raised her very well.
She grew up in Garden Street
And received her early education,
At a well-known public school
Named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln.

Today that school is still standing
But its name has been changed:
It is now the J. Antonio Jarvis
In 1932 she was one of six graduates
On the podium to proudly stand
In the second graduating class
In the history of our island.

After graduating from high school
She pursued her B.S. degree,
Which she received fours years later
At Tuskegee Institute
One of her goals was to play a major role
In the field of education
So at the University of Penn,
She obtained her MS. degree
In supervision and administration.

Her energies were never ending
And her mind never seemed to be at rest
She was always seeking knowledge
Simply to stay abreast,
Many changes were taking place
In all fields throughout the nation
So she took some courses at New York University
That dealt with new advances in education.

Mrs. Andre, this is our tribute to you
You charted a course and saw it through
You've inspired us by the many things you've done
That's why on our list you are number one


She taught at Lincoln, Herrick and Dober, too
With principalship at Nisky, Herrick and Washington,
For teachers who wanted to advance themselves
She established a scholarship fund
And she conducted fund raising activities
And from the community she accepted donations
To rent badly needed classroom space
To accommodate students for whom there was none.

Because she cared about the welfare of her students,
She helped to finance dental service
To preserve the teeth of the less fortunate students,
Whose finances could not afford it.
Because she had excellent rapport
With her students, parents and faculty
She could organize varied entertaining events,
Enjoyed and supported by the community.

In 1962 she was transferred from Washington School
To the principalship of the new Lockhart Elementary,
Where through discipline, hard work and devotion
She worked 2bove and beyond the call of duty.
We gratefully recognize you for your outstanding contribution
And how you stood strong through years of trial and tribulations.
Not only in the schools but the community as well.
Long hours, endless service, unselfish dedication,
We must tell.

And even though, today you're not as strong
You are still touching lives as you march along
Enlightening young minds, illuminating paths
And not because they ask,
It comes straight from your heart.

Mrs. Andre, this is our tribute to you
Educator, administrator, principal, teacher true.
You've made our lives richer because you cared.
That's why we thank you for what you've done
For so many years.
K. Harrigan
February 11, 988

Algernon and Elvert Maduro

Ruby Norman, Elaine Walters, lone Walters,
Blanche Emanuel, Rita Emanuel and Mavis George

Eden and Candace Jones

Rufus Norman, Austin Waiters and Juanito Walters

Altagracis Maduro and Pearl George

James Maduro, Sr., Rufus Norman, Jr.
Roy Norman, Elston George, Alston George, Juanito Walters

Ruth Joan Norman Ekong

Miranda Richardson, Eleanor Hart, Phyllis Maduro,
Janet Lewis, Rosalie Norman, Joy Norman, Alda Maduro,
Dereese Maduro, Cecelia Smith and Leona Walters

Gwendolyn Kean, Almeade Benjamin, Edwita Gumbs
Eurita Wilson and Elise Vialet
Numerous other nephews and nieces and many other relatives and friends

Darin Richardson / Dana Richardson / Andrew Huggins
Eden Jones/ Charles Andre / James Maduro, Jr.

9-onorary 'Paff6earers
Elmo Richardson / Richard Roberts / Elvert Maduro
Elston George / Alphonse Smith / Rufus Norman
Eno A. Ekong, M.D.

Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
or sat quietly in a chair.
Perhaps you sent a floral piece,
if so we saw it there.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words,
as any friend could say.
Perhaps you were not there at all,
Just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts.
We thank you so much, whatever the part.

P.O. Box 11847, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00801
(809) 776-1187


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