Title: Printed circular from the Anti-Slavery Society pointing out inconsistencies in the government's proposal for emancipating slaves.
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Title: Printed circular from the Anti-Slavery Society pointing out inconsistencies in the government's proposal for emancipating slaves.
Physical Description: Circular, 34x21cm
Language: English
Creator: Pringle, Thomas
Publication Date: 1833
Subject: Caribbean
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
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Holding Location: National Library of Jamaica (NLJ)
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18. Abl.,h r~tuebary, Loilvu,,
May 21, 1833.

ON a recent occasion the attention of the friends of abolition was called
to an important document, entitled, Remarks, of the Altrop,,litan Aiti-Slaeily Cim-
mittees, and numerous Delegates from the Provincial Associations, in conference, on the
ministerial plan for abolishing Colonial Slavery," in which the Societies throughout
the country were requested to communicate with their parliamentary representatives on
the objectionable parts of the measure about to be brought forward by His Majesty's
It has since been deemed desirable by the Metropolitan Committees, and the
numerous Delegates still remaining in London, that their views regarding the line of
conduct which they would respectfully suggest to constituents to pursue, in communica-
tion with their representatives, should be more distinctly explained.
It is the opinion of the Committees and of the Delegates, that the proposed measure,
founded as it is upon the principle that the claim of the slave to all the rights and privi-
leges of a British freeman shall be recognized, ought not to be rejected in limine, because
some of the provisions are at variance with each other. To use the words of the docu-
ment already referred to, the avowed intention of securing to the long-oppressed slave,
in all parts of the dominions of His Majesty, the rights and privileges of other British
subjects; the abrogation of the whole of the legislative abomination of the Colonial Slave
jL Codes; the appointment oTan impartial magistracy; the abolition of the murderous power
, o of arbitrary punishment by the master, and the enjoyment of religious liberty, is of un-
speakable importance," and it would not be wise or reasonable to condemn the whole
plan because certain parts of it are opposed to the high principle advocated by Mr.
Stanley in the House of Commons, and virtually recognized in the resolutions he brought
In corresponding with their representatives, the Provincial Associations are earnestly
recommended to impress upon them the necessity of using their utmost influence, both in
and out of the House, to effect an alteration of theobjectionable parts of the plan, as
explained in the document above mentioned.
It is believed that the manner now proposed of communicating to the different
members of Parliament, and through them to the Government, the feelings of the country
in regard to the contemplated measure, is, at the present critical moment, and under
existing circumstances, the most likely to prove effective.
In conclusion, the Metropolitan Committees and the Delegates, while they are aware
that circumstances may possibly arise@i the progress of the measure which cannot be
foreseen or provided for, have p a tiM a asring.,-iheir friends throughout
the country, that their confident ce r Parliamentary leader, Mr. Buxton, is such,
that they can venture to recommie.e ftmost reliance on his advocacy of their great

The Committees and the Delegates do not presume to dictate the terms in which
the Associations shall address their Representatives, but they venture to suggest that the
subjoined requisition may in many cases be usefully adopted; and it is of paramount
importance that as many signatures of ELECTORS as possible be attached to it, and that it
be forwarded to London as soon as practicable; at the same time addressing a letter to the
Anti-Slavery Society, stating the nature of the requisition, the members to whom it is
addressed, and the number of signatures it contains.

/ 7
'*Chih wman.

Secrelury to the Aiti-Sla'try Sanictly.

Secretary to tile Agency Anti-Slaver j Sie ilqy.

.-..~.. i li~i1*~ji; CL* ~ iS

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t 544i

**'. -).


We, the undersigned, beg to solicit your immediate atte., ion to the plan of Negro
Emancipation proposed by His Majesty's Ministers. Of the leading principles of the
measure, by which all the rights and privileges of British freemen are to be recognized as
due to the slave, we cordially approve. At the same time we feel it our solemn duty to
express to you our great disappointment and dissatisfaction at other parts of the proposed
plan, namely, the compulsory labour of the slave, the distant and uncertain period of his
manumission, and, above all. the demand of any pament on his part, as the purchase
StRa freedom which he never forfeited, and which is now officially admitted to be his
We indulge the hope that such a modification will be introduced by Ministers, through
your influence and that of our other parliamentary friends, on the measure being again
brought before the House, as to render it unobjectionable, and satisfactory to the feelings of
ile country. Should, however, our just hopes in this particular be disappointed, and His
Majesty's Ministers persevere in the measure as it now stands, we earnestly implore your
Decided opposition to the clauses above alluded to. And we hope that we shall thus see
the full realization of our ardent and long-cherished wishes for the entire and immediate
emancipation of the Negro Slave.

r We have the honour to be,

rA f .e 4 b'7. t -7 ,{-t t
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.. I ,,V -*: :'+
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,-:. v. f. .

* .. Ik -w+ i
i -, i'. "'-

*~-tn~~t-~ ~~-;b4i.r ~ a~4~taaw~r1zrr --'-4-- -





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